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1401 Wynkoop St., Suite 500
Denver, CO 80202
303-595-4000 (ph)
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Great food, needs more salsa
By -

ALGONQUIN, IL -- My husband and I LOVE Chipotle burritos. We also love the chips and salsa. I could eat the salsa by itself. My only complaint is that while they give you a good-sized bag of chips, they only give you a little cup with maybe 3 tablespoons of salsa in it. That's nowhere close to being enough for two people when they're enjoying the chips. usually I get a little salsa on a couple of chips, then my husband polishes off what's left of the salsa (maybe a tablespoon or two), leaving me with just plain chips. As I said before; awesome salsa, there just needs to be more of it.

Chipotle Customer Service
By -

DALLAS, TEXAS -- I called Chipotle the first time and they put me on hold for 5 minutes, I hung up and called the second time and they have the nerve to put me on hold again... Not for that long but keep in mind I am hungry... I was ordering my burrito bowl over the phone and for one, this lady cannot understand me because she is a Spanish speaker... If you cannot understand English DON'T ANSWER THE PHONES!!!

Well, she asked me what I wanted in my bowl but in a rude unprofessional tone and demanded and rushed me to hurry up and order.. I will never order Chipotle ever again. HORRIBLE Customer Service!!! By the way, its the one in Dallas, TX off of Preston & Forest.

Unconcerned With Customer Satisfaction. Here's Proof
By -

MINNEAPOLIS -- I ate at Chipotle 3 weeks ago. My wife and I had been sent a "free burrito" coupon and we both ordered the vegetarian burrito bowl. My wife finished hers at the restaurant and I finished half and brought the rest home. Later that evening when I was finishing it I bit into something foul tasting and soft. It was a piece of already chewed gum (mint). Absolutely disgusting! I reported this to the restaurant manager who referred me to their liability law firm, Gallagher and Associates. Gallagher asked me send in the remainder of the food along with the gum, which I did. They called today to offer me a settlement: we'll reimburse you for the price of your meal - $7.49.

I was floored. It's not like I found a twist tie or a piece of a plastic fork in my food, I found something that's been in contact with body fluids and who knows what else. Was it also on the bathroom floor or in the garbage can? The point being, I highly doubt Chipotle's CEO, or anyone for that matter, would take $7.49 to put a piece of already been chewed gum that's been who knows where in their mouth.

I told them that I wasn't interested in profiting from this, but that the compensation offered was disrespectful considering the nature of the incident: I patronized their business (isn't that what they wanted by sending me the coupon?) and paid for my meal only to have the most primary and basic expectation of restaurant dining breached: that my food was clean and safe. When I explained this to the claims clerk, she said yeah, I understand but that's all I'm going to offer.

Also, she said that had this occurred on the premises instead of at home, then I would have been offered a higher compensation. And having it occur on the premises vs. at home makes it more verifiable how exactly (I could have thrown a piece of gum into my food)? Needless to say, I think it speaks loudly of where this company's priorities lie.

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