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Circuit City in Portage, MI
By -

PORTAGE -- On Tuesday, January 20th "Saw V" was released at a sales price of $14.99. I called the store 3 times to see if the store had received the DVD as planned. No one at the store ever picked up the phone so I had to make the drive to the store. I couldn't find an employee close by so I decided the try to find the DVD without assistance. I didn't find the DVD so I set out to find someone to help me. I asked for help and a nice young man went to check the computer to see if "Saw V" was checked in and the quantity.

Together we looked for the DVD again, with the help of a young female I had a "Saw V" in hand and was headed for the check out. I told the female that the DVD was in sale for $12.99. At that time a guy behind the desk informed me that they weren't honoring the sales ad because they weren't that company. In shock I replied "You're kidding". A guy standing close by said, "subject to change" in a sarcastic voice. I didn't respond to him.

I asked the guy behind the desk if I could speak to the Store Manager. The sarcastic guy said that he was the store manager. I told him that the DVD was advertised for $12.99 and that I was sure that he would honor the price so that I would be a satisfied customer. In a VERY LOUD VOICE he said that he didn't care if I was happy or not and to GET TO HELL OUT OF HIS STORE!!! I was in shock. I told him that I couldn't believe that he was talking to me that way and that I thought he was being rude.

He said that he had just let go 100 employees and that I was the one being rude. The guy behind the desk said that I should leave and the store manager once again LOUDLY TOLD ME TO GET TO HELL OUT OF HIS STORE. I responded by saying in a calm voice that I thought that THEY DESERVE TO GO OUT OF BUSINESS IF THEY TREAT THEIR CUSTOMERS THE WAY THAT THEY TREATED ME.

As I turned and walked away an employee at the door said, "I'm with you." I said, "excuse me" because I wasn't sure that I heard him correctly. When I got next to him he said, "YOU WERE RIGHT." I thanked him and left the store. I HOPE THAT KALAMAZOO/PORTAGE MICHIGAN SHOPPERS WILL READ THIS COMPLAINT AND REFUSE TO DO BUSINESS WITH THE RUDE MANAGER THAT RUNS THE CIRCUIT CITY IN OUR AREA.

Horrible Service at Circuit City Dover Delaware
By -

DOVER, DELAWARE -- On 12-26-08 I went to Dover Circuit City to purchase their advertised 52" Sony Bravia plus Sony Blu Ray player sales deal. Upon purchase, the clerk told me there were no Blu rays in the store, that it would be restocked in a few days. I gave it a few days, called. They said wait another few days. Waited another few days, stopped by the store. Another clerk said wait till following Wednesday. I requested store credit and she as well as another clerk said "absolutely not."

I called back the following Wednesday evening, no blu ray. Asked to speak to the manager. Got the manager on duty that night (1/7/09). She told me that no one ever told me to call back Wednesday (even though my fiance was there to witness the statement) and was absolutely nasty. I became quite irate at the runaround and her attitude and instead of her trying to help a customer that ALREADY PAID FOR THE BLU RAY AND TV, she yelled at me over the phone to calm down or she would hang up on me.

Are you kidding? I'm glad it was a phone conversation and not in person! Eventually she realized that someone in fact did tell me to call back Wednesday, and she apologized. She then asked me to wait another 2 days. In 2 days I went to the store (45 minutes away). They gave me a Playstation 3 instead of the Blu ray. I said I didn't want a Playstation (already have several game systems). They said that was all they would do for me. Reluctantly I took it and went to another Circuit City and exchanged it for a surround sound system (what I originally requested from Dover store and was told no).

I hope these people go out of business and no one ever has to deal with not only the Yenta that yelled at me, but the other uneducated clerks that should be tending a French fry machine. DO NOT BUY FROM DOVER CIRCUIT CITY. DOVER CIRCUIT CITY IS INCOMPETENT. YOU WILL GET SCREWED TEN FOLD IF YOU BUY FROM DOVER CIRCUIT CITY. PS. I'm not done here. I will not stop until complaints about this transaction are strewn about the internet.

Person Purchasing Online Has To Be The One Picking Up Or Have Install
By -

ROUND ROCK, TEXAS -- Items found online and purchased over the phone as a gift for my wife. I emailed the receipt to her so she could have it installed. She arrives at the store and Circuit City employee wants to see the credit card and ID of person that made the purchase. Since obviously my wife is not me, they made her re-purchase these items and credited my card (or at this point I hope). Then they made her carry these items out of the store, to the vehicle and drive around back to have installed. (Don't they have a door between the store and the garage?)

