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Posted by WMUstudent on 06/23/2006
Remember those recent Circuit City commercials showing customers in the return line advertising the company's easy return policy? Those days were short lived. Circuit City charges restocking fees, has horrible customer service at the stores and at their corporate office. It's hard to get anywhere calling their 800 number. Let's cut through the red tape. Here is Circuit City's contact information:

Contact Circuit City

Circuit City
9950 Mayland Dr.
Richmond, VA 23233
Customer Service: 800-251-2665
Fax: 804-527-4164

John Milliron, Executive Response Supervisor
Phone: 800-251-2665
Fax: 804-934-3865

Mikele Ervin
Executive Response Specialist
Office of the Chairman, President, and CEO
Circuit City Stores
(804) 527-4000, ext. 3221

Mary Louise Roberts
Circuit City Legal Department

Anna Marie Henderson
Circuit City Legal Counsel
Fax: (804) 418-8248

-File a complaint with the Better Business Bureau

-File a complaint with your credit card company

-File a complaint with your state's Attorney General's office

-File a complaint with Virginia's Attorney General's office. This is where Circuit City's corporate office is located.

-If Circuit City still does nothing, file charges in Small Claims Court.

Circuit City Telemarketing Calls
If you get a telephone call from 804-747-6434, it's probably a telemarketing call from Circuit City's Warranty Department. The address that the phone number is registered to is Circuit City Express, PO Box 42344, Richmond, VA 23242.

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Posted by Doc J on 2006-06-23:
I have general approval for restocking charges; provided it is not exploitive or applied to cases where the item was not opened (verifiable). After all, if the item is not faulty, why should business restock sold items because the consumer was fickle or used an item (like a dig-cam for a wedding) and returns it. That said, this post was cut and pasted into my resources. Thanks for your work on this.
Posted by Brenda Leah on 2006-06-23:
I never had a problem with returns at my local Circuit City. They have always been smooth. Restocking fees are there for a reason, as doc said. Ever see those open box items that are discounted? Yep. Those are your non defective returns. They shouldn't loose out on money because you simply "didn't like it".
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-06-23:
Mary and Anna are sure going to become victims of the spam robots. Don't you have a Fry's in your area?
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-06-23:
CC sux
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-06-23:
What Sheriff said.
Posted by pennypicher on 2006-07-07:
Got nailed with a $127 restocking for a digital camera set up that took sucky pictures. Going back to old film. Won't go back there!!
Posted by BinkeyRUS on 2006-09-06:
I am interested in hearing whether or not your problem with Circuit City was resolved to your satisfaction. I ask because my household is experiencing a complete ignoring of our complaint. As you recommended in your posting, we contacted the BBB and the Attorney General's Office. Additionally, we contacted our local network TV station dealing with consumer issues, and wrote to the store manager of the CC we purchased the malfunctioning equipment from in November 2005. Nada! We seem to not exist on anyone's radar screen.

I hope you had positive results with your complaint.

Thanks for your posting.
Posted by BinkeyRUS on 2006-09-08:
Update to my previous posting. On 9/7/06 I did get a call from a corporate employee responding to my inquiries/complaints. Matter has not been completely resolved but is certainly getting attention. As of this writing, I am satisfied with the contact and expect resolution within a week's time (we can hope).
Posted by Circuit_City_Stinks! on 2006-10-18:
I purchased a DVD recorder from Circuit City on-line as the item I wanted was not stocked in the physical stores.

On receiving it I found it was not working properly and promptly called Circuit City. They emailed me a return shipping label and off it went back to Circuit City at no charge to me.

After 5 days the return arrived at Circuit City and I called the next day to confirm the tracking information was correct and to find out when they would be sending me a new one.

The normal support person could not know how long it would take so I asked to speak to a manager.

They transferred me to the "Head Office" and I spoke with a "manager". He told me it would take up to 14 days to send one back out. (plus 3 to 5 days to receive it) I was not happy to hear that it was going to be a MONTH before I would even get to use my $400 DVD recorder.

I tried to explain to the manager that I would have been better off just returning it to the local store and ordering a new one and this person started arguing with me that that was not possible as they did not stock it in the stores. "You said that yourself" he exclaimed. He obviously didn't understand the point I was trying to get across and did not want to hear it.

At this point the "manager" became BELLIGERENT with me so I asked for his last name. He said they don't give this out for security reasons and instead gave his manager number. I asked to speak to his supervisor. He said he was the supervisor. I said no I want to talk to your boss. He said he was the highest one at the company. (funny stuff Reggie is the Boss at Circuit City) I told him never mind I would call his Corporate office. He said he was the Corporate office. (funny stuff Reggie is the Corporate office) I thanked him and hung up.

I then called and left a voice mail for "John Milliron, Executive Response Supervisor" at the number above. (after I went through their prompts)

I received a call about an hour later from a woman who had a thick accent and could not speak English very well. She wanted to know why I called them and "what she was to do for me". I started to explain and she QUICKLY became BELLIGERENT raising her voice and arguing with me. I thanked her for her time and told her to never mind I would take care of it myself.

I promptly called the support line back and cancelled my $400 order. I'll be calling them in the next few days to ensure my credit card was refunded. (there better NOT be a restocking fee)

Last year I purchased a $4000 wide screen plasma from Circuit City and the year before a $600 speaker system.


I will NEVER purchase from Circuit City again EVER. They have lost me as a customer forever.

If you ever purchase from them (which I don't advise) I recommend you only purchase from a physical store that you can return the broken items to without any hassle. The MANAGEMENT does not care and this goes right up to the "Executive Response Supervisor".

Circuit City is a joke and if you ever talk to REGGIE the BOSS over there, give him a big kiss for me, he's the best!
Posted by neebird on 2007-01-07:
I am having a horrible experience with an HP desktop purchased at Circuit City. Thanks for posting the contact information.. I have used it and will let you know if I get a response. Meanwhile, what store would be better to buy from? I see that Best Buy has complaints as does Dell.Thanks, Neebird
Posted by disco legend zeke on 2007-06-07:
I almost never go into a Circuit city. There was a new one up the street from my house so i gave it a try.

Walked through the aisles, saw something i wanted, the price was clearly marked.

When i tried to buy it, it was suddenly "not for sale"
I took a photo of the price tag with the model number.

