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Extended Warranty Is a Joke
By -

37886, TENNESSEE -- I have been trying to get my HP slimline fixed since May 3,2008. It is now Aug. 12, 2008 and I still do not have a computer. I took the computer to a local Circuit City store like I was told. They said they would call when it was fixed, no call, so I called 2 weeks later. It was fixed, come and pick it up. I get home plug it in and nothing. So, I call the 1-888 number and told to never take it to the store always call them. We troubleshoot and nothing. Someone will be calling and set up a time for a tech. to come to my house. I wait for 2 more weeks no one calls.

I call again, someone will call tomorrow. Again no call, I call & finally get someone to my house and they "fix it". It works 2 days and dies again. I call same ordeal and finally about a month later, a tech. shows up replaces motherboard and power supply, but leaves my house with it not connecting to the internet under my extreme protest. It hooked to the internet before. I was told my modem was bad. I bought a new modem, but still unable to hook to the internet. Call again, I'm told we're going to ship you a "new" computer and it will arrive in 7-10 business days.

3 weeks later I'm calling once again! Finally someone tells me that computer is on back order, but we will send you a computer with 3mb of memory, but it will cost you $20. I say no, and he says they will charge it to the warranty company. Mid July I receive the computer and pull it out of the box and notice 9 deep scratches down the side. I can deal with that and I plug it in. Turn the computer on and it takes forever to load a page. I try everything and it's still slower than Christmas.

I call once again!!! Then I'm told that it is actually 1mb and it will be slow until I bring it to the store and pay to have them upgrade it. Unacceptable!!! I enlist my father to help because maybe they will listen to a man better than a woman.

I'm willing to try anything. No luck. He is still waiting for a phone call from a supervisor he talked with 3 weeks ago. I called again today and was told to take it to the store, after I was told not to and they would fix it and if they could not fix it they would ship it off and repair it. It is just a coincidence that if it is shipped off it could take 2-3 weeks to repair it and my "no-hassle" warranty runs out in 3 weeks. I also find out that one of the 4 supervisors I spoke with said I had agreed with the offer of gift card towards a purchase of a new computer from Circuit City. No agreement was ever made and there is no way I will ever step foot in a Circuit City store again!

Do Not Buy Anything At Circuit City
By -

TIGARD, OREGON -- This complaint is so similar to the one titled "My Big Purchase Experience With Circuit City - Warranty and Product/Service Quality" that I thought I had already made my post. After reading this, I hope you think twice before buying anything from Circuit City.

We purchased a 52" Sharp Aquos TV from the Tigard, OR Circuit City store at the end of January. We took the TV home, set it up and turned it on, only to find that there was no image, but instead were several cracks radiating from a central point. We packed the TV back up and took it back to the store to exchange that very same day.

When we get there, service manager Andrew **, says he will take a look at it, but adds that if it has point of impact damage, it basically isn't their fault. Once his people unpack, set up the TV and turn it on, Andrew says the damage has point of impact damage. There are absolutely no marks on the screen, but he says it is point of impact damage; he is not saying that we did it, but he can't or won't take it back. To get us out of the store, he tells us that he will call the corporate offices in the morning, see what they say and get right back to us.

Do you think we heard from him the next day or anyone else from Circuit City? No. We tried to call Andrew at Circuit City that same day, but are told that he has left. We ask for the General Manager and are told that Travis is busy and will have to call us back. Did either call us back? No, in fact, to date, we have not heard from one person at Circuit City. We registered a complaint with the Circuit City Customer Service hotline and the BBB. The next day, I register a dispute with American Express.

After 4 1/2 months, American Express says that Circuit City refuses to issue the credit and that AE's contractual agreement with Circuit City does not allow AE to issue a credit. Now, here's the good part. Circuit City's Chargeback department refuses the credit for the following reasons:

"The customer did not request that Circuit City deliver, nor install, the TV. The customer left the Circuit City store with the TV that was contained in the factory sealed box." AND "The store manager, spoke to the customer approximately two weeks after the purchase was made (no previous contact was made by the customer). The customer was trying to return the TV at that time, stating that it was damaged. The manager noted significant damage to the TV that was consistent with dropping or falling. (Why would they customer wait two weeks to report such significant damage?)

