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Warranty Rip Off
By -

YORK, PENNSYLVANIA -- I am a fifteen year old girl. My parents got me a laptop computer from Circuit City for my Confirmation in March of 2006. Along with the purchase of the laptop, my parents also bought a three year warranty that extended onto the one year manufacture warranty. Shortly after receiving laptop, I had begun to experience troubles with it. Acer did a diligent job as to fixing it except for there was several scratches on the screen when returned. These scratches were not that bad so we didn't bother with following up on it.

Later on, my one year warranty with them expired and my two year warranty with Circuit City took into effect. Earlier this year, I started to notice that my laptop was beginning to overheat. It eventually got so bad, that the computer would shut down so that the CPU chip wouldn't be destroyed. My parents and I called Circuit City to have them take a look at it. My mother was on the phone with them for several hours before anybody would even agree to allow us to send it in.

Despite our efforts, we received the laptop three or so weeks later with a letter saying that they are refusing to fix it because there were scratches on the screen, and something was broken where the charger is supposed to be plugged in. This upset us for several different reasons. First of all, the scratches on the screen would have had nothing to do with the fact that the computer was overheating. It was irrelevant. Second, when we sent it in, nothing was broken other than the overheating. The battery and the charger were working perfectly fine. That problem somehow occurred while the computer was in their possession.

This had greatly upset my parents and me. They spent around $1000 on the laptop and the warranty but Circuit City was refusing to do anything about it. Unsure of what to do, my dad and I went into our local Circuit City to see if somebody could possibly help us. One of the workers said that they would themselves and get back to us in a few days.

When they did, we were once again told that it is our fault for all of those problems and they won't fix anything until we get the scratches and the plug repaired. They also told us that we should have bought accident insurance, which we were never offered to begin with. Then again, there was no accident. The fan in the computer is being faulty and causing it to overheat so much that it just shuts off.

Because of all of this, I now do not have a laptop and my parents basically wasted over $1000 plus hours of their time. With the holidays coming up, I know that many children will be asking their parents for electronics, maybe even laptops, and I would like to warn everybody about what had happened to us. It is devastating that such a well-known company would treat some of their customers like that. We used to always buy our electronics from Circuit City but we will no longer be going back.

Circuit City Refuses to Refund Money for brand new, but Defective Laptop.
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CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- Customer Support - Thank you for your time. I'm writing your company today because of a very frustrating experience I have just had with one of your stores in the Concord, New Hampshire. The store in question is: Circuit City 270 Loudon Road, Concord NH 03301. The person I dealt with was **. I was told she was the “manager or floor manager” and “CSA Lead”. Make/Model: Toshiba Satellite laptop model A105. Ticket Number: **. Purchase Price: $999.99 - Payment Method: Credit Card.

My complaint: Last night on 2/23/06 I purchased a new Toshiba Satellite model A105. After plugging the unit in, I noticed that the battery charge light would not come on. The battery did not appear to be charging at all. After attempting charge it all night the battery would still not charge. This morning I brought the unit to the same store I purchased it from. The technician on duty, named ** was very helpful. He investigated the laptop and agreed that the unit was defective. I then traded the defective unit in for the last unit of this make and model the store had on hand and brought it to the office.

Once I arrived at our office I found that this second laptop of the same make and model was also not working properly. It would not charge the battery. No charge light would come on etc. I then went back to the store for the third time. I then spoke with the same technician and after spending 30-45 minutes in the store we came to the conclusion that this laptop was defective and would not charge the battery properly. I was then told that they did not have any more of that unit in stock.

After spending 4 hours of my time on 2 different defective computers of the same make and model I had lost all faith in that product. I then asked for a refund of my money. The person I dealt with **, refused to refund the purchase price. I asked to speak with the manager and she told me that she was a manager and refused to tell me how I could contact her superior. She implied that she was in charge and that no one else would do anything.

To recap my experience with this store and manager thus far: Within the last 24 hours I have purchased 2 computers from your company. Both from the very same store, both the same make/model. Store personnel have tested both units and the batteries on multiple computers and found the computers to be defective.

