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Circuit City Complaints
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Remember those recent Circuit City commercials showing customers in the return line advertising the company's easy return policy? Those days were short lived. Circuit City charges restocking fees, has horrible customer service at the stores and at their corporate office. It's hard to get anywhere calling their 800 number. Let's cut through the red tape.

Here is Circuit City's contact information: Circuit City - 9950 Mayland Dr. Richmond, VA 23233 Customer Service: 800-251-2665 Fax: 804-527-4164. **, Executive Response Supervisor - Phone: 800-251-2665, Fax: 804-934-3865. **, Executive Response Specialist: Office of the Chairman, President, and CEO Circuit City Stores, (804) 527-4000, ext. **. ** Circuit City Legal Department **. ** Circuit City Legal Counsel, **, Fax: (804) 418-8248.

File a complaint with the Better Business Bureau - File a complaint with your credit card company. File a complaint with your state's Attorney General's office. File a complaint with Virginia's Attorney General's office. This is where Circuit City's corporate office is located - If Circuit City still does nothing, file charges in Small Claims Court. Circuit City Telemarketing Calls - If you get a telephone call from 804-747-6434, it's probably a telemarketing call from Circuit City's Warranty Department. The address that the phone number is registered to is Circuit City Express, PO Box 42344, Richmond, VA 23242.

Poor Customer Services
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CITRUS HEIGHTS, CALIFORNIA -- My sister, who's Asian and does not speak English well, went to this store with a coupon (being a regular customer of Circuit City, she always received coupons). She purchased a few items including a camera. At the checkout line, there was a guy standing behind her (he was also Asian, BUT MY SISTER DID NOT KNOW HIM) and also bought the same camera. He asked my sister if he could share her coupon. My sister was not sure. Then the guy asked the cashier if it was okay for my sister to share the coupon. The cashier said it would be okay if my sister "did not mind".

My sister then let the guy share her coupon. The cashier, knowing the situation, split the purchases up: he rang up my sister's items first, added tax and then wrote the amount on a piece of paper. Then he rang up the others items. The other customer paid his due by his credit card while my sister paid hers by cash (And both of them paid to the cashier). All of this information was put on the receipt. The cashier then provided my sister and the other customer each with a receipt.

2 weeks later, my sister returned to the store to return a couple of the items. The cashier returned the money to the credit card, which belonged to a stranger, on the receipt and then told my sister. That was when my sister remembered about the other customer. When she tried to explain to him that the credit card was not hers and why it was on there to begin with, the cashier said it was too late and refused to do anything. My sister then asked to speak to the manager. The manager told my sister the same thing.

Since my sister's English was not good, she could not argue and went home to ask me to call the store. I called and talked to the same manager. He said that refunds were returned automatically to the credit card on the receipt. I asked him if this was the store's policy, he said "no". Then he claimed that it was my sister's fault because she let the other customer use her coupon without the cashier's knowledge.

Then he went on to say that my sister had "used" the man's credit card to make the purchase and she was not supposed to do that. When I asked him, "Do you mean to tell me Circuit City let my sister use someone else's credit card without its knowledge?" he said, "I know where you're going with this and I'm not returning money to you."

I then called Customer Service. The person that answered said the office was closed and I needed to send an email before someone could answer to my complaint. I went on the Internet and wrote this letter explaining about the whole thing from beginning to end, including my conversation with the manager. In 2 days, I received a response saying that my letter had been forwarded to this store, which was not the same store I'd specified in my letter.

Then I wrote another letter saying the name of the store and its location again and how I needed to speak to someone else since the manager refused to help me. I received another letter in 2 days with the request, "please give us the phone number of the store so that we can forward your letter to them" (?)

I got frustrated and called Customer Service again. This time I was transferred to somebody. I told her the situation. At first she refused to talk to me, insisting that she must speak to my sister. I told her my sister did not speak English well enough and if she could provide a translator, I'd be happy to have my sister talk to her, since it already took too much of my time.

She then asked me how the cashier was supposed to know if my sister had paid in cash. I told her my sister did not think about it at all, plus this information was on the receipt. The representative said, "No it was not." And yes, it was. And she did not go on to argue after I told her. When I told her I was mad at my sister for causing this problem, the rep said, "No, your sister was only being nice. It was not her fault. And I don't know why the cashier would let that happen. Normally Circuit City doesn't allow customers to do this."

Then she said she needed to contact the store's manager. She put me on hold while she talked to him. And when she returned, she told me that my sister had given the other customer money and that there was only one receipt. When I asked her to explain what she said, she refused, saying according to the manager, my sister spoke good English and I could not speak for my sister. Later in the day, I had my sister call so that this rep could hear my sister speak English. She called and was told that the case had been closed and this had been explained to her sister, which was me.

Then I called and spoke with another rep. This person assured me that she would do some investigation and call me the following day since it was already late. I waited for the whole day and still did not hear anything. When I called Customer Service, I was told that since I'd been told to wait, I just needed to continue to wait. However, I asked the operator to let this rep know I called her and needed to hear from her. The operator took my message. I kept waiting and still never heard anything. Then I called back and this time I was transferred to... her voicemail. I left a message for her and asked her to call me back.

In the meantime, I wrote a letter to the headquarters office. I quoted their return policy which I found on the Internet. It says that "refunds will be returned in the same payment method." I pointed out in the letter that since my sister had paid by cash, and this information was clear on the receipt, the store failed to do that for her and she was entitled to receive her money back. I also sent a complaint to the BBB.

About 2 weeks later, the person who'd promised me she would call me sent me an email. (She probably got my email address from the BBB and I don't know why she would not call me.) All she said was, "I'm sorry for your inconvenience but we will not return your sister's money because of the way the purchase was made." She did not explain how the purchase was made that was a problem.

Then a few days ago, a person from the headquarters office left me a message with the same content, with one addition: "Your sister did not pay Circuit City; she paid the other customer to pay Circuit City and therefore, we can only return the money to the other customer. I would suggest that hopefully you got the other customer's phone number and contact him". He did not leave a phone number for me to call back.