The store manager gave me an incorrect phone number for the legal office. Probably just to get me out of the store.

By the time i got home it was too late to reach anyone, i yelled at Mr. Ervin on his voice mail (i am sure he will appreciate that first thing in the morning!)

Interesting that their corporate headquarters are in one of the most faciest states in the union.
Small claims court here i come.
Posted by MAR3 on 2007-07-30:
Even if their prices are lower, I'd recommend shopping anywhere else - [BEST BUY] - rather than deal with the rude, dismissive and unprofessional Management at Circuit City. I purchased a computer, printer, and router - spent $2,000 and found the bill padded with all sorts of fees and software I hadn't agreed to. The printer [Lexmark] was defective and they wouldn't take it back without a restocking fee, even though their tech had the exact same trouble with it that I did and couldn't get it to work [defective ink cartridge.] Management was aggressive, confrontational and unprofessional. No one offered to find a satisfactory solution, or to replace the defective cartridge. [I had the receipt and had purchased the merchandise 2 days ago.] Circuit City's EXECUTIVE RESPONSE SPECIALIST at corporate has failed to return my call; FYI they can be reached supposedly at this updated number: 804-486-3221

Is it any wonder their stock is at a 52-week low and every analyst on the street has "downgraded" Circuit City? No company that's so egregiously disrespectful of it's customers can expect to thrive in a competitive environment.
Posted by Ricardo_Mata on 2007-08-08:
Hi! I added a message yesterday afternoon; it is pretty self-explanatory. Circuit City is, simply, horrible.

I tried to call the numbers listed here and could not get through to anybody. At the customer disservice number I got to talk to Angie who did not seem to understand what my problem was. When I asked if she was in Richmond, she told me she was actually in Manila, Philippines! I guess we all are supposed to learn Tagalog to able to get customer service from CC from now on.

GREAT JOB Circuit City!!!!
Posted by itsme01 on 2007-10-15:
Re Circuit City's 24-minute in-store pickup promo/policy:

Last week in my local CC store (Springfield, Mass.), a lower-echelon store manager told me I had to arrive within 24 minutes to pick up the item! She didn't have a clue, and even checked the security cameras showing when I arrived at the Customer Service counter! The policy is that the ITEM will be ready for pickup within 24 minutes from the date/time stamp on the online order. If not, the customer receives the item AND a $24 CC gift card.

Apparently, someone didn't get the memo at the Springfield, Mass. store!
Posted by Hidde on 2008-03-18:
On March 18th 2008 I was asked to pay for a repair that was not made to my laptop. The Circuit City service tech and his supervisor informed I was responsible for an OEM wireless card they said I needed even though that part did not fix the laptops problem. I had to haggle for well over an hour before they conceded to credit my charge card $130.00. I still had to pay the $90.00 troubleshoot fee even though my PC was NOT repaired. I would be embarrassed to consider charging a diagnostic fee then not make good on the repair. I will never step foot in another Circuit City store. Best-Buy is another 1/2 mile down the road, I will begin shopping there. Your employee’s short sightedness has cost you my family’s future business. A copy of this is also being sent to Best Buy for their use & enjoyment and also be posted on My3cents.com.
Posted by bad service at circuit city on 2008-05-27:
Circuit City is the worst company I have ever dealt with. They know nothing of customer service!!!!
Posted by whiwo on 2008-06-06:
On Sunday June 1, I went online and purchased a Sony headphone from the nearest Circuit City in my area. I wanted a Creative MP3 player which I had just purchased at NewEgg and found it at Circuit City for cheaper. So, I cancelled the order from NewEgg (which had already been charged and refunded 3 days later - no problem) and went to add the player to my existing CC order. Turns out, they didn't have it in stock, but another location 40 minutes away had both items. So, I cancelled the initial order at the first Circuit City (refund issued in 4 business days - acceptable). Shortly before I left to pick up the items, I received a phone call stating that the mp3 player was not in stock. I said fine, just cancel it and I'll pick up the headphones. I went back to NewEgg and purchased the player from them. The receipt I was given clearly showed that I was charged for the full amount for the player and the headphones, despite the fact that the player was not in stock. I contacted the store manager the next day and was told to "take it up with my bank" as it wasn't their "problem". Huh? I then called their toll free number and received someone from the Philippines who stated I needed to go back to the store and resolve the issue. Then I called back to the store to speak with the manager and after introducing myself again, he hung up. Furious, I went down to the store and politely spoke with the Assistant Manager who gave me another toll free number that routed back to the same Philippine station. This time, I spoke with another representative who understood the situation and noted the account and issued a reference number. She asked me to wait 5 business days for a refund. Well, it's Friday the fifth business day and no refund. Big surprise. So I call back in with the reference number only to be told by the rep that he could not issue a refund because his system indicated that the player was picked up and that I had already received a refund on Thursday. Once again, my temperature level was raised and I fully explained the entire scenario once again. I went on to explain that if he had the original order numbers (which he did) the first four numbers were for the exact store location. The refund he was referring to was for the Sony headsets, not an mp3 player. The other order number was for a different store location. I went on to explain that I have a valid store receipt that clearly shows I was build for both items, but only one of those items was picked up and the other cancelled. It also shows a credit for $73.54 (the difference between the headphones instock and them mp3 player out of stock), the amount I was to be refunded in 5 business days. He then proceeded to make a 3 way call and spoke with the assistant manager Mike Jones who verified everything I was saying. So now, I have to drive 40 minutes back to that store to get my refund which will take another 5 business days to receive. Outrageous! Circuit City has very poorly trained representatives and gives horrible customer service from the Management on down. I will never do business with them again and just stick to NewEgg and Amazon for ALL of my future purchases.
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Warranty Rip Off
Posted by Preciousmary on 10/29/2007
YORK, PENNSYLVANIA -- I am a fifteen year old girl. My parents got me a laptop computer from Circuit City for my Confirmation in March of 2006. Along with the purchase of the laptop, my parents also bought a three year warranty that extended onto the one year manufacture warranty. Shortly after receiving laptop, I had begun to experience troubles with it. Acer did a diligent job as to fixing it except for there was several scratches on the screen when returned. These scratches were not that bad so we didn't bother with following up on it.

