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Price Switch From Same Day Email
By -

GARRISON, NEW YORK -- I went online Saturday and tried to purchase a Sony laptop that was on sale for $749.99. No matter how I tried to check out even though the item showed available for pick up in the store I was not able to get through the check out process. After trying to call and being stuck in the "automated loop" I finally gave up.

Lo and behold in my email on Sunday afternoon comes an email from Circuit City that I had left something in my cart that they were holding for me and there was the laptop with the $749.99 price and a link to buy it now! I thought great, it's in stock, I'll click through and buy it and be done. NOT!!! I clicked through and the price was now $849.99. A $100 jump. I rechecked the email date and it was from Sunday, March 2. The very same day I clicked on the link.

Thinking there had to be an error, I once again called customer service and this time talked to a representative and told them that I got the email today but the price was different on the site. She told me she couldn't help me and routed me to another representative who told me she couldn't help me. When I told her this was deceptive advertising all she said was that my call was being recorded. I told her "good because this is against the law... You sent me the email, I didn't ask for the email and I expect the right price, not to mention all the minutes I just burned up on my cell getting shuttled around." She just said "sorry" and transferred me.

The best part, I got transferred back to the loop and got to retell my story. She told me there's nothing they could do. My response is that there is something they could do... Give me the price you emailed me with and now give me a discount for all the aggravation and time that you've wasted. Needless to say, Circuit city will be the last place I'll shop for anything. Dishonest advertising is NOT a joke, it's against the law and I will be sending a letter to the attorney general.

Maybe some people will be talked into spending more the next day but I truly think this is an outrageous marketing ploy and I for one think whoever is in charge of this division should get an email for one price for something he wants and then be told "NO WAY, you have to pay full price." There's definitely something wrong with this marketing ploy.

Circuit City Advantage Protection Plan-Assurant
By -

ORANGE BLOSSOMTRL., FLORIDA -- I purchased a Hp Laptop at the Sarasota Circuit City store in Oct of 2006. I also purchased the laptop accidental protection program at $400. The salesman told me if anything happened to this laptop, they will give me a new one with similar specification or cash. He even said if I want to change a new laptop, just crash this one. The laptop I got had small crack on the screen, but I have too much work relay on the laptop that I don't want to send to the technician for couple weeks. And then the laptop battery starting to have problem, it can only last for 30 minutes with full battery.

I went to Circuit City Firedog department, and they said going to order a new battery for me. The second battery is no better, but I decided to save the hassles- use my laptop with the power cord connected. After couple months, the sound system will shut off itself. Sometimes I worked out my laptop to get a cup of water, when I came back, it has no sound at all. However, it not extremely bothers me until the laptop repeatedly shut itself off after a short time of being on. So I went to the Circuit City again and told them all the problems.

They called me after a week, I missed the call, so I just stop by the Ciruit City. They told the laptop was just shipped out this morning from the CiruitCity. I was furiously that why took so long to shipped. So I called the department, all they told me is “ this is not supposed take so long, the ship box should arrived 1or 2 business day". I guess I know how the Circuit City Works. When I got my laptop back, was already 2 weeks after. I was happy when the Firedog staff told me the screen was replaced and they replaced the hard drive, but I was so mad that I opened my laptop, the crack was still there.

Obviously, they didn't fix my laptop. I walked back and asked the staff what's going on. He said that he just read off from the paper, and then I showed him the crack, he simply said: “they lied!” What I supposed to do?Insurance doesn't covered lie. I was so mad but I definitely don't want those technician liars to work on my laptop again, besides I have a lot of work to catch on due to the laptop fix. I went home to double check the window is work. Unfortunately, the laptop has no sound at all, and the window not working properly.

I called the Ciruit City again, and they told me to call Assurant. I called and told them everything, and they want to sell me the window start copy?! Can you believe that??? They don't want to fix my laptop, and they want to make more money!!! What I paid for the accidental plan? I don't understand anymore. I can't explain how mad I was, but I definitely won't pay a penny to them. I decide do it myself. Because If I send my laptop to them, will be the same result, nothing is fixed and wasting my precious time. I re-installed the Windows, have my IT friend to look at for me.