Now if you've read my review thoroughly, you will realize why I spent my time to do all the things I've done. Circuit City only came up with excuse after excuse. And in this process, it did not hesitate to make false accusations about the way my sister made her purchase, including that she used someone else's credit card, she spoke English well (so that it did not have to deal with me, someone who can speak English), and when it ran out of excuses - my sister did not pay Circuit City directly, which is really ridiculous and stupid for such a big company to say.

Many people who have heard this story are surprised why Circuit City would give my sister such a hard time. My sister would have even settled with store's credits. Yet in my opinion, the store owes her money. Circuit City probably believes, based on whatever the first cashier said, that my sister set the whole thing up so that she could get some free money.

And if that's the case, which I strongly believe it is, I really feel sorry for the company and the people who run it. My sister paid at least $200 for her items. The items that she returned totaled $31.00. (Yes, it was only $31.00 that created the whole thing.) If this was a setup, she could have returned everything. She was so desperate that she even asked the cashier to give her the other customer's phone number or credit card company so that she could contact the guy and ask him to give her money back.

After all, she'd done him a favor. But of course she could not get that information. But most importantly, I spent many, many hours writing letters, contacting people, making phone calls and waiting on line. I have a job and I make much more than $31.00/hour.

Circuit City did not have the professional judgment to come up with the best resolution - for my sister and also for the company itself. Throughout its arguments, Circuit City only conflicted itself with its excuses. First it was because my sister did not notify the cashier. Then because she was not allowed to share the coupon and she did it anyway. Then she used the man's credit card. Then the refund was returned automatically. Then she did not pay, etc.

It did not even bother apologizing for the poor customer service its employees did. But if losing many customers over $31.00 was not a big deal, why would it care about good customer service? My sister was a regular at Circuit City. She's not anymore. And the same goes for my whole family and our friends. Hopefully for you too.

Warranty Rip Off
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YORK, PENNSYLVANIA -- I am a fifteen year old girl. My parents got me a laptop computer from Circuit City for my Confirmation in March of 2006. Along with the purchase of the laptop, my parents also bought a three year warranty that extended onto the one year manufacture warranty. Shortly after receiving laptop, I had begun to experience troubles with it. Acer did a diligent job as to fixing it except for there was several scratches on the screen when returned. These scratches were not that bad so we didn't bother with following up on it.

Later on, my one year warranty with them expired and my two year warranty with Circuit City took into effect. Earlier this year, I started to notice that my laptop was beginning to overheat. It eventually got so bad, that the computer would shut down so that the CPU chip wouldn't be destroyed. My parents and I called Circuit City to have them take a look at it. My mother was on the phone with them for several hours before anybody would even agree to allow us to send it in.

Despite our efforts, we received the laptop three or so weeks later with a letter saying that they are refusing to fix it because there were scratches on the screen, and something was broken where the charger is supposed to be plugged in. This upset us for several different reasons. First of all, the scratches on the screen would have had nothing to do with the fact that the computer was overheating. It was irrelevant. Second, when we sent it in, nothing was broken other than the overheating. The battery and the charger were working perfectly fine. That problem somehow occurred while the computer was in their possession.

This had greatly upset my parents and me. They spent around $1000 on the laptop and the warranty but Circuit City was refusing to do anything about it. Unsure of what to do, my dad and I went into our local Circuit City to see if somebody could possibly help us. One of the workers said that they would themselves and get back to us in a few days.

When they did, we were once again told that it is our fault for all of those problems and they won't fix anything until we get the scratches and the plug repaired. They also told us that we should have bought accident insurance, which we were never offered to begin with. Then again, there was no accident. The fan in the computer is being faulty and causing it to overheat so much that it just shuts off.

Because of all of this, I now do not have a laptop and my parents basically wasted over $1000 plus hours of their time. With the holidays coming up, I know that many children will be asking their parents for electronics, maybe even laptops, and I would like to warn everybody about what had happened to us. It is devastating that such a well-known company would treat some of their customers like that. We used to always buy our electronics from Circuit City but we will no longer be going back.

Circuit City Refuses to Refund Money for brand new, but Defective Laptop.
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CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- Customer Support - Thank you for your time. I'm writing your company today because of a very frustrating experience I have just had with one of your stores in the Concord, New Hampshire. The store in question is: Circuit City 270 Loudon Road, Concord NH 03301. The person I dealt with was **. I was told she was the “manager or floor manager” and “CSA Lead”. Make/Model: Toshiba Satellite laptop model A105. Ticket Number: **. Purchase Price: $999.99 - Payment Method: Credit Card.

My complaint: Last night on 2/23/06 I purchased a new Toshiba Satellite model A105. After plugging the unit in, I noticed that the battery charge light would not come on. The battery did not appear to be charging at all. After attempting charge it all night the battery would still not charge. This morning I brought the unit to the same store I purchased it from. The technician on duty, named ** was very helpful. He investigated the laptop and agreed that the unit was defective. I then traded the defective unit in for the last unit of this make and model the store had on hand and brought it to the office.

Once I arrived at our office I found that this second laptop of the same make and model was also not working properly. It would not charge the battery. No charge light would come on etc. I then went back to the store for the third time. I then spoke with the same technician and after spending 30-45 minutes in the store we came to the conclusion that this laptop was defective and would not charge the battery properly. I was then told that they did not have any more of that unit in stock.

After spending 4 hours of my time on 2 different defective computers of the same make and model I had lost all faith in that product. I then asked for a refund of my money. The person I dealt with **, refused to refund the purchase price. I asked to speak with the manager and she told me that she was a manager and refused to tell me how I could contact her superior. She implied that she was in charge and that no one else would do anything.

To recap my experience with this store and manager thus far: Within the last 24 hours I have purchased 2 computers from your company. Both from the very same store, both the same make/model. Store personnel have tested both units and the batteries on multiple computers and found the computers to be defective.

I have been denied a full refund even though both computers were defective. The best the manager ** would offer me was to keep $150.00 of my money for all my trouble and give me $850.00 back. Is that legal? How on earth can you be charged a restocking fee for a defective item? Do they pass the same broken laptop around to multiple customers for $150 a pop each?

After the store's refusal to refund my money I then contacted your Corporate Support office via phone. After talking to many many people and explaining the situation in detail numerous times the Corporate Support person contacted your store and attempted to negotiate a full refund of my purchase price (escalated reference #**). The "floor manager", I assume ** still “refused” to refund my money.