Later on, my one year warranty with them expired and my two year warranty with Circuit City took into affect. Earlier this year, I started to notice that my laptop was beginning to overheat. It eventually got so bad, that the computer would shut down so that the CPU chip wouldn't be destroyed. My parents and I called Circuit City to have them take a look at it. My mother was on the phone with them for several hours before anybody would even agree to allow us to send it in. Despite our efforts, we received the laptop three or so weeks later with a letter saying that they are refusing to fix it because there were scratches on the screen, and something was broken where the charger is supposed to be plugged in. This upset us for several different reasons. First of all, the scratches on the screen would have had nothing to do with the fact that the computer was overheating. It was irrelevant. Second, when we sent it in, nothing was broken other than the overheating. The battery and the charger were working perfectly fine. That problem somehow occurred while the computer was in their procession.

This had greatly upset my parents and me. They spent around $1000 on the laptop and the warranty but Circuit City was refusing to do anything about it. Unsure of what to do, my dad and I went into our local Circuit City to see if somebody could possibly help us. One of the workers said that they would themselves and get back to us in a few days. When they did, we were once again told that it is our fault for all of those problems and they won't fix anything until we get the scratches and the plug repaired. They also told us that we should have bought accident insurance, which we were never offered to begin with. Then again, there was no accident, the fan in the computer is being faulty and causing it to overheat so much that it just shuts off.

Because of all of this, I now do not have a laptop and my parents basically wasted over $1000 plus hours of their time. With the holidays coming up, I know that many children will be asking their parents for electronics, maybe even laptops, and I would like to warn everybody about what had happened to us. It is devastating that such a well known company would treat some of their customers like that. We used to always buy our electronics from Circuit City but we will no longer be going back.
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Posted by Jop on 2007-10-29:
Young Lady, you have written a very good review of a problem that I hear often. Wish I could be of help but other than bugging them, there is not a lot you can do. I have had some success with BBB. Most companies do not like having a record at BBB. From what I have heard, I think I will stay away from extended warranties. Good Luck!
Posted by MRM on 2007-10-29:
Mary, warranties are worthless. Please take note of this as future reference.
Posted by killerklown on 2007-10-29:
You guys don't seriously think this is a fifteen year old girl writing this, do you? Please tell me you're smarter than that...
Posted by MRM on 2007-10-29:
I believe a 15-year old can write and talk like this. She could be in high school right now.
Posted by DigitalCommando on 2007-10-29:
KK, please tell me your smart enough to understand that a 15 year old girl might have had an adult assist with the construction of this letter. She has a valid problem with circuit city. At what age do you need to be for this complaint to be credible to you? Does the desire to find fault with a post, override your desire to offer constructive help, or to at least remain silent?
Posted by Principissa on 2007-10-29:
Wow Mary, you wrote a very impressive letter. I am so sorry they are giving you the run around like this. If you don't get the satisfaction you need from Circuit City, I would take your complaint directly to the better business bureau in your area. If you paid for a warranty they should honor it, not look for excuses why they refuse to fix it. I'm not a computer expert by any means but if your computer is getting that hot you may need to replace your fan. Don't take that as a sure fix to your problem, my seven year old is better with the computer than I am. Good luck!
Posted by miketech on 2007-10-29:
My daughter could have written a letter like this at 15, my son not so much. There are some thoughtful mature 15 year olds out there.
Back to the problem at hand, some theory, some fact.
Fact is Circuit City uses a 3rd party warranty company (probably someones son or brother in law owns it) so Circuit City can just say "Sorry it's a 3rd party vendor we are out of the picture." With the computer bought in 2006 that warranty company is probably about to go out of business and be replaced by another (probably the same with a different name and tax ID). See they have about a year free to collect money on the extended warranties because the manufacturer covers the repairs for a year. Then a few months of avoiding.
The companies I found that are good about the extended warranties (Ok not great maybe) are Staples (they back their own extended plans) and CompUSA I believe they also back their own plans.
I wish I could have warned you about Circuit City cause I sure would have Mary.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-29:
Preciousmary, very good review and well writen. (VH)
Posted by Talkstraighttoyourface on 2007-12-13:
Good review. By the way, I had stop going to buy anything from Circuit City. I got my electronics from Bestbuy now.
Posted by DarknessSoars on 2008-06-01:
Just a quick note about this from an aspect that most people ignore. I actually work for Circuit City, yes they can be a shady company and they treat their employees like criminals and threaten to fire them when they complain on the forums about issues that should be looked into, but what I will give them is that what is stated in this post actually isn't true. First off Circuit City's basic coverage actually covers wear and tear, meaning even if the d/c jack popped out of her computer, if it wasn't torn out they would repair it. We've had similar issues like this at LEAST 15 times so far this year and you know the only time it was denied was when someone had actually spilled liquid on their computer previously and it had corroded out parts of the motherboard causing it to overheat and turn off. So from my EVERYDAY experience with these cases they probably actually spilled something and were mad that it wouldn't be covered because the story doesn't add up since they don't care about scratches on a screen so long as its not cracked, and they do cover loose jacks as part of the basic warranty.
Posted by bella1234 on 2012-08-03:
best buy bad to best is amazon no tax no problem with returns and free shipping
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Circuit City Scam
Posted by Ok4now on 07/31/2011
Yes the brick and mortar Circuit City is out of business. The internet site is alive and well with excellent pricing and no hassle 30 day returns. They had the best price on a Samsung 23 inch LED monitor that I wanted. Amazon had the same price but the order is placed with Circuit City. I went directly to them to order. When I got the order confirmation they included a software product automatically that I did NOT order. "FREE with purchase 6 month of CA Anti-Virus Plus-Includes Software Automatic Renewal Service." Huh? It's bad enough when greedy companies try to auto renew you on a software product that you have purchased. Circuit City takes this one step further and adds an unauthorized software product to your purchase. I was smart and beat them at their own game, I used PayPal. They did not get my C. C. number. Circuit City then sent me a second email. "You have been opted out of our software subscription automatic renewal service because your form of payment does not qualify for the ARS program." Screw them. Glad I used PayPal. Be forewarned.
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Posted by Churro on 2011-07-31:
Good info Ok4now. That seems kind of sneaky. I'll keep that in mind if I ever do business with Circuit City online.