My wife called me and I was able to talk with the store employee. Employee said that this policy is to keep fraud down. I told her that it is quite a coincidence that the lady in front of her has the same last name, same ID address as the order, can tell you the phone number on the account, receipt in hand and the vehicle that these items fit in. I explained to Customer Service 800 number that crediting my account does not fix this as I had already paid for it. I hope their fraud policy is driving away more bad people than it is people like me?

I explained too that I buy items online all over the world but don't expect to be the one to personally go pick them up? Do not buy a gift online and expect this company to take care of the gift recipient when they arrive at the store. Also, no verbal warning about the fraud policy when purchasing as that would have been a deal breaker for me. I received a Case ID number but expect that to fill "file 13" up. If they fix this you all will be the first to know. Customer Service Rep at 800 number was very pleasant, understanding and apologetic but could only open up a case number. If Circuit City thought my wife was trying to "steal" the radio, why didn't they just call the cops?

Really Bad Customer Service
By -

MIDLAND, TEXAS -- On December 24th in the evening I went to Circuit City in Midland Texas to purchase a Guitar Hero for my son. I stood in line in the customer service aisle. There were only 3 people on line - 1 person for each cashier. I was standing behind a customer that was finishing. When the customer walked away, the cashier got on the phone and continued to talk on the phone, ignoring me. I was standing there until she finished talking. Then to my surprise, she didn't even acknowledge me - finished the phone call and walked off.

So I had to go stand behind another customer that was almost finished and when she finished, another lady walked in with a ticket, and to my surprise, the cashier turned around and asked her, “Can I help you?” She totally ignored me and took the other lady and it was a pickup, so she went to the back. So I waited there until she came back. Some more people came in. The other girl was already finished with the other customer, and she asked the people that were there after me, if anyone had helped them.

The lady turned to me and told the cashier, “I think she (which she was referring to me) was here before me.” And I said “Thank you. I have been waiting here for a long time, and I don't know why you all keep ignoring me. All I want to do is pay for this Guitar Hero and go home.” The cashier never apologized, just took my money, and didn't even say thank you. I went out of there very upset. I work at a bank as teller, and I just vented out to all my co-workers about Circuit City and to customers. They all told me that's why I shop at Best Buy. They have the best customer service. Next time I am going to Best Buy, never again to Circuit City.

My mother had a bad experience there also. She went to Circuit City in Midland Texas on December the 30th to purchase a Spanish CD. She asked the worker, and he said “I don't speak Spanish.” He referred her to someone else. He said, “No we don't have it.” My son was with her and he found it for her, and she presumed to speak to the manager about the rudeness. He just turned his head away and ignored her and walked away. Those people do not deserve to work in a place like that, that deal with customers every day. If they close this Circuit City in Midland, Texas, no one will miss it. We have Best Buy, with the best customer service.

CC Has Had My Laptop for 3 months... HELP!
By -

OXNARD, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased my HP Pavilian Tx1410/Tx100 Notebook Computer (Item DV6775US) on February 16, 2008 at Circuit City Store # 429, in Oxnard, CA. Purchase price = $1,049.99. Protection Plan = $429.99. Total Purchase Price (Paid in Full) = $1564.10.

On October 22, 2008, the tablet functions were inoperable on my HP so I took it into the Santa Barbara store. I submitted a Firedog work order under extended warranty. I was told that my HP needed to be shipped to Service/Repair Center (in Texas). Promise Date: November 7, 2008 came and went and to date I am still waiting. Come to find out that The Santa Barbara store is closing AND THEY HAVE MY COMPUTER! Customer Service literally does not exist with this company!

November 21, 2008. After weeks of calling every phone number available and visiting every location within 50 miles (multiple times), my laptop was finally delivered to my home. The enclosed work order indicated the Hard Drive and LCD screen were replaced which may or may not be true. What I received was a broken mess that RESEMBLED my laptop. The screen was completely shattered and the PC dead - no boot... broken! The Packaging was a joke! There was no padding of any sort. The laptop was plastic wrapped to a fold of the shipping box.

