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Cigna Tel-drug Idiocy Accidental Or On Purpose
Posted by on
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- My first experience with Cigna has thus far created three problems.

1. Upon receiving 5 prescriptions from my doctor they first canceled the order because they "could not reach my doctor for verification". I was not notified by them and continued to wait for my prescriptions in the mail. It was only when I looked on-line that I found out that the order was canceled. When I called them they said were unable to reach my doctor and get approval. I told them to try again and they called back to tell me they had received approval.

2. After waiting another 2 weeks for my mail order prescriptions I checked on-line again. Only the cancellation was shown. When I called them they said they could not fill one of the prescriptions because my illness (CFS)was not among those listed for this medicine. The medicine is an antiviral drug, and what I have is a virus, but Tel-drug determined it was therefore an experimental drug and "they do not cover experimental drugs". This drug has been around for about 100 years and I have been taking it for 20 years. I don't know of ANY medication specifically for CFS. The written notification said that they would not fill that prescription because they were "unable to obtain authorization to fill my prescription". However, it was not my doctor who refused authorization, it was a pharmacist at Tel-drug. I asked if it was common practice for them to cancel all of a person's prescriptions because one could not be filled. The Tel-Drug representative had no answer. After five phone calls four of the five medications were delivered.

3. During this pharmaceutical hell, they had asked for how I would pay for the drugs. I gave them credit card information and my statement showed the payment to Tel-Drug on August 11. I then received a statement from Tel-drug dated September 3 showing the amount as unpaid. When I called today and told them the charge had been made nearly a month earlier on my credit card, they said they had no record of receiving payment and I need to mail the credit card statement to them. So thanks to I do not have my main medicine and they do not show payment for the others so grudgingly filled.
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Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
MOOSIC, PENNSYLVANIA -- I left Cigna on 9/7/13 (gave 2 week notice) they sent my last check to my. However on Monday 12/2/13 I received a letter stating they over paid my by almost 800.00 in PTO days....they want payment in full by 12/12/13. I am so furious that it took them 3 months to figure out that they overpaid me which I request proof of my PTO days that I took and what I was allowed and it will take 7-10 business days. How dare they do this to me. Is there anything I can do about this if I do owe them the money?
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Horrible Company
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Rating: 1/51
BLOOMFIELD, CONNECTICUT -- For the last 3 months I have been battling this horrible company to approve my short term disability claim. I was taken out of work by my Dr. due to a back injury that is chronic in nature. I also am diagnosed with depression which can be very severe in episodes and very debilitating. On 8/21/13 I took this leave and since returned to work on 10/21 because my claims were denied. I had no other choice...go back to work or lose my home despite the circumstances. I was shuffled from person to person at Cigna and all they basically did was bury me in paperwork and never once did they actually speak to my Dr. I appealed the decision only to find out today it had been denied as well. The company's motto is: "To help the people we serve improve their health, well-being and security." This couldn't be any further from the truth. I would advise anyone looking into this company for insurance to RUN away as fast as you can. Statistically speaking, Cigna denies 1/3 of their claims and seems to be more concerned about their bottom line than the individual. I filed a complaint with the Washington State Insurance Commissioner with the hopes of at least sending this organization a message. For as much as we all pay for insurance in this country it would be nice to know you can count on it when you need it. I'm just utterly disgusted by the way Cigna has treated me and others.

I hope this company gets a big wake up call and finally realizes that it can't go on treating people like this.
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Cigna lied about what was included in my policy
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- I have now been a member of Cigna for a few months and have found out that the sales representative lied to me about 2 different items. I signed up for a health and dental plan. The sales representative told me that I would pay 15$ for generic perscriptions and 30$ for name brand. The reality is that generics were in fact low priced but the name brands would cost me full price and Cigna won't cover any of it. That's a pretty big lie in my book.

Then I found out yesterday that having dental insurance doesn't mean squat. I had a filling pop out and could not eat or drink anything because of the pain. I made an emergency appointment with my dentist only to find out that Cigna doesn't cover emergency's until after 6 months or 12 months. In my mind I have insurance exactly for the reason of emergency's. Again, this is where the sales representative lied to me. I fully understand not covering elective procedures but to not cover emergency procedures, that is absurd. This is a huge lie by the sales representative.

