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Basic Math & Attitude Issue
By -

OKLAHOMA, OKLAHOMA -- I went into the Circle K on S. Meridian & I40 to purchase a pack of cigarettes. There was a sign posted $4.55per pack when purchasing 2 packs. The clerk rang me up with a total of $9.30. I asked him about the .50 instant rebate on the cigarettes. He called the manager over to inquire about the instant coupons, she stated that the .50 is already included in the price. I told her the sign doesn't say anything about the .50 being included and that the price should be $9.10. She pulled out a calculator and hit the buttons for 3 minutes and said the charge should be $9.76 so I was already getting a better deal.

When I asked her to add 4.55 + 4.55 she stated she knows how to add and she was correct, then she walked away. The manager lacked the ability to add then she had an attitude because a consumer questioned her. My company has been using this station for 2.5 years for our fleet vehicles. I have moved that fleet account to a competitor. I could excuse the math error however I can't excuse the manager having a horrible attitude toward the consumer.

Cinnamon Coffee- Great Cuppa Joe!
By -

Recently, I woke up a little more hungover than usual. So, on the way to work, I figured I would stop and pick up a cup of coffee. I don't drink iced coffee or anything from Starbucks (too complicated, why reinvent the wheel?), but I do drink cheap coffee. I have searched around the east valley for the best cup of coffee and I believe I may have found a winner. The cinnamon flavored coffee from Circle K. Usually, when you get the flavored coffee, you taste a strong flavor of coffee and a weak flavor, or vice versa. Folks, let me tell you, this cup of coffee is the perfect mix. Not too much coffee flavor, not too much cinnamon.

I usually put a couple packets of sugar in my coffee and a little bit of creamer. I really don't think it is necessary w/ this particular brew. A little overpriced at 1.29 for a 24oz (my usual cheap coffee is 79 cents for a 24 oz), but to be honest, I believe it is well worth it. So for all of you cheap coffee drinkers like myself, I recommend giving the cinnamon coffee from Circle K a try. I don't think you will be disappointed. Keep up the good work, Circle K!

Why Can't Stew Pay at the Pump?

OKC METRO, OKLAHOMA -- It's hot and I'm fat and the gas pump at the Circle K is playing ugly to me and these three things don't mix well. Look, all I want to do is use my debit card sans the PIN to buy my gas because I get points if I use it for gas or groceries. The deal is through the purchase has to process as a credit card transaction. The card machine on the pump asks if you'd like debit or credit. If you select credit then it asks for your zip code then tells you to go see the attendant. The attendant is clueless as to why.

I know my zip code and I know how to enter it on a keypad so I'm not sure why the machine sends me to the attendant. I want to pay at the pump like God intended. Like I said I'm fat and I am getting fatter everyday. The thirty yard waddle in order to pay inside is a killer on these hot Oklahoma days. Yes, I know that exercise would do me good. Valid point but when's the last time you exercised?

Sure, some of the naysayers will say "go someplace else" but what you might not know is that Circle K is like the Borg -- They've assimilated large portions of the gas stations in the OKC metro area. It's either Circle K or one of those Asian stores where the quality of gas is questionable at best. Anyway, I'd appreciate any advice or insights on why the Circle K pay at the pump machines are doing me wrong.

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