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Avoid this place like the Plague!
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EAST RUTHERFORD, NEW JERSEY -- To say it was unpleasant is an understatement.

First this location (East Rutherford NJ) was charging $6.49 for the $4.99 buffet & its NOT in a major city like NYC or LA. Right after we paid I picked up a plate & it had dried food stuck to the eating part of it, I picked up a 2nd & it happened again. 3 tries to find a clean plate should have served as a warning to me.

We got our food (1 cherry tomato in 2 whole bowls of salad on your buffet line was very underwhelming) & sat down. I took a bite of the carrot & it tasted like it was washed in soapy water & not rinsed (That would be the only thing that got cleaned with soapy water it seemed in this location!). The salad itself we both agreed was the worst tasting salad we ever had. The lettuce just had a washed out 3 day expired taste to it.

Your Pizza was OK. I would equate it to a Pizza Hut type Pizza so for a buffet that was OK. However you should have sauce on the side for the breadsticks & calzone (If that's what that piece of bread with a slice of pepperoni in it was supposed to be) as most people like to dip them in sauce. I had to get the spiral macaroni just to use the sauce from that for dipping.

Then came the fun part. I went to get more pizza & this guy without a name tag so we will call him Mr Grouchy Plate Police says "you can't reuse plates as its against board of health rules". OK that would be fine (more tactful would be having a sign noting this instead of A GROUCH!) but as I was telling him why I was reusing the plate as it took me Not 1 Not 2 But 3 YES 3 tries to get a clean plate he YANKS it out of my hand & says our plates are clean. Unfortunately for Mr Grouchy Plate Police he hands me a SO CALLED Clean plate Which had DRIED CRUSTY FOOD ON IT!!!!! When I pointed this to him he Blatantly Lied to my face & claimed it was "WATER SPOTS", I then took my fingernail & scraped off his so called waterspots. He then gets another plate which had gunk on the bottom side but he said all your plates are like that as you can't get the stickers off.

Now remember when I was saying about using the sauce from the macaroni for dipping. I had to get more macaroni for the sauce, I then made the mistake of eating the macaroni before the sauce as your worker then WITHOUT ASKING just took the sauce covered plate off my table & put it in his dirty dishes (Gee thanks for ASKING first!).

Between the food, lack of cleanliness, & the service (With a special award for How NOT to act to a customer to Mr Grouchy) our First impression will most likely be our last impression & the impression we will be telling our friends about when they ask "How was it?"
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Skye on 06/04/2010:
I don't know anyone would eat anything other than New York Pizza, like Ray's, or New Jersey pizza, like Tony's.

Sounds nasty, thanks for the review!
andbran on 06/04/2010:
the cicis I go to is pretty clean(arlington,tx) they always keep the salads pretty fresh. the plates and utensils are always clean. I would call their corportate office. there is no excuse for dirty dishes and a bad attitude
GenuineNerd on 06/04/2010:
I always liked Cici' is a shame that they had to close their Middleburg Heights, OH location. At least there's the one at Ridge Park Square. I especially liked the pizzas that have macaroni and cheese on top.
beanbagbritches on 06/05/2010:
I would be terrified to eat food at a restaurant with dried food on the "eating part" (?) of the plate.
PepperElf on 06/05/2010:
hell dried food on *either* side of the plate is a bad sign, because that bottom of the plate is touching the top of another plate.

I'd recommend calling the health board and complaining that they are putting dirty plates out as if they're clean
Anonymous on 06/05/2010:
Gross...I can't believe you actually ate the food.
Ytropious on 06/05/2010:
My cici's are always fine, if not always completely packed. Also you ARE aware they DO have dipping sauce right? My cicis has little plastic cups right near the pasta maranara for people who want to use it for dipping. Sorry, but if you eat off a plate you CAN NOT re use it for the buffet, he is correct.
yenzen on 11/18/2013:
I don't understand why they open the store if they can have what we relly want two sundays don't have coffe they said the machin is not working common I now how to use the machine plus they don't have the peper flake the parmasan n the floor looks like a garbesh this trash of restaurant Shout be close this is on bellare n renwick I din't want to go eat there but my daughter n wife wants to give a second chance n relly didn't really needed.
Shylimar on 11/27/2013:
Cici's in my area is very good. unfortunately in every brand, I don't care who or what type of food, there will be poor performing stores. Instead of posting this negative article you should've asked to speak to the owner of the establishment or contacted their corporate office to convey your concerns and dissatisfaction. We happen to love this brand and the food.
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