I then called customer service to try to deal with the dental situation and was given the run around and told that the only way I could attempt to get Cigna to cover the procedure was to write an appeal. So let me get this straight, your company lies to me, sells me a bag of goods, and then tells me its my problem and my responsibility to fix? Does this sound like a scam to anyone else? I will be cancelling my policy with Cigna and finding a company that is honest, knows what customer service actually is, and actually provides the services that you pay for.

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User Replies:
leet60 on 2012-08-11:
As for your dental insurance, the waiting period is fairly typical and it is likely they consider the issue to be a preexisting condition.

For your prescriptions, I cannot be sure about your area but the Walmart pharmacy in my area will fill generics for a payment of $4.00. It may be an option for you to try.
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Denied medication for sinus infection needed from compounding pharmacy
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MARIETTA, GEORGIA -- Cigna denied my sinus infection antibiotic treatment prescribed by my ENT, and this medication has been compounded and used by me for years prior to Cigna coverage.

I have increasing kidney failure probably from multiple antibiotics from constant sinus infections caused by Common Variable Immunodeficiency Disease. My kidneys and immunodeficiency will not get better but sometimes am prescribed nasal infusions to put most of the medicine where the problem is and help spare my kidneys.

This is an acute condition yet they denied it based on diagnosis and "safety". They are denying medication prescribed by my doctor because they think he practices unsafe medicine or does not know the best prescription for my particular problem?
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User Replies:
CIGNAQuestions on 2012-07-11:
Hello, I can look into your account to see what else can be done for you. If you would like my assistance, please email me at Thank you.
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Conflict Of Interest Involving Labor Law Discrimination Retaliation
Posted by on
EAST SYRACUSE, NEW YORK -- I am a survivor of labor law discrimination retaliation & personal permanent injuries resulted from the retaliation including property damage, death threats & vicious acts of hate, resulted from my N Y State Workers Compensation Board Cases WCB69709892 OGC 08-230 traveling with WCB69711246.

Cigna was the administrator for my husbands employee elected benefits for medical for him & me, Cigna HMO breached the medical contract/denied medical & removed our PCP physician from the contract & added a physician they had the conflict of interest with to deny medical care. After I was assaulted in June 1999 Cigna contacted the PCP requesting the assault go under NY State Workers Comp. Case WCB69709892, the PCP was concerned & wrote it in my medical record.

Their Legal Dept in the State of Connecticut have the record on it.
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User Replies:
clutzycook on 2012-06-07:
So, what exactly happened and what does your WC claim have to do with Cigna, or what does Cigna have to do with your WC claim?
bridgetwills99 on 2012-06-07:
Hi clutzycoook: Cigna HMO was located in East Syracuse,NY ( I live in Liverpool,NY,I Used E,Syracuse because I thought it would post on that address)

