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Choice Privileges Point Accumulation Rip-Off!
Posted by Hollyhaugland on 11/21/2013
For the last 5 years we have used Choice Privileges in hopes to earn points towards free stay. For the last couple of weeks my wife has handled the check in, while I unloaded the luggage. Last night the hotel clerk had trouble adding our Choice Privileges points and asked us to call customer service. After talking to two different agents, one supposedly a manager, we were informed by Choice Privileges, they would not credit us any points because my wife's name and credit card was used on the check in (even though our credit cards are tied into the same account and our last name is the same) From now on, we will use our Choice Privilege card only to identify those hotels at which we will NOT be staying. Their refusal to honor us with a few measly points will cost them hundreds of future stays at their low end hotels.

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Give Me The Money!
Posted by Afish4meonly on 11/05/2013
CHARLESTON, WEST VIRGINIA -- I booked a Sleep Inn and I typically don't stay at Choice Hotels and I never will again...is this common place?? I did not realize that my room was a PRE-paid room...it did not specify it was at booking but my cc has already been charged and I had to cancel due to a change in travel plans and I see that I might have to wait 28 days to get a credit. This is absurd. I have never had a room charged to my CC unless I specified a Pre-pay and no cancellation prior to even staying at the hotel. This just seems WRONG to me...

They can take my money even before or if I am NOT staying and take a month to get it back to me. Wrong is not the word I would like to use!!
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Unfriendly & Misleading
Posted by Sarah748 on 10/25/2013
Their rewards point system is a scam! They claim they will give you so many reward points for points for a free room in the future, but the truth is you never receive those points because they later will make up some excuse of why that stay didn't qualify.

Also they make no exceptions what-so-ever for cancellations. I hurt my knee and was unable to make my trip and they would not cancel the hotel for me! I called the main line who told me to call management and they would do it for me. So I did and they said they couldn't do it. It wasn't "do-able." I have never had an issue canceling through Priceline or Expedia. I will never go through this company again when booking a hotel!
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Every Excuse to Deny Awards Points
Posted by Jim.giarrusso on 10/05/2013
PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- This is the fourth time this year I have qualified for benefits under the "Stay Two Nights, Get One Free" Choice Rewards program. They have dug up technicalities on three of those four occasions.

But this last time, they denied benefits for a hotel stay which I paid for, but which my wife and son stayed at.

This has cost promised points for that trip, and also an additional 5,000 to 8,000 points for having qualified for an additional stay under the "Stay Two Nights, Get One Free" program which they heavily advertise to me on the internet.

The relevant part of the program says: "After your second qualifying trip and ALL TRIPS THEREAFTER with arrival between September 5 and November 13, 2013, you will be awarded a minimum of 5,000 points... " [emphasis added]

To deny me these benefits, in an email reply to my complaint, Leo G. at the Email Resolution Desk made up this rule which is not found ANYWHERE in any of their terms and conditions: "Please note that Choice Privileges is an individual membership account. To earn points, you must personally stay at the hotel. "

With that made-up rule, they actually DEDUCTED points from my account.

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Posted by JCon on 2013-10-16:
Unfortunately there is a clause stating that YOU actually have to stay there to earn the points. Dumb, I know, but it is there. I saw it when I was checking my own issue with the program. They refused to give me points for a non-refundable reservation on which I was unable to make. So nonetheless I'm not getting points for a reservation that was paid for. I've since cancelled all my upcoming reservations with CH's and will no longer use their hotel chains.
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Unprofessional and Deceiving
Posted by Roguetucker on 09/13/2013
ARIZONA -- This company and their promotions are empty marketing ploys. Their customer service is deplorable with representatives openly aggressive and rude. Do not fall for their advertising which states that 2 night stays in one of their participating hotel/motel will get you a free night stay. I have been a member with them for many years but stopped bothering with them a few years ago. I had forgotten why.

I booked a room with a Comfort Inn this month and was told to use my membership to get a free night. We stayed at their hotels for three nights but the first night was the day before the promotion started. I went online and did not see our stays listed so I called them to discuss the issue and the promotion. They stated that the nights would not count unless you book the nights online or through their representatives. In addition, I had to register before the staying at the hotels for this promotion and I was not registered by their representative when I called the first time. It does not count if you walk into the hotel/motel and rent a night from the front desk. Are you kidding me?

