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Circuit City's Despicable Customer Service
Posted by Fireball on 12/03/2007
I’m outraged at Circuit City’s customer service for on-line orders. They’re the worst I’ve ever seen, hands DOWN! I'd purchased several items on-line on 11/27/07, and received an email that my order has been shipped with a FedEx tracking number. When I clicked on the tracking #, it said that the package was delivered on 3/19/07 to a different state. I’ve called Circuit City's customer service 4 times and each time routes you to their India or Philippines department, who can't do much except to say "someone will get back to you in 7 to 14 business days”.

After my 5th time calling and 35 minutes later, I finally got a rep named Steven in their Richmond VA office “Escalation Dept”. Rep Steven tells me that it’s a problem with FedEx and requested that I call FedEx to clear up the issue. After my pushback, Steven reluctantly called FedEx and discovered that there is no package destined to my address on record. He goes on saying that I need to wait another 10 days to make sure that my order does not arrive before they can issue a reship order. Then, I would need to waste another 35 minutes of mine time to go through their international dept to request a reship.

My question to the rep Steven “If Circuit City’s record show that my order was shipped on 11/27/07 by FedEx, but FedEx does not have a record anywhere in their system of Circuit City’s package to my address, is it not logical to assume that the shipment is lost?”. Steven’s response was “well, our records show it was shipped and FedEx is the carrier”. This seems like someone can’t follow basic logic. What’s more amazing is that Steven claims to be the highest level of escalation in Circuit City’s Customer Service department. What an idiot!!

I will NEVER buy from Circuit City again, and recommend EVERYONE to stay far away!

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Posted by tnchuck100 on 2007-12-03:
I like the term you used 'despicable'. Very appropriate. Don't be too hard on poor Steven. He is just a corporate puppet who has been neutered when it comes to using common sense.

I'd cancel the order, dispute the charge with the credit card company and buy elsewhere.
Posted by David on 2007-12-04:
I order many items online from different companies and have seen these problems with tracking numbers more than once. The tracking information is totally incorrect showing a delivery prior to my order. It is either a glitch with the tracking number assigned by the shipper or the online tracking number being wrong. In one case, my order showed two different tracking numbers for a single item.

The tracking information for online orders may precede the order as it is assigned up to two days before actual shipment. With correct tracking information, this will appear as "billing information received". The package will not be in the shipper's system, however, until the shipper physically receives the package.

If this happens again, I recommend waiting a few days and checking the tracking information again before getting concerned. Unless, of course, this was shipped overnight.
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2 month old camcorder Dead - Circuit City Refuses to Assist
Posted by Lurker on 08/19/2007
WEST MIFFLIN, PENNSYLVANIA -- Purchased a Samsung Camcorder June 2007 for 1 event and on what would have been the 2nd use of this item it's having disc read errors.

So I called Samsung... twice & on both occasions received inexperienced tech support. The techs stated that type of error requires repair (2 year mfg warranty) neither tech knew how to go about sending the item back for repair, they suggested since the item was only 2 months old to take it back to Circuit City as they deal with them for repairs.

Thinking this would be easy this afternoon I took the camcorder back to the place of purchase, Circuit City, (receipt & item in hand), to see the if they could either repair the camcorder or knew where to send it for repair.

Since this is primarily an electronics store you would think they would know how to fix or where to send items for repair. Not the case at all... the repair staffer stated they knew what to do, where to send it back but refused to do either! I'm not kidding. I am grateful there was a crowd of other circuit city haters around to provide support when they refused to do anything.

Btw The rep didn't have problem giving me the 1st initial (not their name!) & phone number of the store manager. I guess that would have been helpful if it was the telephone number at Circuit City! I fully plan to submit a BBB complaint & find out the name & address of the CEO of Circuit city. I fully expect they could care less given the way the stores are run though.

About the support - I wasn't the only one with a horror story at Circuit City today. In a virtually empty store, in the 10 minutes we waited at the repair area the woman in front of me stated she had serious problems with the repair dept then 3 fellows behind me chimed in with horror stories. One fellow bought a new flat screen TV, received a refurb on delivery & the store refused to take it back! The value of their problem items ranged from $800 - $2200. Guess I should consider myself lucky I got to use my $400 camcorder once before it broke. btw Their repair reps will claim no returns or exchanges - but that's not what the receipt states. I predict several lawsuits and a quick close of this store. The sooner the better.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-20:
The warranty paper should indicate where the repair locations are and phone numbers. Call them directly.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-20:
AlleyS did you read the reveiw? The guy wasn't asking for a refund you twit. The item was still under warranty so an extended warranty is irrelevant and besides that no where in the review did the OP say anything about it. If you're in the bizness you'd think you'd be able to offer some advice instead of always spewing caustic.

Good review Lurker. I hope this all works out for you. I voted your contribution 'Very Helpful'.
Posted by bigboxworker on 2007-08-20:
Isn't your product covered by a manufacture warranty?? If so, why did you go back to the store?? Call the manufacturer, if they can't help you it is not Circuit City's fault.
Posted by Lurker on 2007-08-20:
bigboxworker, As noted above this is covered under manufacturer warranty, samsung adv to take the camcorder back to circuit city for repair. Our Circuit City has a repair dept & according to samsung they handle their repairs.