Now to answer your question how NY State Workers Comp.Board is involved,Most of the info,I got through the Medicare Investigation Project Investigations & NYS WCIA Susan Bently @ AG Office./Lawyers Ethics, GSA Waste & Abuse .I was declared disabled due to a head injury I sustained in June 1989 @ my long time employer;Nationwide Insurance Co.They fired me upon my return to work.They needed a Social Security Administration (SSA) Disability Decision( SSD) decision to keep paying me my Benefits. SSA Office Syracuse,NY. completed my paperwork for Nationwide Ins.Co.& denied me SSD. Nationwide Ins.then had the power to cancel all my Benefits based on: " SSA Denied me SSD." I was then Orthopedist surgeon to a program called; N Y State Education Dept. Vocational Education Services for People
with Disabilities (VESID) According to Susan Bentley,N Y State Workers Comp.Internal Advocate for NY State Attorney General's Office , It was a mystery that NY State VESID had me in the program through BOCES when SSA denied me SSD claiming I was NOT disabled.Medicate Investigations Project Investigations also agreed. BOCES ( ONONDAGA COUNTY) PLACED ME IN EMPLOYMENT @ a Syracuse,NY Local Hospital as a Unit Receptionist working week ends only. BOCES (ONONDAGA COUNTY) Counselor wrote a letter to NYS VESID that my wages were way more than I was making, I wrote up a safety concern report for the Hospital involving I did not want to do patient care & patient transportation including taking off doctors orders.(long story) the hospital fired me resulted in NYS WCB69711246.
I then searched for work on my own to stay away from the State Agency's. Retaliation took over.
State University Of New York,(SUNY)Physical Medicine Rehabilitation were also involved because my PT/Spine rehab was through them. NYS VESID got involved again & placed me at Health Services Assoc,(PHP working as a mail room clerk (full time as mim.wage) I was pushed head first in to a metal filing unit by a medicare coordinator of benefits when I was bent over filing I sustained a severe permanent injury on July 22,1997,ref; NYS WC Claim WCB69709892.I was AWARDED SSD AFTER THIS INJURY. lONG AFTER IT WAS BROUGHT TO MY ATTENTION THE MEDICARE COORDINATOR OF BENEFITS WAS A FORMER NATIONWIDE INSURANCE EMPLOYEE INVOLVED IN WCB69709892.
Cigna HMO were my husbands employee benefits Administerators for his elected employee medical benefits which were contracts for him and myself for medical. Cigna breached the contract,removed North Medical Family Practice (DR FIACCO PCP)& applied Family Practice Assoc Dr,Fazio to the contract. all medical was denied. At this point Fraud was spreading involving the labor law,Hippa violations
death threats related to labor law,property damage and ethnic acts of hate.According to Medicare Inv.Proj/MSPRC lisa LaChapelle,Supervisor for CIGNA in my case ( located in the State of New Hampshire for subrogation on what they paid out)
ref,it to Cigna Legal Connecticut)
NY State Dept.of Health Office of Certificate & Surveillance (Albany NY) did an investigation on it also ref;( 98-11-30010) they denied Freedom of Information on it ( FOIL) Cigna then cancelled my husbands HMO & Aetna took over & REFUSED to insure me. AETNA lawyer in the state of Connecticut even denied to Medicare Investigator that they insured my Husband. Later an Aetna employee 'CONFIRMED TO INVESTIGATOR THEY INSURED MY HUSBAND & REFUSED TO INSURE ME BECAUSE NYS WCB ..
bridgetwills99 on 2012-07-15:
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Was declined chest CT scan prescribed by family dr. by irrational reason
Posted by on
L.A., CALIFORNIA -- I was still declined with imaging center and my family dr. presenting all supporting doc. Unfair. cause I would pay big portion, probably the whole amount to satisfy my deductible, Dummy dahhhh.
they gave several reasons, which showing none of reason holding water, " Multiple choices " - too many sayings.
1. no previous treatment for cough, pain in chest -
I said there was pain both my chest on and off more than 1 yr, which I don't like to take pain pill of much side effects.

2. x ray was clear, no need for ct scan.
ct scan and x ray are both diagnostic test, ct may see detail tissue for tumor. if x ray showed positive, I would be terminally ill to die. purpose of ct scan is to detect tumor early to prolong life. idiot!!

3. family dr. prescribed ct scan.
I don't think dr. would lie for me to risk his license - bread and butter.

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 2011-08-03:
Just because the dr ordered a ct doesn't mean your insurance company has to approve it. If they don't find it medically necessary, they won't approve the test
BEJ on 2011-08-03:
LS is right on the money. Just because a test/procedure/treatment is ordered by your physician does not mean it is automatically paid for even if your insurance is a PPO. There must be a medical necessity for the test. I think reasons 1 and 2 are reasonable responses.
Anonymous on 2011-08-03:
Great review, very informative, I would keep at the insurance company to payup. Don't let them off the hook with that rationalization that it wasn't a medical necessity. Goodluck!
madconsumer on 2011-08-03:
often times insurance companies fight payment to save money. AFR is spot on, keep at em until they succumb to pay.
Anonymous on 2011-08-03:
Radiation treatments, such as CT's, are often ordered un-necessarily. Why should the insurance company pay for a test that isn't needed? The X-Ray report was clear enough. What was a CT going to show that the X-Ray didn't? Too much exposure to radiation is harmful anyway
Anonymous on 2011-08-03:
Insurance companies are greedy bottom line.
Anonymous on 2011-08-03:
Oops too late to edit. That should say 'radiation tests' not 'radiation treatments.' Big difference
Anonymous on 2011-08-03:
Very astute madconsumer!! Also these claim representatives are trained to keep the payment process going real slow. I hope the OP gives us a followup and maybe we'll have another review "resolved".
Anonymous on 2011-08-03:
No we're taught to know what should or shouldn't be paid, according to the plan benefits
Anonymous on 2011-08-03:
I would suggest perhaps in the future when is this is settled, to seek out another insurance company like empire etc. There's plenty of them out there that would welcome your business.
Anonymous on 2011-08-03:
I hate to say it (not because little said it, but because it is true) that some radiation tests are not a covered plan benefit on many insurances and those that cover it make you jump through so many hoops that its not even funny. I say keep fighting until you exhaust all resources. I have had to fight tooth and nail to get some of my cardiac test covered. Not sure what it was called but its the one that they inject you with radiation and then do the scan.
Anonymous on 2011-08-03:
Oh, and I'd have to agree with Wally. Insurance companies have shareholders to report to for earnings. Too bad they aren't all non-profit.
Vinnie11 on 2011-08-03:
I'm sorry, I don't understand this. If you have a high deductible and you have to pay for the service anyway because your deductible hasn't been met, what is the issue at hand?
CrazyRedHead on 2011-08-04:
My husband has BCBS through his employer and he pays a high premium so we don't have a copay when going to the dr, but if the deductible isn't met then we have to pay out of pocket for part of it until it has been met. I thought this was standard for all health insurance companies?
Skye on 2011-08-04:
Doesn't Cigna require prior authorization from them, before you have any medical procedures done?