I have been denied a full refund even though both computers were defective. The best the manager ** would offer me was to keep $150.00 of my money for all my trouble and give me $850.00 back. Is that legal? How on earth can you be charged a restocking fee for a defective item? Do they pass the same broken laptop around to multiple customers for $150 a pop each?

After the store's refusal to refund my money I then contacted your Corporate Support office via phone. After talking to many many people and explaining the situation in detail numerous times the Corporate Support person contacted your store and attempted to negotiate a full refund of my purchase price (escalated reference #**). The "floor manager", I assume ** still “refused” to refund my money.

I have now lost all faith in your Concord area store and the Manager/CSA Leader **. If ever there was a time for a company to have offered good customer service this was it and your company failed me completely. More insulting is your managers refusal to honor a corporate decision and refund my money - this leaves me at a loss. I find it hard to believe that Circuit City's policy is to restock items that are known to be defective and charge their customers for defective items. I believe that this terrible incident could have been avoided had your Concord Store manager acted with common sense and decency.

I'm hoping that your company can step up and do the right thing here. Please contact me as soon as possible regarding this matter. I am submitting a copy of this letter to both the New Hampshire Attorney General's Office and the New Hampshire Better Business Bureau. Thank you for your time.

Fraud And The Worst Customer Service Ever!
By -

CALUMET CITY, ILLINOIS -- I have been Circuit City customer for many years and never had to return anything before, but today I was trying to return the product and had the worst experience in my life and the first complaint I had to write and call about the store's customer service. I purchased a Portable DVD player online Order# **, got a great deal, but made a mistake not researching the product before my purchase. The sound of the unit was horrible - basically you couldn't hear much, especially in the car and even with Bose headphones. Your website has several customer reviews that say the same thing.

So for that reason, I went to Circuit City in Calumet City, IL to return the product and it took me almost 2 hours (12:15 pm-2:05 pm) to do so due to the poor customer service provided by a manager **. She explained that there is 15% restocking fee, which really surprised me since the unit was defective and not working properly. I agreed to exchange to another DVD player (Philips 10.2" Portable DVD Player), but the store price was $259.99. I checked the price online right away and it was on sale for $229.99, however Ms. ** said that she cannot match online prices. I admit I was not happy and agitated about that.

Furthermore, Ms. ** said that there was nothing she can do and proceeded to make the circus out of the whole situation. She turned on the unit that I was returning, and walked away without a saying a word where she was going. I had to wait half an hour before she returned, explaining she was with another customer; even I was already there for at least an hour, with my six year old who was patiently waiting. After she came back, she said that there was nothing wrong with the sound, but other customer had to agreed with me, that she couldn't hear anything either. Ms. ** implied that I might have a hearing problem, which was totally out of line.

After she took the DVD player and charged me 15% restocking fee, she proceeded wishing me "Merry Christmas and Have a Nice day" in the very very loud voice and the snippy attitude. The whole situation was not very pleasant and I'm sure other customers around me didn't appreciate that either. She also made sure that she had someone to back her up with her story. She looked at another employee and making it loud and clear to her, that she was with another customer. I'm sure the poor girl has no choice but to “comply” with her manager.

I hope, I can get my 15% restocking fee, but, if it's too complicated, I don't think I would go broke over it. Even if I get a refund, I don't think myself, or any of my family members will be shopping at the Circuit City stores anymore. I just cannot believe that you can go shopping and get humiliated like that, not to mention during the holiday season.

Protection Plan Rip-off Circuit City
By -

OHIO -- Protection Plan Rip-off on my Sony 60" SXRD - Considering buying that expensive advantage protection plan? I bought one for $549.99 for my Sony SXRD 60" television 6 months ago and let me tell you what has happened so far. Worth the read as I'm sure they will dismiss the next person (could be you) the same way!

For 3 months the set worked perfectly, then would not turn on one day - called the 888-333-2333 # for the protection plan and 2 days later a local repair shop called to set up an appointment to come fix it - and they did fix it on the spot. Installed a new fan within about 1 hour and everything was running great again. At this point I was pretty glad I shelled out that extra $549 + tax for the warranty as this was handled quickly and smoothly.