Good review!
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-07-31:
Where's the scam? I agree it was a good idea to pay with Paypal, saving you the hassle of cancelling and uninstalling the included with purchase software program, but I don't consider it a scam. From your description, they were very clear and upfront. Most of my new fangled gadgets come with automatic unasked for extras that if not useful to me just get deleted after setup.
Posted by ok4now on 2011-07-31:
ript: Read the post again. I placed an order for a monitor. After the order was placed they included free software that was NOT purchased or authorized. They did NOT disclose this when ordering. How were they "clear and upfront?" This is why it is a scam.
Posted by Sparticus on 2011-08-01:
Nice catch. Total scam. Most folks would never realize the "free" 6 months was going to cost them the second the free trial ended.

Thanks for the warning.
Posted by Alain on 2011-08-01:
I didn't know that Circuit City was still in existence. Including 'free' software and anything that has 'automatic renewal' annoys the heck out of me. Thanks for the information, Ok4!
Posted by jktshff1 on 2011-08-01:
Great review and info
Posted by Churro on 2011-08-01:
Sounds like a scam to me.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-08-01:
If you don't download the software, are you enrolled? The way I read the promotion, you are enrolled when (if) you install it.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-08-01:
Thank you, OP. I will never order from Circuit City. Let their web business disappear along with their stores.
Posted by Whiteduck on 2011-08-01:
Excellent review. I assume that Ript doesn't mind being hassled incessantly by "creditors" that he has never intended to do any business with. And anyone that reads this site knows that being right about something isn't even half the battle.

If this only applies if you install the S/W, then it's a minor scam. If it applies even if you don't then it's criminal. Either way, bad way to do business.
Posted by ChuhBaca on 2011-08-01:
I don't know if it's illegal, but I would definitely call this unethical. So, they were attempting to set you up with auto-renew using the same payment information you provided for the purchase? Awful.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-08-01:
Seems like a scam to me. They have not right installing or renewing software with your consent.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-08-01:
It ticks me off to no end when these companies think they are doing you a favor by auto renewing your subscriptions.
Posted by ok4now on 2011-08-01:
trmn8r: No I did Not download the software. Circuit City sent me a download link with the license key. This is the bait. I caught the scam first. Had I done this and used my C.C. they would have auto renewed me after 6 months. Most people would have probably forgot about it by then. This is what they're counting on. What a horrible unethical way of doing business.
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Warranty Fraud
Posted by Thi_avatar on 12/03/2005
I purchased a PDA from Circuit City and was sold a 'Comprehensive Full Coverage Warranty' to go with it. The salesperson told me that it was a higher level coverage plan then their normal warranty plan and would cover my PDA if ANYTHING happened to it, including fire, vandalism, theft, etc. My PDA stopped working in August of 2005. I called to get it repaired/replaced and was told I would be receiving a replacement PDA. Instead I got a box to send my PDA away to their repair center (CyberTest). It came back with damage to the external case, and still not working-even though the repair center's web site said they repaired it. They claim there was liquid damage to it-but it was never exposed to any liquids while in my care. They refuse to answer why they damaged the outside case, or why they claim on their web site to have repaired my PDA. The Circuit City customer support people have told me I would be receiving a replacement PDA, and that I would be getting a gift card so I can replace my PDA-I have yet to receive either. The Circuit City customer support staff also claim my warranty is void because my PDA was sent off to their repair center, and also refuse to answer why my PDA sustained damage while outside of my care. what is the point of paying for a replacement warranty plan if they refuse to honor it and they damage your unit instead of repairing it?

I have tried to talk to Circuit City's customer support department on the phone but they refuse to let me talk to a supervisor (they claim that the supervisors 'do not take calls') and they continually hang up on me. My PDA was damaged/ruined by Circuit City and they refuse to make good on their '100% Satisfaction Guarantee'
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Posted by miketech on 2006-01-05:
The concept behind the Circuit City extended warraties is "Mad Profit". You get mad they make profit. As far as they see it their end of the deal was fulfilled when they took the money.
Posted by Angry Tulsa Consumer on 2006-03-21:
Agree 100% with this perception of circuit city. We will NEVER buy anything from them again - nothing more than being like the used car salesmen of electronics!
Posted by They always say they understand on 2006-06-20:
I'm having the same problem with my laptop. I bought it last summer and was told that I was purchasing a warrenty that covered accidental damage. Apparently, when I brought my laptop in for repairs because the screen broke, it does not. circuit city refuses to fix it, instead, they tell me that I have to pay for the damages and that the accidental damage warrenty policy didn't exist when I bought my laptop, even though the warrenty department verified that it did.
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Fraud warranty at Circuit City
Posted by Geenie on 06/09/2006
RENO, NEVADA -- My daughter (15) purchased a Nano iPod at circuit city, last year(Dec 2005). They sold her the 'extended' warranty for this iPod, stating if anything goes wrong with it(excluding dropping,running car over it,etc) to bring it back for a replacement.

Well, something did go wrong with it. The left channel was not providing sound anymore. It wasn't her earphones, as we tried hers on another device and they worked just fine.

So, she calls circuit city and they tell her to bring it in for a replacement. She goes to the store to exchange it and they don't replace it. She has to take care of the returns via the internet. WHAT??$#%@!! The salesman told her when she purchased it to bring it in if it ever breaks for a replacement, and she called the store the night before to verify that she should bring it in. Wow!!! Guess the policy has changed?? And wait there's more....It is not an 'extended warranty' like they told her(My wife was with her when they told her extended), it runs concurrent with the existing manufactures warranty.

So she goes home, gets the info off of the internet and ships it in for repair/replacement.
After 2 weeks, she gets a Circuit City gift card for the purchase price of the defective Nano. They also, tell her that she'll have to purchase a new warranty for the new one. WHAT??I ask(I'm with her this time)?? The warranty is only good for a one time use on small electronics at Circuit City.

HELLO, anyone listening at Circuit City??? the manufacture warranty is still valid, I haven't used the Circuit city warranty yet. Oh no, they reply, you went through us(Circuit City)for the repair, and we sent you a gift card for the purchase of a new one. You should of sent it in to Apple if you didn't want to use your one time warranty use up. BS!!!

I'll see if I can cash out the gift card and take our business elsewhere. These warranties are a rip off and Circuit City is taking advantage of it.

