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CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- Mr. Dwight Taylor
Gary, Indiana

Mr. Alphonso Jackson
Secretary of the United States
Department of Housing & Urban Development
Washington, D.C.

September 4, 2007

Dear Mr. Jackson,

A senior citizen and close friend of mine, Ms. Flora Williams of 1333 N. Cleveland Street, Chicago, Illinois (Evergreen Terrace Apartments, Multi-Family Housing) was rushed to Northwestern Memorial Hospital Friday, August 31, 2007 at approximately 3:45 P.M. She suffered a stroke six or seven hours prior.

According to information I’ve received, and still is receiving, there is a mechanism in place at that facility to alert the staff of such emergencies. Ms. Williams made many attempts to summon help, but to no avail. There was one attempt made when a staff member did respond to the call but failed to follow up as Ms. William's laid helplessly on the floor of her apartment for many hours. She is presently non-responsive in the Intensive Care Unit at Northwestern Hospital.

A terrible and avoidable thing has taken place and an individual is gravely ill as a result of possible negligence.

I’ve been calling around for several days now to various places to file a complaint concerning this matter. But to no avail. People have hung up on me. They have totally disrespected me.

I understand why Mrs. Williams received the quality of service she did during her time in need. The people employed by the Chicago Housing Authority don’t give a damn about her or any other senior citizen of the Chicago Housing Authority.

The entire workforce employed by the Housing Authority here in Chicago are in dire need of serious sensitivity training. For most of them, the training won’t do any good. I can’t believe the run-around I have been subjected to in trying to shed some light on this matter.

Tuesday afternoon, September 4, 2007 Ms. Williams passed away.

Will you please have someone give me a call concerning this very serious matter?

Thanks Sincerely,

Dwight Taylor
Gary, Indiana

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