When you are traveling you do not always now where you will be stopping for the night. In addition, my name was hyphenated when I got married. I told them to change my name and they refused without my sending a copy of my marriage certificate. Really?????!!!!!! My major business credit cards didn't ask me to see that. Their song and dance is that they are protecting me. Oh sure.............with those big promotions you have. I told them I wanted to talk to a supervisor because I am surely not sending my marriage certificate. Now the fun began.

I got a string of rude representatives and was told a supervisor wouldn't call back for 2 days. I cancelled my account and requested a letter stating it was cancelled. You would have thought I asked for this representative's first born child. Do yourself a favor and do not do business with this company. I am not sure where they are from and what they are about....but they are certainly not about catering to their customers and using policies and promotions that are not deceptive. In the end the $80-100 for the free night might cost you exceedingly more.
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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-09-13:
I don't see what they did wrong. If you booked your stay before the promotion started then obvously you wouldn't be entitled towards getting credit towards it. It's also your responsibility to register for the promotion, it also states on their website that you have book online to enroll the promotion

Register before your first trip at ChoiceHotels.com to earn unlimited free nights

Book at ChoiceHotels.com or 800.4CHOICE and after your second qualifying trip with arrival between September 5 and November 13, 2013 you’ll receive enough Choice Privileges® points to redeem for a FREE night at over 1,500 hotels
Posted by roguetucker on 2013-09-24:
Amazing to me that you do not see what they did wrong. No one was talking about the rental before the promotion. Maybe you should read the comments again. There is plenty wrong with this company and I do not stand alone in the complaint department. Most of us are not on their website daily looking for the promotions. When you are traveling you are driving in a car, pull up to a place to stay and should be able to register for the promotion at the hotel. Membership means nothing with this company. Being a member should include the benefit that automatically qualifies you for the promotion . Most companies accommodate their customers with promotions when they walk in the company/hotel etc.. They don't make them jump through hoops like this company. There are plenty of hotels/motels out there with programs and promotions that are more customer friendly than this company. Go elsewhere.
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Scam Advertising, Two Stays Pays $50.00 Gift Card. Not So!
Posted by Vereeniging on 08/12/2013
FLORIDA -- Choice Hotels ad states, TWO STAYS PAYS.......Earn a $50 gift card when you take two separate trips" We confirmed this promotion with every front desk person and purposefully chose CHOICE HOTELS on our vacation trip to Florida. We stayed at 4 different Choice Hotels. Now that we are back home and have tried to get the gift cards, the so called resolution person refers us back to points. Well no one can earn enough points on two trips / stays to earn a $50.00 certificate. So don't believe or choose Choice!
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Posted by Bee on 2013-08-13:
Did you read the rules regarding this promotion? Which choice hotels did you stay in because depending on the hotel, your points are earned differently.

from the website:

"How is a "Trip" defined?
For Comfort Inn®, Comfort Suites®, Quality®, Sleep Inn®, Clarion®, Cambria Suites® or Ascend Hotel Collection® hotels, a trip is defined as a stay that is any number of consecutive nights at one hotel regardless of check-ins or check-outs. For Econo Lodge®, Rodeway Inn®, Suburban Extended Stay Hotel®, or MainStay Suites® hotels, a trip is defined as a stay that is two (2) or more consecutive nights at one hotel regardless of check-ins or check-outs."
Posted by B Wilson on 2013-09-02:
This happened to me also. They said I used a credit card that was not included in the promotion.
I was required to read the fine print!
No more Ichoice hotels for me.
Posted by J on 2013-09-19:
Agreed, misled me too, all their promotions are convoluted. Yes you may earn a free night or a gift card or gas or whatever but first you must earn points that may, could, could, might, well may be exchanged for the reward. Be aware of this posters experience AND that many of their "international" hotels don't participate in the process. I suppose this is good for their corporate bottom line but I will never stay in any of their properties again
Posted by Lisa L on 2013-10-23:
You actually CAN redeem those points for a $50 gift card. Log in to your ChoiceHotels account, go to "Redeem Points," then select "Redeem Promotional Points." It will bring up a list of gift cards that are "Points-Off Specials." All on the list are 8,000 points off of 16,000, which means you get them for 8,000 points -- what you should have earned with the promotion.
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Useless Guest Relations Service/ Awful Company!
Posted by Anneshorn on 07/30/2013
CORPORATE OFFICE, AZ/ WISCONSIN DELLS ECONOLODGE H, ARIZONA -- Room #251 in the Econolodge, Wisconsin Dells has bedbugs. Even after taking some of the bedbugs up to the front desk and immediately packing up to depart the disgusting hotel, the manager will not issue a full refund of our room charges. I have spoken to Choice Hotels Guest Relations three times now. I was told that the owners of the hotel property would be calling me within the next 72 hours. It's been a week -- no phone call or message from them.

