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CheckFree Pay Date Guarantee
By -

Everyone needs to be aware that CheckFree only Guarantee their PAYDATE if it is on or before your DUE DATE that your BILLER has on your BILL. They do not Guarantee their PAYDATE if you schedule the payment after the DUE DATE on the bill. You will be paying your own late fees.

Problems Since System Upgrade

MADISON, WISCONSIN -- From CheckFree's web page: 'A financial institution's customers will use the technology only if it is consistently reliable, and if there is a swift and effective response when infrequent problems occur, or when questions need to be answered.'

Since a recent system 'upgrade' on your end, I have had two problems. First, I scheduled a $1409 payment from my account. It was taken from my Wingspan account AND from my CUNA account, causing two NSF fees from CUNA and one from CheckfFree for a total of $60. After MANY phone calls to SEVERAL departments at CheckFree, I have now gotten ONE of the three NSF fees refunded, leaving $40 outstanding.

Second, I discovered today that a $104 payment from my Wingspan account was AGAIN taken from the CUNA account - resulting in a $20 NSF fee from CUNA, with another one on the way, AND (I assume) a $20 fee from Checkfree, AGAIN.

I spoke with a rude Ms. ** in the CheckFree Collections department who informed me that there was no way to stop the transaction from going through again today (resulting in ANOTHER NSF fee) and that she couldn't refund the NSF fees without ANOTHER investigation, requiring me to wait for documentation, FAX it in, call the 800 number who-knows-how-many-times to speak to yet another customer 'service' rep who is not willing or able to help me.

I use online bill payment because it is supposed to be convenient. My friends and associates who still use traditional banking methods are laughing at this experience, saying 'that's what you get for using online bill pay.' And rest assured, that I AM relating this experience to others - which will no doubt affect their willingness to abandon their paper checks and envelopes.

Luckily, there are many other companies offering similar services and although I have been a customer of CheckFree for several years, I won't hesitate to change providers if this level of service continues. Do I have to look forward to fighting with CheckFree each time I schedule a payment, as well as fighting with whatever random account you attempt to withdraw my money from??

To help keep me as a potential future customer, I would like the following: All NSF fees refunded immediately, and a note in my record for immediate refund in the case of future account mixups. At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident.

Watch Out for These Crooks (In My Opinion)
By -

MICHIGAN -- I have been a user of this service for years. Recently the service has got much worse. The date that they say a bill will be paid is not accurate, not even close. They will not always pay late fees and penalties even when a bill being late is clearly their fault. I am quitting this service. Beware - many late fees if you join.

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