I now drive 80 miles and two hours to deliver my NOW BROKEN laptop the nearest CC location. CC blamed Fedex "damaged during delivery". The laptop was not packed with care from the CC service/repair center to begin with. Another work order is provided and yet another Promise Date: December 11, 2008 has expired. I am back to making endless calls and driving to the nearest location begging and pleading for assistance or an update at minimum! The manager simply avoids and/or insults me. I can't even get a "NEW PROMISE DATE" or progress report of any kind and I paid $500 extra, this so called service!

I haven't had an operable computer in over three months. - I bought it at the end of February this year. COME ON! What is one to do in my situation, complain? $1500 wasted. They got my money and my computer, all I get is to inform you. Stay away from Circuit City!

Deception of the Public
By -

BURLESON, TEXAS -- Did everyone know or am I that naive to think that if a company's name is on a store then it should be that store? I found out totally the hard way just how bad Circuit City not only lies about its "Going Out of Business" stores, but it also letting the so called liquidators do the age old and I thought illegal, Mark Up to Mark Down!

I went to Circuit City Saturday and was looking for a new receiver. Since Circuit City was having their "Going Out of Business" sale, we thought that would be a good place to start. Why didn't I just pass it up!!! They didn't have a receiver out that would work with our surround sound, but did have a couple in boxes. I ask about opening them and the salesman said no. I again should have listened to my brain and walked away, but no I ask the question, "Does this work as surround sound and support and center speaker?" He said yes and since the receiver was 30% off, I bought it.

Got it home, opened the box, thought hmmm, where is the center speaker. After everything was hooked up, it was definite, this was not the system I was told it was. I was LIED to by a store is supposedly Circuit City. I called their so called customer service and tried to talk to a robot imitating some type of slaughter of the English language constantly saying, "I'm sorry for your trouble." I hate that phrase! None of the people I spoke with was sorry, they just kept telling me "Oh well, Circuit City doesn't own the 'Going Out of Business' stores, a liquidator does" and they have nothing to do with them.

Another thing I was naive enough to believe is they didn't do the Mark up to Mark down thing. The price I paid even on sale is higher than any place else by a few dollars. So WATCH out and do your homework. My only consolation I think is to hope no one buys from this unscrupulous company and they finally go totally bankrupt.

2 Issues With Circuit City
By -

KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE -- I bought a computer from them in 2008 and the thing was a complete piece of crap from the day I bought it. I lost all info on my hard drive 6 times because of hard drive replacement and several other times because of their techs telling me to do a system recovery...and still kept frying hard drives. I told them finally that I had had so much trouble that they should have just replaced the thing. It had to have cost them more to send out a repair guy 500 times than to just replace it.

The repair guy told me honestly that he had been working for that company for a long time and he had never seen them replace anything. So I gave up and have told everyone I know not to shop there...and then I decided to break my own rule. I figured band new store, maybe they have gotten better. So in search of a VCR/DVD player, my husband and I went in.

After looking, we decided we needed a little help so I asked one of the employees. He stated that he didn't usually work in that department and he would have to ask someone who did. He came back with the information we needed about 10 minutes later and we talked to him about our options. He efficiently talked us into waiting until we had done some more research.

On our way out the door, we noticed a bin with DVDs in it and I decided to get one. We were still semi-looking around when an employee walked up and told us that there were no registers open. They had already shut them all down 'cause they were closing in a few minutes. My thought is...there were customers in the store other than us!!! If they were closing, why not make an announcement or not even bother to let us in?

If we had decided to buy a VCR/DVD player which costs more, would they have found a way to ring us up? Is that why the guy that helped us earlier talked us out of buying one? Their doors were still open to the public when we left...why did they have no registers? We were customers...why shut all of the registers down with people still browsing in the store? Did they not think that someone there would want to buy something? Did they think we just went inside to look around or what? Talk about lack of customer service. I should have known better. Now I do...

Karma Is Great!!!
By -

WINSTON-SALEM, NORTH CAROLINA -- I had to co-sign for my son to buy a computer and printer at the Circuit City store in Winston-Salem, NC because of his bad credit. When I signed on the dotted line for these two purchases in the amount of $1100.00 - 0 interest for six months, I felt that if my son defaulted, I could afford to pay this amount. I told the person in Customer Service that I would not be responsible for any other purchases that my son might make because his credit was not good and I could not afford to pay for further purchases. They agreed and even told me they would red flag his account if he attempted to buy anything else. I felt secure that I would be OK with this purchase.

