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No Refund, No Handicap Accessible Rooms
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Rating: 1/51

HONOLULU, HAWAII -- Booked a room for one night. Clearly searched and booked a hotel with elevator. Upon arriving, no elevator, third floor room. I would have been willing to drag myself up one floor, but there is no way I can get to a third floor room. Bottom line is that I lost $100. No refund, even after an hour phone call and speaking with supervisors.

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Okay, had two bad experiences out of two chances with them. First time using Orbitz, it was for hotel only in Niagara Falls. We booked a room with a Jacuzzi for my girlfriend and I to have a romantic weekend at Sterling Inn and Spas. She was so excited and couldn't wait to get there and soak in the Jacuzzi. We check in, get to our room and lo and behold, NO Jacuzzi.

We went to the desk and they told us that Orbitz booked us a steam shower room. The hotel tried to accommodate us, but there were no rooms available. We chose that hotel specifically for this feature. Trip not totally ruined, but was a major downer. Orbitz offered us a discount to use in the next 60 days for a hotel. Who goes on vacation every 60 days?? WTF? We vowed NEVER to use Orbitz again.

Fast forward to Nov 2010 (trip from 2/23-2/27). We book flight + Hotel to Las Vegas through (did not know they were owned by Orbitz or would NEVER have used them). 4 people, 2 rooms. Paid extra for a Deluxe Strip View room. This was to be on the 23rd or 24th floor with a panoramic view of the strip with a larger sq footage and upgraded amenities. Paid $19 extra per person, per night for this. We get to the airport and our seats were split up, 2 and 2. No biggie. Would rather be together, but I'm pretty easy going, so it's acceptable.

We get to the Stratosphere and check in. They gave us rooms on the 8th floor that looked like a room at a Super 8. We immediately went downstairs and spoke with the manager of the hotel. She reviewed our paperwork we had printed when ordering and lo and behold, we were right and ORBITZ booked the wrong room.

Unfortunately there were NO rooms available to correct the error. We went into the managers office to call to see what Orbitz wanted to do to correct this issue. They said WE made a mistake in booking the room, not them. Guess they didn't expect us to bring a copy of the order confirmation with us. We explained that the hotel manager is in agreement with us that they made a mistake. We offered them her # and name if they'd like to call the hotel and see what can be done to fix the issue. They refused. I told Orbitz that I wanted a room at a comparable hotel with a comparable room that I had paid for. They refused and gave me a "you are SOL" attitude.

I spoke with the manager of the manager of the phone representative. They treated me like dirt on the phone and didn't seem to care that they ruined my trip, AGAIN. The hotel manager knew we were wronged. The hotel gave us rooms on the 23rd floor, but they were the same rooms as the ones on the 8th floor. She also comped us 4 buffets valued at about $110 total. Point being that the hotel knew we got screwed and did what they could to help us feel better, but it should have been Orbitz fixing the situation, NOT the hotel.

Buyer Beware!
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Rating: 1/51

I've had two terrible experiences with this company. First, we booked a hotel stay in Florida through them in March 2013 that promised a $75 hotel credit upon check-out. However, the hotel refused to honor the credit because they indicated that CheapTickets failed to enter it into the reservation system. After multiple calls to the CheapTickets "Customer Service," follow-up e-mails providing various documentation (which they already had in their system), etc., they eventually agreed to issue a $100 voucher good off of a future booking.

Unfortunately, they don't deduct the voucher amount from the price at time of booking, as most reputable companies too. Rather, they require you to book it through them, pay in full via credit card, and then send in another request for a refund of the voucher amount. Despite this ridiculous process, I complied with these directions in booking a subsequent hotel stay in Massachusetts earlier this month.

I sent in all of the documentation requested to claim my refund (again, even though they had it all in their system). Incredulously, they refused to honor the voucher and provide the refund, stating that I had to book another trip through them to be eligible for the refund. They simply ignored my follow-up e-mail providing all of the relevant documentation from both trips. Terrible customer service and inept (at best) business practices. Buyer Beware!

Never Use Cheaptickets!!!
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These people are scam artists in the making! I literally just got back yesterday from vacation to write this! When they show you what package you can get that doesn't mean they have contacted the people at the hotel, car rental, etc. It just means these are the services that are available. That means if you pay for a car rental for instance at Budget when you land to get the car budget will tell you cheaptickets never talked to them and they have NO information regarding your purchase at cheaptickets.

So let's say you bought car insurance through cheaptickets. Budget won't even know about it and will NOT accept it and they will want you to buy their car insurance on top of renting it because cheaptickets sold you stuff that is none existing and useless. So to say the least you will experience many problems during your stressful vacation and you will shell out a lot of extra cash and get no help at all from the people you're buying services from whether it's from cheaptickets or budget or etc. In my opinion this is unlawful and they should be investigated!

Fake Best Price Guarantee!
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CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- I found hotel reservations on's website in January 2011 at a lower price than I had paid for identical reservations in November 2010, for a trip to occur March 2011. Their so-called "Best Price Guarantee" was advertised with my offer and their customer service representative verbally stated that if I found the identical reservation at a lower price they would give me back the difference. Ha! When I submitting my claim they denied saying that it didn't apply to my reservation (something about their needing to be able to cancel and then repurchase my reservation).

If it didn't apply, why was the "Best Price Guarantee" bundled with it! To this day I can call them and a CSR at will tell me how the Best Price Guarantee will protect me on this same reservation! This is deceptive! It violates the BBB Code of Ethics, but yet they claim to follow the BBB Code. In any other industry this would never stand.

Do Not Use They Scam You Out Of Your Money!
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I booked a room at La Quinta INN in Provo, UT through I paid for 7 nights up front. When I arrived at the inn, I was given a room on the 2nd floor. I found out they didn't have an elevator. I recently had back surgery and couldn't maneuver the stairway. (They said a ground floor room was not available.) Nothing on the website indicated that this hotel was not handicapped friendly!

I called and told them I couldn't stay at the hotel. They said if I checked out I would risk losing one nights expense. I said I would deal with that later. I was told by cheaptickets to call back in the morning regarding my credit. Needless to say two days later I still cannot get my money back. I've called cheaptickets at least 5 times, I've been hung up on deliberately, told to call back, told that nothing would be reimbursed to me, that they needed to get the manager of La Quinta to O. K. the reimbursement.

I told the supervisor at cheaptickets that I didn't have enough money to pay for another 7 nights at another hotel. I told that supervisor that I might have to just spend the night in my car! She told me that I would have to call back on Monday. (it was currently Thursday!) Again, I asked cheaptickets to at least reimburse me 6 nights. They refused.

Here I am, I had to borrow money to stay in a hotel for another 7 nights. I still can't get cheaptickets to do a damn thing! I recommend that you do not EVER USE CHEAPTICKETS. They are a scam!

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