4 weeks later same problem occurred. This time it will have to go into the shop for further diagnostic testing. Took quite a bit longer this time; from the time I called the number to the time I had a working set back in my house it was 2 and a half weeks. This time they replaced that same fan again with a few other parts as well.

3 weeks later and the same problem. Now I'm looking in my $549.99 advantage plan handbook for the number once again and I see no-lemon-guarantee - replacement with 3rd failure. I sure feel like I have a "lemon" with this set so once again I call the number - this time to report that it is the 3rd failure (within 3 months!) and I would like it replaced just like the Protection Plan states they will honor upon the 3rd failure. The phone rep puts in the request for the replacement and says I should be getting a phone call within 2 days...

I do eventually get a call from them and the woman on the phone states that this does not qualify for replacement as it has only been repaired one time. I tell her this is inaccurate - it has been fixed twice by the same shop and that I have my documentation from both repairs to prove it. She says she will call the repair shop to verify and then call me back. I never get a call back.

The next day I call the repair shop myself to see if they were contacted by Circuit City about the matter and they confirm that someone called them to verify both repairs which they did verify for them. After this phone call I think everything is taken care of and wait one more day for the woman to call me back like she said. Still no phone call...

Nearly a week later from that initial phone call to report the 3rd failure I decide it will be necessary to call the 888-233-3333 number again to see exactly what is going on. The phone rep reads me word for word the notes on their screen and informs me that the case was declined and closed earlier that morning as there were not 2 repairs made (according to their database). She says I will need to talk to the person in charge of the case to find out the reason why and gives me an 800 number with the woman's extension.

At this point I'm starting to get very upset - 6 months into a $549.99 warranty that the sales person was very insistent that I buy. I take a deep breath and dial the 800 number and enter her extension. Voice Mail - Figures. I leave a message and my number. No call back. The following day I call again and leave 2 more messages. No return call. The next day I call once more and leave a message stating the urgency to at least have the courtesy to return my calls. No response, no call back, nothing after 3 days of leaving messages.

Now I am not sure what to do with a 6 month old, broken $3,200 set and the $549.99 warranty purchased with it. So I reluctantly call the store where I bought it from - knowing very well they will just try to refer me to the 888-233-3333 number for the Protection Plan. They re-submit a replacement request and still no answer back from them. Just wanted to share my experience with the "Protection Plan" from Circuit City so you will know what to expect if you ever have to use it.

Bad Customer Experience
By -

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- I need to let you know that I am VERY dissatisfied with the customer service I received from your store in Madison, TN this morning. I'll start by saying that the store manager, **, stuck with the company policies to the letter. But he totally violated the spirit of your claims of total customer satisfaction at the risk of losing a loyal customer forever.

Specifically, I returned an LG LGDVT418 home theater system to the Madison store this morning, July 6, '06. Initially, I was told to pick another system for exchange and I could in and out in 5 minutes with a new system - thanks to my purchase of the Advantage Protection Plan. Great! This is how customer service is supposed to work. Shortly the customer service agent found me and let me know that my system would need to be sent off for service. I could upgrade to a more expensive system ($50 out of my pocket), but Circuit City would not allow me to exchange my system for one which would have cost them $5.

I found that to be a ridiculous proposition. I explained to the customer service agents that I would be a really satisfied customer if I could simply take home the system which was $5 less expensive. Mr. **, the store manager, was summoned, and though I know he could have authorized an exchange (one of the CS agents said, "Do you think ** will go for it?" To another when I proposed the best solution), he refused to do so.

PLEASE UNDERSTAND: To save a mere $5, Circuit City is forcing me to return home with no home theater, 3 useless tower speakers (the amplifier, subwoofer, center speaker, and one broken speaker tower), and a large, ugly, bulky box which will take up a lot of real estate in my living room for at least 10 days or more. This is ultimately futile, for I have absolute faith that when the defective system is evaluated, it will be determined that a new system should be exchanged.

