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Chicken Express - Absolutely the WORST Customer Service
Posted by Icaria on 12/05/2008
AMARILLO, TEXAS -- I used to be a frequent customer of Chicken Express. At lunch yesterday my nephew visited the Chicken Express at I-40 and Grand in Amarillo, TX. He ordered a sweet tea with half and half and discovered he had received an unsweetened tea when he reached his car to leave. He immediately went back into the store ( receipt in hand ) and very kindly asked for a sweet tea. The lady behind the counter immediately started arguing with him telling him that he had indeed ordered unsweetened tea. My nephew asked to speak to a manager and the lady then begin yelling at him, calling him a liar and stated that she was the owner. ( Found out later she actually is the owner ). She argued for at least 5 minutes over a. 90 drink. Ask yourself, why would anyone who does not drink unsweetened tea order an unsweetened tea?

Why would anyone wish to waste time during their lunch hour returning something that they really had wanted in the first place? He barely has a half hour for lunch before he has to start driving back to school. Why would he waste his time arguing with this lady over tea? It makes no sense. Does she feel that there is no possible way that she could have made a small mistake and filled his cup with unsweetened tea? Everyone makes mistakes. We are all human. All she had to do was replace his tea with sweet tea. He was so upset to have this lady screaming in his face in front of all the other customers, he ended up spilling his tea and leaving the store empty handed.

One thing you need to understand is that my nephew is a teenage boy. He is 17 years old. I am quite sure that if I had claimed to have received the wrong order, I would have been treated differently. I am a 39 year old business executive who drives a nice car and wears nice clothes. I strongly feel this was discrimination against our younger generation. I'm sure that Chicken Express is flooded with teenagers when the school lets out for lunch. Some may be loud. Some may act up in the store. Who knows? But this is not the way my nephew acts. He is a well mannered young man that receives straight A's in school. And, although my nephew is young, he is still a person and is still a customer. He deserves to be treated with respect and dignity just as anyone else.

He and his friends visited Chicken Express on a daily basis for lunch. He never intended for such a small problem ( receiving the wrong drink ) to turn into something like this. He simply wanted the. 90 sweet tea that he had ordered. To be belittled, yelled at, called a liar in front of all the other customers over something like this was not what he intended. This lady is rude, hateful, and obviously sees nothing wrong with yelling and arguing with the same people that pay her paycheck. She seriously needs to take a customer service training course or at least read a book on the subject. Although she upset him so much, he still had to return to school and try his best to concentrate on his work. He came home from school still upset over this matter.

I attempted unsuccessfully to resolve this matter myself today during lunch. I went to Chicken Express and asked to speak to the owner. Once the owner was done "chain-smoking" at the back of the restaurant ( which by the way she didn't even wash her hands afterwards ), I explained to her that I was upset with the way she treated my nephew. In turn, she immediately started yelling at me, sticking to her guns that he was the one that made the mistake and that she simply gave him what he ordered. She also stated that she has the entire incident recorded on tape. I wish she would play this tape. I would love for everyone to see how this grown woman acted over a. 90 tea. I asked her if it wouldn't have been much easier to have simply poured him a new drink. I mean isn't the customer whom she is serving?

I have since filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and called their corporate office ( which turned out to be a husband and wife team who answered their home phone with a simple "hello"). I actually had to ask "Is this Chicken Express?" and was told "Yep". Wow. It seems the professional attitude starts at the top and finds it's way down the chain.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-12-05:
Why didn't he just dump some sugar in it, while he was in there, and call it a day?

I had tried Chicken Express awhile back (did a review on it)
and was amazed that the chicken had absolutely no taste to it at all.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-12-05:
C2O, I thought everything tastes like chicken?
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-12-06:
I did too John. That is, until I visited the home of the rapid chicken. I had the tenders. Maybe if you feast on other parts of the bird you might taste something. I'm thinking the feet and beaks may hold some flavor.

