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Less Checks Per Pad - More $$$ For Less
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I have always ordered my checks for about the last 10 years from Checks Unlimited...4 Boxes, 150 checks per box for apprx 50.00 To 60.00.... Just got my reorder in the mail today.... 20 Checks per pad now... 5 Pads per box.....4 Boxes..... Short 100 checks....For same price paid before, 58.00 With the online campaign code saving me money...So normal price....Over 68.00.....Called customer service....No credit....They don't have to notify of the decrease...Just like the grocery store, less cereal in the box, less of product same price or charging more they said...

Consumers are being ripped off and I will not do business again with hecks Unlimited...
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 04/01/2009:
What else do you buy that has not gone up in price in the last ten years? Checked an ice cream carton lately?
Anonymous on 04/01/2009:
Ice cream carton got smaller, price got higher.
Anonymous on 04/01/2009:
If you can pay your bills on-line, that is the way to go. I've been doing that for a few years now and have never had a glitch. No check, no postage, money in the bank.

I know some don't feel comfortable with on-line bill paying, but I figure my envelope in the mail has just as much risk as the internet. So, if you have a bank with on-line banking (and I think most do this), check it out. You will save some dollars and, if you still use checks occasionally, you won't be using very many, another savings.
BokiBean on 04/01/2009:
I just hate putting a new book of checks in my checkbook..personal pet peeve.

I'm like you, if they're going to decrease the product sold for the same price, I wish they would tell me. Otherwise, it just feels sneaky.
Anonymous on 04/01/2009:
My bank doesn't charge me for checks. Many people around here don't like my bank. I'm amused now.
Anonymous on 04/02/2009:
My bank doesn't charge me for checks either. But then again, I haven't written any checks lately. I do everything through my Credit Union's online bill pay. And it is FREE!! >:-)
Buddy01 on 04/02/2009:
According to the figures you provide, you were getting 600 checks, now you are getting 400, but you say you are short 100. Anyhow, you have been doing business with them for 10 years. Did you really expect the price not to go up?
Ponie on 04/02/2009:
Do you have the same income you did ten years ago? I have the same situation as John, but I'm not with a credit union. My bank(s) issue me checks at no charge. But since online banking is such a good idea (to me), on the one account I haven't used a check yet this year.
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