And what if it is repaired? I'll have to go pick it up, unpack it, install and wire it, and (let's assume that it works OK at first) hope it doesn't go haywire again. If (and when) it does, I'll have to pack it up, load it into the car, return to the store for some of that great customer service that I had the last time.

In my 7 years in customer service at [previous employer's name, a leading musical instrument manufacturer] and other businesses, I came to KNOW that great customer service meant providing an extra measure of service and appreciation to the customer after the sale. Doing so ensures the customer will return and spend even more money in the future. Mr. ** demonstrated that his notion of customer service is "My way or the highway, and take your large, ugly boxes with you.” Unless I was willing to pay $50 more. But as I said, he was sticking to the company line.

IT IS TO BE DETERMINED WHAT YOUR TRUE ATTITUDE TOWARDS CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ACTUALLY IS. I expect a successful resolution within 5 days. You have my email, claim number, and telephone number. I've posted an exact copy of this email on where perhaps thousands of others will be interested to hear of the service I received. I would sincerely love to report that I am once again a happy consumer. The ball is in your court. I don't complain much, really, but this is ridiculous. I'll let you know what they do.

Circuit City charges 15% for the return of DEFECTIVE electronics
By -

FRAMINGHAM, MASSACHUSETTS -- I had a nearly identical experience as another person posting here, over just the last 2 or 3 weeks. I Purchased a brand new laptop (Compaq Presario, V5101US) and within two weeks found it to be defective with a problem with the caps lock function. When caps lock was enabled, the pc would display lower case, and when caps lock was disabled, the pc would display upper case. Just the opposite of the way it's supposed to work. It did this intermittently of course - it couldn't just fail outright. That would be too easy.

For background info, I'm a technical manager and regularly repair analytical x-ray instrumentation costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. I've used pc's in advanced capacity for a couple decades now. The point I'm trying to make, is that I'm not a kid who doesn't know what they're doing. When I saw it happen, I was careful to try several things while I could, to see if I could figure anything out. Well I couldn't. The problem just sort of went away as mysteriously as it had appeared.

I'm not willing to accept a new pc with a potential defect, so I returned to the store, and exchanged it for another of the same model. While there, they gave me the hard sell on extended warranty protection, and since I had the initial problem, I thought, OK - I'll buy it and at least think about keeping the protection just in case. Now does this sound like the action of a man who is buying and returning pc's for fun?

Anyway, the second laptop exhibited the same keyboard problem within about 3 days. Extended warranty or not, I no longer had any faith in that laptop or in the stores ability to deliver a trouble free computer. I contacted the store, and tried to locate a manager. My best efforts failed, and I could only seem to get one of their "leads" on the phone. He said he was busy, and would get back to me. Well he called back once to tell me he was still busy. Then I never heard from him again.

We then took the problem to corporate, assuming that surely they would do something to make this right. No such luck. They would not take me/us at our word with regard to the problems, but after several conversations over two days they finally called the store to tell them if we brought it in, and IF they could locate a problem, they should refund our credit card in total. I knew where this was going...

I took it back to the store, knowing in my gut that the problem wouldn't reproduce at will. It happened only a couple times while we had it, so I knew it wouldn't happen in the store for them. I took it in anyway, figuring they MUST have some diagnostics to run on it??? The pc tech looked at the drivers list, saw there were none flagged with an exclamation mark, and typed on the keyboard for about 5 minutes, with no symptoms exhibited. Some diagnostics eh?

So guess what? They wouldn't budge. They charged me $98 for the privilege of buying their two defective laptops. Not only that, but they're convinced nothing is wrong with it, so I'm sure they'll put it on the shelf and sell it to some other poor soul who will have to go through the same thing.

I understand a stores reluctance to accept open electronics as returns. I understand the desire to charge restocking in certain cases. If someone receives a gift, and wants to return it, fine charge a fee, but to charge customers who are returning expensive and defective product is ludicrous.