Buyer beware of this scam......
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Posted by Doc J on 2006-06-09:
I doubt you'll be able to cash out the gift card. I've not seen this kind of complaint before. Hope there's an expert on CC's warranty policy.
Posted by miketech on 2006-06-09:
I don't trust CC for rebates or extended warranties. I buy from them sometimes if the price is so cheap i can't resist but they don't have sales like they use to.
Posted by Doc J on 2006-06-09:
I re-read this post a couple of times. It sounds like you purchased a "supplemental warranty" and not an "extended warranty". The former covers defects normally excluded by the manufacturer's warranty. The latter extends the term of the manufacturer's warranty, but doesn't cover the exclusions. The sales staff probably referred to the supplemental warranty as an "extended" warranty because they didn't know the difference themselves, except to know they are expected to push any additional warranty. I avoid all such warranties.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-06-09:
I doesn't seem right a 15 you could buy and extended/supplemental warranty. These are complicated agreements/contracts and the law should protect minors. These warranties are not good value (http://www.businessweek.com/magazine/content/04_51/b3913110_mz020.htm) and IAW this article have a profit margin of 50 to 60 percent.
Posted by Doc J on 2006-06-09:
Stew-The poster's wife was with the child when she was told it was an "extended" warranty. Each state has statutes for when a minor is declared competent to enter into a contract and what type of contract they may enter. Some states have none.
Posted by dmjar863 on 2006-06-09:
This is not a service plan warranty when they just fix it and return it to you. This is a Replacement plan. Two different types of plans. The reason you have to buy a new plan is since the item was replaced the plan is used up. Not really fraud as the user states because if she would have read the little pamphlet that comes with a warranty purchase it would state exactly what happened to her was correct. The reason she had to send it off to get her gift card is that these plans are under Written by an insurance company and they are the ones giving you the money to buy a new one. Most of the time a sales person will lie and say it will be exchanged in store to get the sale. The store can exchange it instantly if they want to but don't like to deal with the return.
Posted by dmjar863 on 2006-06-09:
In my post above I am not condoning purchasing these just stating what she purchased did exactly what it is supposed to. Employees at these electronics places are under tremendous pressure to sell these things from management (I know I put a lot of pressure on them) Even though they get no money in return. Some will lie or stretch the truth. All I can say READ WHAT YOU ARE BUYING. ( I no longer work)
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-06-09:
dmjar - Great info.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-06-10:
Right, don't buy it at Circuit City. I wonder if Apple changed their policy so they can see what songs a person's downloading.
Posted by Doc J on 2006-06-10:
Thanks for the valuable input dmjar863. It's a shame that the CC employee is also victimized by having to push these programs and not getting compensated for being an unpaid company liar.
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Circuit City Refuses to Refund Money for brand new, but Defective Laptop.
Posted by Mattsouth on 02/25/2006
CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- This is my letter to customer support. They have not responded yet.

Dear Customer Support,

Thank you for your time. I’m writing your company today because of a very frustrating experience I have just had with one of your stores in the Concord, New Hampshire.

The store in question is:
Circuit City
270 Loudon Road,
Concord, NH 03301

The person I dealt with was:
Sabrina (she refused to give me her last name)

I was told she was the “manager or floor manager” and “CSA Lead”.

Make/Model: Toshiba Satellite laptop model A105
Ticket Number: 3769********
Purchase Price: $999.99
Payment Method: Credit Card

My complaint:
Last night on 2/23/06 I purchased a new Toshiba Satellite model A105. After plugging the unit in, I noticed that the battery charge light would not come on. The battery did not appear to be charging at all. After attempting charge it all night the battery would still not charge.

This morning I brought the unit to the same store I purchased it from. The technician on duty, named “JP” was very helpful. He investigated the lap top and agreed that the unit was defective. I then traded the defective unit in for the last unit of this make and model the store had on hand and brought it to the office.

Once I arrived at our office I found that this second laptop of the same make and model was also not working properly. It would not charge the battery. No charge light would come on etc.

I then went back to the store for the third time. I then spoke with the same technician and after spending 30-45 minutes in the store we came to the conclusion that this laptop was defective and would not charge the battery properly.

I was then told that they did not have anymore of that unit in stock. After spending 4 hours of my time on 2 different defective computers of the same make and model I had lost all faith in that product.

I then asked for a refund of my money. The person I dealt with “Sabrina”, refused to refund the purchase price. I asked to speak with the manager and she told me that she was a manager and refused to tell me how I could contact her superior. She implied that she was in charge and that no one else would do anything.

To recap my experience with this store and manager thus far:
1.Within the last 24 hours I have purchased 2 computers from your company.
2.Both from the very same store, both the same make/model.
3.Store personnel have tested both units and the batteries on multiple computers and found the computers to be defective.
4.I have been denied a full refund even though both computers were defective.
5.The best the manager “Sabrina” would offer me was to keep $150.00 of my money for all my trouble and give me $850.00 back. Is that legal? How on earth can you be charged a restocking fee for a defective item? Do they pass the same broken lap top around to multiple customers for $150 a pop each?

After the store’s refusal to refund my money I then contacted your Corporate Support office via phone. After talking to many many people and explaining the situation in detail numerous times the Corporate Support person contacted your store and attempted to negotiate a full refund of my purchase price (escalated reference #1m2*****).
The "floor manager", I assume "Sabrina" still “refused” to refund my money.

I have now lost all faith in your Concord area store and the Manager/CSA Leader “Sabrina”. If ever there was a time for a company to have offered good customer service this was it and your company failed me completely. More insulting is your managers refusal to honor a corporate decision and refund my money, this leaves me at a loss.

I find it hard to believe that Circuit City’s policy is to restock items that are known to be defective and charge their customers for defective items. I believe that this terrible incident could have been avoided had your Concord Store manager acted with common sense and decency.

I’m hoping that your company can step up and do the right thing here. Please contact me as soon as possible regarding this matter. I am submitting a copy of this letter to both the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office and the New Hampshire Better Business Bureau.