I have now lost all faith in your Concord area store and the Manager/CSA Leader **. If ever there was a time for a company to have offered good customer service this was it and your company failed me completely. More insulting is your managers refusal to honor a corporate decision and refund my money - this leaves me at a loss. I find it hard to believe that Circuit City's policy is to restock items that are known to be defective and charge their customers for defective items. I believe that this terrible incident could have been avoided had your Concord Store manager acted with common sense and decency.

I'm hoping that your company can step up and do the right thing here. Please contact me as soon as possible regarding this matter. I am submitting a copy of this letter to both the New Hampshire Attorney General's Office and the New Hampshire Better Business Bureau. Thank you for your time.

My Big Purchase Experience With Circuit City
By -

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- 06-20-2008 Circuit City Dispute - Purchased a 73” Mitsubishi DLP Widescreen Television from Circuit City (400 N. Alafaya Trail, Orlando FL, 32828 407-2739621) at 6:57PM on July 19th. The box was loaded onto a pickup truck by store employees and a few of our friends. The television was delivered to my residence. My daughter and I opened the television box by removing the packing straps. We lifted the box clear of the television and started to clear away the packing wrap on the television.

I noticed that the right side of the television screen was bowed out, protruding past the edge of the television. There was a good size gap that one could see what appeared to be mirrors laying loose on the bottom of the set. I took two pictures of the gap in the television screen and my daughter took a video with her telephone of the four sides of the television. It can be seen from the video that the base of the television was still wrapped on all sides.

We packed up the television and I tried to call Circuit City to tell them the television was damaged but the store was closed. It was decided that we would return the television first thing next morning. I rented a pickup truck and we loaded and delivered the television back to the Circuit City Store. The television was unloaded by one of the store employees and I told him that I needed to return the television because it was broken. I went to the Customer Service desk and both the person behind the counter and myself walked over to the corner of the store where the television was left.

Two of the store attendants started to open the television box by opening from the top instead of just lifting the box off of the television. When the box is removed another store employee pushes in the protruding screen back into the frame. No one has spoken to me. I ask what is the delay and they say that they have to wait for “that man.”

The man comes to the box and says nothing to me. He looks at the box and then starts to examine in minute detail the television. I show him where the screen was protruded and one of the other store employees points out where it appears that there is something pressing against the screen from the inside. The Man moves the packing material from around the lower corner of the television and then walks away. He is talking on the telephone in the distance.

The Man eventually returns and apologizes and introduces himself as the store manager and that he had spoken with the district manager. He said since there is not apparent damage to the carton and that there is damage to the set itself in the two locations that Circuit City would not exchange or refund the cost of the television. I was very upset. The television costs 3000.00. I reiterated to him that the only thing that we did was cut away the straps, lift off the box, clear away the packing and stopped when we saw that the television screen was protruding. He stated that the mirrors were broken and the corner of the television was broken as well.

Since there was no damage to the box and that they would not have given us a broken television that Circuit City would not pay refund or do exchange. I ask to speak with someone higher and he said that he has already conferred with the Regional Director. I speak with the Regional Director. The regional director just parrots the Store Manager's decision that no refund or replacement since it cannot be proven that the damage to the television occurred in Circuit City.

I again told him that all we did was open the box and discovered the damage. We put the box back on the television and delivered it to Circuit City. I told him I was expecting him to stand behind their guarantee and their product. I did not do anything here but open a box and that I was being stuck for 3000. He said that he was sticking by the guarantee and that the guarantee says in its original condition. I told him that “You sold it to me broken and I am returning it to you as I received it.”

He was unconcerned and that his decision was final. I told the store manager that I was going to stop the credit card because I was not going to be taken advantage of and stuck for a television that is broken that I did not break. He said I should go through the Manufacturer-Mitsubishi. He said that is my right if I wanted to contact the credit card company. He also gave me a telephone number for Corporate. I called corporate and spoke with gentlemen… I told him the entire story.

He said he would talk to the store management and would be right back. After being on hold an inordinate amount of time he came back and said that there was going to be no resolution and basically repeated what the Store Manager and Regional Manager said about no refund, no exchange. I told the store manager that it was not right that we were being stuck for the $3000 and that there was not going to be a refund. He said that if they took the television back that they would have to write off the $3000 and it was not in their budget.

Note: I do not understand the issue of the condition of the box. If the box is not damaged then Circuit City does not cover the television. If the box is damaged—does that mean they would cover the damage or would they infer that the damage on the box was after the Television left the store and therefore would not cover the damage to the television -- damage to box = no coverage; no damage to box = no coverage. I am at a loss.

Now what you have is my wife, daughter and me…alone…near an unpacked and broken television within Circuit City while all the employees went about doing their business. Circuit City was done with us. The implication is that we unpacked the television, broke the television, put the television back in the box, and then attempted to return a broken television. The reality is that we purchased a television in good faith, brought it home, discovered the damage, documented the damage, repacked the television, brought the television back for a refund/exchange and were denied and left felt as if we were crooks or felons.

I called the Bank of America Credit Card Company billing disputes. I related the story of the television, our treatment, the refusal of Circuit City to refund/replace, and implication that we were at fault. The BOA advised me to take the television back to the house, document everything that happened in a letter to BOA, and send letter to BOA in Wilmington Delaware.

She was incredulous on how poorly the Circuit City staff and employees were handling this situation. She asked me if we had purchased any warranty with the television. I told her we had paid an additional $289 for an Advantage Warranty. The BOA representative said to go home and call the warranty people and document what they said about the television.

I called the warranty people for the Advantage warranty. I spoke with a gentleman. I related the entire story of the television and my efforts at getting a replacement. He said that the warranty that I had was for service and repair and not for the type damages that I had discovered. He could not believe that they inspected the boxes and did not give my money/replacement. He wanted to know what the inspection of the box was all about that they should have just replaced the television because it was broken. He offered to work through Circuit City Corporate to see if he could get a resolution.

After a long time on hold, I was turned over to a woman named who said the resolution to my issue was that she “could not overturn the decision of the Store Manager or Regional Manager.” I told her my story and she said that she understood but if I felt the television was defective that I should work it through Mitsubishi.