Then the laptop give me peace for couple months until recently (Jan.2008) start to automatically shut off again. It really gives a lot of headache. My nieces came to my place to visit me, accidentally spill some water on the laptop. I was sad but happy, because that means I can finally get a new one! As I heard, water damage is hard to recover. So I returned the laptop, and it took them 3 weeks to decide to give me a new one- New Refurbished laptop and only has 90 days warranty or I can choose $679 Ciruit City gift card.

I was speechless... the laptop I bought was $850 after discount, and I also spent $400 for the plan. Now, I got refurbished laptop??? Or $679 (can't buy anything decent or even the same one). I asked the Assurant staff if that possible get a laptop that is not Refurbished. The warranty company told me they were NOT part of Circuit City and that their name is Assurant Solutions. They only have few option which is Refurbished. I feel my blood is rushing to my head, I want to real this, and hopefully no body will get into the same trap again.

I swear I will never purchase from Circuit City again. $400 wasted, much dishonesty from Circuit City and their employees. I wish I had known before purchasing from Circuit City. And certainly I would never purchase a HP again. This has been too much and such a waste of time and money.

Extended Warranties And Circuit City
By -

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND -- I purchased my Panasonic 52" DLP from Circuit City in Baltimore, MD three years ago. At the time this puppy was just short of three grand so when the salesman offered an extended warranty that would cover ALL repairs in-house for just 600 bucks I thought this was a bargain.

In retrospect not only was the warranty a rip-off, their "highly trained and professional" customer service department should be boiled in oil for what happened when an issue did arise. A call was made to me by a member of CC's sales staff just prior to my warranty expiring. During that conversion I reported to him that I had a dead pixel on the set and would like to place a warranty repair request.

To his credit he provided me with a service ticket number and said I would be contacted on Monday by a company called B&K Electronics of Towson, MD. to a setup an appointment. I asked that they contact me on my cellphone and provided the number.

Monday came and went and no was received. I came home Monday night to find that the call had been placed to my home number. I attempted to contact the above company directly and was unable to get a call through having been disconnected twice, put on hold twice and being left on hold three additional times.

On Wednesday I was finally able to get through but was told their appointment software was "down!!" Finally an appointment was scheduled on Friday for the following Friday. They refused to provided a more clearly defined appt time other than "some time between 9 and 5".

My wife took a day off from work to accommodate their lack of service and as you might expect the service people appeared after 4 PM. The service person walked in and as reported saw the dead pixel on my screen and said, "The TV needs a new projection chip to correct the problem, we'll have to make another appt to come pick up the TV." I don't claim to be a rocket scientist but if a customer reports a dead pixel the repair company should know right away that this isn't a home repairable issue.

I called Circuit City's consumer warranty line and was told that they need to pick the TV on a second trip, (forcing either myself or my wife to take yet another day to accommodate an issue that they should have realized was going to need a pickup right way) was my problem not Circuit City's.

I tried to explain that between the wife and I the cost of having to take what would now be a total of three days to accommodate an issue that should have been addressed and the TV taken in on the first trip was not their problem. I requested to speak to a supervisor and was told that I was speaking to the highest person in the food chain and was refused a higher authority to speak with to address my issues of time and professional service expectations.

I have to say that having spent what I did on the TV and the warranty I would have expected professionalism and a level of courtesy consummate with the cost. What I was confronted with a surely, unprofessional, rude phone rep who had no interest in seeing that was taken care of or my issues addressed in a timely and professional manner.

Why should I be subjected to the loss of three vacation days and the money this represents after having already spent 600 dollars on their extended warranty. The total of which by the way would amount to 300 dollars less than the purchase price of a new unit.

As a toy junkie and first adopter of new technologies I can promise you that I will no longer do business with Circuit City having been treated in such a manner. I could have purchased the TV for less at Best Buy or on-line but opted to purchase from Circuit City after working with a salesman there who seemed genuine and interested in my needs.

