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I was called by Cheaptrips offering what I was sure was a offer "to good to be true". But, the salesman assured me that the 4 free trips were for real. I even informed him that I planned to buy 2 tickets for my son and his wife to come home for Christmas and could the tickets be used for that. He assured me they could. I also informed him I would be using part of the airline tickets money to purchase the membership and if he was not being honest, I would not be able replace the money for them to come home so please be sure not to leave anything out. He again assured me the offer was for real. Also future tickets would be at reduced rates, much cheaper than a non-members.

WHAT A CROCK!!! They tell you what you want to hear with no conscious whatsoever. The salesman failed to mention the tickets required a week's hotel stay at a "qualifying hotel" If you are a person who takes a vacation every year and can afford expensive hotels, it's probably a good deal. But people like me who can't afford trips at expensive hotels, it's a waste of money. Now, I don't know if I can come up with the money so my son can come home. I waited so long to get the vouchers. The tickets have gone up plus it will be months before I get my money back.

I hope Cheaptrips needed that money more than my family did being together for the holidays. I will certainly think twice before buying anything like that again. I hope this review helps someone else not be taken in like I was. It really was a offer "to good to be true".

A Dishonest Business
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OK... Unfortunately for me I realized too late that is nothing but a scam in the sense that they keep your money regardless if it's right or wrong! I signed up for their 30 trial and decided it was not for me. As soon as I got the so-called "free" tickets I shipped it right back with delivery confirmation. I called to find out when I would be refunded and was told it would take 30 to 60 days. This was in March, we are now in July and I still get the runaround!!! Every time I call it's something, either the supervisor is not there, or someone will call me, it's been refunded... Ehhh a BIG FAT LIE right there, they haven't posted nothing to my account!!!

They are just a bunch of frauds and liars!! I'm a single mom in school and this really has sucked, I sure have learned a lesson! Do not pay for anything before you get to look it over and try it out first!!! $109.95 just thrown in the ditch... pretty much! STAY AWAY FROM CHEAPTRIPS.COM. Yes I understand there are people out there who would say the complete opposite but I have read enough of different websites with reviews from many unhappy people dealing with, to understand that it's a company to stay away from!!!

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