I expect this warranty will be honored & the item repaired. I have both emails & calls into executive branches of CC & Samsung. Proper complaints are being filed, this may even be worthy of a consumer complaint spot on the 6 o'clock news. One of the reporters from the show lives up the street & our kids play together. Because of 'this' I won't be able to record those magic moments...
Posted by Justusryan on 2007-08-20:
Did anyone read this post? Stew I'm voting your comment "Very Helpful".
Posted by circuitcityworker on 2007-09-30:
you're all idiots... return policy on a camcorder is 14 days. past that if you didn't purchase OUR warranty, it is up to the manufacturer to fix it. we don't do outside repairs for items that aren't covered by OUR warranty. NOT OUR RESPONSIBILITY!!!!
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-30:
Does the Constitution authorize the government to control, regulate, or inhibit the production of energy resources within a state?


circuitcityworker, that wasn't very nice.....
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Phony Rebates/Prices Listed By Circuit City
Posted by A4914363 on 04/07/2006
On February 10, 2006, I purchased an Acer Aspire notebook, ACA AS5004WLMI from Circuit City’s Web site. When I was shopping on that date, February 10, there was a Circuit City rebate (not a manufacturer rebate) listed, which Circuit City incorporated into the price, which they listed with the rebate as $899.99. I was charged $1199.99 and told to submit the requisite rebate documents, which I did in a timely fashion. Since I have been advised in the past on previous rebates by Circuit City that my rebate forms “got lost in the mail”, I spent $20 or so to send the materials to Circuit City in expedient fashion as well as to procure a receipt of redemption from the Postal Service.

After weeks of checking online to see if my rebate was received, there was no information found on the Rebate section of Circuit City’s Web site. When I contacted 1-877-224-8966, I was dismissively told that the rebate might be “lost in the mail.”

However, on March 25, 2006, I received a letter from Circuit City informing me that my $300 rebate was denied due to “invalid purchase date.” After numerous phone calls to the 877-224-8966 number, after numerous disconnects, after numerous hostile, wholly disinterested call center agents, I was told that the $300 rebate was only valid on the product from January 20 through January 28. One call center representative told me that I could be “trying to scam” the rebate. At this point, this matter became not only criminal; it took on a personal nature for me.

I do not know whether Circuit City deliberately defrauds customers with imaginary rebate offers or whether the January rebate was erroneously left up on the Web site when I purchased the product in February. Either way I am legally due the $300. When I asked a Rebate call center representative to investigate the Web site rebate history (if the $300 rebate offer was left up erroneously), he simply dismissed the matter and advised me to take it up with Customer Service and hung up on me.

When I did contact Customer Service at 1-800-843-2480, an agent named Carrie was very helpful and did attempt to apply rebate(s) to the product. However, after contacting the Rebate department, she only could provide a $150 rebate, meaning that I am still due $150.

This matter is so blatantly incendiary and I feel that Circuit City may be engaged in premeditated fraud if they are deliberately listing their products with nonexistent rebate offers. At best, they are obviously incompetent for leaving up expired rebate offers and being flippant and dismissive when a customer inquires about such matters. This is tantamount to being charged $900 for an advertised product, and then weeks later, being charged an additional $300 and being told that the $900 price was simply not valid. I am beyond disgust at Circuit City.

Over several years, I have estimated that I have spent between $5000-10000 on products from Circuit City. Conversely, I have been given a similar “red herring” when it has come to prior rebates. However, on this occasion, this is wholly a Circuit City rebate and there is no discrepancy this time as to whether materials were “lost in the mail.”

I will pursue this matter vigorously from hereon in. As a matter of principle, I am steadfast and unwavering in pursuit of the remaining $150. In addition to filing a complaint with the Consumer Affairs Division of Virginia (Circuit City’s headquarters), I also plan on pressing this matter with Iris Taylor of the Richmond Times Dispatch and the Better Business Bureau. I also will go on every message board relative to electronics and relay this experience.
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Posted by CaseyTucker on 2006-04-07:
Contact CantorLaw from the previous Amazon post...
he is looking for someone to take to court.
Posted by viperpa33s on 2006-04-07:
Sorry for your loss and not surprised that Circuit City did this. Also rebates are the consumers worst enemy. It's always 9 times out of 10 the excuse is either they never received the rebate or the information is incomplete even though it is always is.
Posted by Ponie on 2006-04-09:
I never make a purchase based on a rebate offer. If one is included, that's just icing on the cake. Had a problem only once. Received a postcard telling me incorrect materials were submitted. Called the 800 number on the card. After giving him a 30 second reaming, the fellow 'magically' found the correct submissions. About 3 days later I received the rebate check.
Posted by clive on 2006-09-23:
I have similar experience too. I purchased a notebook on circuitcity website on Aug 01, 2006. The website indicate that I am eligible for a mail-in rebate of $150. I went through the same process as you did: sending the mail-in rebate to circuitcity. On Sep 23rd, 2006 (more than 30 days) I received a letter from circuitcity saying that my rebate is denied due to "Invalid purchase date". I called up customer service and engaged myself in a 2 and half hour conversation (most of the time waiting). It ended up the customer service can only rebate $50. I am going to pursue this matter further till I get a satisfactory action from circuitcity.

