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I was called by cheaptrips offering what I was sure was a offer "to good to be true". But, the salesman assured me that the 4 free trips were for real. I even informed him that I planned to buy 2 tickets for my son and his wife to come home for Christmas and could the tickets be used for that. He assured me they could. I also informed him I would be using part of the airline tickets money to purchase the membershp and if he was not being honest I would not be able replace the money for them to come home so please be sure not to leave anything out. He again assured me the offer was for real. Also future tickets would be at reduced rates much cheaper than a non-members.

WHAT A CROCK !!!! They tell you what you want to hear with no conscious what so ever. The salesman failed to memtion the tickets required a weeks hotel stay at a "qualifying hotel" If you are a person who takes a vacation every year and can afford expensive hotels it's problaly a good deal. But people like me who can't afford trips at expensive hotels it's a waste of money. Now, I don't know if I can come up with the money so my son can come home. I waited so long to get the vouchers the tickets have gone up plus it will be months before I get my money back.

I hope cheaptrips needed that money more than my family did being together for the holidays. I will certainly think twice before buying anything like that again. I hope this review helps someone else not be taken in like I was. It really was a offer "to good to be true.

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Buddy01 on 11/15/2009:
Unfortunately, it's unlikely you will get your money back because the tickets were probably non-refundable.
RestaurantGuy on 11/15/2009:
The old saying is if it seems to good to be true then it is. Nothing is free in life or discounted to the point it is almost free
Anonymous on 11/15/2009:
You're not going to get any money back, you were scammed. You need to remember that verbal promises mean absolutely nothing. Discounted tickets? What airline in this economy is giving discounts to anyone? Why would they? Even if cheaptrips bought the tickets at a discount (bulk tickets) why would they sell them at a discount? They wouldn't make any money that way.

People need to start using some common sense and realize that salespeople will say anything to make a commission off of your money. Trust me I know, I work for a timeshare company.
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A Dishonest Business
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OK...unfortunately for me I realized to late that is nothing but a scam in the sense that they keep your money regardless if it's right or wrong! I signed up for their 30 trial and decided it was not for me. As soon as I got the so called "free" tickets I shipped it right back with delivery confirmation. I called to find out when I would be refunded and was told it would take 30 to 60 days, this was in March, we are now in July and I still get the run around!!!! Every time I call it's something, either the supervisor is not there, or someone will call me, it's been refunded....ehhh a BIG FAT LIE right there, they haven't posted nothing to my account!!!! They are just a bunch of frauds and liars!! I'm a single mom in school and this really has sucked, I sure have learned a lesson!

DO NOT pay for anything before you get to look it over and try it out first!!!! $109. 95 just thrown in the ditch....pretty much! STAY AWAY FROM CHEAPTRIPS. COM Yes I understand there are people out there who would say the complete opposite but I have read enough of different websites with reviews from many unhappy people dealing with, to understand that it's a company to stay away from!!!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 07/13/2009:
Is this complaint about or
Anonymous on 07/13/2009:
I found no mention of any trial offer at either web site. Cheaptrips seems to be a hijacked search page. Cheaptickets has no bargains. I checked some cruise fares that I am familiar with. The so-called brochure prices don't exist on any of the cruise line web pages. The 'discount' fare is exactly what the cruise line charges. The link for 'cheap' rail tickets jumps to Amtrak with no special discount either.
Eloise on 07/13/2009:
Hmm, I think this review sounds a bit off.
kimfal on 07/13/2009:
No the review isn't off at all....I'm $109.95 dollars shorter because of them and got nothing in return. I realize I have the wrong url in the review. This is the link I was given when I signed up with them:

I have everything notet in my account, so I checked the link there after reading your skeptical response!

Frankly I don't really care if you find it fishy or not because if you do sign up with them, you'll find out for yourself and for some people that's the only way. But I do hope if anyone does get a call from them telling you that you have won 4 free tickets.....please do a thorough search for them on the internet and you will se, I'm not the only one who has discovered the truth after they've got a hold of the money!!!

I hope I don't come of sounding rude cause that is not my intention, however I am really pissed that I got suckered into their crap and when writing I might get a little carried

Anonymous on 07/14/2009:
Thank you for correcting the URL. Going to that site only leads to a member login page. At the bottom of the page is a link to TERMS. If you followed the instructions as stated in item 10 they should have provided a refund. However, seems to me they dragged the refund long enough to prevent you from doing a credit card charge back. There's probably nothing you can do at this point to get your money back.
Eloise on 07/14/2009:
Sorry Kimfal, I for one wouldn't sign up in the first place. Four free tickets? I'm just one of those people who thinks your never going to get money for nothing. It souds like a scam from the get go. Sorry you got wrapped up in it. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is.
bjs on 04/11/2011:
I got hooked into this scam also. They prommised a refund, but draged it out until it was to late to get it back from the bank. This co. should be shut down. Stay away from
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