I called Mitsubishi and spoke with customer service. I told her the entire story about buying the television, partially unpacking the television, noting the damage, returning the television to Circuit City, Circuit City's unresponsiveness and shoddy treatment. She told me to speak with Mitsubishi Warranty to see what they could do if anything about the situation.

I called Warranty. I told the Warranty Rep the entire story and she said she would open a case and asked for particular damages that I could see on the television and particulars as to Model, Serial, and date of purchase information. She put me in touch with the local service representative for Mitsubishi, a local Electronic Store. I called store and told her my story and arranged for her to send a technician to examine the television on Monday afternoon (June 23).

I am very disappointed with the shoddy treatment of Circuit City and their treatment of me, my family, and my purchase. This was a major purchase for us and now we are out three thousand dollars with limited recourse with Circuit City. They have washed their hands. I have filed with the BBB, filed a complaint with the BOA CC, and shall continue to fight for a refund or replacement. The entire situations is shameless.

This Is A Huge Rip Off. I Still Have A Broken T.V.
By -

2 years ago, my husband and I bought a 26" Polaroid LCD HDTV from Circuit City for $1399.99. Having worked for some of their competitors, I was a believer in the extended repair or replace warranties, so we bought the 3 year Circuit City Advantage Protection plan for around $300.00. We felt like a repair or replace guarantee was a good investment because we aren't rich and we wanted to make sure we had a back-up should the T.V. fail in the first 3 years of ownership.

Fast forward to December 2007, and we start having problems with the t.v. It would make this horrible popping noise when you would turn it on and the start-up Polaroid logo would flash in and out. It was quite ironic, since the week it went we had received our renewal to remind us that our warranty was expiring in May 2008 and to give us the option to renew for another 1-3 years.

Well, I called up the Advantage line to get my repair claim started, and also clarifying with the woman that we would have the T.V. replaced in a timely manner if it couldn't be fixed and that it was going to be fixed in a timely manner and she said “Oh, yes. Absolutely. We'll have your t.v. taken care of in about a week.” We called them right before Christmas, so the soonest they could get the repair guy, of course due to the holidays was Dec. 31st, which wasn't a problems since we were going to be out of town.

On Dec. 31st the repair guy shows up during the allotted window they said they'd be there to look at the T.V. He informs us after watching the behavior of the television, that it was the power supply going out and that they were going to have to order it, and so since we still had some functionality to our T.V. (Only one we own) he would leave it and come pick it up once he found out if he was going to be able to get the part. He also informed us that rarely were they able to get the parts for Polaroid, so then, most likely to expect the T.V. to be replaced.

2 days later, the T.V. won't turn on at all. Now we have NO T.V. So I call up the T.V. contracting company that was going to be fixing the T.V. and they come and pick it up the next day. Now, since it is the weekend of BCS championship, in Baton Rouge, we were told to wait and call for an update on the T.V. the day after the game. So on January 8th, I call the repair shop to find out the status of the repair, and I am informed by the repair shop that the part is on back order and it will be 10-14 days before they get it!

Now at this time hearing that news, I'm not happy at all. He tells me that he will call me back later that day with an update. Well, later that day he calls up with a correction (Just like the guy who picked up the t.v. originally told us). The part is unavailable, and there is no compatible aftermarket part available that would work with Polaroid and that they have notified the Circuit City warranty people.

So I call Circuit City Advantage and I'm informed that they can't authorize a replacement, and they direct me to Consumer Relations. Well the first girl I talk to says that she cannot Authorize a replacement until they first refer it to their "TECHNICAL" department because they have to try to get the part first for the repair company. Then ask, "Well, how on earth do you think that you can get the part if the repair company can get the part? Just replace my t.v. and be done with it! It's been 2 weeks since the T.V. quit working properly, and I want a functioning T.V.!"

She tells me there is nothing she can do until their technical department looks into it and to call back the next day. So I call back the next day and I get this jerk of a guy who answers and I give all my information AGAIN to him and explain what is going on.

He proceeds to tell me that they are going to proceed with the repair and that they were going to obtain the part and that they were not going to issue a replacement. I told the guy that this was our only T.V. We spent $1300 on it, and that I could get a bigger, better T.V. for less today, and what on earth was the problem with replacing it since they cost less today, than 2 years earlier!

Well he then offers me a $100 rental reimbursement, so that we can go "RENT" a T.V. for a few weeks, while we wait on the part and the repair. That really angered me, because 1, renting a T.V. would be more than any $100, and 2 we'd have to pay out of pocket and then mail the invoice to them, and then it would be 6-8 weeks before we actually saw any reimbursement. I told the guy, "Absolutely not. I want my T.V. replaced - the part is unavailable." He said he was not going to authorize the replacement.

I then demanded to speak to his supervisor. He coldly says, "I am the supervisor. There is no one higher than me to speak to." I said, “You have to have a boss. You aren't the owner of the company", and he again repeats the same line! (I later found online, someone else who had issues with this plan, got fed the same line I did!) I hang up the phone infuriated - that was on Wednesday, January 9th.

Well then on Thursday, January 10th, we come home to find a "Sorry We Missed You! Please call us!" flier on our door from the T.V. service company. It was too late to call them that evening, so I called them on Friday, January 11th. They inform me that they were trying to return my T.V. Well that left me and my husband with the impression that our T.V. had been fixed and they arranged to drop it off with me for today (Saturday Jan. 12th).

Well this morning when they delivered the T.V., the gentleman who brings it back inform us that they did not repair the t.v. and that the power supply is no longer made by Polaroid and that we need to get it replaced. So we load the T.V. up in the car and head to our local Circuit City to get a replacement T.V. (or so we thought).

We get to the store, and I'm getting angrier by the minute, because as we loaded the T.V. in the car, my husband noticed that the control buttons (like the power and volume) on the side of the unit are not there - just the holes where they had been, and that screws are missing. (Yeah, we know the t.v. is broken, but still, return it in the condition you took it in, is the principle there.) We get to the store and ask to speak to the manager. Well we are informed that the store manager isn't in and that we need to speak with the T.V. Sales Supervisor.

So we go over and wait for about 15 minutes because the store was very busy. Well, we finally get the supervisor, and explain to him what is going on, and that we want our T.V. replaced. He asks us if we have a claim number from Corporate. I informed him that calling today did us no good because we got nowhere, and that they were telling us one thing and the repair people were telling us something else and that we are fed up. The T.V. hasn't been working properly now for a month and we want it replaced - like it said "No Hassle repair or replacement."