Thank you for your time,
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Posted by spiderman2 on 2006-02-25:
Can you dispute the charge on your credit card. This is just so wrong.
Posted by Ponie on 2006-02-26:
That would get me pretty ticked!
Posted by silenty on 2006-02-26:
This is a known issue on many laptops in the Toshiba A105 series... there is a simple update, and the computer probably isn't defective... visit http://df.toshiba.com/sa100v13.exe to download the fix for the battery issue

On another note, the 15% restocking fee is also clearly stated... if you were to go with a different computer I really doubt they'd still charge it

hopefully this fix works for you
Posted by yoke on 2006-02-27:
It is unfair to charge a restocking fee on a defective product. When I purchase something I expect it to be in working condition. I can't beleive that a manager is overriding what the main office is telling her to do. I would contact the main office again and get someone who will demand that she do it. It should be illegal for a store to knowingly sell a defective product (which Circuit City knows) and then refuse to refund the money?
Posted by dsmith68 on 2006-02-28:
File a complaint in small claims court.
Posted by Fighting-Back on 2006-06-15:
I had a nearly identical experience over just the last 2 or 3 weeks. I Purchased a brand new laptop (Compaq) and within two weeks found it to be defective with a problem with the caps lock function, when enabled, the pc would display lower case, and when caps lock was disabled the pc would display upper case. Just the opposite of the way it's supposed to work. Intermittently of course. It couldn't just fail outright. That would make it too easy. I returned to the store, and exchanged it for another of the same model, which exhibited the same keyboard problem within about 3 days. I didn't want any more Compaq laptops from Circuit City. I took it back, and after much heated debate with assorted individuals at corporate, they said if they could duplicate the problem in the store they would refund all money, otherwise 15% restocking fee would be charged. I knew the problem wouldn't reproduce at will, it happened only a couple times while we had it, so I knew it wouldn't happen in the store for them. I took it in anyway, figuring they must have some diagnostics to run. The pc tech looked to the drivers list, saw there none flagged with an exclamation mark, and typed on the keyboard for about 5 minutes, with no symptoms exhibited. Some diagnostics eh? So guess what, they wouldn't budge. They charged me $98 for the priveledge of buying their two defective laptops. Not only that, but they're convinced nothing is wrong with it, so they'll put it on the shelf for sure, and sell it to some other poor soul who will have to go through the same thing. I understand the reluctance to accept open electronics as returns. I understand the desire to charge restocking in certain cases. But the way they administer their policy serves to call their customers liars, since they won't take it on faith that you actually had a problem. I'm embarking on a campaign to make as much noise against this store as I can possibly make. I cannot believe they get away with this sort of policy.
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Buyer Beware - Avoid Circuit City Rebates
Posted by Rorilong on 01/01/2006
Last October I bought a 512MB Fuji memory card as a birthday gift for my mother. I would have bought the 256MB card, but Circuit City was offering a $40 rebate on the 512MB card that particular week. This rebate made the price equal to the 256MB card, OR so I thought. A couple of weeks after I submitted my rebate information, I went to the Circuit City rebate site and found out that my rebate was considered invalid - with no other explanation. I emailed Circuit City to find out why, and although no explanation was given, the representative said she would process my rebate as a one time courtesy. About a month later, I received a letter from Circuit City saying that they had invalidated my rebate - again no explanation given.

I checked and double-checked to make sure that the model I was buying was the correct one for the rebate. I also checked and double-checked the rebate form to make sure that I followed all instructions in order to redeem my rebate. It appears to me that not only does Circuit City NOT honor their rebates, but the word of their customer service representatives means absolutely nothing as well. I cannot believe that any store would consider this good business, or a way to keep good customers!

I currently have two items under their protection plan; other than going into a Circuit City for service on these items, I will never set foot in a Circuit City store again! I will also make sure that everyone I know understands the risk they are taking anytime they buy anything with a rebate from Circuit City.
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Posted by miketech on 2006-01-02:
I never trust rebates from any company but Circuit City is the very worst. I learned that working at a call center for Toshiba. Also when you go to use your protection plan don't be surprised if they tell you they are no longer working with that company and the company you bought the plan from is out of business. It's almost criminal.
Posted by silenty on 2006-02-26:
everytime i ran into a rebate dispute it was easily fixed over the phone with circuit city... as long as you follow the instructions you're practically guaranteed the rebate
Posted by pookaloopa on 2006-11-11:
I have had 2 instances in the last year where Circuit City has not honored valid rebates. Is the fullfillment company embezeling the money or are they simply totally inept. Perhaps Circuit City is just a dishonest vendor. There are more responsible businesses handleing the same merchandise I simply won't buy from CC again. Buyer Beware!
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Protection Plan Rip-off Circuit City
Posted by Vertzine on 03/18/2007
OHIO -- Protection Plan Rip-off on my Sony 60" SXRD

Considering buying that expensive advantage protection plan? I bought one for $549.99 for my Sony SXRD 60" television 6 months ago and let me tell you what has happened so far. Worth the read as I'm sure they will dismiss the next person (could be you) the same way!

For 3 months the set worked perfectly, then would not turn on one day - called the 888-333-2333 # for the protection plan and 2 days later a local repair shop called to set up an appointment to come fix it - and they did fix it on the spot. Installed a new fan within about 1 hour and everything was running great again.. At this point I was pretty glad I shelled out that extra $549 + tax for the warranty as this was handled quickly and smoothly.

4 weeks later same problem occurred. This time it will have to go into the shop for further diagnostic testing. Took quite a bit longer this time; from the time I called the number to the time I had a working set back in my house it was 2 and a half weeks. This time they replaced that same fan again with a few other parts as well.

3 weeks later and the same problem. Now I'm looking in my $549.99 advantage plan handbook for the number once again and I see no-lemon-guarantee - replacement with 3rd failure. I sure feel like I have a "lemon" with this set so once again I call the number, this time to report that it is the 3rd failure (within 3 months!) and I would like it replaced just like the Protection Plan states they will honor upon the 3rd failure. The phone rep puts in the request for the replacement and says I should be getting a phone call within 2 days...

I do eventually get a call from them and the woman on the phone states that this does not qualify for replacement as it has only been repaired one time. I tell her this is inaccurate it has been fixed twice by the same shop and that I have my documentation from both repairs to prove it. She says she will call the repair shop to verify and then call me back. I never get a call back.

The next day I call the repair shop myself to see if they were contacted by Circuit City about the matter and they confirm that someone called them to verify both repairs which they did verify for them. After this phone call I think everything is taken care of and wait one more day for the woman to call me back like she said. Still no phone call...