The type of damage noted would have been noticed immediately upon physically lifting the TV in the factory sealed box. There was no report by the store, or the customer, that would indicate there was a problem with box containing the TV when the customer left the store with it."

Not only does Circuit City not abide by their Return Guarantee printed on the receipt (says nothing about warranty being void if product is not delivered and set-up by Circuit City), but they fabricated lies to justify their position. I repeat, we tried to return this TV the very same day that it was purchased, and NO ONE from Circuit City, including a Nathan **, has ever tried to contact us regarding this situation. In addition, I wrote a customer complaint letter to Circuit City president, Philip Schoonover, in April and have yet to receive a reply.

As I said before, this incident is almost identical to the "My Big Purchase Experience With Circuit City - Warranty and Product/Service Quality" post. It is now clear that it is Circuit City's policy, from the top down, to get your money any way that they can, to not stand by their return guarantee policy and that they are training their personnel to follow this policy. This is the slimiest business that I have ever purchased something from. Do yourself a favor and take your business elsewhere.

My Missing Laptop
By -

MIDLOTHIAN, VIRGINIA -- On May 8, 2008 I took my lovely HP 2310 into the Circuit City in Midlothian VA as we had been having major issues with it and it was still within the 1 yr warranty. I spoke with the guys at Firedog desk and they told me to leave it with them and they would send it to HP, so I gave them all pertinent info and left the store with my receipt. 2 weeks later, no word... I try to call and speak with the most rude Service Desk rep named Monique who has NO phone etiquette and would put me on hold then when I wouldn't hang up she would terminate my call. I live 1 hour from the store so finally after 3 weeks of no answers I go to store, still no answer.

I go back June 7th to be told yes my laptop is there. HURRAY... but wait I have to speak to a manager to get it??? WTH? So I wait, for 1 hr before John ** comes strolling along to tell me that I had exchanged my laptop at VaCenter Commons store??? Once again WTH as I have not been to VCC in over 10 years, always shop Midlothian. After 30 minutes of arguing with me and me telling him he better have proof I picked up this pc he says "Well actually it is up in my office (Why didn't he say this to begin with. Why the misrepresentation.)."

He brings PC down, it is filthy full of smudges, has a tag on it, but is not in a box. I tell him I need to see service order showing what work was done, he says HP does not do this. (BS as I asked HP and they do) Anyway laptop still not working, so I leave it once again on June 8th... I have been away on business, come back still no messages so I call to see if my laptop is finally ready and guess what? It is missing AGAIN and everyone has a different story to tell.

This time I talk to Mike the manager and he gives me the whole bit of pc being picked up in May at VCC, I say we already went through this on June 7th. If laptop exchanged at VCC in May how did you have it in store on June 7th and how did you send it out again. Of course no answers.

Am I upset? Yes I am as I have been 2 months now almost getting the runaround and my pc is MIA. HP does not have it, nor have they EVER had it. What does it take to get some answers from these people as this is ridiculous! The associates at this store are beyond rude. You can not get assistance via phone, then when you go to store you have to wait an hr to get a manager's response, then you are lied to by management even. This same Monique at SD was rude to my son when he tried to buy a Wii game. They showed 2 in system but she refused to go to the back to even look for them.

I have always made my electronics purchases at CC, in fact just bought a 52" Plasma TV from them. As of this point they will no longer be getting my business, I am done and I am sending my credit card back to them. In this day and age of high prices there has to be something that makes a difference and that something is CUSTOMER SERVICE AND SATISFACTION and I have neither been served nor satisfied. It does not good to send an email to corporate either as you get the same non-answers.

Shame on CC and let the buyer beware, because there is no service after the sale. My laptop is still missing and no one has the answers, except for me to wait. Well, I have waited since May 8th. How much more time do they need???

My Big Purchase Experience With Circuit City
By -

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- 06-20-2008 Circuit City Dispute - Purchased a 73” Mitsubishi DLP Widescreen Television from Circuit City (400 N. Alafaya Trail, Orlando FL, 32828 407-2739621) at 6:57PM on July 19th. The box was loaded onto a pickup truck by store employees and a few of our friends. The television was delivered to my residence. My daughter and I opened the television box by removing the packing straps. We lifted the box clear of the television and started to clear away the packing wrap on the television.