He then goes to the back and disappears for a long time and then comes back and gives me the same phone number I already have - where the jerk told me there was no one higher than him to speak to. The supervisor says he "understands" my frustration but he has to have a claim number from the warranty people to replace it with the T.V. the warranty people pick out.

That really got me, and I said, “Wait. What? You mean they are going to tell me what T.V. to get? No, I want a T.V. that cost the same price that we paid 2 years ago, that's equal value!” He said, well he can't do anything because he needs the claim number. By this point, I'm getting louder and louder and saying that this has turned out to be the largest ripoff, and the biggest hassle, and he kept say, “You'll have to call them, and this takes time.”

By that point I'm so angry, I tell him that we will NEVER buy anything from their company ever again, and that we were going to get online and post this experience everywhere we could and tell everyone about what a scam and HASSLE, this NO HASSLE warranty turned out to be. Then as I was walking away, there was an older couple look at a T.V. and I loudly said to them, "Don't let them talk you into their Advantage Protection Plan on a T.V. if you buy one here. It's a ripoff and we're now a month without a working T.V. and we still haven't gotten this resolved!"

The older gentleman's eyes got really wide and said, "Are you serious?" And I said "Yes!" and stormed out of the store. So Monday I'll be calling these jerks demanding my claim number and the right for $1399.99 value on a replacement at Circuit City and I WILL NEVER BUY FROM THEM AGAIN. THEIR EXTENDED WARRANTY IS A BIG FRAUD AND SCAM!!

Dear Circuit City
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CARY, ILLINOIS -- I am writing to you for several different reasons but most of all as a favor to you and your company and to help you see some major problems you are having on the level of customer service. I will tell you my story which is not overly horrible but bad enough to make we want to write to you and let you know from a customer point of view what is wrong with your customer service area. To make things easier I will just list the things that have happened and then maybe you can take it from there and do with the information what you will.

In February 2006 my husband and I decided that we would spend some of our tax return to update our television and thought we would see what kind of offers Circuit City had as we had never been to your store before (we were tried and true Best Buy people after all). We bought our 32" Magnavox TV from your store located in Crystal Lake, IL. on 2/24/06.

It was one of your floor models but because it was a flat panel and in our price range we took it, but just in case also bought the Advantage plan for an extra $259.99 for three years. We wanted to be sure that if anything happened, we wouldn't have to scrape money together to fix it. About three weeks ago (October 13th) we called to have a service tech come out and look at our television because we were experiencing a loud popping sound and the volume was turning on and off intermittently (and has since stopped working all together). We were told a tech would be there on Tuesday October 16th.

On Monday the 15th we received a phone call stating that one of your service techs was out due to a back problem and could they please rearrange our day to Thursday instead. Being that my husband also works in the service industry I was sympathetic and agreed that Thursday would be just fine. Thursday arrives and our technician ** arrives to take a look. ** was not an overly friendly guy but I was still glad to see him. (We had been without our TV for almost a week at this point... Did I mention I have two kids?)

I told ** our troubles and he proceeded to make connections from my DVD player to all the many ports on my television each time asking me again if I had been getting any volume out of each port. I told ** several times that no, we were not getting any volume… out of any port.

** called Magnavox who was trying to help him do some kind of reset and while he was on the phone I told him I was going to put my infant niece down for a nap and I would be right back. I was gone about 40 seconds when I heard a very LOUD and quite obnoxious "HELLO?" coming from my living room. I quickly got my niece down and ran out of there just assuming he forgot in that 40 seconds that I was putting my niece down to sleep. He wanted to ask me again for a second time if that was the original remote control that he had in his hand. I assured him a second time that it was.

At this time he and Magnavox must have been flummoxed because he just up and told me I needed a part and he would be back in 7 to 10 working days. I thought to myself "he must be pretty good to realize I need a "part" and not even have to OPEN the TV up for inspection!"

I also thought to myself that 7 to 10 working days was an awfully long time to wait for a parts shipment from such a huge company as Magnavox but what do I know? Upon leaving, ** my surly TV tech turns to me and says "You know, you really should make your service call appointments for the beginning of the week." I thought he was joking. He was not.

I explained to him that my appointment WAS made for the beginning of the week and that I was called by you guys to switch because of an employee injury. He looked at his vast pieces of papers on his handy dandy clip board, looked up at me and says "Well that stinks… I don't know why they did that" and turned and left without even saying so much as a goodbye. Needless to say I was not very fond of ** and called City Advantage to tell them not to send him back.

The girl I spoke with told me she had no way of knowing who was sent to my house (Really?? There are really no records of what person gets sent to another person's home??? That can't be very safe!) but would make a note of my unhappiness towards this man's insulting manners.

Now comes the best part. Another seven working days pass by before ** calls me to tell me he would be there between 9am and 11am on Monday the 29th. Monday the 29th is a very busy day for me as I have a daughter to get to school, a quickie doctor check-up at 8:15 and a field trip with my preschool son and his class at 9:45. Since I was not given a choice of time frames I arrange for my cousin to come to my house at 9:00. I managed to get back from my doctor at 9:03 am. My cousin (a 24 year old college student) was late.

In that three minutes, I lost out on my time slot until THURSDAY. It turns out my good friend ** showed up at my home at 8:57am and when there was no answer high tailed it outta there for apparently a very far away location because it was just IMPOSSIBLE for him to return later in the day. I have to admit - I was not very nice to the poor girl that answered the phone after I waited 15 or so minutes for her to answer (are you aware that your customers average wait time for a rep to pick up is somewhere between 15 and 20 minutes… I am dead serious and not exaggerating one bit).

In all fairness, she wasn't exactly the sweetest thing either. She refused to help me out even a little bit. She told me she could not call the rep because he was busy. We ended the conversation with her promise that she would leave a message for ** and have him call me. Silly me to think ** would really care about my situation.

I tried calling back on my cell phone on my way to my son's field trip but by the time I actually got a rep to answer I was there already (a 25 minute trip) and had to hang up quickly with her promise that she would leave another message for **. I got home about 1:00 pm and called a third time - this time talking to **. ** is a very nice boy and tried to explain the best he could why I could not get a rep there sooner and upon asking for a manager kindly told me that it would take one to two days for a supervisor to call.

