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Cheaptickets.com....My Two Hour Nightmare
Posted by Katime77 on 05/22/2013
FLORIDA -- I was trying to book a flight for my family and me (6 pax), from Orlando to Santo Domingo from July 28th to Aug. 8th. I was browsing on Cheaptickets. com and I found an attractive fare of $250.00 per person with 1 stop overnight at Curacao. I was so happy I found that fare and a proceed to book it, and then....my journey to hell began.

I started to book around 9am, enter all the information, select even my seats, and enter my payment information.....it did not went thru according to the information given on the yellow highlights, saying that the booking could not be confirmed at this moment. I tried one more time, and got the same answer. I called cheaptickets. com around 9:30am on a desperate race to get that discounted fare, and after 18 minutes waiting on hold, a representative named Eddy came on the line. I explained all my Odyssey trying to book the fares, I told him I'd refresh the page several times to see if there was an update on the fares, but I was still getting 250.00 per person, and I wanted to take advantage of that. Mr. Eddy just told me he couldn't do nothing, and he quoted me the flight for 1.769.00 plus the 35.00 of booking on the phone. I was trying to be calm, so I just declined, since I felt he was just in a hurry for me to book and didn't helped me. I had to ask him if there was any department in charge of the website issues that I could talk to and see what was the issue withe my booking (he never offer the option I asked), he transfer me to another department and I waited around 10 minutes more, to get in touch with Mia, who just told me that she couldn't do anything, but suggest me to split my booking in two (reserved 3 pax first and then 3 pax later). I was ok with that suggestion but my concern was if by the time I booked the last 3 pax I would be able to get availability. Her solution was just to cancel the reservations in case I couldn't complete the whole flight reservation and I would be refunded for the flight payment, but probably be charged a 20.00 fee for cancellation....I was very amazed how fresh she told me that....

15 minutes later after Mia and no solution at all, I tried again, getting this time a 264.90 fare per person. I try again all the process, and this time it didn't recognize my credit card billing information, so I called my bank.....and surprisingly I found out that my credit card was charge with 8 different transactions, (1) of $1,505.40, another one of 1,589.40 and six charges of 2.00 each from Cheaptickets. com.

I flip out!!! I was charged twice and had no confirmation and no flights reserved. By that point I wanted to kill some one...its 11:00am (2 hours after I stared with this). I called back again to cheapflights. com, and after a 15 minutes waiting I got on the phone with Ms. Mercy Rodriguez.

I explain all my frustration and all my anger with the most longest flight booking I ever had. Ms. Rodriguez was very professional (finally some one with customer services), and she helped reversing the charges from my credit card. There goes another 15 minutes solving the problem with my bank.

Two after I just lost my time, my peace and no flight booked.
In a few words, Cheaptickets has no customer service (excluding Ms. Rodriguez), no guarantee on the rates, so its a scam, and it just not a website I would recommend.

This is the worst experience I ever had.

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Posted by CheapTickets Customer Relations on 2013-05-30:

My name is Charlotte, and I am part of the CheapTickets Customer Relations Team. We apologize for your disappointing experience. Please email me at socialnetwork@orbitz.com and enter my name in the subject line, and I will be happy to respond to your concerns.

Thank you for your patience, and I look forward to hearing back from you.


Charlotte Willis
CheapTickets Customer Relations
Chicago, IL
Posted by Letishi Gunnels on 2013-07-02:
I sure wish I would have read the reviews BEFORE I went with Cheap Tickets, because I am having the SAME issues and I have spoken to about 6-7 different people on different days and I now have been on hold for more time than I want to count. There is no good customer service and they will zap your card right away. I received no confirmation after I did the online trip plan and called right then to verify and get verbal confirmation, but they said there was a glitch in the system to wait and call back in 30 mins.which I did. Still no trip,however my card was charged right away. I now have no way to go elsewhere to reserve another trip due to funds being tied up in this mess. Still trying to get a solution to this problem. I would not recommend this company.
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Lucky one !
Posted by Echegarayluis on 11/15/2012
As we know everybody can't be pleased. I've been purchasing my airline tickets with cheaptickets for many years; not that I purposely pick them as my search engine, just that every time I "click" for the fare, happens to be the best (cheapest) online. Lucky me !!!
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Posted by madconsumer on 2012-11-16:
this is great info!

