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Choice Homes=WRONG choice!
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OMAHA, NEBRASKA -- Choice Homes was everything they claim not to be, and what they and their website claim to be is bogus and misleading. They lost their insurance in the third month of building, then everything stopped and they stopped all communication. Two months + later they started again but left the customer with thousands of dollars in interest fees from the building loan....charged when they weren't building! They double billed and outright lied about charges; saying they had to "bore under Pacific Street" to hook up the water and charged an extra $800+!!! After hearing this several times, proof was given to them from the county and MUD that these claims and charges were outright false. Three years later, having paid to have the home RE-waterproofed (flooding) because neither Choice nor their waterproofing company would honor their warranties, having the peeling paint scrapped off and put on again...this time with a PRIMER (duh!), having the sump pump replaced twice, and the yard RE-graded and sodded three times, having the correct exhaust vent put in over the oven ( a used one at half the power needed was put in behind the woodwork), having windows, patio doors and rotting woodwork fixed because they "forgot" to put in weather stripping and didn't hang things the siding needs to be RE-done as it was installed incorrectly and the insulation was also ruined by the gaps and leaks. Let's not forget this month faulty wiring had to be replaced and brought up to code so the fuses would stop blowing and sparking. There is a lot more. The BBB was a joke, the insurance settlement doesn't even cover the first year of repairs, so a lawsuit will be filed.
CHOOSING Choice Homes (and believing they knew what they were doing and that they had expertise and good morals) was the WORST CHOICE of my life.
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Venice09 on 01/07/2011:
I really hate to see this happen to people. We had our house built around thirty years ago and were very naive about the whole thing. We never realized how many things could have gone wrong if the builder was not competent or trustworthy. We got lucky, but I would never do it again today.

It's unfortunate when it takes a lawsuit to get people to do the right thing. I hope they are forced to fix everything to your satisfaction because a house is usually a person's biggest investment and you should get what you paid for.
Venice09 on 01/07/2011:
I also wanted to say that your review is very helpful. I would post this at other places on the internet. You might help stop someone else from making the same mistake by going with this builder.
momsey on 01/07/2011:
This is why people need a licensed architect to stay on the builder's rear end and make sure things are being done properly.
anglswings on 01/07/2011:
momsey I had one, great design and blueprints but following up on the builder wasn't his job. I should have hired a contract lawyer from the start and also an independent General Contractor to stay on their case, be at the job daily and make sure things weren't short-cuts etc.
trmn8r on 01/07/2011:
What research was done before CHOOSING them? I had my house done 16 years ago, and the architect turned me on to a builder. I went and saw his work before choosing him. The best defense is a good offense in my mind. Following around after the fact is problematic. He chose his subs carefully, knowing his product was only as good as theirs.

Sadly, many people hang siding incorrectly, which shows ignorance of best practice. My neighbor did his own, and it all buckled. Of course, he also tried to live in what was permitted as a "garage" which is consistent. When a paid "professional" screws it up it shows they aren't.
momsey on 01/07/2011:
Following up with the builder IS the architect's job, if you hire him or her for that. My husband is an architect, and his job doesn't end when the drawings are submitted. He makes weekly site visits, he decides when enough work has been done to justify releasing more money, etc.

Of course, some people don't want to pay an architect for anything but the drawings, but it's in your best interest to keep the architect on to keep an eye on the builder.
Venice09 on 01/07/2011:
Even though we didn't know much about new construction at the time, we did visit the site every weekend to monitor the work and progress. We were always pleased with what we saw, and the builder turned out to be very competent and professional. To my knowledge, none of the homes here have had any major problems in all these years. However, it could have easily gone the other way. I would do it a lot differently today because now I realize how many things can go wrong, and that we just got lucky.
New home question on 11/28/2012:
Hi there,
Glad I saw this! Is this choice homes with Jason?
anglswings on 02/21/2013:
Yes Jason and Chad and their wives, and I came almost daily. One time they tried to tell me I couldn't come in (to my own home, which I carried the construction loan and on the lot I paid for in cash!) They also would change the garage code on the weekends so I couldn't come and inspect. I narrowed builders down to three and saw two of the homes they built in person. I did my homework and got recommendations also. But then I found out most of them were from their high school friends and relatives. They built a humongous million dollar home (for Jason) and laid down an expensive marble floor...without putting anything between it and the sub flooring! I even knew that was needed! It cracked to pieces. They had just as many problems on the homes they built for themselves but their subs were always coming to re-do the work for 'free' and a case of beer.
I took a settlement check and walked away after 3 years and a Structural Engineer's report. I had already put in an additional $35,000 for repairs. The report said I'd need another $80-100,000 more!
I would never build again. I have not been able to trust anyone in the business since this. But my life moved on and I'm happy to not be so stressed and lay in bed at night wondering what was going to go wrong next!
Lisa P. on 06/22/2013:
Very well said! I built with them and have had all the same issue you are referring to!
Doogiedog01 on 09/08/2013:
Geez, we're supposed to build with them in 2014 on a builder attached lot. What can we do?
Billy d on 12/07/2013:
I would run. Don't look back and let everyone else know that. Extremely poor builders
Hank w on 01/14/2014:
I've been told that the lots aren't builder attached that they make it seem like that and then maybe buy it before customers find out. I have run into a handful of other homeowners along with myself that have nothing but problems and poor experiences.
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