I thought to myself "Wow, he must really know how busy those supervisors are if he can tell me right off the bat that they have a wait time to actually service their customer!" Also - I am convinced that none of your reps have children and don't know what it is like NOT to have a TV around for even a small portion of the day.

This is where I leave it to you, Circuit City Corporate Offices. I am now waiting for three phone calls. ** the service tech, Mr. ** the call center supervisor and ** from the Crystal Lake store (because apparently the supervisors at the store level are also way too busy to talk to me). I leave it in your good hands to deal with because after all this is not my problem, but YOURS.

In today's world vast quantities of information are put out there on the web in seconds. Consumers no longer have to wait for word of mouth to reach the attention of the business in question; we have only to click a few buttons on our computers. Guess what I will be doing after printing my letter to you? I sure hope you can fix your "customer service" (or lack thereof) problems and hope my letter will help you in any effort you put forth. I won't be holding my breath for a return phone call and I most certainly will not be returning to Circuit City.

Resolution Update 11/01/2007:

We recieved two phone calls from Viola at Circuit Advantage and she gave us the option to replace the TV which we opted not to do because we did not want our warranty to become void. Our pal Pete came back on Thursday and was much more tolerable. He fixed our sound and was out the door and hopefully that is the end of it. I never heard from the store manager.

Mini DV Camcorder, Shady Business
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AUSTIN, TEXAS -- On April 14, 2007 at about 5:00 p.m. CST, I made an online purchase of a JVC GR-D750 mini dv camcorder. I selected the option of in store pickup and selected the Sunset Valley location (store 598 at 5400 Brodie Lane, Sunset Valley, TX 78745). Arriving at the store at 5:20, I was greeted when I approached the front desk and the employee retrieved my item.

The first thing that I noticed was that the item had been opened. This was not a major concern because I understand some boxed electronics are provided this way. The employee placed a sticker over the opening and handed me the item. As I began to open the box she advised me, “if you open that” and began to gave me the long winded terms and conditions of the sale. Inside the box I noticed that there were missing items. No A/V cable, no battery.

I pointed this out to the young woman and she said, “Would you like for me to get you another one?” As if she wasn't surprised at all - as if this happens all of the time. Her reaction to my claim was so casual, as nonchalant as if you or I were throwing a piece of paper in a wastebasket. I said, “Yes please. Preferably an unopened one.” She quickly returned with another opened item and placed another sticker over the paper latch of the box which read “15% restocking fee”.

I asked if I was being charged a restocking fee and was shocked to hear her say, “No, I wouldn't screw you over like that.” Screw me over? Why do people talk like this, especially with my wife and daughter standing right there? I didn't respond. Upon inspection it appeared that the contents were all present, but I needed a dv cable. I looked around the store but could not locate the proper cable, so during our search my wife asked for help from an employee. He said, “Oh let me get someone for you”, and hurried away.

Shortly thereafter my wife and I can hear the employees within earshot talking. The employee that was “assigned” to help us complained about “not wanting to”. As we continued looking I glanced up and saw an employee looking at us from behind some shelving, and quickly he tried to duck out of sight!

Seeing that we noticed him and had made eye contact, he then presented himself and stated, “What kind of cable do you need?” I responded, “We need a dv cable to upload video to a PC computer.” He asked for the camera (I was carrying it around the store) and proceeded to open it up, take the main unit out of the box and wrapping, and began searching all over the camera for where the cable would plug in.

This was irritating to me, in that an employee would open an item I paid for and be handling it, especially considering that the display model for this camera was approximately two steps away from him. I had to show him where the cable plugged in (and did so on the display model while he's holding my camera but I don't think he got the message), even though he works in that department and this was the first time I've ever even touched a mini dv camcorder.

“Oh I'm sorry”, he says. “You can't upload video to a PC with this type of camcorder.” Knowing better and starting to get irritated, I take a deep breath and reply, “Yes you can. We need a dv cable that connects to a firewire port.” To which he responds, “Ah, I see what you mean. Well, I'm sorry but we don't carry this cable.” “I'm sure you do”, I answer. “Show me where all of your PC cables are.” He walks us to another part of the store where a couple of other employees are behind a desk and he says to a coworker, “Can you look at this camera, and tell him that we don't have a cable for it.”€

Now this really irritated me, but I decide to say nothing, and wait for this latest employee to say something. He just stares at me. After about a full 10 seconds of staring he says in a gruff voice, “What. What. What are we doing here?” (He was saying “What” as a snarky statement, not a question.) At this point I opt to just hurry along, get what I need, and get out of this freak show, so instead of protesting or debating such bad service, I just pull out the camcorder and show him the female port and ask for the relevant cable.

He points to a USB 2.0 cable. I said, “No, that is the wrong cable.” He then ponders this for a while, staring at the cable's packaging and my camcorder wondering how it's not the right cable. I look over, find the cable that I need, grab it, and go to the checkout area whilst leaving the two employees standing there.

As I go to check out, I meet with the same employee that rang me up for the camera. Being that the cable is $25.99, the tapes $12.99, I'm shocked when I notice the receipt showing a $229 charge for a camcorder. She explained that she did a “void” and used my “old ticket”. While it turns out that I was not double charged for the camcorder, it is listed twice on the receipt with my tapes and cable, but with a void.

She should have just rang up the cable and the tapes - nothing else. If I had walked out of the store without purchasing any accessories, she would have never rescanned the camcorder. I'd have the camera, and this company would have the money. So what's the purpose of scanning the camcorder again when I make a separate purchase?

If that wasn't enough, looking over my charges online, this company charged $1.00 for each transaction when I used a debit card as credit and signed the receipt, I did not use a PIN. Is this a way of offsetting their merchant fees? All in all, I will say that I got an excellent price for the item I purchased. However, the service was so bad, so downright insulting and rude, that I will probably never return to that store.

Now I understand bad service happens, and it's impossible to absolutely guarantee that every employee will perform flawlessly at all times. But it is certainly worthy of concern if this type of behavior is consistent among multiple employees that all work in different departments while performing different duties. If every person that I talk to in this store either uses crass language, is argumentative, or otherwise unhelpful, this tells me that there is a problem with how things are being run in general. Hence, this complaint.

