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All This Over Some Salsa?!

DENVER, COLORADO -- Being a repeat customer at the Chipotle's here in downtown Denver, I thought that I could run down there to PURCHASE a couple of containers of salsa for my burrito. No problem right? WRONG! First the "burrito artist" asks can she help me and I tell her what I want. She then says something in Spanish to the second burrito artist (#2) so I figured #2 knew what I wanted as well. It was only one person behind me at the time so when #2 asked me what kind of salsa I wanted I said, "one red and one green". I am sure some of you are figuring out the oncoming train wreck.

Well by this time the guy behind me has his burrito in front of #2 and she starts pouring MY salsa onto HIS burrito.."NOOO" he and I shouted. Luckily she hadn't put the red on yet or the poor guy said he would have been burning all afternoon. He was a good sport about it after I told him the green was milder than the red. By this time I was at the cashier and she got my salsa for me. "May I have a bag please?" She hands me the bag so that I could put my salsa into it... Thanks and I hope the customer behind me has a productive afternoon AT HIS DESK and please forgive me for not buying one of your overrated burritos this time. I feel better now. Adios!

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