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Repairs attempted by Cherokee Computer Guys Bells Ferry Rd Canton Ga 30114
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GEORGIA -- I hired this company to solve a problem I was experiencing with my PC. During their lengthy attempt to complete the repairs, they lost over 300 pages of a book I was writing plus they lost the contents of several mail boxes where I had emails from family and friends stored. Unfortunately, I had to pay them $300.00 plus suffer the damages without restitution. I then hired another company to perform the repairs which they completed within 10 minutes. Ironically, the problem was not even in my PC, but in my printer. I cannot recommend this company because in my estimation, they do not have the expertize necessary to perform computer repairs of any kind. Bill Munro BridgeMill Canton Ga. 404-863-6666
Company Response 02/01/2011:
Mr. Munro took goods and services and attempted not to pay for them by stopping payment on a check. He stopped a payment on a check for work that was done right back last summer - His problems were many and I performed efforts off his 'check-list' as he called them off. Efforts were performed on both a Laptop and Desktop computer - he rquested a deinstall of many 'anti-virus' programs, an install of Norton, a reconfiguration of his printer, a virus scan, a network wireless installation, making his notebook perform better, and efforts to convert a old DBIII legacy database - which was done RIGHT and WELL! - I provided him the STRICTEST of instructions about the usage of his email re: his contact list - which he chose to do his 'own way' - as the result, his contacts needed to be restored - ONLY. He stopped payment on his check after I provided him a NEW WIRELESS ROUTER and installation + all of the other work. I sued in Small Claims Court for the check stop - I was able to prove my case 'hands-down' and won in open court - the Court ordered him to pay FULL restitution + my Legal Costs. - HE IS NOW POSTING THIS MORE THAN 6 MONTHS AFTER THE INCIDENT - A Judge found for us - he took goods and services and attempted not to pay for them by stopping payment on a check. MR. MUNRO - THAT'S THE TRUTH OF IT ALL - I WELCOME ANY AND ALL INQUIRIES - CLIFF WHIPPLE - OWNER - CHEROKEE COMPUTER GUYS - 678-889-5900.
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MRM on 2011-01-29:
Well, what the...
MRM on 2011-01-29:
There is a lesson to be learned here... back up your data before it goes out for repair.
Anonymous on 2011-01-29:
What MRM said, but do *regular* backups.
BillMunro on 2011-03-18:
Moved From Other Review: I have read the Cherokee Computer Guys response to my complaint, and for the most part it is incorrect....If anyone is interested in verification of my complaint regarding Cherokee Computer Guys Bells Ferry Rd Canton, then please call me....Thanks Bill Munro 404-863-6666
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