My advise to everyone after this experience I had is to make a printout of the rebate/website as prove.
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poor customer services
Posted by Nomorecircuitcity on 02/13/2006
CITRUS HEIGHTS, CALIFORNIA -- My sister, who’s Asian and does not speak English well, went to this store with a coupon (being a regular customer of Circuit City, she always received coupons). She purchased a few items including a camera. At the checkout line, there was a guy standing behind her (he was also Asian, BUT MY SISTER DID NOT KNOW HIM) and also bought the same camera. He asked my sister if he could share her coupon. My sister was not sure. Then the guy asked the cashier if it was okay for my sister to share the coupon, the cashier said it would be okay if my sister "did not mind". My sister then let the guy share her coupon. The cashier, knowing the situation, split the purchases up: he rang up my sister’s items first, added tax and then wrote the amount on a piece of paper. Then he rang up the other’s items. The other customer paid his due by his credit card while my sister paid hers by cash (And both of them paid to the cashier). All of this information was put on the receipt. The cashier then provided my sister and the other customer each with a receipt.

2 weeks later, my sister returned to the store to return a couple of the items. The cashier returned the money to the credit card, which belonged to a stranger, on the receipt and then told my sister. That was when my sister remembered about the other customer. When she tried to explain to him that the credit card was not hers and why it was on there to begin with, the cashier said it was too late and refused to do anything. My sister then asked to speak to the manager. The manager told my sister the same thing.

Since my sister's English was not good, she could not argue and went home to ask me to call the store. I called and talked to the same manager. He said that refunds were returned automatically to the credit card on the receipt. I asked him if this was the store's policy, he said "no." Then he claimed that it was my sister's fault because she let the other customer use her coupon without the cashier's knowledge. Then he went on to say that my sister had "used" the man's credit card to make the purchase and she was not supposed to do that. When I asked him, "Do you mean to tell me Circuit City let my sister use someone else's credit card without its knowledge?" he said, "I know where you're going with this and I'm not returning money to you."

I then called Customer Service. The person that answered said the office was closed and I needed to send an email before someone could answer to my complaint. I went on the Internet and wrote this letter explaining about the whole thing from beginning to end, including my conversation with the manager. In 2 days, I received a response saying that my letter had been forwarded to this store, which was not the same store I'd specified in my letter. Then I wrote another letter saying the name of the store and its location again and how I needed to speak to someone else since the manager refused to help me. I received another letter in 2 days with the request, "please give us the phone number of the store so that we can forward your letter to them" (?)

I got frustrated and called Customer Service again. This time I was transferred to somebody. I told her the situation. At fist she refused to talk to me, insisting that she must speak to my sister. I told her my sister did not speak English well enough and if she could provide a translator, I'd be happy to have my sister talk to her, since it already took too much of my time. She then asked me how the cashier was supposed to know if my sister had paid in cash. I told her my sister did not think about it at all, plus this information was on the receipt. The representative said, "no it was not." And yes, it was. And she did not go on to argue after I told her. When I told her I was mad at my sister for causing this problem, the rep said, "No, your sister was only being nice. It was not her fault. And I don't know why the cashier would let that happen. Normally Circuit City doesn't allow customers to do this."

Then she said she needed to contact the store's manger. She put me on hold while she talked to him. And when she returned, she told me that my sister had given the other customer money and that there was only one receipt. When I asked her to explain what she said, she refused, saying according to the manager, my sister spoke good English and I could not speak for my sister.

Later in the day, I had my sister call so that this rep could hear my sister speak English. She called and was told that the case had been closed and this had been explained to her sister, which was me.

Then I called and spoke with another rep. This person assured me that she would do some investigation and call me the following day since it was already late. I waited for the whole day and still did not hear anything. When I called Customer Service, I was told that since I'd been told to wait, I just needed to continue to wait. However, I asked the operator to let this rep know I called her and needed to hear from her. The operator took my message. I kept waiting and still never heard anything. Then I called back and this time I was transferred to... her voicemail. I left a message for her and asked her to call me back.

In the meantime, I wrote a letter to the headquarters office. I quoted their return policy which I found on the Internet. It says that "refunds will be returned in the same payment method." I pointed out in the letter that since my sister had paid by cash, and this information was clear on the receipt, the store failed to do that for her and she was entitled to receive her money back.

I also sent a complaint to the BBB.

About 2 weeks later, the person who'd promised me she would call me sent me an email. (She probably got my email address from the BBB and I don't know why she would not call me). All she said was, "I'm sorry for your inconvenience but we will not return your sister's money because of the way the purchase was made." She did not explain how the purchase was made that was a problem.

Then a few days ago, a person from the headquarters office left me a message with the same content, with one addition: "your sister did not pay Circuit City; she paid the other customer to pay Circuit City and therefore, we can only return the money to the other customer. I would suggest that hopefully you got the other customer's phone number and contact him". He did not leave a phone number for me to call back.

Now if you've read my review thoroughly, you will realize why I spent my time to do all the things I've done. Circuit City only came up with excuse after excuse. And in this process, it did not hesitate to make false accusations about the way my sister made her purchase, including that she used someone else's credit card, she spoke English well (so that it did not have to deal with me, someone who can speak English), and when it ran out of excuses - my sister did not pay Circuit City directly, which is really ridiculous and stupid for such a big company to say.

Many people who have heard this story are surprised why Circuit City would give my sister such a hard time. My sister would have even settled with store's credits. Yet in my opinion, the store owes her money. Circuit City probably believes, based on whatever the first cashier said, that my sister set the whole thing up so that she could get some free money.