What I've discovered is that what they show you before the money is extricated from your wallet and what they will do to you as a consumer after the fact are two different different subjects. As a household our annual income is 8X the national average (do the math) and my wife and I have no children. I love my electronics and with no kids between me and the toys I buy what I want when I want it. Circuit City you have lost a customer who over the last 5 years has spent well in excess of nine grand on computers (2), laptops (2) three printers, surround sound amp, the TV, not to mention countless DVD's, CD's etc., etc., etc.

Before you purchase a major appliance of any kind at CC do yourself a favor and consider not buying it from a company who has no interest in supporting the warranty they claim will provide you within-home bumper to bumper coverage. Their promises come with a hidden cost of YOUR time and money in the form of poor service and a total disregard for the time we as consumers have to spend working to get the time off they demand of you to provide their idea of service. Thanks, but no thanks. I'll be spending my money at Best Buy in the future.

Circuit City Online Ordering & Customer Service
By -

CIRCUITCITY.COM -- I want to add to group of people that have found out that Circuit City (CC) customer service is terrible. They are terrible and you shouldn't waste your time and money calling them. If you're going to order and have a problem with the order, they'll take your money and you'll have to wait a month before they can cancel your order and return your money.

CC customer service CAN'T TELL YOU ANY MORE THAN WHAT YOU SEE ON THE WEBSITE. Also, they can't even access the FedEx website to realize there is a problem and fix it. I told them the package hasn't shipped since FedEx says "Package data transmitted to FedEx".

CC customer service ranks among the most worthless group I've ever dealt with. I'm surprised CC pays them to tell you the same thing you can find in the online order status page. I have to admit, I didn't expect this type of problem, or I would have used So, unless you are 100% sure you'll get your order from CC, go to

I ordered a package more than a week ago, and it showed up at FedEX as "Package data transmitted to FedEx". It has been sitting at that status for the last week. I figured CC, being a consumer electronic chain and being in an electronic era, I could call their customer service and have them contact the warehouse to check their dock for my package, but all the customer service people could say repeatedly is the item shipped and they cut me off and sent me to FedEx.

I talked to a very nice FedEx rep who clearly stated the package had not been picked up by FedEx, only that the data was transmitted to request pickup. So, I called CC customer service again (irate), and I explained to the next customer service person that the previous person was not helpful and I need them to contact the warehouse in Florida to have them check for the package since it is still sitting on their warehouse dock. I supposed another possibility is CC is lying and took my money and don't have the product.

CC doesn't appear to want to fix problems or keep customers, otherwise they'd have the ability to contact their warehouses to check for packages that FedEx clearly says they haven't received from CC. Also, other companies I've worked with will contact the carrier directly, not just blindly saying like a broken record "The order shipped, our system says the order shipped, our system says the order shipped, etc." I normally won't take time to write reviews, but my experience has been so bad and so frustrating, I had to take the time.

The moral of the story, order from, since it the last ten years that I've ordered from Amazon, I haven't had a single problem. This is my first order from CC, and I already have a problem. If CC was willing to work with it and take the time to contact their warehouse to find the package and actually give it to FedEx, I wouldn't have a problem, but they are telling me I have to wait a month to see if the package comes.

Then, after a month, they can reship or cancel the order, since they can't claim the package as lost until a month after the ship date. I'm not sure why anyone in their right mind would have CC "re-ship" an order since they'd be facing the possibility of waiting another month to cancel the order again.

Customer Service
By -

NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA -- Circuit City has fallen to number 2 behind Best Buy and here is one of the main reason why, customer service. First allow me to say I have been a long time customer of theirs - my dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator, and stove all from them along with my phones, televisions, VCR, DVD and surround sounds. Last year alone I went to their Newport News store and purchased a big screen Sony ($4,300.00), surround sound, two cameras and the new DVD player around ten thousand dollars ($10,000). In June I purchased a HP desktop along with the extended warranty plan.