Nearly a week later from that initial phone call to report the 3rd failure I decide it will be necessary to call the 888-233-3333 number again to see exactly what is going on. The phone rep reads me word for word the notes on their screen and informs me that the case was declined and closed earlier that morning as there were not 2 repairs made (according to their database). She says I will need to talk to the person in charge of the case to find out the reason why and gives me an 800 number with the woman's extension.

At this point I'm starting to get very upset 6 months into a $549.99 warranty that the sales person was very insistent that I buy. I take a deep breath and dial the 800 number and enter her extension. Voice Mail. Figures. I leave a message and my number. No call back. The following day I call again and leave 2 more messages. No return call. The next day I call once more and leave a message stating the urgency to at least have the courtesy to return my calls. No response, no call back, nothing after 3 days of leaving messages.

Now I am not sure what to do with a 6 month old, broken $3,200 set and the $549.99 warranty purchased with it, so I reluctantly call the store where I bought it from - knowing very well they will just try to refer me to the 888-233-3333 number for the Protection Plan. They re-submit a replacement request and still no answer back from them.

Just wanted to share my experience with the "Protection Plan" from Circuit City so you will know what to expect if you ever have to use it.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-03-19:
Very good review. Thanks for the heads-up. I hope you get things squared away. Take them to small claims?
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-03-19:
Small claims court seems like the only option. Good luck
Posted by lobo65 on 2007-03-19:
I'm guessing you have a rear-projection HDTV. Those are the kinds of problems they usually have. Your experience is just like many others, unfortunately, who have bought these meaningless warranties. I would rather save that money, and just take my chances paying out of my own pocket if something goes wrong with mine.

Hopefully not though. I bought a CRT tube HDTV, and have no problems with it so far in over 2 years of ownership.
Posted by Justusryan on 2007-03-19:
Tube t.v.'s almost never go bad if you buy a quality brand. For a LCD, PLasma or DLP projo television, even Consumer Reports recoomends the extended warranty because bulb life on one of these televisions is very short. Having said that, the Sony XRD is a sweet television, second in my opinion only to the pioneer plasma. The Sony XRD is the television I see that is the troublesome, so this is really bad luck! Sorry, and good post!
Posted by lobo65 on 2007-03-19:
I bought a Sony XBR-960, which at the time was reputed to have the best quality HD picture. It's been great, and I would recommend CRT tube to anyone who isn't looking for a screen size over 34", which I believe is the largest on the market that is in the 16 X 9 format. Of course they are bulky, and heavy though. Mine weighs 196 lbs.
Posted by vertzine on 2007-03-19:
Thaks for the postive comments - really just want to let everyone know how they will be treated if this situation ever happens to them. To answer a few questions, yes, it is a rear-projection HDTV set...and as some have suggested court - I am calling my attorney tomorrow on this matter. Over the phone he said it seems like a very clear case of breech of contract. Will update as things progress.
Posted by shawnp80 on 2007-03-19:
Did you try calling Sony? Maybe that will get you a little further.
Posted by pcas on 2007-04-24:
I was in almost the same situation as you, but at least they came out to you.. I never could even get a call back. To make a long story short they finally called back after the court summons was served. It was in july/august that the summons was served. I talked to the legal dept 3-4 times between then and october when the court date as set. They called about 3 weeks before the date and said how about we give you a new tv? Told legal dept. no way they had there chance long ago to make it right and they didn't. Then the day before the court date they called and settled. Some other things that went on makes me firmly believe they were trying to get me past my warrnaty date so they they could do the not our problem your warranty is out.
So sue them. It's a pain but, they will stall you to the last minute but they know there going to loose and just try to hang you out until the last possible second then settle.
Posted by sickupset on 2007-11-08:
Your night mare is mine. Same thing happen to me, going on 2 1/2 months with no repairs to my computer when it crashed.... 14 calls to Barrister 888-447-6838 to assign work order. 7 Calls to Circuit city, can't remember how many to Circuit City Main office 800-555-4615. Work order assigned October 20, 2007...have to wait 72 hours for phone call back. No Call back on any of these phone calls.
Got work order number...called Keith who was assigned work order...Recorder..called on October 20,2007...Left message, no call back.
Been discounted several times when calling Barrister...Asked to speak to someone in charge. Call transfered, disconected again. Called back put on hold..Operator comes back, supervisor is out to lunch. Called again and again..Supervisor out to lunch..Come to conclusion that this person must weigh at least 300lbs with all the lunch breaks. This is November 8, 2007.. No one has called back to fix our computer..Oh forgot when called to first tell Circuit City about our computer crashing, we renewed our protection plan. After all of this, I called back and demanded they refund our renewal protection plan because it wasn't worth 3 cents..Sorry I didn't put it to him in those exact words. Still waiting...In the mean time we finally went to local computer place and had it fixed another cost of $175....Don't buy from Circuit City any products or protection plan.
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No help with repair/replacement
Posted by Kentgood1 on 09/18/2006
PALM DESERT, CALIFORNIA -- September 18, 2006

On February 7, 2006, I purchased a Polaroid 32” plasma television, Model #FLM3201, for $1099.99 from Circuit City in Palm Desert, California. At the time of the purchase I was offered the option to buy an “extended warranty,” but declined to do so after I was told that the product could be returned to the store up to six months from the date of purchase, and that the manufacturer’s warranty guaranteed the product for one-year from the date of purchase.

Since the purchase, I have experienced ongoing problems with the television – first with periodic color shifting - then more recently with the picture bouncing to the point that you can’t even watch the set. I took my receipt, along with the set back to the Palm Desert Circuit City, for repair, exchange, or was willing to upgrade to a more reputable product. The clerk at the service counter stated that the TV was only covered for thirty days from the date of purchase, but stated that I could contact the manufacturer to have the one-year warranty honored.

After several unsuccessful attempts to make contact with a representative from the Polaroid warranty service department, I finally reached a live person who identified herself as “Larney.” She said their “system was down” and she would call me back. Be advised that when you contact the service number for Polaroid, you are actually calling “Premo World Wide Inc.” (866-396-6322). After a few minutes on hold, you enter into a telephone loop where the automated system tells you to press “O” to continue to hold for a customer representative, then continuously transfers you to a voice mail box that is full, and will not let you leave a message. Due to the frustration of this experience I started researching other consumer’s Polaroid warranty experiences. Several consumer boards list the Polaroid warranty as one of the worst with inadequate results to service complaints. See “My3cents.com” & Better Business Bureau for more consumer nightmares regarding Polaroid television sets.

