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Repairing MY HP Laptop
By -

NASHUA, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- On May 2, 2006 I bought an HP Pavilion Notebook PC DV8210US, CSP Plan, Cannon Printer MP500, Webroot Installation Software, Microsoft Office Software, 2. Kingston Technologies 512 MB Ram, from Circuit City, In Nashua New Hampshire. This was after many months of researching for items I would need for my home office. My laptop was working great until August 16th when the screen went black. When I couldn't recover any documents or software, the light came on and was trying to read the driver but nothing worked.

On August 17th after work, I drove back to Circuit City in Nashua New Hampshire about 40 miles away to give the store my laptop to send out for repairs, since I had bought the protection plan. I was advised I needed to go home and call CC Advantage Protection Plan. So I drove home, called and after speaking with a customer service representative I was advised to call HP since this laptop was still warranty under the manufacturer.

Upon talking to HP Customer Service, I was advised a box would come to my attention which took a couple days to arrive. I then shipped my laptop to HP and waited to hear from a representative. Finally after calling many times, HP advised me that there had been a liquid spill on the laptop (even though I never spilled anything on the computer). HP wanted $698.00 to repair the computer, at such time I asked HP to send the laptop back to my attention, which took some time. But finally my laptop was returned to me. I then called to CC Advantage Protection Plan, since I had bought additional protection coverage at the time of purchase.

When calling CC Advantage Protection Plan on September 13th, I spoke to a lovely lady name ** who was very helpful, gave me case # **. I was requested to wait for another box which finally came to me days later. ** advised me that my laptop would be shipped out to a third party services provider called Nexicore, in Simi Valley California. She told me there would be instructions in the box of what items Nexicore would need to do repairs to my laptop.

Upon receiving the box from Nexicore there was a laptop repair return instruction sheet (please see attached) in this letter - never did it state to take out my memory rams chips that had been installed at the time of purchase, nor did it advise me that if the laptop could not be repaired that it would be destroyed, and not returned to me. I also made them aware that HP had told me about the spill damage and to show me proof that there was no spill damage. I knew that the whole time that I've owned this laptop that I never ever had any beverages near it. I was then told when Nexicore takes the laptop apart they would take pictures to document the problems with the laptop.

I was advice via Circuit City Advantage Protection web page that my laptop had been received by Nexicore, and was being fixed and then had been fixed and was on its way back to me. When my computer never arrived I called CC Advantage Protection Plan, and they advised me the computer could not be fixed even though the website said it was being sent to me.

On September 26th after talking to Customer Services Representative ** advised me that the laptop was unable to be repaired and that two, Replacement option was being suggested - A. a Refurbished Gateway computer with a slower Processor or option B. a gift card for the value of 849.99 lower than my original price of my HP laptop. I told ** to get a better offer.

On September 26th again later in the day, I called and spoke to a man named **, who told me that another offer had been made of a gift card for $ 1099.99. I asked that he request my memory ram be returned to my attention since the computer could not be repaired, and that I be emailed with any picture of the laptop when it was opened up to show that Nexicore had found liquid damage. (Since I never spilled any liquid on the laptop.) ** advised me he would email Nexicore to ask for both of these items and I would be emailed in the next two days with a response.

On September 29th I called CC Advantage Protection Plan again since I never received an email from anyone or a phone call. I was then advised by ** that the case number had changed to ** and that no memory had been recovered and that my laptop had already been destroyed and no pictures had been taken.

I told him I wanted restitution for the memory ram since I had paid $65.00 each. That I would want another CC gift card sent to me for $ 130.00 plus I wanted my new laptop covered by the original protection plan. That I had paid $400.00 for a 4 year protection plan, and only had my original laptop for less than 4 months. He advised me this was not possible.

Then I asked to speak with his supervisor **, who told me that the ram was considered an upgrade and upgrades where not covered under the protection plan policy - does not state this to be true. I advised ** I would want restitution for my memory and that I had never been advised to remove the ram from the computer prior to shipping it to Nexicore. He then advised me he authorized Nexicore to destroy my laptop without permission from myself, and didn't care that I still had legally owed the laptop.

He advises me CC Advantage Protection Plan had the authorization to advise a 3rd party to destroy or fix a computer, without asking for my permission. Where then I hung up on **. I was so upset with his manner. On October 5th, I received a call from CC Advantage Protection Plan telling me they had another offer.