Sweet tea and a plate of beaks.... I'm kinda hungry!
Posted by Icaria on 2008-12-06:
That's a great idea C2O. Too bad his magic crystal ball didn't warn him beforehand that he would be dealing with a psycho. I'm sure if he knew this prior to requesting he be given the correct order he would have simply added sugar.
Posted by grandma005 on 2008-12-06:
I was born and lived most of my childhood in the southern state of Georgia. In the south sweet tea is Lipton tea and plenty of sugar. When they say sweet tea they are not kidding. Sweet tea does not have any milk or half and half in it. When he ordered sweet tea with half and half she probably thought that he wanted hot tea. In California I have learned to drink hot tea plain without sugar and milk but some people put half and half in it and sugar too.
Posted by Chickenlover on 2012-07-10:
Chicken Express just opened there first store in the Houston area in Cinco Ranch in Katy, TX. Price SHOCK at first (expensive structure and a limestone garbage containment area..really???). Then it was menu options...geez, NOTHING healthy?. Okay, so I opt for the tenders and gravy. Cold and absolutely no taste. This place makes chicken that doesn't even taste like chicken.
Posted by Ann on 2012-08-15:
I recently went to Chicken Express in Plainview, as I often do, and ordered a 4 piece chicken tender dinner to go. When I got home there was only 2 pieces of chicken in the box, not 4. The next day I went back and thought at the very least they would give me a free drink, but NO. I was told that I had to call in the same day of the order. What hog wash!!!!!! I have never been so unhappy with an establishment. They said that was their policy and I SAY "Is it their policy to cheat people???"
Posted by Very unhappy on 2013-02-07:
I went to the location in Little Elm, TX and. The store manager was at the register. I wasn't ready to order yet so I ask him to give me a minute. While waiting, he goes into his office and takes a bite of food. He didn't wash his hand or even finish chewing before he came over to take my order. Can you say nasty? When I asked one of the regular employees to help, he snapped telling her to go back and do what he asked her to do. He was mean to me and the customer behind me. I did leave but explained to him being mean and nasty is how you lose customers. He went on to say that he was the store manager and it didn't matter. There was so much wrong with this visit and furthermore, the store manager (Robert) looked as if eating is what he shouldn't be doing. It's clear from his appearance that he has had a few to many chicken tenders. If eating Chicken Express will have me looking like this, I'm willing to say "NO THANK YOU"!
Posted by Green Gizzard on 2013-03-19:
I got an order of Chicken Gizzards at the Burleson locatation. The first one that I started eating on tasted funny. When I look it was GREEN! This was not to celebrate St. Patrick's Day either. This was a bad gizzard. I put the whole box in my frezzer for safe keeping. Wonder what the news media would say about serving rotten food. Never again will I eat at Chicken Express.
Posted by Laughing on 2013-07-17:
I am laughing over the looooooonnnnnnng complaint about the nephew and tea. Now this is some hypersensitive people who have nothing else to so but write a book about their nephew getting bad service and being mistreated. Can't the boy stand up for himself? Let HIM learn by giving the situation to him. I mean, seriously? The complaint goes on and on and on! For a minute I thought the writer was going to say that his nephew was mentally handicapped, and I was about to have compassion. But wait... no, he was a mere 17 yr old. I couldn't believe it! I feel more sorry for what he's NOT learning through this! Get a grip folks!
Posted by Trish on 2013-08-01:
It hasnt changed from the lousy service to the rotten food to wrong or incomplete orders. I wont go on and on but I will say that I will not return to that store againand the lady that is responding or talking about her 17 year old nephew she has every right give it a break people
Posted by no name on 2013-09-14:
Terrell Texas chicken express have the ruddest employees ever. never get the order you place. Fire them all hire new people. I will never go there again. also will never tell anyone good things about them. service stinks...I am threw with Terrell,Tx chicken express. The store stinks like trash is in the back or rotten food. Health department need to be called.,....
Posted by Jenifer on 2014-01-29:
Order myself some lunch at chicken express in keller, Texas. North Beach location. Order the gizzard combo meal and received a couple of gizzards that were a green color and really hard, looked under the green part to see a white film that looked alittle fuzzy mold like. Went back and was told sorry and that if i ate the food i would be okay. It would not make me sick! I told him i will never eat here again and he said sorry and okay. Wish i could post the pics i have of this. Gross!
Posted by Dory on 2014-03-01:
I am (was) a first time visitor. I tried the Highland Village location. Ordered takeout, drove home in rush hour traffic, sat at the table only to find my order incomplete. Drove back in rush hour traffic to return the incomplete order which is now cold and requested a refund. OMG! The manager had to call the "GM" to get permission to refund my money, making me wait even longer because it was "company policy". Thank goodness I paid by credit card so was able to get my money back. According to the manager, had I paid cash, they would not issue me a refund - again, company policy. I won't be back because I refuse to do business with companies who steal money from cash paying customers who request a refund.
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Poor Customer Service
Posted by Ktiblets on 08/10/2013
STEPHENVILLE, TEXAS -- I drove up around 6:00 on a Friday night and ordered the 8 piece mixed with two sides and a sweet tea. When I got to the window to pay, two high school or college aged kids said they were out of mixed, but had wings. I asked how long and they said 15-20 minutes. I had already paid when they told me this. They said they could substitute tenders (if I had wanted tenders I would have ordered tenders). At this point, I said fine. It is now 6:10 and I am in line and another young girl comes out and ask if I ordered the dark. I said no, and told her my story. She said she was looking for the person with dark, but the mixed should be ready by the time I got to the window. It is now around 6:14 and another young man comes out with my chicken. I said the young girl told me a few minutes ago that the mixed should be almost done. Ok, exact words from Robert, this is a "common problem" at this time. Really. So, I got his name, the young person in charge's name, the managers name and owners. No numbers can be given out, you have to go online. I decided to call Richie/Rickie, the manager working at this time. Again, exact words, we had 5 big orders before you and this does happen. Again, I DO NOT CARE ABOUT ANYONE BUT MY ORDER. I told the manager he should have said "I am sorry for your inconvenience". Period and simple. I do not care that this is a COMMON PROBLEM. But what a novel idea if this is common to adjust your cooking. He (Rickie), said we do not cook a lot in advance (continuing the excuses). Hello. Chicken EXPRESS. I did not get my sweet tea. Crappy, crappy service. I will not go back. They may be the only Chicken Express, but not the only game in town that sells chicken. Customer service training might be another idea.
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Posted by olie on 2013-08-10:
Bone-in pieces of chicken take TIME to cook properly. I know I prefer my fried chicken to be free of pink meat and pink/red juices.