I then contacted the corporate headquarters of Circuit City and talked with “John.” I related my experience. John reiterated that the in-store warranty is only good for 30 days. I once again stated my willingness to get the unit repaired, exchange it for another, or upgrade to another brand and pay the difference. I also pointed out that according to complaints about this product posted on the web (My3cents.com) other customers have been able to exchange the same set, beyond the original 30-day purchase date. Circuit City declined to provide any help with the situation. Circuit City’s total lack of concern for a customer’s warranty issue with one of their products leaves no alternative but to seek assistance from consumer advocates and/or media. I do not understand why Circuit City would continue to sell this product to consumers after they have been made aware of the problems with the product from several consumers.

Can anyone help?
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Posted by rhondam718732 on 2006-09-18:
Why is your complaint towards Circuit City? They offered an extended warranmty and you declined. They offer a 30day warranty automatically but you were outside of that. They fulfilled their end. Polaroid made a bad/defective TV and should be the traget here
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-09-18:
I believe the store in this case Circuit City should be responsible but as rhondam stated you were out of their 30-day warranty even if they lied to you in the first place. I personally will not buy any of these new TV because they are not a proven technology and no one seems to work on them yet, even the manufactures'. Good luck....
Posted by Kentgood1 on 2006-09-18:
rhondam718732 Point well taken about the thirty-day policy. However, if you review the two other complaints about the same product and Circuit City, on this same site, you will find that in both cases, Circuit City allowed exchanges several MONTHS after the initial purchase. Also, it's my understanding that other major competitors such as Best Buy, do not make customers purchase an extra "extended warranty" costing hundreds of dollars just to honor the manufacturer's warranty. More importantly, I was willing to spend more money with Circuit City to upgrade. They would have returned the set to the company, as they would if there were an "extended warranty," and the end result would have been a satisfied customer.
Posted by nesman on 2006-12-26:
I bought a 32 inch lcd Polaroid from Circuit City.It messed up two weeks after 30 day exchange.I haggled with CC for four months withiut any sucess at all.I then called the person over the tv dept in my local CC store.He told me they had all kinds of trouble with Polaroid and just to bring the tv back and get a different kind.It had to be one of equal or greater value than what I had paid,since Polatoid was now half the price of what I had paid for it.My advice is do not go through CC corporate,call local store and most of the time they will be more of a help than anyone else.Also Polaroid is a piece of junk,no help,no customer service,no caring about customers.Reputation now shot.too bad.
Posted by ricmac on 2007-07-13:
First of all it dosent matter if you purchased CC extended warranty or not they just use third party warranty companies to do their work anyway & they still get the parts from polaroid which is nearly immpossible Polaroid,Proview,Element all the same thing
Posted by nashdmills on 2007-11-30:
Polaroid is crap!! I had a similar experience, and will never buy another polaroid product again. I am actually so pissed im thinking of starting and anti-polaroid website.
Posted by cha0sk1d on 2008-02-16:
my 37" polaroid tv completely died after 12 months (conveniently enough) and after reading all the horror stories about trying to get them fixed i don't think its worth the bother. i plan on purchasing a sony or samsung, tried and true companies that stands behind quality products and customer service
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Order ready in 24 minutes guarantee
Posted by Dru on 01/05/2006
Circuit City advertises that one can place an order, and the order will be ready for pick up within 24 minutes, or one gets a $24 Circuit City Gift card.

I recently placed an order at about 2:20 PM on a weekday. I didn't receive a confirmation email, but I had things to do, so I wasn't going to sit at the computer waiting. About 3:05 PM I arrived at the Circuit City store. They had no record of my order. I ended up buying the items I needed.

The next morning, at 7:06 AM, Circuit City sent me the confirmation email. Over 16 hours after I placed my order! The fine print of their guarantee is that the order will be ready for pickup within 24 minutes of one receiving the confirmation email.

Their guarantee is meaningless. As long as Circuit City doesn't send a confirmation email, the clock hasn't started running for them. They could take weeks to get the ordered items in stock, then send the email.

They also billed my credit card for the order, even though I never went to the store to retrieve it. Once I cancelled the order, they refunded my card, but still...
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Posted by LarryDan on 2006-01-05:
I'm not sure I see a problem here. Email is not always instantaneous and ISP issues, etc could prevent it from getting to CC right away. The only way for them to offer a guarantee like this is to be able to first SEE the email you sent and them reply back with a confirmation. The time frame you noted was a bit extreme, but I'd venture to guess there was a technical issue at hand and not a poor customer service practice.
Posted by JustMe on 2006-01-05:
At least they refunded. Was there any notice on the site that this might happen?
Posted by spiderman2 on 2006-01-05:
Here is what the website states: "Your purchase is available for pickup within 24 minutes after you receive an order confirmation email. If it isn't ready, you get a $24 gift card."

"24 Minute Pickup Guarantee applies from timestamp on order confirmation email until the time order is ready for customer pickup. Guarantee excludes customer wait time in store lines. Offer valid on orders placed at circuitcity.com or by phone during pickup store's normal operating hours up to 30 minutes prior to closing. ..."

If you continue to read on the website it tells you to take your confirmation and go to the special 24/24 area in the store. You didn't follow the directions. I don't know why you are so torqued that they charged your card, you ordered the stuff and like the previous poster said it isn't instantaneous.
What is the advantage of this program? The other option is free shipping.
Posted by yoke on 2006-01-06:
Maybe the commercials should also state that the 24 minutes start when someone from Circuit City decides to process the order, not 24 minutes from the time you place the order. It was Circuit City's way of getting customers into the store. They knew that the 24 minute deal didn't really exist (they covered their butts legally on their website when it said the 24 minutes started when you got confirmation of the order, not when you placed the order like the add on the tv implies) and that a customer would place the order thinking the order would be ready in 24 minutes. When the customer gets to the store they would find out the order wasn't in the system yet (Circuit City will then tell the customer if you read the fine print on the website it tells you we have 24 minutes from the time We decide to input the order) it and the customer would go ahead and shop the store and get what they wanted. It is a win win for Circuit City.
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