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What A Hassle from CitiFinancial Services!
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WINSLOW, ARIZONA -- I called CitiFinancial and told them that I had set up an ACH debit online so they could take my auto payments out from my checking account automatically. I had barely set it up (this is the first time I ever did this on my own). I called them and told them I had made my first auto payment over the phone and that it was a couple days late. I asked if I was going to be charged a late fee for paying 2 days late. The rep told me I would be charged a late fee only if they didn't receive the payment 10 days after the due date. I then tried to access my account
online and my USER ID and PASSWORD wouldn't take.

I called CitiFinancial, and the rep told me that since I paid my payment late, the system automatically blocks access to your account and that my account probably went to collections. I thought this to be ridiculous! She told me that they usually send your account to collections if it isn't paid on the due date. I then told her I never read this in their policy. I asked her if they give you a grace period, like other companies do, and she told me they do not really have a grace period, that they give you up to 10 days to make the payment after the due date. I then asked her why she told me they send your account to collections if the payment isn't received on the due date. This is totally out of line.

I told her I wanted to check my account online to see if they posted the check by phone payment. She said they have to wait 24 to 48 hrs. until the check clears. I then told her why I can't access my account to submit my information on my ACH debit. She then said again that the system automatically blocks you from accessing your account for not paying on time. I told her that this wasn's fair and I wanted her to unblock it. She said she couldn't until my check by phone clears. Now I have to wait to access my account. This is totally absurd. Now I just hope they don't give me anymore headaches. I am a new customer and to be treated like this is uncalled for. So you better WATCH OUT!

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