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Horrible Customer Service and Overcharging Patients
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KATY, TEXAS -- My family chose Cinco Ranch Dental when we switched from a PPO to an HMO plan. They were in our dental network as a provider. On our first visit, both my husband and I were told that we needed more than just a cleaning, but a special treatment for cleaning plaque from inside our gums. I thought this was weird because, I've been seeing my PPO dentist for years and I have never heard them say that I needed more than regular cleaning. My husband asked if we could just receive a regular cleaning because our HMO paid for that, they refused to do it. They insisted us getting a special cleaning that would have cost us each $200.00 out of pocket. We told them we were going to get a second opinion and they became so rude to us. The woman who handles the treatment plans sighed and became very argumentative towards us. The lady literally told me, "well, then sign here so you can't come back and sue us when your teeth fall out".

I could not believe what I was hearing. I was so upset. AND, when it was time to make our office copay, that was supposed to be $5.00 each, they charged us $46.00. When we contacted them about the charge, they said they would call us back and never did.

I do not recommend this office to anyone and think that their practice should be investigated for invalid claims and/or procedures.

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moneybags on 11/07/2007:
Texas should have a state dental board to oversee abuse. Check w/ the atty. general's office about this.
jenjenn on 11/07/2007:
What you're referring to is periodontal scaling. It is for patients with periodontal disease. It's basically a deep cleaning for your gums. Most insurance companies cover this procedure.
AlwaysCurious on 12/02/2007:
OK, the same thing is happening to me. I went to a new dentist in a neighborhood I just moved into, and they told me this periodontal scaling was necessary at least once a year. THEY WERE CHARGING ME $207.00 per quadrent. That's $828.00 just for cleaning my mouth???? Apparently I also had 7 cavities. 2 that I felt were significant. I told them I didn't have any insurance and so was very limited with the amount of money I could spend. They said ALL of it was necessary and persuaded me to have everything done. I think I got screwed.
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Poor Customer Service
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KATY, TEXAS -- Like many dental patients I chose Cinco Ranch Dental because it was on my insurance and it was close to my home. My first visit experience was for my two children.

We had already chosen Cinco Ranch Dental before we received a free "Welcome to the neighborhood" coupon for a cleaning for me and my husband.

I called to make an appointment. Our appt was for Dec 13th at 9:30. Heather called to confirm our appt. two days before, on the 11th. At that time I told her my husband was sick and when should I call to cancel the appt. for him if he was still sick. Heather told me I could call the next afternoon--the afternoon before the scheduled appt.

Well, it turns out that my husband was still sick and I called Tuesday afternoon to cancel just his appt. The person who answered the phone was extremely rude and said, "You are just now calling us?" "We blocked out an hour and a half for yall." I told her that I was sorry but Heather said that I could call as late as the afternoon before to cancel his appt. I told her that I couldn't help that my husband was still sick but I was just doing what Heather told me to do the day before. I could have not called and just showed up without him. There was a moment of silence and another sigh.

She was very put out and rude and asked me, "Well when are you planning on coming in?" I told her that my appt. was for 9:30 a.m. and that's when I planned on coming in. She again gave a heavy sigh said okay.

When I hung up the phone I was very upset that I was treated in this manner. I called that evening and decided to cancel mine and my husband's appt. I have several choices for a dentist and I was excited that Cinco Ranch Dental was so close to my home. I often wonder if the Dentist himself even knows that this kind of conduct goes on at the front office. I for one have told several people not to consider this dentist. I for sure will never go back and plan on sending a certified letter to the dentist himself.
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spiderman2 on 12/26/2006:
If you want the dentist to know how his staff acts, then the best thing to do is to tell him directly. I wouldn't count on a letter complaining about him getting past his staff. Remember, choosing a dentist or doctor should be more about convenience. Get references from people who has lived in the area for a while. I personally travel about 30 minutes to see my dentist, but he is great so I don't mind.
tander on 12/26/2006:
I would talk directly to the dentist about any complaints, sending a letter like the other poster said would probably get intercepted by the front desk staff.
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Horrible Dental Work
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KATY, TEXAS -- I was looking for a dependable dentist close to home because I needed extensive maintenance work done on my teeth, and as I soon found out Cinco Ranch Dental is not it. After reviewing a number of dentists via my insurance company's website I decided to go to Cinco Ranch Dental, and I am very unhappy that I did.

The first couple visits were fine and everyone was nice until I spotted some work that I was not happy with. Instead of correcting obvious errors they became defensive, rude and unprofessional. In the end they refused to even entertain the thought of, or even speak about correcting the work.

A lot of people in the health care industry probably have people's best interest in mind, but Cinco Ranch Dental is not one.
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txkkat on 12/11/2006:
I am in the exact same situation.
I picked Cinco Ranch Dental from my insurance provider list. I considered location, years in practice & wanted a dentist that was not in a dental group.
I paid this jerk $4000.00 (my horrible mistake) up front and because I questioned a procedure it has been a nightmare.
The dentist will not call me, see me, talk to me (while I am in his office and a part time assistant is working on me), or explain to me what I should expect in future treatments. The staff is equally rude. Three women in front won't look at me and if I ask a question the response is "I don't know". I call for an appointment and the receptionist has to "check with him and call me back".
He has not finished all that needs to be done and I do not trust that he cares about my health. His behavior is like nothing I've ever seen. To make matters worse, looks as though he will not OK short term disability which has cost me 2 weeks and 4 days pay.
Karen on 11/15/2011:
I understand. They wanted to overcharge me for a Deep Cleaning, $1,000 at my routine cleaning. I was told I would have to reschedule. Not understand why I needed such an expensive cleaning, I asked that Dr. Fey call me. I wanted to talk with him. Instead Dr. Fey asked my Hygenist to call and talk with me again.
My husband and I have found him very expensive and treats his patients like a business.
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