And if that's the case, which I strongly believe it is, I really feel sorry for the company and the people who run it. My sister paid at least $200 for her items. The items that she returned totaled $31.00. (Yes, it was only $31.00 that created the whole thing.) If this was a setup, she could have returned everything. She was so desperate that she even asked the cashier to give her the other customer's phone number or credit card company so that she could contact the guy and ask him to give her money back. After all, she'd done him a favor. But of course she could not get that information. But most importantly, I spent many, many hours writing letters, contacting people, making phone calls and waiting on line. I have a job and I make much more than $31.00/hour.

Circuit City did not have the professional judgment to come up with the best resolution - for my sister and also for the company itself. Throughout its arguments, Circuit City only conflicted itself with its excuses - first it was because my sister did not notify the cashier, then because she was not allowed to share the coupon and she did it anyway, then she used the man's credit card, then the refund was returned automatically, then she did not pay, etc. It did not even bother apologizing for the poor customer service its employees did. But if losing many customers over $31.00 was not a big deal, why would it care about good customer service?

My sister was a regular at Circuit City. She's not anymore. And the same goes for my whole family and our friends. Hopefully for you too.

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Posted by dsmith68 on 2006-02-14:
Did the receipt show 1 amount charged to a credit card, or was it split up and showed items paid in cash and others with a credit card. I guess I am a little confused about what the receipt look like.

Regardless, companies like circuit city care very little for customer service. The people are trained to use all tricks available to stop refunds etc. After all, they really do not care if they lose the occasional customer.
Posted by KateM on 2006-02-14:
I dont know if you can blame Circuit City for this one. The original transaction was so convoluted (sp) that I'm not surprised they couldnt make sense of it when she went to get a refund. perhaps had your sister explained the situation when she went to get a refund this could have been avoided. I'm sorry but not speaking English well isnt an excuse.
Posted by nomorecircuitcity on 2006-02-14:
The receipt shows the total amount, then the amount for cash payment, then for credit card. It does not specify which items were paid in cash. However, as described before, my sister's items were rung up first. The other customer also bought the same camera, but his camera shows separately at the bottom. Both of them paid their exact mount including tax.

It wasn't because my sister did not speak English well that she did not tell the cashier; it was just something she'd thought about. It's just normal thinking; if you paid by cash, you expect to get cash. She wasn't thinking about the other customer. Regardless, based on the excuses Circuit City kept coming up with, it wasn't because my sister had not told them that they refused to return her money. If they'd tried to rectify the situation, they could have at least contacted the credit card company or given my sister store's credits.
Posted by yoke on 2006-02-15:
Sounds to me like Circuit city needs to talk to the cashier and review any tapes. Why would a cashier allow something like that. Maybe your sister isn't giving the whole story?
Posted by Angry Tulsa Consumer on 2006-03-21:
We will never shop at circuit city again and take the chance of getting 'short circuited!!'. Customer service ENDS when you pay for the product. All the salespeople look like they have brown noses. They did absolutely nothing to help us when we had a problem, just got the run around. Such corporations need to be boycotted.
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Big Warranty Problem
Posted by Johnopinski on 10/18/2004
BETHEL, CONNECTICUT -- I first contacted Circuit City Extended Warranty service @ 888-333-2333 on 9/4/04 due to a problem with my television. A service tech came to service it but advised that 3 parts need to be ordered. I have been told that the third part came in four times now and that the technician will call be schedule an appointment to complete the service. It still has not happened.

I was directed now to Circuity City Consumer Affairs @ 888-615-8156 where I spoke with "Christy" this date. She stated again that the third part is in and that I should get a call soon. I asked what Circuit City would do to ensure this or how they would compensate me for not living up their contract. She stated that they are honoring the contract. I strongly disagree. I requested to speak with a supervisor but was told that there is no such person.

I paid for a contract and would like it honored.
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Posted by LegalCollector on 2004-10-19:
You fell for the "theres no supervisor" line? Call em back! Show some tenacity!
Posted by johnopinski on 2004-10-21:
Thanks, the day after I posted this, I received a call that they will be back at my home for the repair next week. Let's see.
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Circuit City charges 15% for the return of DEFECTIVE electronics
Posted by Fighting-Back on 06/15/2006
FRAMINGHAM, MASSACHUSETTS -- I had a nearly identical experience as another person posting here, over just the last 2 or 3 weeks.

I Purchased a brand new laptop (Compaq Presario, V5101US) and within two weeks found it to be defective with a problem with the caps lock function. When caps lock was enabled, the pc would display lower case, and when caps lock was disabled, the pc would display upper case. Just the opposite of the way it's supposed to work.

It did this intermittently of course, it couldn't just fail outright, that would be too easy.

For background info, I'm a technical manager and regularly repair analytical x-ray instrumentation costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. I've used pc's in advanced capacity for a couple decades now. The point I'm trying to make, is that I'm not a kid who doesn't know what they're doing. When I saw it happen, I was careful to try several things while I could, to see if I could figure anything out. Well I couldn't. The problem just sort of went away as mysteriously as it had appeared.

I'm not willing to accept a new pc with a potential defect, so I returned to the store, and exchanged it for another of the same model. While there, they gave me the hard sell on extended warranty protection, and since I had the initial problem, I thought, ok, I'll buy it and at least think about keeping the protection just in case. Now does this sound like the action of a man who is buying and returning pc's for fun?