I noticed that the right side of the television screen was bowed out, protruding past the edge of the television. There was a good size gap that one could see what appeared to be mirrors laying loose on the bottom of the set. I took two pictures of the gap in the television screen and my daughter took a video with her telephone of the four sides of the television. It can be seen from the video that the base of the television was still wrapped on all sides.

We packed up the television and I tried to call Circuit City to tell them the television was damaged but the store was closed. It was decided that we would return the television first thing next morning. I rented a pickup truck and we loaded and delivered the television back to the Circuit City Store. The television was unloaded by one of the store employees and I told him that I needed to return the television because it was broken. I went to the Customer Service desk and both the person behind the counter and myself walked over to the corner of the store where the television was left.

Two of the store attendants started to open the television box by opening from the top instead of just lifting the box off of the television. When the box is removed another store employee pushes in the protruding screen back into the frame. No one has spoken to me. I ask what is the delay and they say that they have to wait for “that man.”

The man comes to the box and says nothing to me. He looks at the box and then starts to examine in minute detail the television. I show him where the screen was protruded and one of the other store employees points out where it appears that there is something pressing against the screen from the inside. The Man moves the packing material from around the lower corner of the television and then walks away. He is talking on the telephone in the distance.

The Man eventually returns and apologizes and introduces himself as the store manager and that he had spoken with the district manager. He said since there is not apparent damage to the carton and that there is damage to the set itself in the two locations that Circuit City would not exchange or refund the cost of the television. I was very upset. The television costs 3000.00. I reiterated to him that the only thing that we did was cut away the straps, lift off the box, clear away the packing and stopped when we saw that the television screen was protruding. He stated that the mirrors were broken and the corner of the television was broken as well.

Since there was no damage to the box and that they would not have given us a broken television that Circuit City would not pay refund or do exchange. I ask to speak with someone higher and he said that he has already conferred with the Regional Director. I speak with the Regional Director. The regional director just parrots the Store Manager's decision that no refund or replacement since it cannot be proven that the damage to the television occurred in Circuit City.

I again told him that all we did was open the box and discovered the damage. We put the box back on the television and delivered it to Circuit City. I told him I was expecting him to stand behind their guarantee and their product. I did not do anything here but open a box and that I was being stuck for 3000. He said that he was sticking by the guarantee and that the guarantee says in its original condition. I told him that “You sold it to me broken and I am returning it to you as I received it.”

He was unconcerned and that his decision was final. I told the store manager that I was going to stop the credit card because I was not going to be taken advantage of and stuck for a television that is broken that I did not break. He said I should go through the Manufacturer-Mitsubishi. He said that is my right if I wanted to contact the credit card company. He also gave me a telephone number for Corporate. I called corporate and spoke with gentlemen… I told him the entire story.

He said he would talk to the store management and would be right back. After being on hold an inordinate amount of time he came back and said that there was going to be no resolution and basically repeated what the Store Manager and Regional Manager said about no refund, no exchange. I told the store manager that it was not right that we were being stuck for the $3000 and that there was not going to be a refund. He said that if they took the television back that they would have to write off the $3000 and it was not in their budget.

Note: I do not understand the issue of the condition of the box. If the box is not damaged then Circuit City does not cover the television. If the box is damaged—does that mean they would cover the damage or would they infer that the damage on the box was after the Television left the store and therefore would not cover the damage to the television -- damage to box = no coverage; no damage to box = no coverage. I am at a loss.

Now what you have is my wife, daughter and me…alone…near an unpacked and broken television within Circuit City while all the employees went about doing their business. Circuit City was done with us. The implication is that we unpacked the television, broke the television, put the television back in the box, and then attempted to return a broken television. The reality is that we purchased a television in good faith, brought it home, discovered the damage, documented the damage, repacked the television, brought the television back for a refund/exchange and were denied and left felt as if we were crooks or felons.

