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Lousy Food - Manager Had an Attitude Problem.
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
BOARDMAN, OHIO -- This is the letter I sent to Cheddars Headquarters.

This is the second time we have ate at a Cheddars, since Cheddars came into our area, well, actually we have to drive over an hour to any of them, this is why we don't go often, plus they haven't been in this area very long.

This is an complaint! We hate at the one at Erie PA and really enjoyed it, your prices are reasonable, service was great, so on black Friday, when shopping in a different area, we decided to have lunch at Cheddars, first off, let me tell you, if our first experience had been like this one, we would have never ever stepped back into one ever. We eat out every weekend and this was by far the worse experience we had ever had. When we got there, it wasn't real busy, had to wait about 5 minutes on a table, told us 15, so that made us happy, Our waitress was great. She got our drinks and took our order, it was taking a lot longer to get our meal than at Erie, but it was starting to get busy, we don't mind waiting on good, if it is good. Our waitress took our order, we ordered burgers and fries, both sounded good, this is when the problems started. Like I said it was taking longer than Erie, but we don't mind waiting, within reason, there were 2 different couples, one on each side of us.

After the waitress took our order, she took one other order and then we didn't see her for a bit, 20 minutes later, the couple sitting behind my wife, got their order. Remember, they came after us and placed their order after us, this seemed odd. I told my wife I am going to see how much longer before we get our tray, it was almost 8 minutes.

I had the smokehouse burger, which was supposed to have 4 pieces of bacon. Well, someone needs to learn how to count, there were only two. My sandwich had definitely been sitting around awhile, it was almost room temperature. The cheese on the sandwich even looked old and my fries were the same temperature. My wife did not get her fries, when the waitress came back to ask how things were, we told her my sandwich wasn't hot, neither were my fries, and my wife didn't have fries on her order. She went and got my wife her fries, she asked if I wanted them to make me another sandwich and I said no, we were hungry, duh. That is why we were eating out and I already had to wait almost 30 minutes, why wait another 30 minutes? If we had ordered steaks or shrimp or something harder to cook that would have been different too. Oh, my sandwich was supposed to be well done, my wife's medium rare, they were cooked the same, we questioned why 2 other couples who came in after us, placed orders after us, got their food almost 10 minutes before us. We told her, we knew it was not her problem, it was the kitchen. She sent the manager out and let me tell you, I was in fast food for 10 years and if I had treated customers like this manager treated us, I would have been fire!

The manager came out and seemed to have a little attitude. I understand it can be hectic at times and people can be difficult, but if he is not a people person, then he needs to find another job. Anyway, we explained that our sandwiches were not hot, that my wife's fries were not with her sandwich and we also brought up, on how 2 different couples ordering after us, got their meals almost 10 minutes before us and his 'tude' really showed. He said after the waitress explained about our problem, he looked and the meal was prepared within 18 minutes, because he checked the time stamp and he was sorry if that wasn't good enough for us. We tried to explain the biggest problem was serving orders out of order and he just brushed us off. Well, I am sorry, our food may have been cooked within the 18 minutes time frame your company shoots for, but it was not delivered in a timely fashion. There was another couple(third couple)who came in a long time after us, got their food within 15 minutes, from ordering. He did not offer to fix us another meal to replace it or even apologize for the problems, He had the attitude that him and his staff are always right and the customer is always wrong.

I know this is a new location and hasn't been open long, but I am sorry, I would think that since it is a new location, they would strive to make sure all of their customers are happy, he may have thought that he had the last word, but, maybe he doesn't realize that word-of-mouth can either be the best advertisement or the worse advertisement and in this case, it won't be positive.

Thank you very much for your time.
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User Replies:
Tezrien on 11/24/2012:
You have no idea what the other 2 couples ordered. Maybe their order was something that takes less time to cook than a burger or something they keep prepared. So serving out of order is moot point. However I would have demanded hot food instead of something cold for sure.
danny54 on 11/26/2012:
OP--just out of curiosity, did you get a response? We had an absolutely horrible experience at our local Cheddars a couple of months ago. I went to the Cheddars website and filed a complaint. To this day, I'm still waiting on a response.
totallyforgiven on 11/27/2012:
Yes, we know what they ordered, they both had ordered burgers and fries, the person who served the food walked right by us, when they got their good, I told my wife that I am going to time how long it is before we get our meal and this is how we know.
totallyforgiven on 11/27/2012:
They called and talked to my wife and still wasn't apologetic, although the manager said they would send us a coupon for us to get a free meal at that location, if we wanted him to. HMMM, I think if it had been me dealing with it, I would have talked to the customer and said I was sending the coupons, regardless, lol.
BigJohn on 06/12/2014:
My wife and I have eaten at the Boardman, OH location 5 times in the past year or so. Not once have we have even an iota of a bad experience. Maybe they learned from their past mistakes but at the time you went, they were not open that long and there are growing pains with any new start up business.

We met the manager, probably not the one you had, and he welcomed us as first time visitors. We ended up having two dollars off coupons sent to us and not because we gave them a negative account of our first visit. I learned a long time ago that when one goes to a new business, be it a restaurant of other business, the wait time can be overwhelming but it only gets better as time goes by.
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Cheddar's Management in Englewood Treats Employees Horribly!
Posted by on
ENGLEWOOD, COLORADO -- I am not an employee any longer, but am definitely a concerned bystander who has first hand knowledge that the Founder's son, Mark - (who is the regional manager for Cheddar's denver) calls his employees stupid and puts them down every chance he gets. Additionally, Jerome, one of the other manager's told one of his employees that he hates Jews. This occurred when one of his jewish employees kiddingly said that for the first day of Hannukah this year that instead of Christmas music they should play Hannukah music. He did not know she was jewish when he said..."why would I do that. I hate Jews!" I will not patronize Cheddars and will make sure everyone I know hears this information as often as possible. How can they still treat people this way in the 21st century? I overheard these instances on 2 separate occasions. I did work there, and thankfully it never happened to me. But I saw this - and more mistreatment - on a regular basis.
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User Replies:
goduke on 12/29/2009:
So why not step out of the shadow of anonymity, call the corporate office, tell them who you are and what you've seen/experienced? That would seem to do a great deal more to address the issue.
Ytropious on 12/29/2009:
I don't know why, but I don't like complaints like this when the customer tries to be an advocate for the associates. If the associates didn't like the treatment they have their own internal system of dealing with it, like talking to corporate or HR themselves. Also if they don't like it they are more than welcome to find a new job. I just sort of see it as overstepping their bounds as customers.
PepperElf on 12/29/2009:
though... on the flip side, it's not illegal to be a bigot. - just like it's not illegal to be stupid either. (which in my opinion often goes hand in hand with bigotry)
it's only illegal if he uses his bigotry in how he treats employees.

however... if you're a former employee, it might be a good idea to report his behavior to corporate like goduke suggested.

or another suggestion would be to contact your local news station.
might make a good story for them and might help change his behaviors
(or at least encourage him to keep his thoughts to himself)
Anonymous on 12/30/2009:
If this were ever to make it to any kind of legal proceeding, it would be considered 'hearsay' and would not be admissible. Stick to what YOU actually heard, not what someone else told you.

As Pepper says, being stupid is not a crime.
goduke on 12/30/2009:
Stupidity should be a crime. It's more destructive than a lot of things that are criminal.
PepperElf on 12/30/2009:
but then we'd lose most of congress & DC politicians to jail cells too
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