6:00 on payday seems to be a popular time for people to order chicken. I don't fault the restaurant for preferring to keep small amounts available but cook large or "huge" orders when they've been ordered.

You might try to go a little earlier or a little later, or even call ahead to order. You know, give them that 15-20 minutes' lead time.

As far as your sweet tea--you were there plenty long to make sure you got it. Go inside if you need to, or ask one of the employees who came to you.

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Cooking Oil Over Used & Saturated in Chicken Fat
Posted by Barb.phillips333 on 07/07/2013
3506 N. MAIN STREET, TEXAS -- On my way home to Hutto from Rockwall, Tx, (250-Mile drive) today, 7/6/2013, I took the Loop around Temple, Tx to Hwy 95 to Taylor which is 8 miles from Hutto where I live. It was around 3:30 pm and I was tired and did not want to cook when I got home so I drove a little past the loop around downtown Taylor and saw a Chicken Express. Hooray...No cooking when I get home! I whipped in, went inside and ordered a 3 pc combo. Went back to the loop to 79, arrived home in Hutto, unloaded the car and was anxious to dine on still hot fried chicken.

First bite was chewed and swallowed with a noticeable burned taste…not from burned chicken, but from the taste of the oil. The chicken was so heavily saturated with oil that it coated my lips and teeth as though they had been coated with lard. The grease hit my stomach and it was not pleasant. I was no longer hungry but mad as you know what when I examined the chicken and noticed it was saturated in glistening grease. I pulled it apart and it was just dripping grease. I'm 65-yrs old and I know that the oil has been reused to the point that it is saturated in chicken fat from each previously cooked batch. A heart attack waiting to happen for a person my age. Well, the trash was waiting for this one for it was not even suitable for the dog. Close to $9 down the drain.

