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OnStar / Chevrolet Roadside Assistance / Bridgestone Tires
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COLORADO -- We were on a roadtrip in our brand new 2008 Chevy Tahoe (odometer read 2800 miles). At 70 MPH the right rear Bridgestone tire blew. The road was clear and no road hazards were encountered. Previous to the catastrophic tire blowout, all four tire pressures checked out at 31/32 PSI on the digital guages on the dash. Upon inspection of the tire, the treads and interior of the tire had no punctures or damage of any sort. The exterior wall of the tire was completely disintegrated. At the time of the blowout, we were on a very fast, busy highway. Fortunately, I was able to maintain control of the vehicle and get the vehicle to the shoulder of the road. The alloy wheel was destroyed by the tire separating and riding it a few lanes over to the shoulder. First step: press the OnStar button! Unfortunately, once OnStar determined that our family was safe and police/rescue were not required in this case, they transferred our call to Chevrolet Roadside Assistance.

Long story short, we spoke with 6 people and after three hours there was still no tow truck. As we sat and waited for a tow truck, I called everyone I could think of for assistance, the dealership we bought the car from, the dealership were the vehicle was to be towed, Chevrolet Roadside Assistance, the insurance company, etc. Chevrolet Roadside Assistance simply assured us that a tow truck was on its way. Finally, my husband and I got out of the vehicle with the owners manual, figured out the tire changing apparatus and spare tire (recommend if possible that you remove those parts and learn them in warm weather), got down in the mud while it was snowing and changed the tire. This was a very dangerous road with a very small shoulder. Fear and frustration was very real at the time. Of course, we've changed tires and done automotive work in the past, but my husband is 60 years old so we thought we'd purchase a highly rated vehicle with OnStar for protection and safety.

Justin at Chevrolet Roadside Assistance admitted there was confusion on their side that led to no tow truck showing up. This situation was so bad, that we have lost confidence in Chevrolet Roadside Assistance. I am very surprised that OnStar did not maintain ownership of this report (much like a case manager) until the needed assistance was delivered. By the way, the dealership stated that the tire did not malfunction and that a road hazard was encountered which caused the blowout.

While my husband and I are admittedly not tire experts, there was not one puncture or interior damage that could be detected. We are keeping the tire and having it analyzed by a third party in the event this is another Firestone fiasco. Our OnStar and Chevrolet Roadside Assistance will not be renewed.
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Suusan B. on 03/06/2008:
Sounds like Chevrolet Roadside Assistance are one's that dropped the ball. I'm no expert about OnStar, but according to their website all they do for Roadside Assistance is call someone for you much the same as you could do for yourself with a cell phone. I'd suggest getting a AAA membership - - I've been with them for almost 20 years and have never had a bad experience. On the subject of the tire - - sounds like Bridgestone has some explaining to do. I'm glad that you and your husband remained level headed and got yourselves out of a jam.
Pain on 03/06/2008:
Yes, we had AAA several years ago, and it worked well for us at that time.

We'll definitely be looking into it again. Thanks!
Principissa on 03/06/2008:
I am just glad nobody was hurt. I don't have AAA but my parents do and they have only good things to say about it. I'm more concerned with the tire failure than OnStar. Bridgestone had some trouble in the past I believe with poorly made tires.
Suusan B. on 03/06/2008:
From what I can tell, OnStar is a high tech gimmick. If you have a cell phone (which everyone should have one) and a AAA card you can do everything they can and within your own control. Like Princi, I'm more concerned about the tire failure and hope you've had the other three thoroughly checked out.
Anonymous on 03/07/2008:
You waited 3 hours before changing your own tire??? Does anyone else see something wrong with this picture?
jktshff1 on 03/07/2008:
AAA that's the way.
You will still have to wait, especially in bad weather.
bunnydoll on 03/07/2008:
OnStar is like buying a blank pistol for protection,looks good till you need it.
forcomplaintsonly on 03/21/2008:
Well, it is according to the area, I called GM's roadside assistance, because my battery died, this is one of several problems I have had, and I have just owned it 7 months. Those issues are another whole story. SO I called roadside assistance, and they called me back and said they couldn't find anyone. Told me to call back the next morning, well, that was a waste of time, they called me back and told me the same story again. So I reminded the rep that it says 24 hours a day. you know what her response was, "well, the call center is open 24 hours", I thought geez how stupid do you think I am, what good is the call center being open if they can not provide the service. I am sure it was included in the cost of my vehicle.
Brad1960 on 06/23/2008:
My wife and I, having been loyal GM customers for 30 years, have just had our first experience with the GM Roadside Assistance, and I have to admit, I'm underimpressed. Her new car has been in our possession less than 48 hours, and a valve stem came off the left front tire. Luckily she had recognized the low tire pressure warning and was trying to put air in at the time. She called On-Star, and they put her in touch with GM. After waiting for an hour, they called her back and said no one was available, and they were sorry, and then they were gone. My wife has had AAA for 15 years, and when we called them after GM let us down, they had a truck there in 25 minutes.

Guess who gets the call next time.
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Five-star service
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HELENA MT, MONTANTA -- I purchased my 2008 Chevrolet with 24,000 miles on it which meant there was still some warranty.

To make a long story short, when the car was dead one morning (it was the battery gone wrong) - I called the Chevy dealership in Helena, Montana. They kindly reminded me that I could call the Chevolet Roadside Assistance 800 number, which I did. They sent a truck within 20 minutes to jumpstart the battery. Roadside assistance monitored the process with electronic messaging.

I was then able to take the car to the dealer where the service department looked at the car, discovered a loose battery cable, and sent me on my way, amazed and impressed.

Cost? $0.00

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User Replies:
goduke on 12/01/2009:
It's always great to find a dealer you can really trust. Great review. Thanks for sharing!
redmx3racer on 12/01/2009:
Glad to hear it-and Helena is a beautiful area!
Ponie on 12/01/2009:
Two thumbs up for Chevy. Good review.
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Great Response Twice For Dead Battery And Blown Tires
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ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- Have called Chevy roadside assistance twice first for dead battery in a medical facility parking lot -2007 Chevy HHR at lunchtime in Atlanta and told me truck would be there in an hour and they were there in 40 min and had me up and going in 5 - second time at 2:20AM my daughter had both tires on the passenger side blow simultaneously and the again told me an hour and were there in 20 min loaded my car on a flat bed and asked if I needed a ride.

They could not have been nicer or more prompt - both times the called me back with expected time within 4 minutes and the tow truck driver actually contacted me 10 min before they showed up to clarify my location - pleasantly surprised.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 02/11/2009:
Nice to see a positive review for any service.
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