very helpful, and voted as such!
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Cheapticket.com Scam And Dishonest Terms
Posted by Mamba on 03/14/2011
My wife and I purchased an airline ticket through cheapticket.com to travel to Canada on July 30th and return August 4th. The reservation CheapTickets record locator: # is AP270304KBWB6WBE. Unfortunately due to family emergency we did not make the flight and Delta Airline told us to contact cheap ticket about a refund or rebooking. We did and several cheapticket agents told us we can use the existing $964.00 (ticket cost) as credit for a future reservation as long as it was used before May 10th 2011 and we agreed. We were told several times there would be a penalty of $150.00 on each ticket and the difference of $664.00 would go toward our new airline reservation tickets with Delta. We were ok with this as we told by several cheapticket agents this was the normal penalty fee. We call cheap ticket two weeks ago and were told they cannot find the booking in their system so we should speak to Delta Airlines, Delta send us back to cheakticket. I then insist on speaking to several supervisors over this time and they pulled our records, told us all the information related our last reservation but said they cannot rebook the flight because that file was not available.

We have been calling cheap ticket everyday for the past two weeks and kept being told by different Supervisors that the files for that bulk purchase with Delta is purged but will be reinstated in 48 hours. We are now told we will have to make a new reservation using our credit card and the price of the ticket would be immediately refunded to the card once the new ticket is issued. The refund would cancel out the tickets from our credit. I ask how long it would take for the ticket to be issued and was told immediately after the new reservation is processed. I call back to make the reservation today and I am now being told there is an additional $50.00 rebooking fee for each ticket.

Our new reservation was to New York and the ticket price was $249.00 with all fees paid on each ticket (2). Even with the addition $100.00 rebooking fee for both tickets I was ready to set up the reservation because at this point after hours on each call I was ready to get it over with and the $664.00 credit would definitely cover the cost. I again asked and was told before starting the reservation that all funds would be refunded to my card so I gave my card information. Feeling very uncomfortable with doing this before the reservation was completed I asked how much exactly my card would be charged and was told $350.00. I was very surprised by this and ask where this figure came from. I was shocked when I was told this amount would not be refunded on my card. I was told this was to cover the two $150.00 ticket penalty and they were waiving one of the $50.00 rebooking fee. After weeks of being told this would be taken from the existing credit this Supervisor was pulling a fast on me. Ask why this was so she told me they have no way of separating the transactions, cost for ticket and airline penalty. I told her to cancel the transaction. This is so frustrating and upsetting.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2011-03-15:
Just another confirmation that you should always book directly with the airline.
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Totally Despicable Company
Posted by Cydbeck on 01/26/2011
I will NEVER utilize ORBITZ or CHEAP TICKETS again! All they have are complaints against them I now see why. I booked a hotel room with this company for only two nights thinking they were saving me time and money. Yeah they saved me time (a little) but money NOT! In fact what they charged me was MORE than the room actually cost! Their excuse is BULK BOOKING!

All I wanted was a small refund less than $20.00 and I would have gone away happy, MAYBE return for future travel needs! Well, when they insultingly "offered" me a travel voucher for future travel in the tiny amount that they should be giving me back all they did was drive me to find and utilize EVERY avenue I could to tell everyone I can of the dishonest and shady practices at the hands of this company. All that VOUCHER does is guarantee THEM of future profits being made off of ME! That is something that will NEVER happen. I am also going to my bank to lodge a complaint to see if they can somehow reverse this for me. Not to mention the possibility that if banks get involved more will listen and put a stop to the shady practices to unethical and irresponsible businesses taking advantage of consumers.