I called back to find out from Representative ** that a gift card for $1099.99 was not sent to my attention and a new case number had been give ** and that they wanted to offer me another option of a Refurbished Acer, and not give me my memory rams back or a gift card for the memory ram or have my protection plan policy be carried over to a new computer. I asked that ** have a member of the replacement team contact me. No one ever contacted me.

On October 11th I received another call from CC Advantage Protection Plan telling me they had another offer, and I called back to find out from Representative, **, who advised me they had another option of a refurbished HP Pavilion DV8225 NR notebook. But that there was no mention in the offer of carrying over my protection plan to a new computer. As you can see I have been trying to get this resolved for over 2 months. I have had many different customer services representative who state that they will call me back and never do, state they will email me and never do. I am sick of talking to people who don't have the authorization.

Please at this point I am very upset with Circuit City as a whole and would like my money back that is the following: $1099.99 for the laptop, $129.98 for the memory ram, $399.99 for CS plan. A total of $1,629.96. If I do not hear from your company by October 30th, I will be contacting Help me Hank, a local news station who helps customers with complaints and the Better Business Bureau.

Since faxing this letter to CC Advantage Protection Plan I was called by a representative who advised me I could and would only be able to receive a refurbished computer value worth $790.00 or a gift card value worth $790.00 and that nothing else would be replaced.

Circuit City Scam
By -

Yes the brick and mortar Circuit City is out of business. The internet site is alive and well with excellent pricing and no hassle 30 day returns. They had the best price on a Samsung 23 inch LED monitor that I wanted. Amazon had the same price but the order is placed with Circuit City. I went directly to them to order. When I got the order confirmation they included a software product automatically that I did NOT order. "FREE with purchase 6 month of CA Antivirus Plus-Includes Software Automatic Renewal Service." Huh? It's bad enough when greedy companies try to auto renew you on a software product that you have purchased.

Circuit City takes this one step further and adds an unauthorized software product to your purchase. I was smart and beat them at their own game. I used PayPal. They did not get my C. C. number. Circuit City then sent me a second email. "You have been opted out of our software subscription automatic renewal service because your form of payment does not qualify for the ARS program." Screw them. Glad I used PayPal. Be forewarned.

Fraud And The Worst Customer Service Ever!
By -

CALUMET CITY, ILLINOIS -- I have been Circuit City customer for many years and never had to return anything before, but today I was trying to return the product and had the worst experience in my life and the first complaint I had to write and call about the store's customer service. I purchased a Portable DVD player online Order# **, got a great deal, but made a mistake not researching the product before my purchase. The sound of the unit was horrible - basically you couldn't hear much, especially in the car and even with Bose headphones. Your website has several customer reviews that say the same thing.

So for that reason, I went to Circuit City in Calumet City, IL to return the product and it took me almost 2 hours (12:15 pm-2:05 pm) to do so due to the poor customer service provided by a manager **. She explained that there is 15% restocking fee, which really surprised me since the unit was defective and not working properly. I agreed to exchange to another DVD player (Philips 10.2" Portable DVD Player), but the store price was $259.99. I checked the price online right away and it was on sale for $229.99, however Ms. ** said that she cannot match online prices. I admit I was not happy and agitated about that.

Furthermore, Ms. ** said that there was nothing she can do and proceeded to make the circus out of the whole situation. She turned on the unit that I was returning, and walked away without a saying a word where she was going. I had to wait half an hour before she returned, explaining she was with another customer; even I was already there for at least an hour, with my six year old who was patiently waiting. After she came back, she said that there was nothing wrong with the sound, but other customer had to agreed with me, that she couldn't hear anything either. Ms. ** implied that I might have a hearing problem, which was totally out of line.

After she took the DVD player and charged me 15% restocking fee, she proceeded wishing me "Merry Christmas and Have a Nice day" in the very very loud voice and the snippy attitude. The whole situation was not very pleasant and I'm sure other customers around me didn't appreciate that either. She also made sure that she had someone to back her up with her story. She looked at another employee and making it loud and clear to her, that she was with another customer. I'm sure the poor girl has no choice but to “comply” with her manager.

I hope, I can get my 15% restocking fee, but, if it's too complicated, I don't think I would go broke over it. Even if I get a refund, I don't think myself, or any of my family members will be shopping at the Circuit City stores anymore. I just cannot believe that you can go shopping and get humiliated like that, not to mention during the holiday season.