I'm embarking on a campaign to make as much noise against this store as I can possibly make. I cannot believe they get away with this sort of policy. From the looks of postings I see on this site and others, they won't get away with it for long. If anyone has looked into class action against them, I'd sure like to hear about it. Fighting-Back.

Phony Rebates/Prices Listed By Circuit City
By -

On February 10, 2006, I purchased an Acer Aspire notebook, ACA AS5004WLMI from Circuit City's Website. When I was shopping on that date, February 10, there was a Circuit City rebate (not a manufacturer rebate) listed, which Circuit City incorporated into the price, which they listed with the rebate as $899.99. I was charged $1199.99 and told to submit the requisite rebate documents, which I did in a timely fashion.

Since I have been advised in the past on previous rebates by Circuit City that my rebate forms “got lost in the mail”, I spent $20 or so to send the materials to Circuit City in expedient fashion as well as to procure a receipt of redemption from the Postal Service.

After weeks of checking online to see if my rebate was received, there was no information found on the Rebate section of Circuit City's Website. When I contacted 1-877-224-8966, I was dismissively told that the rebate might be “lost in the mail.”

However, on March 25, 2006, I received a letter from Circuit City informing me that my $300 rebate was denied due to “invalid purchase date.” After numerous phone calls to the 877-224-8966 number, after numerous disconnects, after numerous hostile, wholly disinterested call center agents, I was told that the $300 rebate was only valid on the product from January 20 through January 28. One call center representative told me that I could be “trying to scam” the rebate. At this point, this matter became not only criminal; it took on a personal nature for me.

I do not know whether Circuit City deliberately defrauds customers with imaginary rebate offers or whether the January rebate was erroneously left up on the Website when I purchased the product in February. Either way I am legally due the $300. When I asked a Rebate call center representative to investigate the Website rebate history (if the $300 rebate offer was left up erroneously), he simply dismissed the matter and advised me to take it up with Customer Service and hung up on me.

When I did contact Customer Service at 1-800-843-2480, an agent named ** was very helpful and did attempt to apply rebate(s) to the product. However, after contacting the Rebate department, she only could provide a $150 rebate - meaning that I am still due $150.

This matter is so blatantly incendiary and I feel that Circuit City may be engaged in premeditated fraud if they are deliberately listing their products with nonexistent rebate offers. At best, they are obviously incompetent for leaving up expired rebate offers and being flippant and dismissive when a customer inquires about such matters. This is tantamount to being charged $900 for an advertised product, and then weeks later, being charged an additional $300 and being told that the $900 price was simply not valid. I am beyond disgust at Circuit City.

Over several years, I have estimated that I have spent between $5000-10000 on products from Circuit City. Conversely, I have been given a similar “red herring” when it has come to prior rebates. However, on this occasion, this is wholly a Circuit City rebate and there is no discrepancy this time as to whether materials were “lost in the mail.”

I will pursue this matter vigorously from hereon in. As a matter of principle, I am steadfast and unwavering in pursuit of the remaining $150. In addition to filing a complaint with the Consumer Affairs Division of Virginia (Circuit City's headquarters), I also plan on pressing this matter with Iris Taylor of the Richmond Times Dispatch and the Better Business Bureau. I also will go on every message board relative to electronics and relay this experience.

Rebate Woes-Buyer Beware
By -

CEDAR HILL, TEXAS -- While Christmas shopping at Circuit City, I observed a display sign that stated Logitech Webcam Deluxe (normally $79.99) was on sale for $9.99 each. What a bargain! I scooped up 3 for gifts and headed for the cash register. At the check-out, the total was over $180! I asked for the manager and pointed out the display sign that clearly said nothing about rebate. The manager stood firm and I would have to pay the actual sale price of $59.99 and get the rebate. After thinking it over, I decided to buy the webcams anyway since it would still be a bargain. I went back to the register and purchased 3 webcams.

Additionally, I questioned the representative about limits to the rebate since I was getting 3. She called over the customer service manager to answer my question. The manager assured me I could get a rebate on all 3, but would need separate receipts, so she refunded my card and charged each webcam separately. I completed the rebates and immediately sent them in with everything needed. Last week I found one rebate was being processed, but the others were showing invalid. I called the rebate line and was told there was a limit of 1 per product type.