What does your policy say about prior authorizations for CT scans?
Anonymous on 2011-08-04:
The company I work for requires a pre-auth for radiology or we will deny the claim. The ordering physician can send us medical records after we deny the claim. But it sill doesn't mean it will get paid.
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CIGNA Tel Drug Users Beware
Posted by on
Our family has been using CIGNA health insurance for the past 8 years and have nothing but compliments on their service, prompt payments, etc. However, their related company CIGNA Tel Drug is HORRIBLE. My twin boys were scheduled to have a specialty drug injected once a month during the first flu season of their lives. One night, after never receiving a bill, they called at 9:00 pm indicating that I needed to pay $997 over the phone to process the next months dosage that needed to ship next day. I went ahead and gave them credit card while I filed the secondary insurance to expediate the process. When my credit card statement came, they had charged me $1440 and had no explanation for the change in authorization amounts. In addition, I had manufacturer coupons up to $500 a month that I wished to use. The associated told me that I would need to speak to a supervisor to use, but I was transferred to no avail to the supervisor's voicemail. I have left 4 messages in the last three months for a supervisor or manager to return my call regarding the change in authorization amount and my coupon cards, but still have not heard back. Thus, we have continued to pay the copay without the reduction of $500 each month for twins....$5,000. Today was the newest issue. They did not ship our monthly drug that has to be administered within a five day window. This Company is a joke with horrible customer service. The only reason why they are still in business is because you have to use them through CIGNA in most cases or for a reduced rate. CIGNA has been great, they should lose this loser subsidiary and go with Walgreens!
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Child with epilepsy Cigna won't pay for medication
Posted by on
I couldn't believe it when my niece called me today crying because CIGNA won't pay for her son's Epilepsy medication.

She can't afford the medication for her 11 year old son called Trilept. I can't believe a large company like CIGNA thinks it's o. k. for a child to have seizures while setting in class or in the middle of the night banging his head on the floor. Sine see has insurance she can't get any help paying for the medication because if you have insurance drug companies won't give him the Trilept or discount the price.

My niece is afraid to take him to see his gran-father who's dying from cancer because she doesn't want him to see Erik have a seizure.

I could understand if they denied an old person like myself that's already lived a long life but I don't understand how they could do this to an 11 year old that also has Asperger.
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User Replies:
leet60 on 2011-03-10:
I am not certain why your niece is being told this, I have Cigna and the medication you are referring to is known as "Trileptal", an anti-seizure medication. It is not only on the approved drug list for Cigna coverage it is listed as a preferred brand in suspension form and also available in tablet form.

If she is getting this information it is not covered from the pharmacist she may want to try another pharmacy.