Protection Plan Rip-off Circuit City
By -

OHIO -- Protection Plan Rip-off on my Sony 60" SXRD - Considering buying that expensive advantage protection plan? I bought one for $549.99 for my Sony SXRD 60" television 6 months ago and let me tell you what has happened so far. Worth the read as I'm sure they will dismiss the next person (could be you) the same way!

For 3 months the set worked perfectly, then would not turn on one day - called the 888-333-2333 # for the protection plan and 2 days later a local repair shop called to set up an appointment to come fix it - and they did fix it on the spot. Installed a new fan within about 1 hour and everything was running great again. At this point I was pretty glad I shelled out that extra $549 + tax for the warranty as this was handled quickly and smoothly.

4 weeks later same problem occurred. This time it will have to go into the shop for further diagnostic testing. Took quite a bit longer this time; from the time I called the number to the time I had a working set back in my house it was 2 and a half weeks. This time they replaced that same fan again with a few other parts as well.

3 weeks later and the same problem. Now I'm looking in my $549.99 advantage plan handbook for the number once again and I see no-lemon-guarantee - replacement with 3rd failure. I sure feel like I have a "lemon" with this set so once again I call the number - this time to report that it is the 3rd failure (within 3 months!) and I would like it replaced just like the Protection Plan states they will honor upon the 3rd failure. The phone rep puts in the request for the replacement and says I should be getting a phone call within 2 days...

I do eventually get a call from them and the woman on the phone states that this does not qualify for replacement as it has only been repaired one time. I tell her this is inaccurate - it has been fixed twice by the same shop and that I have my documentation from both repairs to prove it. She says she will call the repair shop to verify and then call me back. I never get a call back.

The next day I call the repair shop myself to see if they were contacted by Circuit City about the matter and they confirm that someone called them to verify both repairs which they did verify for them. After this phone call I think everything is taken care of and wait one more day for the woman to call me back like she said. Still no phone call...

Nearly a week later from that initial phone call to report the 3rd failure I decide it will be necessary to call the 888-233-3333 number again to see exactly what is going on. The phone rep reads me word for word the notes on their screen and informs me that the case was declined and closed earlier that morning as there were not 2 repairs made (according to their database). She says I will need to talk to the person in charge of the case to find out the reason why and gives me an 800 number with the woman's extension.

At this point I'm starting to get very upset - 6 months into a $549.99 warranty that the sales person was very insistent that I buy. I take a deep breath and dial the 800 number and enter her extension. Voice Mail - Figures. I leave a message and my number. No call back. The following day I call again and leave 2 more messages. No return call. The next day I call once more and leave a message stating the urgency to at least have the courtesy to return my calls. No response, no call back, nothing after 3 days of leaving messages.

Now I am not sure what to do with a 6 month old, broken $3,200 set and the $549.99 warranty purchased with it. So I reluctantly call the store where I bought it from - knowing very well they will just try to refer me to the 888-233-3333 number for the Protection Plan. They re-submit a replacement request and still no answer back from them. Just wanted to share my experience with the "Protection Plan" from Circuit City so you will know what to expect if you ever have to use it.

Bad Customer Experience
By -

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- I need to let you know that I am VERY dissatisfied with the customer service I received from your store in Madison, TN this morning. I'll start by saying that the store manager, **, stuck with the company policies to the letter. But he totally violated the spirit of your claims of total customer satisfaction at the risk of losing a loyal customer forever.

Specifically, I returned an LG LGDVT418 home theater system to the Madison store this morning, July 6, '06. Initially, I was told to pick another system for exchange and I could in and out in 5 minutes with a new system - thanks to my purchase of the Advantage Protection Plan. Great! This is how customer service is supposed to work. Shortly the customer service agent found me and let me know that my system would need to be sent off for service. I could upgrade to a more expensive system ($50 out of my pocket), but Circuit City would not allow me to exchange my system for one which would have cost them $5.

I found that to be a ridiculous proposition. I explained to the customer service agents that I would be a really satisfied customer if I could simply take home the system which was $5 less expensive. Mr. **, the store manager, was summoned, and though I know he could have authorized an exchange (one of the CS agents said, "Do you think ** will go for it?" To another when I proposed the best solution), he refused to do so.

PLEASE UNDERSTAND: To save a mere $5, Circuit City is forcing me to return home with no home theater, 3 useless tower speakers (the amplifier, subwoofer, center speaker, and one broken speaker tower), and a large, ugly, bulky box which will take up a lot of real estate in my living room for at least 10 days or more. This is ultimately futile, for I have absolute faith that when the defective system is evaluated, it will be determined that a new system should be exchanged.