I called the Bank of America Credit Card Company billing disputes. I related the story of the television, our treatment, the refusal of Circuit City to refund/replace, and implication that we were at fault. The BOA advised me to take the television back to the house, document everything that happened in a letter to BOA, and send letter to BOA in Wilmington Delaware.

She was incredulous on how poorly the Circuit City staff and employees were handling this situation. She asked me if we had purchased any warranty with the television. I told her we had paid an additional $289 for an Advantage Warranty. The BOA representative said to go home and call the warranty people and document what they said about the television.

I called the warranty people for the Advantage warranty. I spoke with a gentleman. I related the entire story of the television and my efforts at getting a replacement. He said that the warranty that I had was for service and repair and not for the type damages that I had discovered. He could not believe that they inspected the boxes and did not give my money/replacement. He wanted to know what the inspection of the box was all about that they should have just replaced the television because it was broken. He offered to work through Circuit City Corporate to see if he could get a resolution.

After a long time on hold, I was turned over to a woman named who said the resolution to my issue was that she “could not overturn the decision of the Store Manager or Regional Manager.” I told her my story and she said that she understood but if I felt the television was defective that I should work it through Mitsubishi.

I called Mitsubishi and spoke with customer service. I told her the entire story about buying the television, partially unpacking the television, noting the damage, returning the television to Circuit City, Circuit City's unresponsiveness and shoddy treatment. She told me to speak with Mitsubishi Warranty to see what they could do if anything about the situation.

I called Warranty. I told the Warranty Rep the entire story and she said she would open a case and asked for particular damages that I could see on the television and particulars as to Model, Serial, and date of purchase information. She put me in touch with the local service representative for Mitsubishi, a local Electronic Store. I called store and told her my story and arranged for her to send a technician to examine the television on Monday afternoon (June 23).

I am very disappointed with the shoddy treatment of Circuit City and their treatment of me, my family, and my purchase. This was a major purchase for us and now we are out three thousand dollars with limited recourse with Circuit City. They have washed their hands. I have filed with the BBB, filed a complaint with the BOA CC, and shall continue to fight for a refund or replacement. The entire situations is shameless.

Employee's Lack of Informing and Lack of Product Knowledge
By -

MISHAWAKA, INDIANA -- Two years ago, I purchased an Acer Aspire laptop from Circuit City. After a month or so, I started having overheating issues. The fan wouldn't start running when it needed to. If you blew air into the side, I would "jump start" the fan, then it would cool. I did not purchase the protection plan, because knowing computers, most of the manufacturer's defects are going to happen right away, and would be covered under the store's warranty. I contacted them with this issue, and they said that because I didn't have the protection plan, I would have to send it in for repair.

I am a DJ, and use the computer to play my music. I cannot afford to be without the computer. I took it apart, and cleaned the fan myself, and put it back together. It worked fine for a few days, then the issues came back. After repeating this several times, I fried it while putting it back together, my mistake. I do not expect anything out of them for this. Having learned, I went back to Circuit City, and purchased a Compaq Presario, only this time, I bought the protection plan that was offered to me.

Yesterday, June 19th, one year later, I dropped my laptop, and cracked the LCD. Knowing that I purchased to protection plan, and thinking it was covered, I called Circuit City, only to find out there is nothing they can do. They could only replace it if I had purchased the Accidental Protection Plan. "What accidental plan???" I knew nothing of this, as the employee did not offer it to me. He offered a plan that cost me $150, and I figured I was golden. As it turns out, I guess I should have asked him if there was another, more expensive plan, but who does that? You hear $150, and the computer was $750, you figure you got the best plan, wrong!

I should mention the lack of product knowledge here. My example is this. Two months ago, I walked into the same Circuit City store, and wanted to buy a desktop for my office. I wanted to purchase Microsoft Office Professional as well. The only copies of Office Pro they had in store were upgrades. I asked him if I needed to buy the full version, or if the upgrade would work. He didn't know.

With this, I went down the street to Best Buy. On our way out, my friend looked at me and said, "How does it feel to know more about the product, than the guy selling it to you?" When we got to Best Buy, I was pleased to hear from their computer sales guy, that I only needed to purchase the upgrade, saving me $180. I have bought several desktops in the past from Circuit City, and I purchased a Nikon Digital SLR from them as well. Never again.