Anyway, the second laptop exhibited the same keyboard problem within about 3 days.

Extended warranty or not, I no longer had any faith in that laptop or in the stores ability to deliver a trouble free computer.

I contacted the store, and tried to locate a manager. My best efforts failed, and I could only seem to get one of their "leads" on the phone. He said he was busy, and would get back to me. Well he called back once to tell me he was still busy, then I never heard from him again.

We then took the problem to corporate, assuming that surely they would do something to make this right. No such luck. They would not take me/us at our word with regard to the problems, but after several conversations over two days they finally called the store to tell them if we brought it in, and IF they could locate a problem, they should refund our credit card in total. I knew where this was going...

I took it back to the store, knowing in my gut that the problem wouldn't reproduce at will, it happened only a couple times while we had it, so I knew it wouldn't happen in the store for them. I took it in anyway, figuring they MUST have some diagnostics to run on it???

The pc tech looked at the drivers list, saw there were none flagged with an exclamation mark, and typed on the keyboard for about 5 minutes, with no symptoms exhibited. Some diagnostics eh?

So guess what, they wouldn't budge. They charged me $98 for the privilege of buying their two defective laptops. Not only that, but they're convinced nothing is wrong with it, so I'm sure they'll put it on the shelf and sell it to some other poor soul who will have to go through the same thing.

I understand a stores reluctance to accept open electronics as returns. I understand the desire to charge restocking in certain cases. If someone receives a gift, and wants to return it, fine charge a fee, but to charge customers who are returning expensive and defective product is ludicrous.

I'm embarking on a campaign to make as much noise against this store as I can possibly make. I cannot believe they get away with this sort of policy.

From the looks of postings I see on this site and others, they won't get away with it for long.

If anyone has looked into class action against them, I'd sure like to hear about it.

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Posted by Doc J on 2006-06-15:
Very well written post. CC's position: Despite your disagreement with the level of diagnostics run, the computer didn't fail and may (or may not be) defective. It only failed very intermittently (according to you). CC and other electronics retailers have had customers "buy" an item, use it for a while (i.e. camcorders for wedddings, etc) and return it for a full refund. CC is not a free "Rent-A-Center". I understand your frustration. I also understand the reason for their restocking policy. However, no policy should be carved in stone without some room for exceptions.
Posted by Brenda Leah on 2006-06-15:
Why not just wait to return it until it was having the same problem?
Posted by rhondam718732 on 2006-06-15:
He did wait...he says the 2nd laptop did the same thing...that's why he decided to ask for a credit...
Posted by tgtman on 2006-06-15:
What a pain! I had a laptop that I received from the Mega Mart (division of Nebraska Furniture Mart) and one of the pixels burnt. So I wanted to EXCHANGE it (mind you, this was a graduation gift). At first, they guy opened it and noticed, what I thought was a defect. He said "that's only a cosmetic inconvenience." He let me exchange it ONCE. Brought it home, same thing happened. By this time I was mad! I went back the next week, and exchanged it. This time, a different employee helped me. He also said, "this is cosmetic, we shouldn't exchange it at all, but we'll do it this once." Thankfully, the next one was OK. Sometimes these electronics retailers need to understand that the stuff made today can be faulty, and that by trying to exchange it we are not trying to pull a fast one!
Posted by Doc J on 2006-06-15:
tgtman: Hmmmmm. Isn't that what some previous commentators said about Target and defective DVDs? To thine own words be true. Hmmmmm?
Posted by tgtman on 2006-06-19:
But, Doc J, let me reiterate. I DID NOT EVER ASK FOR A REFUND. I wanted to exchange it. Unlike some people who want a refund only (after they've watched their family movie that weekend for free.)
Posted by They always say they understand on 2006-06-20:
I'm interested in making a lot of noise as well.

Last August, I bought a toshiba laptop from circuit city. I specifically bought it from them because of their damage protection policy.
Apparently, while the sales associate told me three times, pointing to the broshure that my laptop was covered for accidental damage and after I paid some upsurd fee, when I took it in to get fixed they told me that I, in fact, was not covered for accidental damage.
after being on the phone for two hours, corporate tells me that cannot correct the warrenty, the warrenty department tells me that corporate can do it, and costumer service rushes me back to corporate.
long story short: I was told I bought accidental coverage on my laptop. I was told it would cover four years of accidental coverage. when I took the laptop in for circuit city to fix the accidental coverage, they tell me that I don't have it. Corporate says that they can't change the warrenty once the laptop has been damaged. the circles of people I've talked to are trying to tell me that plan didn't even exist when I bought the laptop. and the warrenty department and the store tell me it existed, but the sales associate must have handed me the accidental broshure and not given me the right coverage. But they won't fix it.
Posted by Brenda Leah on 2006-06-22:
Yah Rhondam but I think the problem is that they couldn't recreate the issue. I would wait until it was doing it again and march right back down there. Same thing happened with a problem with my car... they never can recreate the problem!
Posted by sneakernet on 2006-07-04:

I understand your frustration with Circuit City. I have had numerous problems with their customer service in the past, and I have not gone there in years.

That said, in the case of your laptop, and the flip-flop of the Caps-lock key, I have seen this from time to time on many computers, especially in the last several years. It is almost certainly an intermittent bug in Windows, and not the fault of the laptop.