After I told the representative what I was told at the store, he spoke to his supervisor (and since I was a valued customer), agreed to pay the other two rebates. I specifically asked him if they were refunding all 3 webcams and I was told yes. Well, OK. Today I receive an email that only 2 rebates are in process. I called the rebate line again and I'm told there are only 2 rebates and I should consider myself lucky because the 2nd one was actually invalid due to the product limit. And by the way, they have no record of the 3rd rebate request. I pointed out the name of the person I spoke with last week and that he assured me I would receive 3 rebates.

The representative stated she only showed 2 requests and suggested I call Circuit City to call in my 3rd rebate. I suggested she transfer me to the person I spoke with last week since he recognized I had 3 rebates last week. I was told, they are not allowed to transfer callers. I asked for a supervisor and after holding 20 minutes, received the same lame responses from him. I feel Circuit City purposely misled me by offering a phony sale. Why would any business leave out important information such as a rebate and product limits from a sale display sign? It should have read "$9.99 after rebate, Limit-one rebate per product type".

There is a big difference between tax on $180 and $30.00 as well. What's worse, I went out of my way to check on limitations and was given misinformation. Who is going to stand at a check out and read that 2 foot long receipt with the rebate wherefore's and whereas'? Now it will be my word against a receipt that states, in writing, rebate product limits. I would recommend using a different store altogether for your electronic needs, but if you chose to shop at Circuit City, buyer beware of sales. The bargain displayed might not be as good as you thought.

Very Unfair Customer Service, Resolution
By -

PHOENIX / TUCSON, ARIZONA -- I had to post this online. I've never done this before but I want to share with the world how bad this company really is. I purchased a laptop back in January not an overly expensive one around $740. I had issues with it when I returned home with it, the display would not come on. I called and they offered a 'free exchange'. I got home with that one, around 3 days later the laptop failed to come on for me. I checked everything, I returned it, they looked it over and said it was a faulty motherboard, again they exchanged it. They offered me yet another free exchange for the same model although it was an open box, it was a returned item, the same day.

I said no and asked my other options, 'you can upgrade by paying the difference'. OK well if that's my only option, sure I can do that (they were friendly, and I figured you get what you pay for). Not the case, several months pass, and my new 9339us laptop fails, the HDD went out, the integrated webcam stopped working (I never knew it was failing until I tried to conference with family back home in the United Kingdom) and the battery lasted about 4 minutes on a full charge, when I fist got this upgrade it lasted about 2.5 hrs.

I called CC and had a total call time since last weds of 8 hours (mostly hold time), then they told me to fax my receipts in, I waited a further 2 days and they told me the laptop was a recall from HP back in June. I was shocked, neither company contacted its buyers. They offered me yet another FREE EXCHANGE although it wasn't free, they liquidized all the Circuit City stores in the Phoenix Metro Valley about 2 weeks ago and my closest store from my house was Tucson (140 miles) or Yuma (160 miles). I agreed to drive down to Tucson where I did the exchange for an equal machine.

6 hours $50 gas later I returned home and found that the wireless and Ethernet card didn't work. I contacted HP and they told me this model was manufactured back in Feb 2007 and was a recalled machine. They said it was CC that had to fix the issue as this machine was 190 days out of warranty anyhow. (How if it was purchased in Jan?), also I come to find the system is a complete downgrade, slower processor, shared ram on the video card and half the memory and HDD space.

I spoke to CC customer care and they put me onto a supervisor her name was Tocorro. She said she is the only supervisor in escalated called department and told me the only resolution was to drive to Tucson again and get an exchange for the same machine (which they no longer carry, it was a recall) or one of lesser value, or I can pay for an upgrade OR get a credit for the one I currently have (I found this one was priced on CC website in the past for $600, that's not what I originally paid). I explained to her that driving 12 hours and spending $100 in gas money wasn't fair because their company had to close every store (20 I believe) in the valley where I live.