I talked to the store manager, and there was nothing they could do. I called the corporate number, explained my story to the person who answered my call. They called the store to see if they could do anything, still nothing. She transferred me to her manager, and she could do nothing. The only thing they offered to do, was sent it out, so I could pay for it to get repaired. Knowing that I could not be without a computer, she might as well have saved her breath on that offer.

It boils down to, now I am going to have to go buy a new laptop, and hope that Best Buy offers me an accidental coverage, protection plan, as I will not step foot in a Circuit City store again. You would think knowing that I'm in the market for a new laptop, they could have offered me a $5 coupon, nope, not even that. Customer service, bah!

Some Employees Have Bad Attitudes
By -

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- Here's one way a customer can buy a product, be satisfied with that product but never buy from that company again. It's all in the details... We purchased a big screen TV from Circuit City. I was not present at the time. My wife told them we wanted to take advantage of their free financing offer.

She was given a credit application which she filled out, however her only form of "credit ID" was a major bank card with my name on it. She had grabbed my card by mistake and forgotten her others. "No problem" they said, "just come back with your husband and we'll transfer the balance to your new account." What is so interesting is that in spite of their not wanting to accept this card as a credit reference at the service counter they had no problem charging this large purchase to the same card without even checking her ID at the register.

I only mention this because a few days later when we drove the long distance to this store, their CS Manager told me "Well, they could have just done this then." (The "they" he was referring to was the same exact customer service counter where my wife had been standing two days earlier and "they" were now wasting MY time!!!) We went ahead and got the CC Credit Card anyway and they credited the bank card and charged the purchase to the CC Card and gave us the term of free financing as advertised.

This would have been acceptable until the same CS Manager tried to charge a different total using the excuse that one of the items was no longer on sale. At this point, I became more annoyed than I already was when he told me "They could have just done this then." The man began to argue with me and was basically a poop head about the whole thing. He had a BAD ATTITUDE.

I stood there as the temperature behind that counter fell to sub-zero and the bad attitude tried to intimidate me and told me that I "would have been OK until I opened my mouth". EXCUSE ME - OPENED MY MOUTH? WHO do you think you are? Now I was angry. OK, hang in, it gets worse. The manager on duty came over and was even more rude and unprofessional and after trying to explain this to him he told me he could absolutely care less if I ever came back. He just stood there and gave me a smart little grin that did a good job of telling me how he really felt about me.

Now mind you, there has been no profanity or name calling or anything done in any way than any other customer would have handled this situation. At this point, they got a what for from me. I am a reasonable guy but I am not going to tolerate insubordination from a retail employee. These guys needed to be reminded that the customer is still the one paying their salary. If they are that unhappy, then leave and get a different job, but don't take your frustrations out on a good customer. I am not even going to complain to the company about this because it is that company that hired these bozos and the old apple doesn't fall very far from the tree. So just forget it.

These two employees, these unprofessional MORONS have cost the company thousands from me and I'm sure 100's of thousands if they make it a habit to treat customers as poorly as they treated us that day. The other question here is why did they allow the situation to form in the first place. My wife can buy whatever she wants (within reason) without my name, why did they even make it an issue. Then, why was she allowed to charge the purchase on that same card with my name on it? (By the way, that was HER account, she just grabbed the card with my name on it - they could have seen that on the credit report.)

But no, Circuit City is too mechanized, too automated, too impersonal to offer customized service to its clients. If they don't wake up they may go the way of many other retailers who used to be household names but now are just forgotten memories in the sea of bad customer service. I'll tell you, they've taken great care of us at Best Buy. Never a problem. Awesome customer service and NO HASSLES, so far. You be the judge, it's a free market. Shop where you want. But beware the morons behind the counter. Remember, it takes years to build a customer - and seconds to lose one.