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Posted by jktshff1 on 2011-01-27:
I refuse to shop anywhere that has "cheap" in the name.
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2011-01-27:
jkt, along those same lines I refuse to buy any product that has a "rebate" attached to it.
Posted by Kurizumaru on 2011-01-27:
Sounds to me like you should have done your research before hand. Unfortunately, this is how these companies operate. They prey on those who don't want to look at the actual hotel rates before hand. Sorry you're unhappy with your decision to use them.
Posted by mic on 2012-02-06:
not only on hotels but with flight booking as well. Terrible company.
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Please Dont Buy Tickets On Cheaptickets.com
Posted by Gustin on 11/13/2010
The worst company.

I had the tickets on airport and they didn't bought the tickets and they said to schedule for another day!!!

Worst worst worst!!!!
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Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-11-13:
Posted by jerseygurl on 2010-11-13:
i'm with jktshiff! what are you trying to say?
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-11-13:
I think the OP is saying that they bought a ticket and when they got to the airport, they were told they didn't have a ticket and had to buy another one for another day. But I could be wrong
Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-11-13:
Thinking what was on the mind of the poster, usually gets ya in trouble.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-11-13:
How true jkt.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-11-13:
Sometimes you have to in order to figure out what in the heck they are talking about
Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-11-13:
Yep, in order to force them to explain.
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Theater/concert tickets ordered- plain rip off company
Posted by Adubs on 09/10/2010
I looked online and searched for Theater tickets in Chicago. Upon looking at a few websites, saw a good selection at cheaptickets.com. Debated and debated and decided to purchase 3 tickets at 105 per ticket. On top of the 19 service charge per ticket and the 15 total delivery, I paid 390 bucks which means 130 per ticket. Next day my wife searches the internet and discovers much to my dismay, better tickets and for less. Those three were 180 total including fees!! Its incredible, how does Cheaptickets.com rape the customers like this? The 180 were better tickets. Face value of these were 60 a piece and my ripoff tickets were 50 so that means I got hit for 80 per ticket in fees. This company may be the biggest scam there is out there. When we called Customer Service, they were so rude, sure, we did a bonehead thing and buy the tickets but if they were 10-20 a ticket difference, I wouldn't have cared so much but if the fees are more than the actual tickets they're worth. They're Customer service could care less hence I write this. The seller of the tickets, a ticket broker who uses cheaptickets.com, didn't dare let me cancel. He even acknowledged that their fees are very high.
Anyone who buys a ticket from these need their head examined like me. This is what they call buyer beware but please, please, do not buy anything from this scam artist. Their such a joke.
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Posted by Alain on 2010-09-10:
Apparently Cheaptickets is counting on people not comparison shopping, but thanks to your review some people will check things out before buying. Thank you!
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-09-11:
Sounds like you didn't do your homework. I always comparison shop online through multiple places before I make my purchasing decision.
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Never book International tickets through cheaptickets.com
Posted by Ashe on 07/25/2010
I wanted to book an International flight from ATL, GA to Bombay, India.
So I called Customer Service. The guy was over friendly and gave me route through Canada and other halt at Munich, Germany but he never ever gave me the right information about the transit Visa required for halt of couple of hours at Toronto airport. Why would he give me that option without notifying anything about transit Visa..
Anyways, I was not able to board the flight and I wanted to talk to the supervisor at cheaptickets.com. Customer representative hung upon me!!!
They were not ready to make any arrangements for me or refund my ticket - finally I just canceled my tickets and wasted my money :(
This is the worse company and please don't fall in the trap of "deals" they provide...
They have worse customer service - the people are not at all qualified, unaware of what they do and are really rude!! Stay away!!
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Posted by Ben There on 2010-07-25:
It is your responsibility to check visa requirements before purchasing a ticket. It is not a travel agent or airline agent's responsibility to ensure you are legal to enter or pass through a country.