I said "you should honor the upgrade or exchange for matching specs on my machine." She said "exchange for the same model, we don't carry it anymore or get one that's worth less money or get your money back as a 'Store Credit'" This is beyond me. Store credit, it's 6 hours away and I don't shop online, when I want something I like to go pick it up.

So because of the mishap of them downgrading me, they offer me the downgraded value in refund by way of 'store credit' and of course $100 in gas, for me to be able to receive that so make my first purchase of $740 now become a $500 credit for fuel charge to myself and a downgraded system. I asked to speak to someone above her and she said 'she is the end of the line in corporate'. Where do I go now?

Circuit City Has The Worst Customer Service Ever!
By -

After reading other reviews for Circuit City on this site I know I'm screwed, they will never do what is right. On August 28, 2008 I finally received the $150.00 in rewards points certificates that I had been waiting 6 weeks for. I went to the South Oklahoma City store (I-240) to purchase the Panasonic camera that we had researched and decided on. Although it was in stock 6 weeks earlier when we ordered our rewards certificates, it was now only available at Circuit

We went home, got on the site and saw that the silver model we wanted was out of stock and had been discontinued. It was still advertised at a special price of $215.00. The black model had also been discontinued but was still available, however the price for it was $265.00. Exact same camera, different color $50.00 more.

I checked competitors sites and most had both in stock with no difference in price. Panasonic and Circuit City's sites showed the same suggested retail for both cameras. I was now irritated that I would have to spend $50.00 more for the purchase, but I noticed that there was a free $100.00 printer included after mail in rebate. This helped to calm me as we needed a printer anyway. We decided to order the camera and printer. I decided to call in the order to the 800 number as I normally get better service ordering from a "human".

I called, began placing the order, and when we got to the payment portion of the call I told the "helpful, friendly product advisor" that I had rewards certificates to redeem. He must have been new, or just didn't want to mess with them because he told me that I could only redeem those in-store or on Circuit myself. Again, I'm miffed. This is becoming an all day event. I hung up, went back to the website and began placing my order.

When I completed the order I realized that I had left the printer off. I immediately (within 5 minutes) called the 800 number again and explained what had happened. The customer service person apologized, told me that the "friendly, helpful..." person should have placed my order, that rewards certificates can in fact be redeemed by phone. However, "the system" would not allow her to correct the problem.

Since the rewards certificates are "one-time" use only, if she cancelled the order I placed and placed a new order with the printer on it I would lose my $150.00. So my options were 1). To not receive the free printer that was advertised with my camera and supposedly a $100.00 value or 2). Lose my $150.00 in rewards certificates.

All of this would not have happened if the "friendly, helpful..." person would have placed the order for me as he should have done. The customer service department is a joke. They blame everything on "the system" and it doesn't matter that it was their phone representative that caused the problem in the first place. I wish that I had read the reviews on Circuit City or checked with the BBB before doing business with them. I have already cut up their credit card and I will never again buy anything, not even a battery from them.

Resolution Update 09/03/2008:

Wow, I on't beleive it! A week later and my problem is resolved. I finally resorted to contacting my local store (I-240) and spoke with Ashley in customer service. I explained my problem to her only once and she understood! Not only did she understand what was wrong, she knew how to fix it. She took my number, said she would call me back and to my amazement she did! Within about 5 minutes! She said everything was taken care of, all I would need to do would be to come in the store and pay for the printer and pick it up. When I arrived there was no wait, no hassle, no rude employees. She had pulled up my original on-line order, added the printer, printed me a receipt which had both the camera and printer on it and had my rebate form ready for me! Her manager Marty was also there and was friendly and helpful. On top of fixing my existing problem, I had found a Sears ad for the same camera for $20.00 less, Marty credited 110% of the difference back to my card. After all I had went through with the 800 number I was amazed at how easy the fix was in the store and how nice the people were that I dealt with. I didn't realize that they would be so eager to help with a problem from an on-line purchase. CC should have these two employees conducting training classes on how to treat customers. They may have saved one here.

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