(You can force similar odd behavior by simply holding down a shift key for eight seconds -- Windows "Sticky keys" accessibility feature will pop up a window asking if you wish to use it; click OK and then try typing. I have seen different behaviors after doing this -- all of them wrong. [I just did it as a test, and I couldn't type anything! I just heard clicks. I held the shift key down for another eight seconds, hearing clicks during this time, until the clicks stopped. The keyboard resumed normal operation. Outstanding feature and outstanding engineering!] The most frequent behavior that I've seen is that the keyboard behaves as if the shift key is being held down; sometimes holding the shift key down allows the unshifted characters to be typed, sometimes not. I often had to reboot to fix this. Aside from this specific problem, though, I have seen the problem you describe many times.)

You can disable the "Sticky keys" feature by entering the Accessibility Options menu and unchecking it. I usually do this if I have a similar keyboard problem, and I don't recall ever seeing any further keyboard problems on a computer where I've done this (though I can't say absolutely).

Anyway, apparently something about the keyboard on that laptop model lends itself to allowing the problem more easily, but there's probably nothing wrong with the computer itself.

(By the way, I've been a PC software engineer since 1982, with the exception of 1995-1999 when I owned a PC repair business; I've seen far more unusual PC problems than even the average PC technology engineer.)

To the person with the bad pixel in his laptop display: yes, it is extremely annoying to find a bad pixel in the display of a new computer, but it is not uncommon, and in the fine print of almost all laptop documentation and warranties, you will find language that states that a certain number of bad pixels is considered normal and exceptable and is not covered for repair or return.

That said, if it happened to me, I'd be screaming bloody murder to have my new computer replaced. They can say it's not covered all they want, but if they don't want a bad reputation, and a very loud customer in their store, they'd better replace it, and my experience is that they will.

Anyway, I hope my "Sticky Keys" solution helps some people, and makes it worth the rest of my ramblings here.

Tom Friend
Posted by Fighting-Back on 2006-07-06:
Just checking back and pleasantly surprised to see the comments. Thanks all for your thoughts, and DocJ especially for the compliment.

I did have a very interesting conversation with an HP executive. She said that if Circuit City returned the defective pc to HP they would get full credit, and could not fathom why they would refuse to refund the full purchase price when someone returns a defective pc (Within the return policy period, of course.)

She was actually glad when I mentioned my concern that they would charge me the fee, and then restock the defective pc as an open box, so some other poor sap gets stung with the service issues down the road. Or even worse, still return it to HP for full credit from them! I gave her the serial numbers, so I hope they actually do just that! ;) But anyway she was glad to hear me voice that concern, because she said she was thinking along that line and was happy to hear she wasn't the only one.

She had no say over CC's policies, but was going to take the issue directly to the Circuit City Liason at HP, and advised me to take it up again with CC Corporate.

Well, I've been that route, but I'll probably try again.

Again granted, I'm sure there are people who suffer buyers remorse and return a device for no other reason, maybe even claiming it's defective, but there are also many many more honest individuals out there like me, who see a good bargain and decide to buy. I gave them two chances to get me a pc that works. I don't want to pay for one, even at a "bargain" price, and have to worry about it failing. I do have better things to do than trek back and forth to CC dealing with a stupid hardware problem.

And BTW sneakernet, I'm familiar with MS's irritating sticky keys when you linger on the shift key too long. I'm VERY technically oriented. I work on instrumentation ranging between $100k to $1M, and with all due respect, know very well how caps lock is supposed to work. I also know that when you press shift while typing, it's supposed to yield capital letters, and I know that when you type periods and commas you're supposed to get periods and commas, not lesser than and greater than symbols, even with caps lock engaged. Thank you for the comment though, I'm sure you've seen it all, and some will likely find value in that hint.

Anyway, the saga continues, the kind executive at HP is sending me a $50 voucher, which will at least soften the blow CC has rendered, but I'll still be...

Fighting Back...
Posted by bklabel on 2006-07-22:
The same thing just happened to me with the caps lock. Thanks to this article I know to try to return this to Circuit City right away.
Posted by kittysoma on 2006-08-02:
I totally understand your fustration with CC. My hubby and I bought a camcorder from there and the battery would only keep a charge for like 15-20 minuits. We returned it and got another one and still had the same problem with the new one they gave us. So, we took it back again and wanted a refund so that we could buy one from a diffrent store.They wanted us to pay $30 for a re-stock fee. I shouldn't have to pay anything to return a defective piece of crap! I spoke to a manager about this and he gave me a diffrent kind of battery for it. It now works great, but I would never buy another electronic from CC again.
Posted by misterd on 2006-08-13:
Unbelievable what they get away with at these retailers. The difference between a manager and a leader is their ability to deviate from policy to effectively resolve a consumer complaint. The real problem here is that they need to remove their personal feelings from the situation and look at it objectively. There is something in the retail world known as an RA and the most important job in the operations aspect of the retailer known as the Damage Coordinator. This is the individual responsible for processing all defective returns and getting full credit back from the manufacturer. RA stands for Return Authorization. Shame on these retailers for charging of a restocking fee. This is ludicrous and unwarranted. There are a few individuals that will use and return merchandise but we should never manage to the exception. Unfortunately this is what CC is doing and should be admonished for their actions.
Posted by pennypicher on 2006-09-17:
I had the same "service" with a camera return. Didn't take good photo's. Brought it back with in a week with all packaging, papers etc. Cost $125 in restocking fee's. I sure was glad to fill out on of those survey's they sent. Funny they never reponded after that. I spoke to Best Buy and they said they wouldn't have charged me anything. Guess who gets my business!!!
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Chase owns Circuit City credit card
Posted by Badbadbad on 05/08/2005
Beware, Chase is the new owner of Circuit City Credit cards. Circuit City has had an excellent credit depatment, but the higher interest rates are coming and look for Circuit City credit cards to go downhill from here.... Pay off your account and be done with them. Let Circuit City know that you are purchasing less on credit due to the way Chase treats their customers.
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Letter to management regarding humiliation in the store...
Posted by Anubis on 04/03/2005
I seldom write letters like this, but before I deal with Circuit City in any further manner, I need a clarification from your management.