I called Chicken Express and spoke with the manager/owner of the franchise who insisted they changed their oil regularly. I said "Obviously your cooking staff is not aware of this rule, nor are they following it". She said I could drive back over for another order.."As if...". I refused and decided to write a review. I wonder if their " take-out” orders get the "over-used oil" orders and the sit down customers get the chicken cooked in fresh oil so they don't go to the counter to complain. Or, maybe the customers in Taylor, TX are accustomed to their chicken being fried in over-used oil. If you are hungry and driving through Taylor, TX, Chicken Express is not recommended. Go to the next town for chicken or try another eating place. I had to cook tonight. :-(
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Posted by John Nicholson on 2013-07-07:
As you suspect, the oil has gone beyond it's usefulness both in taste and healthfulness. They obviously let the change of oil go by for some time. In most places, they change it on a regular basis, based on days in use. However, a good place will recognize that if you fry 100 orders a day you need to change it more often than if you only fry 10 per day. A good manager will inspect the oil daily before opening to discern how it is and change it if necessary, no matter how long it has been in use. Chicken Express was just "fluffing" you off. Just tell your friends of the experience and if they value their health, etc. etc.
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Bad Food, Bad Customer Service, and Unsanitary.
Posted by Ctavay on 04/11/2013
SHERMAN, TEXAS -- Worst service I have ever gotten! I ordered a 4 piece chicken tender with one side and a drink, paid for it and received it within 1 minute of ordering. I enjoy fast food, but I at least want my fast food to be hot and not cold when I get it. The tenders and the roll was cold to eat and the tenders were very small, and the corn nuggets had a burnt taste to them; not to mention the tea I received was too light to be called tea but "sweet water" and when I tasted it, it tasted like it was made out of toilet water. It was so gross, I poured it out and got a fruit punch; the only good thing I had with me from them.

Then when I went back inside to complain about my food, I was completely ignored and the lady at the register acted as if it was the end of the world to replace my order with hot, fresh food and good customer service. I work in customer service too, and if I had treated my customers the way I was treated, my boss would have fired me on the spot. that kind of behavior is unacceptable. I have written a complaint to the store's manager so I hope he contacts me and replaces my food. if not then I will not be going into any chicken express again until there is a change in attitude or staff.

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Worst Service Ever
Posted by Acaciasmom on 11/01/2008
PARIS, TEXAS -- This was the most awful place yet. We had just gotten done trick or treating and it was an hour before closing. when we went in the girl at the register had mad look on her face like she did not want us there. Then we placed our order and waited for our drinks but she ran to the back. Finally another girl walked up and we had to ask her for our drinks and she also had an attitude. In the meantime while waiting for our food I was observing the crew all flirting with what looked like the manager, they were all taking pictures and laughing (having a great time, but not with the customers).

Another family then entered the resturant and they got pretty much the same service. OK, everyone got there food and we settled in our and the other family's drinks were sweet tea, after 3min of eating I looked over and noticed the girl at the register dumping the tea down the drain, needless to say she did not even ask the customers if the would at least like some more before pouring out.We had to go back to the counter for silverware and so did the other family.

Well, the crew was all having fun with themselves, but the guys that looked like they may have been the cooks (I have nothing bad to say about those two guys). We again went to the counter to get a to go box and asked for 3 she gave us one and ran off so I had to stand there and wait for someone to walk by and ask for more. Needless to say this was my first time there since it opened here and this will be my last. We had no problem with the food, it was good eats, but those kids need some coustomer service training.

I work at a nearby restaurant and if we ever treated someone that way boy would we be in hot water, I am the manager and its my job to make sure my customers don't get treated that way, that is why I picked up on several of the things someone else might not have. IT WAS JUST THE MOST AWFUL SERVICE I'VE EVER HAD.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-11-01:
It was good eats? Did anyone have tenders? I tried them awhile back and that had absolutely no taste at all, which I thought was really weird. Hello Paris! I know some good people up there and one really good bad girl!
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2008-11-01:
People who work with the public and are not happy with their jobs should find other jobs that will make them happy because it does make a difference to the customers and it has an effect on the reputation of the company.
The name "Chicken Express" doesn't even sound good enough for me to want to walk in, let alone eat there.
Posted by TGT101 on 2008-11-01:
So you got everything you wanted ... and it was the worst service ever? I could think of worse.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-11-01:
I have to agree with TGT101 here, it doesn't seem like you had the worst service ever.... it sounds like you had your typical teenager service when they're working on a fun holiday like Halloween and are anxiously waiting to get the heck outta there so they can go egg some houses and cause trouble.
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Tastes like chicken?
Posted by on 10/13/2008
I don't know how wide spread these Chicken Express places are, but I've been told by many people - "it's good! you've got to try their tenders!". So the other day while running errands I spotted one and decided to whip right in for some tenders to go.