Store Staff Could Help, Chose Not To
By -

SOUTH PORTLAND, MAINE -- Good day. I am writing to let you know of my experience with Circuit City. On 1/19/08 I bought a Gateway QuadCore computer tower as well as an Hemi HP 24" Monitor, top of the line computer web cam, several computer programs. I spent almost $2,000. I also spent that night in tears as the tower was totally unresponsive to me. The next day I went back to Circuit City and the guys behind the counter told me to go have lunch and that they'd check the computer out. When I got back they apologized to me. They told me that this tower had never been 'set up at the factory' before being sent to them.

I was offered a different tower. In fact, they said it was the last one in the store. I took it home, hooked it up and it worked for about a month before it developed the nasty habit of turning off whenever it felt like it. I dealt with it for a week or so trying to adjust 'sleep' settings and monitor settings trying to fix the problem. I called Circuit City number on my register receipt and was told they'd notate my situation but that I would have to call Gateway. I called 'Tech support' at Gateway and the woman suggested I restore the computer to an earlier time. A time before it turned itself off.

I asked her if doing a restore point was wise as my initial problem is that the tower turns itself off. What if it turns off in the middle of this process? She replied not to worry, it won't do that. Then it did. Now I had a useless piece of metal. They sent me a box and I sent my computer in. The same woman that ran the restore point told the repair people that it turns itself off every 15 minutes. I never told her that. I said it could be 5, 15 or an hour. It turns off randomly. The repair people tested it for 20 minutes. It didn't turn off and they sent it back to me. It is still broken when I get it back.

DHL sent another box for me to return the machine but left it in a puddle to freeze to the ground. I had them remove the box but no one ever sent another! I called the phone number on my Circuit City register tab. They were very nice and said they were sorry I'd encountered so much trouble with my purchase. I was told to bundle the machine back into the box and take it into the store. The tech lady at Circuit City (on the telephone) told me that it was within the store manager's power to give me a new tower since I'd had so much trouble. She said that it was within his power to help me even though it was past 14 days.

However when I went to the Circuit City store where I'd bought the tower, the manager wasn't there that day and I spoke with the Assistant Manager who told me after about an hour of him going into the back room to call the manager (we think) and coming back to speak with us that he would indeed replace my tower. Then he told me that I would lose the 4 year service plan I had purchased. I would lose this in lieu of the replacement tower. I told him that the woman on the phone from Circuit City said it was within his power to replace my tower and that he would pro-rate my 4 year policy for the TWO months that I'd owned the tower already.

He just smiled and said he wasn't doing that for me. I am waiting on a box from Gateway AGAIN since the staff at your Circuit City store seem to not care about how they treat me. They said I'd get my box by the beginning of next week. I am at their mercy because the staff at Circuit City isn't happy with simply selling me a lemon tower. They want another $250 for a warranty I've already paid for in order to replace my tower. Their person on the telephone from Circuit City told me that the manager should be pro-rating my warranty and giving me a new tower. I have never been treated this rudely after spending that much money.

I have never been treated this rudely after spending $1 in a shop. I bought this computer 1/19/08 and had the use of it for almost 5 weeks. Now it is 3/20 and I've been without the use of the computer for as long as I got to use it. Half of my 'warranty' has been spent owning a tower that does not work, yet the staff of Circuit City feels that I still need further punishment. I asked the fellow, the assistant manager: What did I ever do do you to deserve this treatment? I ask you all this same question although I think I know the answer. The thing that I did wrong was to shop at Circuit City. I didn't feel this way until today.

The day after, Your South Portland store's assistant manager told me I'd have to pay $250 in order to exchange a broken tower he sold me for a tower that works. Just wanted you to know what goes on in your stores. I wrote this to the Circuit City people and thought I'd share it with you.

Price Switch From Same Day Email
By -

GARRISON, NEW YORK -- I went online Saturday and tried to purchase a Sony laptop that was on sale for $749.99. No matter how I tried to check out even though the item showed available for pick up in the store I was not able to get through the check out process. After trying to call and being stuck in the "automated loop" I finally gave up.

Lo and behold in my email on Sunday afternoon comes an email from Circuit City that I had left something in my cart that they were holding for me and there was the laptop with the $749.99 price and a link to buy it now! I thought great, it's in stock, I'll click through and buy it and be done. NOT!!! I clicked through and the price was now $849.99. A $100 jump. I rechecked the email date and it was from Sunday, March 2. The very same day I clicked on the link.