And what if it is repaired? I'll have to go pick it up, unpack it, install and wire it, and (let's assume that it works OK at first) hope it doesn't go haywire again. If (and when) it does, I'll have to pack it up, load it into the car, return to the store for some of that great customer service that I had the last time.

In my 7 years in customer service at [previous employer's name, a leading musical instrument manufacturer] and other businesses, I came to KNOW that great customer service meant providing an extra measure of service and appreciation to the customer after the sale. Doing so ensures the customer will return and spend even more money in the future. Mr. ** demonstrated that his notion of customer service is "My way or the highway, and take your large, ugly boxes with you.” Unless I was willing to pay $50 more. But as I said, he was sticking to the company line.

IT IS TO BE DETERMINED WHAT YOUR TRUE ATTITUDE TOWARDS CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ACTUALLY IS. I expect a successful resolution within 5 days. You have my email, claim number, and telephone number. I've posted an exact copy of this email on where perhaps thousands of others will be interested to hear of the service I received. I would sincerely love to report that I am once again a happy consumer. The ball is in your court. I don't complain much, really, but this is ridiculous. I'll let you know what they do.

Circuit City charges 15% for the return of DEFECTIVE electronics
By -

FRAMINGHAM, MASSACHUSETTS -- I had a nearly identical experience as another person posting here, over just the last 2 or 3 weeks. I Purchased a brand new laptop (Compaq Presario, V5101US) and within two weeks found it to be defective with a problem with the caps lock function. When caps lock was enabled, the pc would display lower case, and when caps lock was disabled, the pc would display upper case. Just the opposite of the way it's supposed to work. It did this intermittently of course - it couldn't just fail outright. That would be too easy.

For background info, I'm a technical manager and regularly repair analytical x-ray instrumentation costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. I've used pc's in advanced capacity for a couple decades now. The point I'm trying to make, is that I'm not a kid who doesn't know what they're doing. When I saw it happen, I was careful to try several things while I could, to see if I could figure anything out. Well I couldn't. The problem just sort of went away as mysteriously as it had appeared.

I'm not willing to accept a new pc with a potential defect, so I returned to the store, and exchanged it for another of the same model. While there, they gave me the hard sell on extended warranty protection, and since I had the initial problem, I thought, OK - I'll buy it and at least think about keeping the protection just in case. Now does this sound like the action of a man who is buying and returning pc's for fun?

Anyway, the second laptop exhibited the same keyboard problem within about 3 days. Extended warranty or not, I no longer had any faith in that laptop or in the stores ability to deliver a trouble free computer. I contacted the store, and tried to locate a manager. My best efforts failed, and I could only seem to get one of their "leads" on the phone. He said he was busy, and would get back to me. Well he called back once to tell me he was still busy. Then I never heard from him again.

We then took the problem to corporate, assuming that surely they would do something to make this right. No such luck. They would not take me/us at our word with regard to the problems, but after several conversations over two days they finally called the store to tell them if we brought it in, and IF they could locate a problem, they should refund our credit card in total. I knew where this was going...

I took it back to the store, knowing in my gut that the problem wouldn't reproduce at will. It happened only a couple times while we had it, so I knew it wouldn't happen in the store for them. I took it in anyway, figuring they MUST have some diagnostics to run on it??? The pc tech looked at the drivers list, saw there were none flagged with an exclamation mark, and typed on the keyboard for about 5 minutes, with no symptoms exhibited. Some diagnostics eh?

So guess what? They wouldn't budge. They charged me $98 for the privilege of buying their two defective laptops. Not only that, but they're convinced nothing is wrong with it, so I'm sure they'll put it on the shelf and sell it to some other poor soul who will have to go through the same thing.

I understand a stores reluctance to accept open electronics as returns. I understand the desire to charge restocking in certain cases. If someone receives a gift, and wants to return it, fine charge a fee, but to charge customers who are returning expensive and defective product is ludicrous.

I'm embarking on a campaign to make as much noise against this store as I can possibly make. I cannot believe they get away with this sort of policy. From the looks of postings I see on this site and others, they won't get away with it for long. If anyone has looked into class action against them, I'd sure like to hear about it. Fighting-Back.