I have always considered Circuit City to be a 'cut above' every other electronics store. For that reason, over the past twenty years I have purchased both my desktop computers, first first laptop, my car stereos,as well as numerous other items from you. I have recommended you to innumerable parents, students and friends, and purchased several items from you in the name of our school. I Several of my former students have even become employs in our local store upon my recommendation. You were simply 'the best'--until today.

While seeking to purchase a laptop as a gift for one of my former students, I was approached by the manager of the Nicholasville Road (Lexington, KY) store regarding the fact that I had returned a number of open box items in the past.

Too say that I was highly insulted and humiliated is an understatement. The implication was clear, and I pocketed my credit card and left the store. As a teacher, I have purchased items for my school as gifts for our students, and because of missing remotes or locked passwords (which I had to contact Sony to even use) returned them as per your open box policy.

I would like to know if such embarrassment as I suffered today is Circuit City policy or this manager's? If the former, I will not only refuse to shop at what I previously considered the premier electronics store, I will let the hundreds of parents with whom I deal know how you treat customers. I shall await your reply.

I mean no offense, and I apologize for my frustration, but In my 55 years, I have never been so-questioned in such a manner as I was today, standing with credit card in hand.

Dr. Jerry L. Parks
Dept. Chair, Georgetown School
Georgetown, KY

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Posted by NeveragainAmazon on 2005-04-04:
Thank goodness it is only his credit card that he has in his hand!
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-04-04:
You walk around stores with your credit card in your hand????
Posted by arcee72 on 2005-05-29:
You should know, sir, that Circuit City's management is extremely hard-nosed and not at all customer-oriented. They have also been accused of less-than-honest business practices. I no longer shop there, and have vowed to never again enter a Circuit City store.
Posted by miketech on 2005-12-09:
I got a video camera open box there and on the tape inside was the sales man talking about what an idiot it would take to buy the camera I bought. He told me it was a great video camera to my face. I've had it for about 3 years now and some features on it are great. I was real mad for a few minuites then it just got funny.
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Fraud And The Worst Customer Service Ever!
Posted by AngelaSept on 12/15/2007
CALUMET CITY, ILLINOIS -- I have been Circuit City customer for many years and never had to return anything before, but today I was trying to return the product and had the worst experience in my life and the first complaint I had to write and call about the store’s customer service. I purchased a Portable DVD player on line Order# 4423-127846, got a great deal, but made a mistake not researching the product before my purchase. The sound of the unit was horrible, basically you couldn’t hear much, especially in the car and even with Bose headphones, your web site has several customer reviews that say the same thing (please see the print out). So for that reason, I went to Circuit City in Calumet City, IL to return the product and it took me almost 2 hours (12:15 pm-2:05 pm) to do so due to the poor customer service provided by a manager Stephanie. She explained that there is 15% restocking fee, which really surprised me since the unit was defective and not working properly. I agreed to exchange to another DVD player (Philips 10.2" Portable DVD Player), but the store price was $259.99, I checked the price on line right away and it was on sale for $229.99 (please see the print out attached), however Ms. Stephanie said that she cannot match on line prices. I admit, I was not happy and agitated about that.

Furthermore, Ms. Stephanie said that there was nothing she can do and proceeded to make the circus out of the whole situation. She turned on the unit that I was returning, and walked away without a saying a word where she was going, I had to wait half an hour before she returned, explaining she was with another customer; even I was already there for at least an hour, with my six year old who was patiently waiting. After she came back, she said that there was nothing wrong with the sound, but other customer had to agreed with me, that she couldn’t hear anything either. Ms. Stephanie implied that I might have a hearing problem, which was totally out of line. After she took the DVD player and charged me 15% restocking fee, she proceeded wishing me Merry Christmas and Have a Nice day in the very very loud voice and the snippy attitude. The whole situation was not very pleasant and I’m sure other customers around me didn’t appreciate that either. She also made sure that she had someone to back her up with her story, she looked at another employee and making it loud and clear to her, that she was with another customer. I’m sure the poor girl has no choice but to “comply” with her manager.

I hope, I can get my 15% restocking fee, but, if it’s too complicated, I don’t think I would go broke over it. Even if I get a refund, I don’t think myself, or any of my family members will be shopping at the Circuit City stores anymore. I just cannot believe that you can go shopping and get humiliated like that, not to mention during the holiday season.
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Posted by Principissa on 2007-12-15:
If I read online that other consumer's thought the product was bad, I wouldn't have bought it. That would have saved you a whole bunch of grief right there. The 15% restock fee is standard, especially with big ticket items like electronics.
Posted by AngelaSept on 2007-12-15:
When you cannot hear the sound on that thing there is no way to tell if the unit is defective, or just bad quality.