Being severely disabled I do not work and a computer is essential for me to maintain a contact with the outside world. Almost immediately I had problems and even though I was computer literate I could not resolve the problems. I contacted the store and was told to contact HP's customer service; calling India I found HP's customer service consisted of me restoring the computer to an earlier time. I would explain it had been screwed up from the beginning therefore there was not a good restore point.

I was told by HP'™s India representative that if I did not want to listen they could not help me. This went on for two months when they decided I should do a €œSystem Recovery erasing the hard drive and reinstalling the programs. We did this 6 times with HP's customer service walking me through the procedure, I read them the statement that the one should not reformat the hard drive more than three times and again was told that if I did not want to listen they could not help me.

After reformatting the machine nine times HP had me return the computer to them. This is now August and the computer had never worked. I received the unit back in November only to find it still did not work, but now HP says they found the unit worked and as such it was no longer their problem but Circuit City's. I called Circuit City back and was told they could not refund the unit as I had it too long, I explained I had tried to return it after the first few days and was told I had to contact HP.

Circuit City now told me to contact Microsoft who charged me fifty-nine dollars ($59.00) that ended up being two occasions at a cost of one hundred and eighteen dollars ($118.00) which did not resolve the problem. I went back to the store and was told they had done everything, what did I want?

I explained a computer that worked and was told that their manager Melissa would be in touch; instead a Jason called me and explained they could for a fee have their Fire Dog (customer service) look at it. At this point I wrote their CEO Philip J. Schoonover and store manager Sherita; I never heard from Ms. ** but a Justin from the executive office contacted me stating he had spoken to the store and that the memory had been found to be bad and they were replacing the unit.

Being disabled I asked someone to pick it up and when they attempted to do that the store said they never been told to replace the unit and were going to look at it themselves and would call me within a week. Three weeks later I called and was told they had run a diagnosis program and that the Media Center was corrupt and they had downloaded a new one and the unit was OK. Having the unit picked up, I soon found out the problems were still there and had the unit returned to the store. I then attempted to contact Mr. ** and Ms. **, neither ever called me back.

Later when speaking to Mrs. ** I was told they found that one of the hard drives were corrupt (I notice this when HP returned the unit) and they were going to do a recovery. This was number eleven (11). I read her the statement that one should not reformat the hard drive more than three times, and I was to pick up the unit in a few days. In the meantime the executive offices had called due to my complaining. Mr. ** did not return my calls and instructed me to speak with a Cheryl.

When I spoke to her she told me she would speak to Mr. ** who finally called telling me the store was replacing the unit. When I had someone go to the store again Ms. ** stated no one from the executive office had ever contacted them.

Another party from the executive Office did call the party, picking up the unit the last time and authorized a refund. She had them speak to the sales staff who said they now had the computer repaired would I please try it and if I had any more trouble they would be happy to refund the cost of the computer and extended warranty. Yes, you are correct the unit did not work and when I called the store I was now told they did not know who the sales associate was and that they had done me a favor by trying to fix it. I asked what I was supposed to do now and was told MS. ** or ** would call me back and that was three days ago.

A manifestation of a deeper problem
By -

VIRGINIA -- I am a former employee of Circuit City for over nine years. The recent bankruptcy of Circuit City came to no surprise to me. When I began working for Circuit City in 1984 it was a company that was the epitome of the American dream. Like many other corporations from days gone by the most important commodity of Circuit City were its employees. Not upper management, and not the dollar. As a result the dollars came for Circuit City and they came big.

I remember in days gone by Circuit City were closed Sundays and Mondays, had a nationwide company picnic that was completely paid for by Circuit City, a kick off party in which the store closed for its employees, and gave literally thousands of dollars worth of electronics to its employees that included big screen TV's, stereo systems, as well as monetary prizes. Over and above all this, its employees were well rewarded financially for good customer service, performance, as well as sales incentives. From my understanding the years previous were even better.