Fraud warranty at Circuit City
By -

RENO, NEVADA -- My daughter (15) purchased a Nano iPod at Circuit City, last year (Dec 2005). They sold her the 'extended' warranty for this iPod, stating if anything goes wrong with it (excluding dropping, running car over it, etc) to bring it back for a replacement. Well, something did go wrong with it. The left channel was not providing sound anymore. It wasn't her earphones, as we tried hers on another device and they worked just fine.

So, she calls Circuit City and they tell her to bring it in for a replacement. She goes to the store to exchange it and they don't replace it. She has to take care of the returns via the internet. WHAT?? **!! The salesman told her when she purchased it to bring it in if it ever breaks for a replacement, and she called the store the night before to verify that she should bring it in. Wow!!! Guess the policy has changed?? And wait there's more... It is not an 'extended warranty' like they told her (My wife was with her when they told her extended). It runs concurrent with the existing manufacturer's warranty.

So she goes home, gets the info off of the internet and ships it in for repair/replacement. After 2 weeks, she gets a Circuit City gift card for the purchase price of the defective Nano. They also, tell her that she'll have to purchase a new warranty for the new one. WHAT?? I ask (I'm with her this time)?? The warranty is only good for a one time use on small electronics at Circuit City.

HELLO, anyone listening at Circuit City??? The manufacturer warranty is still valid. I haven't used the Circuit City warranty yet. “Oh no”, they reply. “You went through us (Circuit City) for the repair, and we sent you a gift card for the purchase of a new one. You should have sent it in to Apple if you didn't want to use your one time warranty use up.” BS!!! I'll see if I can cash out the gift card and take our business elsewhere. These warranties are a rip off and Circuit City is taking advantage of it. Buyer beware of this scam...

Phony Rebates/Prices Listed By Circuit City
By -

On February 10, 2006, I purchased an Acer Aspire notebook, ACA AS5004WLMI from Circuit City's Website. When I was shopping on that date, February 10, there was a Circuit City rebate (not a manufacturer rebate) listed, which Circuit City incorporated into the price, which they listed with the rebate as $899.99. I was charged $1199.99 and told to submit the requisite rebate documents, which I did in a timely fashion.

Since I have been advised in the past on previous rebates by Circuit City that my rebate forms “got lost in the mail”, I spent $20 or so to send the materials to Circuit City in expedient fashion as well as to procure a receipt of redemption from the Postal Service.

After weeks of checking online to see if my rebate was received, there was no information found on the Rebate section of Circuit City's Website. When I contacted 1-877-224-8966, I was dismissively told that the rebate might be “lost in the mail.”

However, on March 25, 2006, I received a letter from Circuit City informing me that my $300 rebate was denied due to “invalid purchase date.” After numerous phone calls to the 877-224-8966 number, after numerous disconnects, after numerous hostile, wholly disinterested call center agents, I was told that the $300 rebate was only valid on the product from January 20 through January 28. One call center representative told me that I could be “trying to scam” the rebate. At this point, this matter became not only criminal; it took on a personal nature for me.

I do not know whether Circuit City deliberately defrauds customers with imaginary rebate offers or whether the January rebate was erroneously left up on the Website when I purchased the product in February. Either way I am legally due the $300. When I asked a Rebate call center representative to investigate the Website rebate history (if the $300 rebate offer was left up erroneously), he simply dismissed the matter and advised me to take it up with Customer Service and hung up on me.

When I did contact Customer Service at 1-800-843-2480, an agent named ** was very helpful and did attempt to apply rebate(s) to the product. However, after contacting the Rebate department, she only could provide a $150 rebate - meaning that I am still due $150.

This matter is so blatantly incendiary and I feel that Circuit City may be engaged in premeditated fraud if they are deliberately listing their products with nonexistent rebate offers. At best, they are obviously incompetent for leaving up expired rebate offers and being flippant and dismissive when a customer inquires about such matters. This is tantamount to being charged $900 for an advertised product, and then weeks later, being charged an additional $300 and being told that the $900 price was simply not valid. I am beyond disgust at Circuit City.

Over several years, I have estimated that I have spent between $5000-10000 on products from Circuit City. Conversely, I have been given a similar “red herring” when it has come to prior rebates. However, on this occasion, this is wholly a Circuit City rebate and there is no discrepancy this time as to whether materials were “lost in the mail.”

I will pursue this matter vigorously from hereon in. As a matter of principle, I am steadfast and unwavering in pursuit of the remaining $150. In addition to filing a complaint with the Consumer Affairs Division of Virginia (Circuit City's headquarters), I also plan on pressing this matter with Iris Taylor of the Richmond Times Dispatch and the Better Business Bureau. I also will go on every message board relative to electronics and relay this experience.

