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What A Hassle from CitiFinancial Services!
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WINSLOW, ARIZONA -- I called CitiFinancial and told them that I had set up an ACH debit online so they could take my
auto payments out from my checking account automatically. I had barely set it up (this is the first time I ever did this on my own). I called them and told them I had made my first auto payment over the phone and that it was a couple days late. I asked if I was going to be
charged a late fee for paying 2 days late. The
rep told me I would be charged a late fee only if they didn't receive the payment 10 days after
the due date. I then tried to access my account
online and my USER ID and PASSWORD wouldn't take.
I called CitiFinancial, and the rep told me that
since I paid my payment late, the system automat-
ically blocks access to your account and that my
account probably went to collections. I thought
this to be ridiculous! She told me that they usually send your account to collections if it
isn't paid on the due date. I then told her I never read this in their policy. I asked her if
they give you a grace period, like other companies do, and she told me they do not really
have a grace period, that they give you up to 10
days to make the payment after the due date. I
then asked her why she told me they send your account to collections if the payment isn't received on the due date. This is totally out of line. I told her I wanted to check my account
online to see if they posted the check by phone
payment. She said they have to wait 24 to 48 hrs. until the check clears. I then told her why I can't access my account to submit my information on my ACH debit. She then said again
that the system automatically blocks you from
accessing your account for not paying on time. I
told her that this wasn's fair and I wanted her to unblock it. She said she couldn't until my
check by phone clears. Now I have to wait to access my account. This is totally absurd. Now
I just hope they don't give me anymore headaches.
I am a new customer and to be treated like this
is uncalled for. So you better WATCH OUT!
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indiangoddess on 07/30/2006:
I called the bank and talked to a different rep about having difficulty accessing my account. She asked me if I
was sitting at my computer, and I told her yes. I told her I keep trying to access my account, but my user id and
password still isn't taking. She told me to try again, and this time it worked. She must have umblocked it or
something because right after I got off the phone with her,
I thought to myelf, I'm going to try it again after I sign
out. So when I tried it again, it wouldn't take. I hate
playing these little cat and mouse games. They must have
blocked it again after I sumbitted my information for my
ACH debit. If there were a Citifinancial bank here in town
where I live, I'd be down there in a heartbeat. But the
closest bank is quite a ways from where I live. I wish these people would try and understand what they're putting
customers through. I guess all they are is greedy and money hungry. They don't care about anybody except themselves.
brianboru on 05/08/2007:
I mailed my payment on the 28th and CitiFinancial auto called on the 4th and ask me if I would sign a contract due to my late payment. F Them
phil_starr on 06/14/2007:
JayD is correct. I worked for CitiAuto. There is no rule that your account is blocked if a payment is late. The CSR just did not want deal with your ID and password issue.
TallCarl on 02/04/2008:
Yeah, Citifinancial auto is total crap, inept, rude, witha totally broken process. I'm currently dealing with issues regarding their failure to post a Skip Pay promotion AND a subsequent Differred payment (which was supposed to remedy their failure to post the skip pay.) For phil_starr's comment that "there is no rule that your account is blocked if a payment is late".. that's apparently not the case at all. When my account went past due (caused by their error), I attempted to make a payment online. I received a message (for the first time ever) saying to "You Ability to Make a Payment has been Suspended: Contact Customer Service". The rep confirmed that past due accounts are forced to call for handling (or lack-of-handling, in Citifinancial Auto's case.) Good luck to us all.
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