Thinking there had to be an error, I once again called customer service and this time talked to a representative and told them that I got the email today but the price was different on the site. She told me she couldn't help me and routed me to another representative who told me she couldn't help me. When I told her this was deceptive advertising all she said was that my call was being recorded. I told her "good because this is against the law... You sent me the email, I didn't ask for the email and I expect the right price, not to mention all the minutes I just burned up on my cell getting shuttled around." She just said "sorry" and transferred me.

The best part, I got transferred back to the loop and got to retell my story. She told me there's nothing they could do. My response is that there is something they could do... Give me the price you emailed me with and now give me a discount for all the aggravation and time that you've wasted. Needless to say, Circuit city will be the last place I'll shop for anything. Dishonest advertising is NOT a joke, it's against the law and I will be sending a letter to the attorney general.

Maybe some people will be talked into spending more the next day but I truly think this is an outrageous marketing ploy and I for one think whoever is in charge of this division should get an email for one price for something he wants and then be told "NO WAY, you have to pay full price." There's definitely something wrong with this marketing ploy.

Circuit City Advantage Protection Plan-Assurant
By -

ORANGE BLOSSOMTRL., FLORIDA -- I purchased a Hp Laptop at the Sarasota Circuit City store in Oct of 2006. I also purchased the laptop accidental protection program at $400. The salesman told me if anything happened to this laptop, they will give me a new one with similar specification or cash. He even said if I want to change a new laptop, just crash this one. The laptop I got had small crack on the screen, but I have too much work relay on the laptop that I don't want to send to the technician for couple weeks. And then the laptop battery starting to have problem, it can only last for 30 minutes with full battery.

I went to Circuit City Firedog department, and they said going to order a new battery for me. The second battery is no better, but I decided to save the hassles- use my laptop with the power cord connected. After couple months, the sound system will shut off itself. Sometimes I worked out my laptop to get a cup of water, when I came back, it has no sound at all. However, it not extremely bothers me until the laptop repeatedly shut itself off after a short time of being on. So I went to the Circuit City again and told them all the problems.

They called me after a week, I missed the call, so I just stop by the Ciruit City. They told the laptop was just shipped out this morning from the CiruitCity. I was furiously that why took so long to shipped. So I called the department, all they told me is “ this is not supposed take so long, the ship box should arrived 1or 2 business day". I guess I know how the Circuit City Works. When I got my laptop back, was already 2 weeks after. I was happy when the Firedog staff told me the screen was replaced and they replaced the hard drive, but I was so mad that I opened my laptop, the crack was still there.

Obviously, they didn't fix my laptop. I walked back and asked the staff what's going on. He said that he just read off from the paper, and then I showed him the crack, he simply said: “they lied!” What I supposed to do?Insurance doesn't covered lie. I was so mad but I definitely don't want those technician liars to work on my laptop again, besides I have a lot of work to catch on due to the laptop fix. I went home to double check the window is work. Unfortunately, the laptop has no sound at all, and the window not working properly.

I called the Ciruit City again, and they told me to call Assurant. I called and told them everything, and they want to sell me the window start copy?! Can you believe that??? They don't want to fix my laptop, and they want to make more money!!! What I paid for the accidental plan? I don't understand anymore. I can't explain how mad I was, but I definitely won't pay a penny to them. I decide do it myself. Because If I send my laptop to them, will be the same result, nothing is fixed and wasting my precious time. I re-installed the Windows, have my IT friend to look at for me.

Then the laptop give me peace for couple months until recently (Jan.2008) start to automatically shut off again. It really gives a lot of headache. My nieces came to my place to visit me, accidentally spill some water on the laptop. I was sad but happy, because that means I can finally get a new one! As I heard, water damage is hard to recover. So I returned the laptop, and it took them 3 weeks to decide to give me a new one- New Refurbished laptop and only has 90 days warranty or I can choose $679 Ciruit City gift card.