Man, these are some chicken neck ringin' sons of guns! There was inside dining, parking with carhop service, and a 3 lane drive through. I order my tenders through the drive through because I figured I couldn't bring my cold beer in. Down the road I go! I grab a tender, take a bite, and I can't taste a thing! It's tasteless chicken! Plump breaded tender fried nuthin's! How could you ever complain though? Can't say it tastes like crap. You can't rave about it either. Couldn't claim it tasted great. Maybe with some condiments it would be alright. But condiments are like condoms to me... I don't use them! If food is prepared correctly it should need no additives. Thankfully I had a beer for flavor. Chew a little - drink a little - chew chew chew - drink a lot chew a little. You get the idea. I wish when asked about Chicken Express tenders I could state - "it tastes like chicken!" Heck, everything unknown tastes like chicken, except THEIR chicken.

Anyway, I finished them up just to stop the belly bumping the backbone thing, and made my way down to Lowes because they were advertising 'free hook up' on the radio. Boy, I guess I misunderstood that one, but that's a whole different review...
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-10-13:
Will someone please call Sarah Palin. I think we have found Joe Six-Pack. You betcha!
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-10-13:
"free hookup" LMAO!

I don't recall ever hearing of this establishment.It's gotta be better than Churches chicken.S*** my shoe tastes better than Churches.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-10-13:
Chicken Express has over 100 locations spread across Texas, Georgia, Arkansas and Oklahoma.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2008-10-13:
You were drinking beer while you were driving...shame! Shame on C2O!

TarTar sauce is good on chicken.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-10-13:
shouldn't drink and drive........you might spill it
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-10-13:
DB,I think TarTar and driving is worse than drinking and driving
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2008-10-13:
I like to make my own dippy sauce for my chicken fingers...
ketchup, brown mustard, vinegar, butter and brown sugar...it's really good!
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-10-13:
I can't say I ever eat Chicken Tenders, as I don't eat anything fried, but I don't believe we have any of these establishments up here. Thanks for the warning in case we're ever passing through! C20--When we lived in Texas it was legal to have a beer while you were driving. Is it still?
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-10-13:
No Diane, they have since revoked that good time license.
Some rules were made to be broken!
Please excuse me while I justly reward each of you for your helpful advise. I finally have the right to vote on something!
I'll vote twice for dippy with her sauce recipe.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-10-13:
Well, C20--you've gotta do what you've gotta do. My husband worked on a huge construction site in Texas and I thought it was sort of weird when he told me there was a drive-thru liquor store where everyone headed right after work--in the sweltering heat and humidity. There were never any wrecks, as miraculous as that is.

And, I just had a thought, maybe it was rattlesnake. You know they have plenty of those around there.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-10-13:
They still have drive thru beer barns where you drive up into the building, but you have to open the bottle yourself once you drive off.
The new thing is these drive through places where you can get any frozen drink you want - coladas, ritas, etc. The drink is inside a sealed bag and comes with a cup, lid, and straw on the side. It's legal...
Posted by Ponie on 2008-10-13:
Having a beer while driving? Now that's a law I could live with! In MI they pull you over for TOBWYD. Thinking Of Beer While You're Driving. But they have to some how get money to try to run this almost bankrupt state. I think Jen's husband is Chief of Thought Police.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-10-13:
Tsk tsk tsk C20, am I the only one who notices the obvious in this post of yours??
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-10-13:
WHAT?? JC, you have stunned me yet again! This is a legit complaint brought before the troops in this consumer revolution.
You know, the mind is a terrible thing to waste, but I truly admire the way in which you waste yours! LMAO! I will now take a moment to reward you for you helpful? advice.
LOL Ponie! 'Thought Police' Good one!
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-10-13:
uh huh, I stunned YOU...sure I did...
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-10-13:
....Multiple votes/points for the same user will not be counted. Thanks!....

Crap! I finally get some rights... and now this!

LOL JC! You did!
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2008-10-13:
But a member can have more than one helpful piece of advice on a review.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-10-13:
Excellent point DB. Sorry, I can't reward you for it.
Posted by Slimjim on 2008-10-14:
It is a bit of a let down that a place the specializes in chicken offers lousy chicken. You should have dipped it in the beer for an original beer batter recipe.
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