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Company Profile
Chicken of the Sea
P.O. Box 308
Mt. Olive, NJ 07828
844-267-8862 (ph)
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Van Camp's Chunk Light Tuna In Water
By -

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- I was extremely upset with this product. First, it was unbelievably WATERY. I had to open 2 cans that should have equaled 1 can. Second, I had found SEVERAL BONES. Third, there were FISH SCALES in it!!! What kind of product are they selling here?? Yes, I understand it is a generic brand, but please!! What I had opened seemed OK for CATS. NOT PEOPLE!

Bad Tuna, Coward Company
By -

The product is Chicken of the Sea chunk white albacore. This is some kind of tuna that is floating in a can of gelatiny glop. Awful to look at let alone eat. The can does not state where this fish came from and the company is one of those coward companies that has no address or phone number on their website. They ask you for all of your personal information and give you none of theirs. No more COTS tuna for this shopper. Buyer beware.

Shells in canned white crab meat
By -

SUWANEE, GEORGIA -- I purchased two cans of white crab meat, which is quite expensive. I tasted a bit to see how salty it was. It was full of shell. I kept on tasting several bites and each and everyone had so much shell that it crunched when I tried to chew. I had to discard both cans and there went my seafood gumbo.

Empty Can of Tuna
By -

COCONUT CREEK, FLORIDA -- I purchased two cans of albacore tuna from my local grocery store. When I opened the cans, one was practically empty... mostly water and a thin layer of tuna on the bottom!!! The other can was pretty much full but watery.

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