I was speechless... the laptop I bought was $850 after discount, and I also spent $400 for the plan. Now, I got refurbished laptop??? Or $679 (can't buy anything decent or even the same one). I asked the Assurant staff if that possible get a laptop that is not Refurbished. The warranty company told me they were NOT part of Circuit City and that their name is Assurant Solutions. They only have few option which is Refurbished. I feel my blood is rushing to my head, I want to real this, and hopefully no body will get into the same trap again.

I swear I will never purchase from Circuit City again. $400 wasted, much dishonesty from Circuit City and their employees. I wish I had known before purchasing from Circuit City. And certainly I would never purchase a HP again. This has been too much and such a waste of time and money.

Extended Warranties And Circuit City
By -

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND -- I purchased my Panasonic 52" DLP from Circuit City in Baltimore, MD three years ago. At the time this puppy was just short of three grand so when the salesman offered an extended warranty that would cover ALL repairs in-house for just 600 bucks I thought this was a bargain.

In retrospect not only was the warranty a rip-off, their "highly trained and professional" customer service department should be boiled in oil for what happened when an issue did arise. A call was made to me by a member of CC's sales staff just prior to my warranty expiring. During that conversion I reported to him that I had a dead pixel on the set and would like to place a warranty repair request.

To his credit he provided me with a service ticket number and said I would be contacted on Monday by a company called B&K Electronics of Towson, MD. to a setup an appointment. I asked that they contact me on my cellphone and provided the number.

Monday came and went and no was received. I came home Monday night to find that the call had been placed to my home number. I attempted to contact the above company directly and was unable to get a call through having been disconnected twice, put on hold twice and being left on hold three additional times.

On Wednesday I was finally able to get through but was told their appointment software was "down!!" Finally an appointment was scheduled on Friday for the following Friday. They refused to provided a more clearly defined appt time other than "some time between 9 and 5".

My wife took a day off from work to accommodate their lack of service and as you might expect the service people appeared after 4 PM. The service person walked in and as reported saw the dead pixel on my screen and said, "The TV needs a new projection chip to correct the problem, we'll have to make another appt to come pick up the TV." I don't claim to be a rocket scientist but if a customer reports a dead pixel the repair company should know right away that this isn't a home repairable issue.

I called Circuit City's consumer warranty line and was told that they need to pick the TV on a second trip, (forcing either myself or my wife to take yet another day to accommodate an issue that they should have realized was going to need a pickup right way) was my problem not Circuit City's.

I tried to explain that between the wife and I the cost of having to take what would now be a total of three days to accommodate an issue that should have been addressed and the TV taken in on the first trip was not their problem. I requested to speak to a supervisor and was told that I was speaking to the highest person in the food chain and was refused a higher authority to speak with to address my issues of time and professional service expectations.

I have to say that having spent what I did on the TV and the warranty I would have expected professionalism and a level of courtesy consummate with the cost. What I was confronted with a surely, unprofessional, rude phone rep who had no interest in seeing that was taken care of or my issues addressed in a timely and professional manner.

Why should I be subjected to the loss of three vacation days and the money this represents after having already spent 600 dollars on their extended warranty. The total of which by the way would amount to 300 dollars less than the purchase price of a new unit.

As a toy junkie and first adopter of new technologies I can promise you that I will no longer do business with Circuit City having been treated in such a manner. I could have purchased the TV for less at Best Buy or on-line but opted to purchase from Circuit City after working with a salesman there who seemed genuine and interested in my needs.

What I've discovered is that what they show you before the money is extricated from your wallet and what they will do to you as a consumer after the fact are two different different subjects. As a household our annual income is 8X the national average (do the math) and my wife and I have no children. I love my electronics and with no kids between me and the toys I buy what I want when I want it. Circuit City you have lost a customer who over the last 5 years has spent well in excess of nine grand on computers (2), laptops (2) three printers, surround sound amp, the TV, not to mention countless DVD's, CD's etc., etc., etc.

Before you purchase a major appliance of any kind at CC do yourself a favor and consider not buying it from a company who has no interest in supporting the warranty they claim will provide you within-home bumper to bumper coverage. Their promises come with a hidden cost of YOUR time and money in the form of poor service and a total disregard for the time we as consumers have to spend working to get the time off they demand of you to provide their idea of service. Thanks, but no thanks. I'll be spending my money at Best Buy in the future.

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