There are just too many variations on the laws for all the 100 + nationalities that must purchase from them to know them all. For example, I have a friend that sounds completely American, but holds a British passport - is the agent supposed to guess that he is really British? Also, Canada can deny entry or transit to someone with a lot of DUI convictions. The agent can't assume that you have no convictions on your record.
Posted by Weedwhacked on 2010-07-25:
I worked for an airline and a travel agency and the story is the same. It is the passenger's responsibility to verify and obtain the required documents to travel internationally. It was your own responsibility so don't blame cheaptickets for your loss.
Posted by Ben There on 2010-07-25:
Delta actually has a really cool tool on its website to see if you need a visa: http://www.delta.com/planning_reservations/plan_flight/international_travel_information/visa_passport_information/index.jsp
Even they say "This search engine and database is provided and managed by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). You may wish to double-check foreign entry requirements by contacting your local embassy or consulate."
Posted by custrelguy on 2010-07-27:

I am contacting you from CheapTickets Customer Relations. If you could e-mail me your contact information, or record locator, to customerrelations@CheapTickets.com, I will be glad to review your account. In the subject line, please enter my name “Maggie” and include your blog and screen name.


CheapTickets Customer Relations
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Cheap Tricks
Posted by Daveytile on 05/13/2010
I called in Jan of 2010 for to get 2 tickets to Florida. I had been a member since June of 2006. This was the first time I ever needed their service. I was told that for $99 I would get 4 tickets to ANYWHERE I wanted to go. Of course I didn`t believe them so I called back to ask to double check that deal. I was told the same thing over and over still not believing them until she gets angry that I just don't take her word for it. I was told I would receive my "Packet" in 7 days. after waiting 2 weeks I called to cancel, well within my 30 days. I was told I would need to return my packet to get a refund.7 weeks later I receive my packet and returned it same dayfaxed them my reequest for a refund. Every week is a different lie. the refund is going to take 2 to 3 billing cycles. I call every week on on the list we will call you to set an appointment for you to call us !!! 5 months later still ne refund

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Posted by Weedwhacked on 2010-05-13:
You were right to not believe them in the first place. Once they paid the airline they are not going to get a refund on these nonrefundable tickets. So needless to say, if they don't get their money back, they're not going to give you your money back. You should have gone with your gut instinct!
Posted by goduke on 2010-05-13:
My person research has found that any company that says "cheap" in their name is only referencing the quality of their goods or service.
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Poor Customer service and No Response on calls
Posted by Siddharthdua on 03/10/2010
I booked through cheaptickets flight from JAX to CHICAGO. flight timing changed and no one informed us. we have to pay $200 to car rental for that. and when we called cheaptickets they didn't response and make an excuse. I called 2nd time they say we will send you travel voucher of $150 in 24 hrs but I didn't received anything. I called 3rd time on 8th March the representative say we gonna email you today but I didn't got anything. I called 4th time on 10th March but the lady say they have emailed me on 5th March, and she lie that you got it so I just told her I didn't received anything email me back again same thing, but she is sorry we can't do again. and hang the phone. this shows cheap tickets never response and reply you if you book your flight be prepared for no customer service. so its good to go on other travel agents. cheaptickets is really cheap.My cheaptickets record locator is AP270301KT77C8GX
Read Company Response
Company Response on 03/17/2010:
I saw your complaint about CheapTickets on My3Cents.com. I’m with CheapTickets and might be able to help. Could you please send me your CheapTickets locator number? I will be glad to research it for you.


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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2010-03-10:
If Cheaptickets promised you a voucher, they need to give you said voucher.

Cheaptickets is owned by Orbitz. This contact information may help you:
Posted by siddharthdua on 2010-03-17:
my cheaptickets record locator number is :
waiting for your response
Posted by siddharthdua on 2010-03-23:
I am happy now as cheapticekts contacted me again and i did send me the travel voucher.But Cheaptickets should take care of situation on first place only not after the bad reviews,
Thank You
for sending my voucher.
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Do not use this service
Posted by Northeast Traveler on 03/02/2010
We booked a roundtrip flight using cheaptickets.com Are complaints are simple: We did not receive any notification of a cancelled flight, and were not confirmed on a return flight. This caused a ton of headaches and their customer service is simply not reachable. We do not recommend using this service at all.
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