Horrendous store... 2 issues within 1 month!
By -

HARRISBURG, PENNSYLVANIA -- First of all, there are two parts to this story. For I have had 2 horrendous experiences concerning the same store, employee and lack of management/training. I went in with my mother to purchase a new desktop computer, because ours just quit turning on once day. We were approached by a young gentleman who asked why purchasing a new one? We went into detail about it all and he said that it could be something inexpensive to fix and they could do a diagnostic test on it. I asked specifically if we would be charged extra for this service, and he said "No, you would only be charged if you decided to go ahead with the repairs."

So we brought back the modem and the girl behind the counter proceeded to take the backing off, connect a battery pack to it and then take an air duster to it for 15 minutes. She told us she had no idea what was wrong with it and would need to send it out of the store for 2 days. The young gentleman then charged us $75.00 for that service of blowing the dust out of the back of the modem. My mother paid with her credit card, completely shocked what happened. As we walked out I told her we were scammed and went back in to retrieve our modem.

The following day, I was so angered by the lack of customer service and the fact we were bold-faced lied to that I called the department store and asked for the manager. I told my story and said I wanted my mother's credit card credited for the $75.00. He literally argued with me over the phone saying we had a choice and she gave the card. I explicitly told him that his employee told us no charge and to top it off there were lists and lists of services on a huge board but NO PRICING. He had the largest attitude I have ever heard in my life, and I am sure if that was recorded and replayed he would have been fired.

I then asked if I could speak to another manager since I was clearly still unsatisfied and no conclusion was figured out. He told me "I am the only one you can speak to in this matter." I then asked for the corporate office (because I have worked in retail before) and he transferred me. They then credited my account towards a new computer that we came in to purchase a month later.

We walked in and had THE SAME employee help us that "helped" us before. We had no problem getting what we wanted and proceeded to check out when I mentioned we had a credit on our account that he needed to take off. He did this and then said he would have them install our software and then he would turn in the rebates for us. He proceeded to cut off the UPC codes from our boxes and took a copy of our information which he said he was submitting. He explained that it would take approximately 6-8 weeks to have our rebate and that was the end of it.

Fast forward to 8 weeks later and still no rebate. I received a perforated stub in the mail concerning it and thought it was my check. When I opened it, it mentioned product information on "HP" and "Not qualifying for the rebate"? I was puzzled, considering the only HP product we had was the printer. I thought that maybe there was a smaller rebate on that and we didn't qualify for it, never once thinking it was our almost $300.00 rebate!

I e-mailed the corporate center with my concerns and my frustration for I was scammed not once, but twice. I was not calling nor going through the actual branch location because they were rude and had no customer service whatsoever. I had an e-mail stating they were working on it but needed further information from me. I replied with everything printed on my original receipt for them to track including the salesperson's name. They then stated a manager from the branch would contact me in 48 hours to come to resolve this issue. That was on a Monday, and by Wednesday I emailed this company back.

I stated I had NO idea why I would be contacted VIA phone when all I wanted was my rebate that I was entitled to receive and that my bill is expected to be paid by January 25th, 2007. They replied that they would contact me soon and that was that. This was last Monday and it is now a week later with no money credited to my account and basically no progress made whatsoever. I have kept all correspondence and as I looked at the initial date it was 12/10/06 and in 3 days it will be exactly a month later and STILL no resolution.

I feel I have stretched my patience as far as it can go and if I do not hear back by the 10th, I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau. I fell this is beyond ridiculous and that I am being pushed by the wayside. I am not going to stop until I receive what I am entitled to, and I refuse to pay a single dime until this is resolved. I will continue to write complaints on this company as long as I am able to for this is no way to treat customers' who are not only paying for a product but sheer customer service and satisfaction.

For some reason Circuit City thinks they are above this and I know that the many people I have spoken to will not put a dime more into that store as well as myself. A month and still nothing. This is a crock and I do not believe a word edgewise. This is poor business practices and I am sure many will feel the same.

UPDATE!!! 12/10/06 was the date my first complaint was sent, and through correspondence I have been told "You will receive a call"/"It's going to our Escalation Team"/ "Store management will call in 48 hours". None of which I received. It took over a month later to FINALLY receive a call from a corporate representative (as far as I know, she never really stated her title). She explained to me that the $70.00 rebate check I received the week prior was the ONLY rebate I was entitled to. I further explained that there was no way - I still had $200.00 coming to me. She then proceeded to explain this rational:

"There were 4 rebates - one was a $20.00 rebate through Circuit City if you bought the package deal with a Lexmark printer. The other one was (the one I got) through HP which was $70.00 rebate with the purchase of an HP printer with your package. The other 2 were rebates only offered if you bought the package deal with a Lexmark printer."

I explained to her that I was never ever given an option. She then said that's all I was entitled to, and nothing she could do. That is what it is! I then proceeded to say "Who in the right mind would opt for an HP printer for a rebate of $70.00 when You can get a Lexmark and receive 3 other rebates?! What sane person would choose that? I was never given this option." She kept asking me if I had copies of the rebates and information. I then said "Well, I didn't know I would have to photocopy, take pictures and have actual hard evidence of my entitled rebates... I had no idea I would be swindled twice now!"

So there is no resolution. This was the answer I was given and supposed to accept. I am now going through the Better Business Bureau to see what can be done to this company. It is so far beyond the money aspect... It's the lack of business ethics and CUSTOMER service. The fact it took almost 2 months to receive a call is ridiculous and even more so that nothing was probably ever brought to the manager or employee's attention. DO NOT BUY FROM CIRCUIT CITY!!! I will dedicate the rest of my breathing days enforcing this... They went way too far with this situation.

By -

I purchased a video camera online at the official Circuit City website. Unit arrived but would not load tapes. The error code the unit display was listed in the manual as one the consumer must contact a JVC service provider about. I called customer service number on the shipping package, spoke about the error code, and established that the unit needed to be returned. I was told I would have to wait three days for a shipping label to arrive and to use that to ship the unit back. For faster resolution, I could take it to a local store. This seemed like a good plan and we happily plotted to drive an hour or so to a store later that day.