Good luck.
Anonymous on 2011-03-10:
Trileptal is used to control partial onset seizures, so any headbanging is more likely to do with a characteristic of the mild autism. If not, the child should have a comprehensive med reevaluation, as headbanging during seizures is a sign of a different type of seizure that would best be managed with different medication.
Venice09 on 2011-03-10:
Is your insurance also refusing to pay for the generic version of Trileptal? You might want to ask about that.
jktshff1 on 2011-03-10:
I would check with the child's Dr. May be the diagnose that is causing the problem.
Good luck
Venice09 on 2011-03-10:
My son took Trileptal for off-label reasons, and when the generic became available, the insurance company refused to continue paying for the brand. Most generics are good enough, but in the case of Trileptal, the brand works better. Despite the prescription for Trileptal and the doctor's recommendation not to use generic, they flatly refused to pay for the brand.
spiderman2 on 2011-03-10:
I imagine that the reference to the child banging his head on the floor is a reference to falling during a seizure and/or thrashing around during a seizure. I would take leet60s advice and check with another pharmacy and have your daughter call Cigna and found out exactly what is going on. I have a son with Asperger's Our insurance that we pay a small fortune every month for covers very little of his therapy costs. It is not personal, if we had a large company, it would all be covered, but because we are a small business we do not qualify for autism services coverage. I don't know what state you are in, but your daughter can check out what her state offers in the way or progams to help pay for her son's epilepsy and autism issues.
Anonymous on 2011-03-10:
spiderman, "falling" and "thrashing" (convulsive) seizures are atypical of partial onset seizures, they are characteristic of other type seizures which are controlled by varying degree by other seizure medications. It really sounds like the child suffers from more than one type of seizure, which is quite common, if headbanging is involved, , and needs to be managed by more than one medication, if not a different medication altogether. Also, Op she may qualify for state assistance also, being a special needs child, despite the fact she has insurance, in which case the state may cover it.
danny54 on 2011-03-10:
Would your niece's doctor be able to provide some samples of the medication until this situation is resolved?

Maybe I missed it, but has she called and talked to someone at CIGNA?
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Medical Claim denial
Posted by on
DALLAS, TEXAS -- I was diagnosed last year with a hole in my heart. I have three doctors that have indicated that this procedure is medically necessary to my survival. My doctor has spoken to the medical director, wrote letters outlining why this procedure is medically necessary and sent all the required documentation to support that the procedure is medically needed. Every time I tried to get an update on the status on my claim I receive a different reason for its denial. One time it is there is not enough documentation to support that it is medically necessary. Next time I am told that this procedure is not fda approved and considered experimemtal. I found out a week ago that cigna approved the same procedure for another cigna patient.
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User Replies:
tnchuck100 on 2011-01-30:
They may continue denial until they see some legal heat headed their way. You can bet they are hoping you will just give up and go away. I would at least consult with an attorney.
Anonymous on 2011-01-30:
Just because a procedure is ordered by a doctor doesn't mean your insurance company will cover it. Have you looked through your benefits brochure to see if experimental procedures are covered?
Anonymous on 2011-01-31:
I have had some experiences with Cigna. Both when I worked at a medical office and also from my own personal experience. They deny things that should be covered all the time. You have to appeal and appeal. I truly believe it is a delaying tactic they use on everyone. Don't give up. If you can provide proof that they paid for the same procedure for someone else, provide that information to them. If that doesn't work, the next step is your insurance commissioner. I dealt with many insurance companies and found that Cigna was one of the worst for paying valid claims. They were also notorious for giving different info every single time you called.
leet60 on 2011-02-01:
Despite what many believe, claims department representatives at insurers are paid to find a reason to deny everything possible. They are not on your side. I agree with tnchuck100, you need to throw some legal heat their way.
rosieposie25 on 2011-03-17:
Thank you all for your advice. The stall tactics that Cigna is using is not going to work. They will be getting a lot of heat coming there way. I am going for broke which means Cigna out of business.
rosieposie25 on 2011-03-17:
Let me know if any of you have figured out which tv stations,newspapers and or radio stations that are not bought off by cigna and are willing to expose them for the crooks they are please send me a message. Thanks
rosieposie25 on 2011-03-23:
I was turned down today and this was my second appeal. Please everyone continue fighting for what you believe in, Cigna thinks it is over but I will never stop fighting and neither will my husband so I hope they are ready to go out of business
Anonymous on 2011-03-23:
Good luck, Rosie.
rosieposie25 on 2011-03-25:
Thanks Nicole
rosieposie25 on 2011-04-02:
I just mailed in the final external review for Cigna. This review is done by people not associated at all with Cigna. My feeling is when someone has something that needs to be done or a treatment that is needed than the insurance company needs to just pay it. Especially since we are paying the high premiums, The outcome affects the patients and their families' lives not the insurance company. So the decision to have the procedure I need done should be between myself, my family and my doctor and no outsiders like Cigna,
rosieposie25 on 2011-12-25:
I never gave hope as I continued to fight for what I believed in. Now I had the procedure done and I am doing well.
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