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Horrible Experience, Horrible Food
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WEBSTER, TEXAS -- HOW I FELT: This was the most horrible experience of my life. Felt like I was in a third world country and couldn't get food served to me at this restaurant although everyone around me was eating. What a horrible feeling.

MY COMPLAINT: On 9/23/10, me and my family visited the new Chuy's in our area (Webster, TX). We waited 1 hour and 10 minutes for a table. I ordered a mixed type plate (1 enchilada, 1 taco, 1 tostada) and requested my taco plain (without cheese or lettuce). My plate came with cheese/lettuce and before it was served to me, was taken away. Mind you the taco was only one 3 items on my plate. Nonetheless, I waited patiently for another. 3 different managers visited our table over and over saying my food would be out shortly. After about literally the 10th time a manager came to my table, one of the managers told me that he "dropped" my 2nd plate but they had another made for me right now. I said if that was the case then why wasn't it in front of me???? He had no words and walked away. At that point my family was done eating as much as they could because the food was awful.

Soon after, another manager came by and asked what they could do for me, I said he could comp our meal and I would go eat somewhere else. The manager said he felt horrible and I shouldn't make them feel bad. did you get that part??? "MAKE HIM FEEL BAD" I said first of all, I did nothing wrong except come here for dinner. So I had no empathy nor should I have had for them ruining my evening. The manager came back with a card for a free meal for 2 to come back, mind you there were 5 of us dining and we are typically a family of 6 eating out. Soon after the waiter brought our check. So much for the offer of a solution. We paid our bill, tore up the free dinner card and told the waiter to relay the message to the manager to stick that card up his ass! I walked out angry, hurt & still hungry. And as we are free to do in our United States, I asserted my right to freedom of speech and informed the couple walking by us that the food and service sucked. A nearby manager (did not ask why) said my comment was not necessary. It was and as you can tell, I am still mad as hell!!! My comments then and for many years to come, are very valid and extremely necessary.

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rockfishing on 10/22/2010:
The place sounds like a busy and hectic place. I'm not sure why you would expect 5 free meals because they forgot and gave you a regular taco instead of one with nothing on it. It was your choice to wait over an hour for a table at a busy restaurant. To refer to it as a third world country and the rest of your comments would only lead to remarks that would be deleted.
skelly39 on 10/22/2010:
Yes, they dropped the ball. They tried to make it right, maybe not the way you wanted, but still, they tried. Your response was over the top and out of line, in my opinion.
momsey on 10/22/2010:
Who sought to diminish the importance of the review?

I'll try again. Sounds like they had a rough night and messed up your dish. It sound like they also tried to make it right and tried as hard as they could not to neglect you.
Anonymous on 10/22/2010:
I hardly think tossing a coupon on the table is trying to make it right. If anything it's an insult to one's intelligence thinking a coupon could entice anybody to return to this god forsaken dung heap.

Life is too short to eat at third world'ish establishment. Good review!
clutzycook on 10/22/2010:
Good review, although I think I would have sooner gone hungry than wait over an hour for a table.

Has anyone read the comments to some of the reviews that were written prior to about 2007? **Sigh** Free speech rocked...
skelly39 on 10/22/2010:
So telling someone to shove their coupon up their arse is OK, but giving someone a coupon is not. That's interesting.
leet60 on 10/22/2010:
"We waited 1 hour and 10 minutes for a table. "
I think, that after 20-30 minutes, I would simply have left. With a wait time for a table of this long, either the location is very very desired or there are issues in the kitchen.
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