Six months after the purchase I received a phone call from the home office in VA stating that my son was three months behind in his payments and they wanted a payment from me immediately since they could not reach him. I asked what was the past amount and he told me $6000.00. I told the person that was impossible because I had only co-signed for $1100.00. He then told me that Circuit City had sent my son a credit card with a large limit and he had maxed out the card.

I became hysterical and asked why had I not received statements that he had continued purchasing even though I had instructed Circuit City not to let him buy anything else. He said the credit card limit was based on my good credit but since he was the primary card holder, they didn't have to notify me.

Circuit City gave me a very short time to pay the full amount or they threatened to take me to court to get the money. I had to take the money out of my savings account and pay this debt because it would have ruined my good credit rating. I have been waiting for six years for this day to come. I hope all the stores close, because the sales people and everyone who works for that company deceive customers just to get a sale. I vowed never to enter their stores after that incident, and I have been true to my word. I have since purchased two large screen TVs, a laptop computer, digital camera, and a new computer from their competitor Best Buy. Happy days are here again.

Extended Warranties A Ripoff And Horrible Customer Service
By -

SAND CITY, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased a top of the line Sony 60" DLP TV. The salesman told us if we bought the extended warranty that along with any repairs, it also included the first replacement lamp which retails for $250. So I bought the warranty. We received absolutely no paperwork or information on the warranty. When I called a few weeks later to question this, I was told it was in the computer. So I had no idea when the warranty ran out or the terms.

Well the lamp in my TV burned out, so I called for the replacement lamp. I was told the warranty ran out 10 days ago and they would do nothing. Not even allow me to purchase a new lamp. I feel I was totally ripped off. I wrote Corporate and they passed it right back to the same people I dealt within the first place. I was told they use the warranty as a sales tool and would do nothing for me. I asked if this lamp that I essentially already paid for, worth losing a long time customer for life? They said yes! Shows how much they really value my business or anyone's. Never buy their extended warranties. They are a total ripoff.

Frankly, if all they care about is the almighty dollar and not the satisfaction of their customers, then the heck with them. I can get the same price and bad service anywhere. Why would anyone still continue to shop with them? The only reason was their customer service. Since that is non existent at this point then I will purchase my electronics from the ten thousand other companies that offer the same price. I can get bad Customer service anywhere and usually a better price, so Circuit City - you lost me as a customer. Keep up the excellent work! NOT!!!

Circuit City Advantage Plan Plus - 4 Year Plan Becomes 1 Year
By -

COLUMBUS, OHIO -- Early last year, I purchased a Samsung NV3 digital camera from a Circuit City store in Columbus, Ohio off of Polaris Parkway. I was informed by the associate of the details regarding the Advantage Plan PLUS for 4 years. He described being fully covered for the entire length of the 4 year Advantage Plan. Also, if I had any trouble, just come to any Circuit City store and they will help me.

As I soon found out, about 1 year later when my camera broke and right before a wedding, the story changes. You can only get your camera fixed by calling a 1-800 number and by sending your equipment in via mail. The manager at the Baltimore location also said I should have a back-up camera in case I would ever need one. I could not believe they were trying to sell me a digital camera in case mine broke, when I purchased a Plan to protect me in case mine broke. Completely the wrong answer I was looking for at the time. This was the first indication I made a mistake by purchasing the Advantage Plan.

Secondly, after sending my camera via mail to have it fixed, I was never notified about any progress (which was promised when I called and set up my claim), and also much much longer than the time frame given to me. Thirdly, Circuit City deemed the camera to be replaced, and a gift card was (supposedly) sent to me (still waiting).

I was quite happy at this point something actually good came out of buying the Advantage Plan, however, when I called to check on the status of my claim, I knew enough to ask how the remainder of my 4 year Advantage Plan Plus was going to work. They stated the Plan stops anytime your equipment is not able to be fixed. Instead of Circuit City paying to have it fixed, it's more beneficial for them to just replace less expensive equipment so that the warranty stops and the consumer will have to purchase another Advantage Plan.

I am the fool who purchased a 4 year Advantage Plan Plus for $104.99 on a $199.99 digital camera. That wouldn't have been a bad deal if I was actually covered for up to 4 years. However, Circuit City is quick to just replace the equipment so that the consumer is now stuck with yet another decision of 'Should I purchase another 4 year plan?' My now-educated answer: NO! I want my 4 yr Advantage Plan Plus pro-rated for the 3 years I am not covered. Or at least, refund me the difference between the 2 year plan and the 4 year plan. I would have had the same horrible service either way!

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