I cannot believe that Choice Hotels has no say in resolving this dispute. Choice, as well as the owners of the filthy property, should be ashamed and embarrassed to subject hotel guests to sleeping with bedbugs! They should have immediately reversed the charges on my credit card, and even tried to go above and beyond that to satisfy a disgusted and horrified guest, who had to disinfect luggage and take our clothes to a laundromat to keep the creepy-crawlies from entering our home.

The bottom line is this: the owners are in denial. They claim to have checked the room and have given it the "all clear." I bet they didn't use a professional inspector -- they probably told some poor maid to go check. They could care less, as long as the money for the room keeps coming in. The General Manager still expects us to pay $50% of our room charge to sleep in a room with bedbugs! ABSURD! I won't pay a dime to be subjected to sleeping with bedbugs crawling on me at 5:00am! Would you PAY ANYTHING to sleep in a bed with bedbugs?!? Show me the professional's inspection papers that say, "no bedbugs present." I captured several bedbugs, took them to the desk as proof, and I bet that the manager or owners never saw them. I went home and researched 'bedbugs.' It certainly WAS bedbugs!

Can't get this dispute resolved to my satisfaction through the hotel management or Choice Hotels. Nobody really cares at this company. Choice doesn't care that this hotel is overrun with filth and bugs. The owners don't believe that they have bedbugs. BEWARE to anybody seeking a decent hotel! Stay away from Choice Hotels at all costs, unless you have stayed at a particular hotel before.

What a disgrace! Worst hotel experience of our lives! Best Western, Wyndham, Marriott, Club Carlson, and Hilton here we come! Ya get what ya pay for....... and more (bedbugs!)
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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2013-08-01:
Contact your credit card company and dispute the charges.
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Find a Better Price Promotion
Posted by Mea_isp on 07/26/2013
ROCKVILLE, MARYLAND -- I booked a standard room on their web site. At the end of the booking I noticed their find a better price guarantee. So, I jump out on the Internet and I found one right off the bat. So, I jump back on their site to submit a claim. I'm thinking one free night is great! Well here is the scoop: They average the price of all rooms listed on the outside side. Since mine was one of the cheaper rooms they say it does not qualify. Even though the room I booked on their web site was 94.00 and the price listed on http://www.easytobook.com was $91.18.

So, if you see this "guarantee" don't waste your time, unless you are getting one of the most expensive rooms they offer at that hotel no way you will ever find a cheaper (AVERAGE) price. I went back and forth with them via email to finally give up and begin this quest to make sure nobody else waster there time on this.

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Waste of Money
Posted by Jpnjak on 07/22/2013
INDIANAOPLIS, INDIANA -- Asked for a Suite with sofa bed because we had our Grand children with us, the sofa bed mattress was torn up a piece of trash that belonged out in a ally somewhere for a homeless person. The air conditioning did work and when we sent a complaint into the Choice Hotels the General Manager of the property called and as much as called my wife a liar. I have cancelled my Choice Privileges card and will never use a Choice hotel again for any reason. I will continue driving till I find a decent place to stay.
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Posted by Old Timer on 2013-07-22:
You might want to let corporate at Choice know that you have left and why. They need to know when a property is providing crappy service. They will probably never see your comments unless you contact them directly. They might even try top make it right with you.

"out in a ally somewhere for a homeless person"? That was not very nice, the homeless do not as a rule choose a "sofa bed mattress torn up a piece of trash". Often that's all they have.

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Confusing to Work With, Bait-and-Switch
Posted by Michael7403 on 07/14/2013
CALIFORNIA -- While we love our Quality Inn in Anaheim, we joined the choice rewards program in April and have been HORRIBLY disappointed with the difficult customer service, lack of clear policies and general run-around. We signed up during a promotion that is we booked two stays we got a free night...but twice we tried to redeem the free night and both times were blocked by obscure policies and fine print, even though we called customer support before signing up, explained our situation and were assured we could get the promotion.

Difficult to talk to a manager, often get dropped calls while on hold, and generally frustrating--while the program looked enticing I would not recommend it because it's not worth the wasted time and the only thing I have gotten for my trouble is more promises of free things if I sign up for their credit card. Very disappointed.
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