No Service From Circuit City
By -

SHREVEPORT -- On Oct. 16th I bought a model TX-P3264W Serial Number 39ZXC51555D Samsung High Definition TV from Circuit City in Shreveport, LA. On Jan. 13th it blew up - I mean literally made a noise like a gunshot and then went dead. I called Circuit City in Shreveport. They gave me their toll free service number. I set up an appointment for a service call. The soonest they could get a technician to my home was Friday morning January 27th (2 weeks!).

I received a service confirmation number **. On Jan. 27th at 9:30 AM I called once again to confirm that someone would be out to service my TV that morning. I was told yes by a Circuit City operator. She said she had spoken to the service rep and then gave me a service number **. Later in the day I was called and the appointment was cancelled due to the service rep being off sick. I was told that the quickest time frame for a service rep was going to be Feb. 3rd (next Friday).

Now we are into 3 weeks to have someone service my TV. I asked the service operator if there was someone else I could speak with, since I was already home today and didn't want to miss another day of work. She said no. 3 weeks to get a warranty covered TV serviced is ridiculous! I called the store where I bought the TV and spoke to the Circuit City TV Manager. He told me that there was nothing he could do since I failed to purchase the Circuit City Extended Warranty.

So I called Samsung's Service Department. Samsung's service representative attempted to set up an appointment for service and told me that I should received a call back to confirm the appointment within 4 to 5 hours. I waited until the next day and called Samsung again. This time I was told it would take 24 to 48 hours before I get a call back to confirm the appointment, so I shouldn't expect a call back before Tuesday morning. I called on Friday afternoon... Tuesday morning is way over 72 hours, just to get a call back.

I have now missed a day of work and no telling how many other days I will have to take off and this issue is still unresolved. I mean I still don't even have a service date! If I ran my business this way... Well there just wouldn't be any business. Have you seen the bank commercial on TV where the banker tells the young lady "All we can do is take your money." Well, that's pretty much all Circuit City can do.

March 4th, 2006 Update - Well, I have yet to receive the first call back from Samsung or Circuit City and the New TV is still not working. I have given up on trying to get someone at Circuit City to honor the warranty and have called Samsung over a dozen times. Each time I call, I am told someone will get back to me within 72 hours. That is yet to happen. If anyone has any suggestions where I go from here I would love to hear about 'em, because I am completely out of ideas!

A manifestation of a deeper problem
By -

VIRGINIA -- I am a former employee of Circuit City for over nine years. The recent bankruptcy of Circuit City came to no surprise to me. When I began working for Circuit City in 1984 it was a company that was the epitome of the American dream. Like many other corporations from days gone by the most important commodity of Circuit City were its employees. Not upper management, and not the dollar. As a result the dollars came for Circuit City and they came big.

I remember in days gone by Circuit City were closed Sundays and Mondays, had a nationwide company picnic that was completely paid for by Circuit City, a kick off party in which the store closed for its employees, and gave literally thousands of dollars worth of electronics to its employees that included big screen TV's, stereo systems, as well as monetary prizes. Over and above all this, its employees were well rewarded financially for good customer service, performance, as well as sales incentives. From my understanding the years previous were even better.

I can even remember attending a sales meeting discussing an up and coming electronics company named Best Buy. How that they would never be any real competition for Circuit City. Somewhere between the early years and the last 25 years however Circuit City lost the vision that the employees are the bread and butter of an organization not upper management. I can still remember when Circuit City offered good health benefits, paid sick leave, and a good retirement program.

Unfortunately I can also remember when I noticed the company began its downward journey to its current demise. It started with the stores being open seven days a week as opposed to five. Then the next thing to go was the company picnics, the kick off parties and sales incentives became stingy-er and stingy-er. Then in a few short years I noticed that store supervisors and employees that were just several years from collecting on their retirement had been terminated for what seemed to be unsubstantiated reasons.

Furthermore as new employees were hired they were not offered the same incentives or pay as those that were currently employed. Then as years went by the product knowledge, and the sales training program for new hires went from several weeks to several days.

The manifestation of this downhill slide is Bankruptcy. The deeper problem is the same the nation over. The lack of vision for a greater community, and country for the "middle class" worker has turned to the turning over of a quick buck for the CEO's.

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