I can even remember attending a sales meeting discussing an up and coming electronics company named Best Buy. How that they would never be any real competition for Circuit City. Somewhere between the early years and the last 25 years however Circuit City lost the vision that the employees are the bread and butter of an organization not upper management. I can still remember when Circuit City offered good health benefits, paid sick leave, and a good retirement program.

Unfortunately I can also remember when I noticed the company began its downward journey to its current demise. It started with the stores being open seven days a week as opposed to five. Then the next thing to go was the company picnics, the kick off parties and sales incentives became stingy-er and stingy-er. Then in a few short years I noticed that store supervisors and employees that were just several years from collecting on their retirement had been terminated for what seemed to be unsubstantiated reasons.

Furthermore as new employees were hired they were not offered the same incentives or pay as those that were currently employed. Then as years went by the product knowledge, and the sales training program for new hires went from several weeks to several days.

The manifestation of this downhill slide is Bankruptcy. The deeper problem is the same the nation over. The lack of vision for a greater community, and country for the "middle class" worker has turned to the turning over of a quick buck for the CEO's.

Scammed By Circuit City
By -

TEMPLE, TEXAS -- I then went to my local Circuit City in Harker Heights Texas and was told by the girl at the door who I had to wait to get off her cell phone making dinner plans that "Circuit City sells all items to a liquidator and I have to contact the liquidator to find out why it is reported stolen." I asked did she know how I would find out the contact information to the liquidator. "How would I know that information? Do I look like a phone book," is the response I got.

I then requested to speak to the manager and was told, "They are all unavailable for such a stupid reason... You need to deal with Virgin Mobile... You are probably not wanting to deal with them 'cause you knew the item was stolen and now you don't want it." My husband at that time, got very angry. He asked 2 other people in the store to speak with the manager and was told by them that the managers were busy and we needed to call the 800# or deal with Virgin Mobile. I have never in my life been treated in such a manner by anyone.

I have called and spoke with the 800# representative. The last representative I spoke with was friendly and said she was sorry for what happen when I asked for the 800# for the complaint line. She said she would document the information under the case number already on file. And I needed to call back on Monday to speak with a supervisor in the Richmond or Richland office... She said she was sorry but their office was closed and wouldn't be open until Monday.

I said "I would call back on Monday and speak with the supervisor. I would like for someone to find out how it is possible that I purchased something from one of your stores, with a receipt that shows I paid for it and it is reported stolen by the Virgin Mobile company.

This was a Christmas present for my daughter who I had to go out and buy another phone so that she was able to actually have the only present she asked Santa for. I feel insulted, cheated, and belittle by not only the first 2 reps I spoke with at the 800#, but the people at the store in Circuit City in Harker Heights.

Circuit City in Portage, MI
By -

PORTAGE -- On Tuesday, January 20th "Saw V" was released at a sales price of $14.99. I called the store 3 times to see if the store had received the DVD as planned. No one at the store ever picked up the phone so I had to make the drive to the store. I couldn't find an employee close by so I decided the try to find the DVD without assistance. I didn't find the DVD so I set out to find someone to help me. I asked for help and a nice young man went to check the computer to see if "Saw V" was checked in and the quantity.

Together we looked for the DVD again, with the help of a young female I had a "Saw V" in hand and was headed for the check out. I told the female that the DVD was in sale for $12.99. At that time a guy behind the desk informed me that they weren't honoring the sales ad because they weren't that company. In shock I replied "You're kidding". A guy standing close by said, "subject to change" in a sarcastic voice. I didn't respond to him.

I asked the guy behind the desk if I could speak to the Store Manager. The sarcastic guy said that he was the store manager. I told him that the DVD was advertised for $12.99 and that I was sure that he would honor the price so that I would be a satisfied customer. In a VERY LOUD VOICE he said that he didn't care if I was happy or not and to GET TO HELL OUT OF HIS STORE!!! I was in shock. I told him that I couldn't believe that he was talking to me that way and that I thought he was being rude.