Nearest store is Decatur, 58 miles, hence the need to have ordered online in the first place. Second closest is Fairview Heights, which is easier to drive to. Called this store and was told it is no longer in stock and has been discontinued. After calls to all stores within 150 miles, we learned it is DISCONTINUED and will not be restocked anywhere. So the product I bought less than a week ago online is already not carried in stores and not available for exchange anywhere in this state or neighboring ones. That information was not available at my time of purchased online, nor told to me on my first customer service call.

Not yet discouraged, I called the Fairview Heights store and asked for a refund if I can't get an immediate exchange, and was told there would be a 15% RESTOCKING FEE for open items returned for refund. I understand that is store policy, but this item is defective and not currently in stock and not going to be restocked since it has been discontinued and isn't functioning properly.

So I pay them to restock what, exactly? I was told this was policy; if the box is open, we forfeit 15%. They ship me a bad product, charge me for the shipping of this bad product - I spend the gas money to drive it to the store for refund because exchange is not possible, and they keep 15%?

When I asked the person if this sounds fair, to buy online and lose 15% plus shipping plus gas, he said that if I wanted the full refund, I could drive to their store and buy a more expensive camcorder with the full "in-store credit" for the returned unit! Ship a faulty product to a consumer, and when the consumer shows up at a store with a unit bought less than a week ago, the choices are to spend more to get a more expensive camcorder that works, or face losing 15% of your money for nothing if you want a refund. Isn't that a twisted bait and switch??

This was not satisfactory to me, as I will not only be out the original express shipping costs, but gas to drive the 118 miles round trip and more money for a unit I didn't order in the first place. And even if I did make the drive, I now cannot have my full money back for services and goods NOT provided to me by this company - I can only have a percentage back. I asked to speak with a supervisor to see if this was truly happening.

I was being transferred to the manager and then disconnected, so I called back. I was subsequently made to repeat the problem 8 more times to 8 different people - most of whom did not understand why I didn't want to come to the store and lose 15% and gas money for being shipped a bad product, like it was my fault. They all said if the product was open, I had to pay the 15% restocking fee for the broken, discontinued item - no exceptions.

I cannot recoup the express shipping fees which I paid in good faith for what I thought was a quality product delivered in a timely manner. I lose 15% plus shipping because they deliver a bad product? And no one seems to understand my problem with this? I asked to speak with a supervisor in charge.

The 9th person I spoke with only gave a first name, which I stated on an earlier form, and said he was not required to give a last name. I was told that shipping it back to them and waiting for them to ship a replacement would be the only way to get that unit replaced without monetary loss on my part, but I would have to wait three days for their shipping label to arrive, and they would not ship a replacement until they received my product.

This was a solid solution, with one exception. I asked if this was tracked shipping to guarantee that they receive my product, and was told it is NOT. SO WHAT IS TO PROTECT ME FROM FURTHER LOSS DUE TO THEIR MISTAKES AND NEGLIGENCE?

Because trust with this company is now a HUGE issue, since they have had my money for a week and do not seem to care that I do not have in hand a working product, and still have no idea when I will get a working product. I asked if I could get a FULL monetary refund instead of product replacement if I shipped the defective item right back to them. I was told they STILL keep 15% restocking fee for all open items. Ship me a bad product AND don't have to provide a full refund because I opened the box to see if it worked? Unbelievable. I asked if he had a supervisor and he said he "did not". Also unbelievable.

I asked what I needed to do to return the product with proof of receipt to protect myself from further loss so I could at least get my product and be done with this rotten service. I was told that for additional charges to my credit card AT MY FURTHER expense, I could ship the item with tracking for my own peace of mind. And I will.

So I am now: 1) Paying shipping fees x2 for a product that should only have been shipped once. 2) Eventually receiving a product I would not have purchased in the first place if I knew it was being discontinued and IMPOSSIBLE to exchange in any store within 150 miles less than one week after I purchased it. (No one said "it will be in stock next week, or next month". They said "discontinued" and "out of stock and will not be in stock". The website did not say this at all. It said "sale".)

3) The fact that they can legally keep 15% to sell a person a defective product, then charge us upon return to "restock" something broken and discontinued and "not going to be in stock"... How is that even remotely legal or honest business practice? Charge me more because they sold me a bad unit?? That's exactly what they did!

What is to keep them from continuing to sell and ship a percentage of defective products and keeping 15% under the guise of restocking fees? They are taking our money for nothing, and not providing the goods as promised. How can they restock an item that is broken and discontinued, anyway?

My point is that I paid for a product that does not function and to get one that does, they are making me pay even more when it is their error, their mistake. They tried to get me to buy a more expensive product and forget this one, saying I could buy a product of equal or greater value and knowing there were no models of equal value, which is good salesmanship but rotten customer service and not good business ethics. I wonder how many people fell for this trick and shelled out an additional $75 to $120.

And the question on a larger scale is this: WHO OR WHAT is to stop them from knowingly shipping or selling and reselling a percentage of their defective products, raking in the 15% of that because no one knows the product is defective unless you open the box (because they only give full refund on unopened items), and taking our money for nothing????

This is an unfair business practice to charge 15% on all opened items, even defective ones. We do not know it's defective unless we open it. Tracked return shipping should be provided AT THEIR EXPENSE, not mine, when the product is not available in stores anymore and they ship the consumer a defective unit.

Online sales should clearly state that a unit is being discontinued, WHEN it is being discontinued, and should clearly state when online items will not be available for in store exchange if the unit is defective so the buyer can make an educated decision regarding level of service in case of unfortunate scenarios such as this one.

So my complaint is that they took my money and haven't provided a product, won't provide one unless I ship the defective one back, won't pay for tracked shipping which in this case would be more than prudent, can't give me an exchange in any store within 150 miles unless I buy a more expensive unit, and want to keep 15% restocking fee to restock a product that has been discontinued if I want my money back instead of waiting indefinitely for an untracked camcorder to show up by mail.

How can it be legal to ship a defective product and then keep 15% when people try to get a refund for the defective unit because we opened the box???? The exchange promise is useless when there are no units available for exchange so soon after purchase, making in-store credit translate into the classic bait and switch. Warn everyone: Buyers beware at Circuit City online!

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