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Ask Your Best Consumer, ME
By -

CASA GRANDE, ARIZONA -- Boy do I want you folks to be successful. This is not a review per se, rather just helpful information from a A1 consumer. This is the car I have been waiting to purchase. I know very little about it so I want you to know what I want in a care like this and for you to be successful in building, marketing and selling it to people like me and others. I believe there have always been too many models made. You've been on the chase for the mighty dollar rather than providing what the consumer really wants. A car is just 4 wheels, steering wheel, brakes and engine. Just make those things work perfectly all the time as well as making a safe roomy auto.

The dollars follow once you provide what the customer wants. This customer wants: 1. A safe cocoon. 2. Blind spot eliminated. 3. Great safe tires. 4. Seats that are the orthopedically best. Stop messing up my hair with that angled head rest. 5. Ease of handling. 6. Back up camera. 7. GPS. 8. What the Volt looks like (not science fiction). Just a visually appealing car. 9. I want all the new technology features of this car to have ALL the bugs worked out before it is released to the public. THIS WILL BE YOUR GREATEST CONFIDENCE BUILDER AND WORD OF MOUTH ADVERTISER. 10. Make me happy and all my friends and many others will follow.

Put me on your satisfaction panel along with your design engineer. The mechanical engineers can build what we simply want and build it with confidence knowing the public will rave about it. My background: College Educated. Exceptional People Skills. Wife, mother, and grandmother. I am an inventor personality. I announce great ideas and wait for them to come to fruition and then say "I told you so."

My first invention was the icon on the gas gauge to tell what side of the car the gas tank was on. I drove too many rental cars and had to get out too many times to look. I have had a great influence on the success of my husband's 5 business. I see the big picture and can make it happen. Great consumer of well made products. Shop at Nordstrom, Target, and Kohl's just because of their treatment of the consumer. They get it. I want you to get it too. What has taken so long? Give me people who have the power to make the decisions immediately. Who wants to jump through hoops when tried and true techniques work.

I GENUINELY WANT THIS CONCEPT CAR TO FINALLY BECOME A REALITY AND I AM WILLING TO GIVE YOU MY HONEST STRAIGHT FORWARD OPINION ABOUT HOW TO ACHIEVE THAT GOAL. Please contact me for my knowledge and consumer experience. What a great idea to have consumers driving your ideas. And don't keep that to yourself. You should promote consumer input rather than what the employed designers and engineers come up with on their own. Best wishes and much success.

Making a Car That Only One Type of Tire Fits and Has No Warranty or Tread
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Rating: 2/51

MANSFIELD, OHIO -- I bought an Aveo when we had the cash for clunker program. I got used to it, but when my tires went bald after only 26,000 miles I started a search to get all purpose tires for the winters in Ohio. I discovered there isn't anything that fits except the tires that came on it and they have no tread or warranty. Why would you build a car that has rotten tires and sell to the USA. We also bought Chevy thinking it was from here only to find out we bought Korean made and it was shipped here!!! Ford is looking real good at this time, at least it is made here!

By -

Today me and my family and my sister and hers went to dinner at Chevys. We received the greatest service ever by our server - she was friendly, polite, and always smiling. I will definitely recommend Chevys, also they have awesome drinks.

Steering Wheel Problems (NO Grease on ROD)
By -

LIVE OAK, FLORIDA -- This is a company defect and they should pay for repairs, but I have been told by the dealers I have to pay for the repairs. The dealers have even told me that the company Chevy has replaced the steering ROD three time on other trucks in the past - 1999 to 2006. I want someone to help me get in touch with the Chevy Company... HELP. THANKS.

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