He said that he had just let go 100 employees and that I was the one being rude. The guy behind the desk said that I should leave and the store manager once again LOUDLY TOLD ME TO GET TO HELL OUT OF HIS STORE. I responded by saying in a calm voice that I thought that THEY DESERVE TO GO OUT OF BUSINESS IF THEY TREAT THEIR CUSTOMERS THE WAY THAT THEY TREATED ME.

As I turned and walked away an employee at the door said, "I'm with you." I said, "excuse me" because I wasn't sure that I heard him correctly. When I got next to him he said, "YOU WERE RIGHT." I thanked him and left the store. I HOPE THAT KALAMAZOO/PORTAGE MICHIGAN SHOPPERS WILL READ THIS COMPLAINT AND REFUSE TO DO BUSINESS WITH THE RUDE MANAGER THAT RUNS THE CIRCUIT CITY IN OUR AREA.

Horrible Service at Circuit City Dover Delaware
By -

DOVER, DELAWARE -- On 12-26-08 I went to Dover Circuit City to purchase their advertised 52" Sony Bravia plus Sony Blu Ray player sales deal. Upon purchase, the clerk told me there were no Blu rays in the store, that it would be restocked in a few days. I gave it a few days, called. They said wait another few days. Waited another few days, stopped by the store. Another clerk said wait till following Wednesday. I requested store credit and she as well as another clerk said "absolutely not."

I called back the following Wednesday evening, no blu ray. Asked to speak to the manager. Got the manager on duty that night (1/7/09). She told me that no one ever told me to call back Wednesday (even though my fiance was there to witness the statement) and was absolutely nasty. I became quite irate at the runaround and her attitude and instead of her trying to help a customer that ALREADY PAID FOR THE BLU RAY AND TV, she yelled at me over the phone to calm down or she would hang up on me.

Are you kidding? I'm glad it was a phone conversation and not in person! Eventually she realized that someone in fact did tell me to call back Wednesday, and she apologized. She then asked me to wait another 2 days. In 2 days I went to the store (45 minutes away). They gave me a Playstation 3 instead of the Blu ray. I said I didn't want a Playstation (already have several game systems). They said that was all they would do for me. Reluctantly I took it and went to another Circuit City and exchanged it for a surround sound system (what I originally requested from Dover store and was told no).

I hope these people go out of business and no one ever has to deal with not only the Yenta that yelled at me, but the other uneducated clerks that should be tending a French fry machine. DO NOT BUY FROM DOVER CIRCUIT CITY. DOVER CIRCUIT CITY IS INCOMPETENT. YOU WILL GET SCREWED TEN FOLD IF YOU BUY FROM DOVER CIRCUIT CITY. PS. I'm not done here. I will not stop until complaints about this transaction are strewn about the internet.

Person Purchasing Online Has To Be The One Picking Up Or Have Install
By -

ROUND ROCK, TEXAS -- Items found online and purchased over the phone as a gift for my wife. I emailed the receipt to her so she could have it installed. She arrives at the store and Circuit City employee wants to see the credit card and ID of person that made the purchase. Since obviously my wife is not me, they made her re-purchase these items and credited my card (or at this point I hope). Then they made her carry these items out of the store, to the vehicle and drive around back to have installed. (Don't they have a door between the store and the garage?)

My wife called me and I was able to talk with the store employee. Employee said that this policy is to keep fraud down. I told her that it is quite a coincidence that the lady in front of her has the same last name, same ID address as the order, can tell you the phone number on the account, receipt in hand and the vehicle that these items fit in. I explained to Customer Service 800 number that crediting my account does not fix this as I had already paid for it. I hope their fraud policy is driving away more bad people than it is people like me?

I explained too that I buy items online all over the world but don't expect to be the one to personally go pick them up? Do not buy a gift online and expect this company to take care of the gift recipient when they arrive at the store. Also, no verbal warning about the fraud policy when purchasing as that would have been a deal breaker for me. I received a Case ID number but expect that to fill "file 13" up. If they fix this you all will be the first to know. Customer Service Rep at 800 number was very pleasant, understanding and apologetic but could only open up a case number. If Circuit City thought my wife was trying to "steal" the radio, why didn't they just call the cops?

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