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Music Business Rip Off
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We entered into an agreement with [snip] in which he would record 6 songs a month to complete a project of literally hundreds of songs that we have written. In the beginning he said he LOVED our music and that GOD had TOLD HIM to work with us to record it all. We were to pay him $360 a month every month until they were all finished. In the agreement we were supposed to APPROVE his work before accepting it as the FINAL MASTER. This man took 7 months to complete 12 songs and he changed the melody lines of our music, did not do the music correctly, he was THE WORST person we have ever worked with musically EVER! He is ATE up with PRIDE so much that he does not even hear what the client wants he thinks everything he wants to do is "THE GOSPEL"! When we told him about the changes he was making he FORCED the changes on us basically by NEVER doing what we asked him to do, but only lingering it out so long until we got so frustrated that he was NEVER getting done that we had to take what we could get for the money we had given him. We wisened up by the 2nd month to what was happening and backed out of doing any more songs with him but then he even took longer since we were not part of his monthly meal ticket anymore. When I finally demanded he finish the work (7 months later) he put us down, told me that I had demon spirits and put our music down saying it was not good and TACKED GOD ON IT of course! I guess GOD must have changed his mind from the beginning about Keith Loving our music and about it being HIS CALLING to work with our music. :) This man is a POOR EXCUSE of a Christian and HORRIBLE Business owner! He does NOT care what the client desires, only what he wants to do. He even told my husband that out of all of the years of recording that he has NEVER been wrong about anything! When he finally sent us the project, one song is so bad we can not even use it and he sent one song without any vocals on it at all. Plus after he started getting the monthly payment even though he had not finished the months songs before, he started demanding payment for the next month when he had shoved our project on the back burner as he was taking many more projects to support his "ministry and his family". So what he is doing is taking tons of work demanding money upfront and not finishing the work in a timely manner and not producing the music in the way it was written. Plus he charges to be on his music label or to be affliated with his Music Group. So anyone that charges for things like that is a Scammer! DO NOT HIRE HIM FOR YOUR PROJECT!
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jktshff1 on 09/22/2011:
Slimjim on 09/22/2011:
"he has NEVER been wrong about anything!"
LOL, never?? How bout the port where God told him to work with someone who turned out to have those nasty demon spirits?
lexophiliac on 09/22/2011:
The man who makes no mistakes does not usually make anything. ~Edward Phelps
trmn8r on 09/22/2011:
This sounds like something you would see on one of the "judge" shows, which means it could be a small claims court case.
DebtorBasher on 10/05/2011:
Kbubba525, it's always great to hear the 'other side' of a story. However, you can not use other people's real names. If you can rewrite your comment without using their full names, I think it would help out a lot. Companies have the option to respond to the reviews written about them, but again, you can't use people's full names.
Slimjim on 10/07/2011:
Wish I could agree. The extra curricular accusations put forth beyond the scope of the complaint are irrelevant, against posting rules and frankly coming from someone who has a ministry, disturbing.(that's my opinion, not the sites) I get that you were personally and professionally attacked and certainly encourage an argument in turn to protect your business, reputation and livelihood, but why go there?
Not to mention, it's clear the first identical comment was removed for posting personal names, so why do the exact same thing again?
Please be respectful and mindful to posting rules when rebutting. I would recommend reposting your rebuttal again with either the last two paragraphs omitted or rewritten to comply with posting guidelines.
kbubba525 on 10/10/2011:
Attention to everyone reading this post. You need to be aware of the real story. EVERYTHING these people have said is 100% FALSE. I have e-mail proof with dates and times where they approved the work I have done. They also failed to read their contract that states that the deposit is non-refundable. They were also told that their music needed some work to make it much better. We did NOT say we LOVED their music. We told them that we did feel that God told us to call them because we could HELP them. I also have the email proof of that. They were also given a cut rate for the work which was far below the normal rate due to their financial situation. It boils down to the fact they wanted to find something wrong with anything they could to avoid paying for the services rendered. They also had a separation in their marriage due to moral failures that resulted in they delay of the total project which I have email proof once again to back that up. Due to that separation, the wife herself in a email that I have, told me to take ALL the time that was necessary to get the work done. She even told me to scratch one of the songs we had most of the way finished and had spent a lot of time on, and put another one in its place. We did that for her and even wrote the music for her and she LOVED it and we have the email to prove that as well. The song she wanted to scratch was one of her husband's songs that she herself said she had told him she never did like and it wasn't that great of a song. She was defaming him all over Facebook and then all of the sudden she takes him back and they start their bologna like nothing ever happened.

They are the only clients that have EVER said they were not pleased with our work. They even made comments that they have even been in the "Nashville" scene. Well, I know some of that Nashville crowd and the few names they gave me that they knew, when contacted did not know who they were.

I have a BIG list of people who are TOTALLY satisfied with our work. The problem with these people are that THEY are prideful, egotistical, people who think they are God's gift to songwriting and have no reason to be. The reason for their separation is that has a problem that he has had for years. And from what has been posted on Facebook, we do not have time or space to talk about her problems. Also, from what they themselves told us, this has not been the first separation. It has always been said that when you expose demon spirits for whom and what they are, they will rare up on you and this occasion is NO exception. Since the first posting of on this forum, they have been made comments about forgiveness, and yes forgiveness is for everyone not just some. Restoration has also been mentioned. I would like to mention that restoration is a process and that full restoration comes after you "obtain a good report." That takes a matter of some time.

I find it interesting that they are also starting their own company and publicizing that they have new soundtracks that people can used to record their songs....I wonder where they got them?...LOL

We at Cherith have a great reputation in several states with our clients. If you want to bring trouble into your business as well as stress, than these folks are CERTAINILY the clients for you. If not, then certainly STAY CLEAR of these people.

As to Slimjim's comment, Whether you have a ministry on or not, when someone viciously attack's you will come out swinging. Being a Christian and in ministry does NOT mean that we are to be a door-mat. It is amazing to me how many people think that Christians can be attacked and they're supposed to just sit back and not say anything. You might be interested to know too that these people have used our personal names on other sites. The only reason they did not here is because it is not allowed.....Just thought you should know.
kbubba525 on 10/10/2011:
UPDATE !!!! It might interest everyone to know that all of the negativity that has been posted by the author as well as the comments have helped us. We have just added several NEW clients. Why, we have a GREAT reputation for ALL of our other clients.
trmn8r on 10/10/2011:
According to this "update", in a few days time due to negativity and the comments above, you have several new customers? The only comment above of substance is yours, and it was made today.

jktshff1 on 10/10/2011:
"God told us to call them" seems as if you may be directing your anger in the wrong direction:)
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