Principissa, that was my biggest mistake that I didn't read the reviews before I purchased the product, if I did, I wouldn't have bought it. No, I don't think I should pay 15% restocking fee on the defective item
Posted by ilmasters on 2007-12-15:
What ever happened to the customer is always right? Why do you have to go through all that to return something that was not what you expected. Whether you could read reviews or not, you were not happy and you wanted to return the item. Big deal. Why can't a place of business be nice no matter what the case is with the item you bought. People have gotten nasty. No one wants to help and solve a problem any more. That manager could have handled the problem with more tact and I'm sick of the way Best Buy and Circuit City treat people after the purchase. What happened to the good old days, when people appreciated your business?
Posted by myboysmoma on 2007-12-22:
Circuit City doesn't care if the product is defective. They still charge a restocking fee. It wouldn't surprise me if they return the defective merchandise to the inventory to be resold and when it is returned again, charge another 15%.
--We need to change the laws in our states pertaining to the re-stocking fees. Some states do not all it at all. Walmart does NOT have a restocking fee, not even for electronics.
CC stock was 26 a year ago, now it is down to 8! and their management is leaving the store in droves. The CEO is being paid $1,000,000 to stay with CC.
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Misleading Customer Service
Posted by H.C on 10/05/2007
ROUND ROCK, TEXAS -- My Element FLX 3120 LCD TV became defective on Oct 4, 07. So I called up circuit city service 888-333-2333 and give them all the necessary information including that I don't have circuit city advantage protection plan to Jennifer about the TV problem. After having me pull the power and waited 30 seconds, and the TV still wouldn't power on. So it was decided that my LCD would need repair or exchange. I was told my Jennifer to bring the LCD to the store for an exchange. When I got to 120 Sundance Pkwy Round Rock Tx 78681 store. I was told by Krystie that because I don't have circuit city advantage protection plan an exchange could only take place if my product where purchase within 30days. So I called 888-333-2333, and talked with Anthony that I was told by Jennifer to bring the LCD to the store for an exchange. Anthony was very apologetic and wanted to talk to Krystie then Krystie manager John. After talking for a few minutes, Anthony told me that he was under the assumption that I had circuit city advantage protection plan, and because I don't have that I have to go through the manufacture for the repairs.

Here is my complaints, I don't mind going through the manufacture for the repairs, What I do mind is that I got the run around Circuit City customer representative. If Circuit City employees where to tell me that in the first place, I wouldn't have to carry the 50lb LCD TV to the store for nothing. Not only have Circuit City wasted my time and because of this Circuit City have lost a customer.

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Posted by Pomona Guy on 2007-10-05:
Good info. Keep us informed what happens next.
Posted by grandma005 on 2007-10-06:
It has been a long time since you posted. Where have you been?
Posted by steve101 on 2007-10-06:
Circuit City has a large sign posted about the 30 day policy. It is also printed on your receipt. You knew you didn't have the advantage protection plan, so what did you expect? You will have to go through Sony to get it repaired as per your warranty.
Posted by killerklown on 2007-10-06:
Yes, but they've probably gained another customer...one with an education that DIDN'T stop at the third grade...
Posted by Jurnei on 2007-10-09:
You are quite lucky you don't have the City Advantage Plan. It is useless, they would have given you an even bigger run around, and you would also have been out another $500. Consider you got away luck with carrying a 50LB TV for nothing. That is a day at the beach when compared to the rip off of the Circuit City Advantage Plan. My story about a laptop with that warranty is a nightmare.
Posted by Rann on 2007-10-11:
Looks like Circuit City isn't gaining any good will this week. I'm guessing when you called the 800 number, you got a bad connection and someone in a thick accent. It's been my experience that they always start out by saying how sorry they are for your experience.

I've heard these extended warranties are cash cows for the stores. I'd file a complaint with the BBB and then follow that up with the consumer protection agency in your state. You get what you pay for, but sometimes they tell you you're getting something that in reality, they don't follow through on.

I would write one general letter of complaint on how you've been treated and sent it to every manufacturer that Circuit City represents with the preface, that you believe they put out a good product but this chain is dragging your product's good name in the mud. Send cc to Circuit City.

Look up the stock symbol which is CC. Send the carbon copies to the corporate offices in Richmond. In the last year, Circuit City's stock has dropped 67% and they're posting losses. Now, I'm thinking the head office would like to stop this bleeding. One way would be to address each problem like this on a case by case basis to build back up the good will.
Posted by Win on 2007-12-15:
If you want to get what you pay for don't buy at Circuit city. They don't care! I am in the middle of my second situation with their inept extended warranty. They are disingenuous and rip off the public time and time again. This is one reason why jobs go out of the country.Their incompetent customer service is unbelievable. Not only are some employees the problem but Circuit City needs a new CEO. I spent thousands on the last two TVs and purchased the extended warranty. It is useless as my TV has been out for over a week and there is no relief in sight. This still has to play out. After it is culminated I will post the full story with names. Until then be forwarned: Don't buy at circuit city unless you like being jerked around. Can you imagine how many customers do not take the time to complain and simply right it off as a bad experience? My product is a SONY Vega and it is only one and the half years old.
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