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Computer Service and Warranty -- Not
By -

FAIRFAX, VIRGINIA -- I bought a laptop and extended warranty from Circuit City. When the hard drive showed signs of failing, I took it to the store for 'diagnostics'. I specifically asked them THREE TIMES to call me when the diagnostics were completed and before sending it anywhere. They did not. They shipped it out without consulting me. I called and asked them to return it immediately. First they told me I had to call the service center myself and gave me an incorrect phone number. Then they told me that they have no way of contacting their service people. Then they called to tell me "I should have backed it up." That was not the issue!!

The issue was that I specifically asked them not to do anything to the computer without first consulting me. The last time I sent my computer for service, it took weeks and it was returned in worse shape than when it left. I spent almost an hour on hold on the phone one day, just trying to get through to someone who could help me. I had three different people tell me they were the store manager. They kept repeating the same line over and over "We have a new service company and we don't know how they operate."

Bottom line, they ignored my specific instructions to do diagnostics only and contact me so I could decide what to do from there. They couldn't give me a clear explanation of the problem. When I specifically asked about a problem with the battery, it was clear they had not checked it. I wrote detailed information about problems with both the battery and the hard drive. Service is lousy. Warranty a joke. There will not be a 'next time' as I will not be shopping at this store again.

Circuit City Scam
By -

Yes the brick and mortar Circuit City is out of business. The internet site is alive and well with excellent pricing and no hassle 30 day returns. They had the best price on a Samsung 23 inch LED monitor that I wanted. Amazon had the same price but the order is placed with Circuit City. I went directly to them to order. When I got the order confirmation they included a software product automatically that I did NOT order. "FREE with purchase 6 month of CA Antivirus Plus-Includes Software Automatic Renewal Service." Huh? It's bad enough when greedy companies try to auto renew you on a software product that you have purchased.

Circuit City takes this one step further and adds an unauthorized software product to your purchase. I was smart and beat them at their own game. I used PayPal. They did not get my C.C. number. Circuit City then sent me a second email. "You have been opted out of our software subscription automatic renewal service because your form of payment does not qualify for the ARS program." Screw them. Glad I used PayPal. Be forewarned.

Warranty Rip Off
By -

YORK, PENNSYLVANIA -- I am a fifteen year old girl. My parents got me a laptop computer from Circuit City for my Confirmation in March of 2006. Along with the purchase of the laptop, my parents also bought a three year warranty that extended onto the one year manufacture warranty. Shortly after receiving laptop, I had begun to experience troubles with it. Acer did a diligent job as to fixing it except for there was several scratches on the screen when returned. These scratches were not that bad so we didn't bother with following up on it.

Later on, my one year warranty with them expired and my two year warranty with Circuit City took into effect. Earlier this year, I started to notice that my laptop was beginning to overheat. It eventually got so bad, that the computer would shut down so that the CPU chip wouldn't be destroyed. My parents and I called Circuit City to have them take a look at it. My mother was on the phone with them for several hours before anybody would even agree to allow us to send it in.

Despite our efforts, we received the laptop three or so weeks later with a letter saying that they are refusing to fix it because there were scratches on the screen, and something was broken where the charger is supposed to be plugged in. This upset us for several different reasons. First of all, the scratches on the screen would have had nothing to do with the fact that the computer was overheating. It was irrelevant. Second, when we sent it in, nothing was broken other than the overheating. The battery and the charger were working perfectly fine. That problem somehow occurred while the computer was in their possession.

This had greatly upset my parents and me. They spent around $1000 on the laptop and the warranty but Circuit City was refusing to do anything about it. Unsure of what to do, my dad and I went into our local Circuit City to see if somebody could possibly help us. One of the workers said that they would themselves and get back to us in a few days.

When they did, we were once again told that it is our fault for all of those problems and they won't fix anything until we get the scratches and the plug repaired. They also told us that we should have bought accident insurance, which we were never offered to begin with. Then again, there was no accident. The fan in the computer is being faulty and causing it to overheat so much that it just shuts off.

Because of all of this, I now do not have a laptop and my parents basically wasted over $1000 plus hours of their time. With the holidays coming up, I know that many children will be asking their parents for electronics, maybe even laptops, and I would like to warn everybody about what had happened to us. It is devastating that such a well-known company would treat some of their customers like that. We used to always buy our electronics from Circuit City but we will no longer be going back.

Circuit City Refuses to Refund Money for brand new, but Defective Laptop.
By -

CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- Customer Support - Thank you for your time. I'm writing your company today because of a very frustrating experience I have just had with one of your stores in the Concord, New Hampshire. The store in question is: Circuit City 270 Loudon Road, Concord NH 03301. The person I dealt with was **. I was told she was the “manager or floor manager” and “CSA Lead”. Make/Model: Toshiba Satellite laptop model A105. Ticket Number: **. Purchase Price: $999.99 - Payment Method: Credit Card.

My complaint: Last night on 2/23/06 I purchased a new Toshiba Satellite model A105. After plugging the unit in, I noticed that the battery charge light would not come on. The battery did not appear to be charging at all. After attempting charge it all night the battery would still not charge. This morning I brought the unit to the same store I purchased it from. The technician on duty, named ** was very helpful. He investigated the laptop and agreed that the unit was defective. I then traded the defective unit in for the last unit of this make and model the store had on hand and brought it to the office.

Once I arrived at our office I found that this second laptop of the same make and model was also not working properly. It would not charge the battery. No charge light would come on etc. I then went back to the store for the third time. I then spoke with the same technician and after spending 30-45 minutes in the store we came to the conclusion that this laptop was defective and would not charge the battery properly. I was then told that they did not have any more of that unit in stock.

After spending 4 hours of my time on 2 different defective computers of the same make and model I had lost all faith in that product. I then asked for a refund of my money. The person I dealt with **, refused to refund the purchase price. I asked to speak with the manager and she told me that she was a manager and refused to tell me how I could contact her superior. She implied that she was in charge and that no one else would do anything.

To recap my experience with this store and manager thus far: Within the last 24 hours I have purchased 2 computers from your company. Both from the very same store, both the same make/model. Store personnel have tested both units and the batteries on multiple computers and found the computers to be defective.

I have been denied a full refund even though both computers were defective. The best the manager ** would offer me was to keep $150.00 of my money for all my trouble and give me $850.00 back. Is that legal? How on earth can you be charged a restocking fee for a defective item? Do they pass the same broken laptop around to multiple customers for $150 a pop each?

After the store's refusal to refund my money I then contacted your Corporate Support office via phone. After talking to many many people and explaining the situation in detail numerous times the Corporate Support person contacted your store and attempted to negotiate a full refund of my purchase price (escalated reference #**). The "floor manager", I assume ** still “refused” to refund my money.

I have now lost all faith in your Concord area store and the Manager/CSA Leader **. If ever there was a time for a company to have offered good customer service this was it and your company failed me completely. More insulting is your managers refusal to honor a corporate decision and refund my money - this leaves me at a loss. I find it hard to believe that Circuit City's policy is to restock items that are known to be defective and charge their customers for defective items. I believe that this terrible incident could have been avoided had your Concord Store manager acted with common sense and decency.

I'm hoping that your company can step up and do the right thing here. Please contact me as soon as possible regarding this matter. I am submitting a copy of this letter to both the New Hampshire Attorney General's Office and the New Hampshire Better Business Bureau. Thank you for your time.

City Assure-Circuit City Protection Plan Extended Warranties
By -

I bought a Sony 57" Projection Television in February of 2008, so I received a 1 year manufacturer warranty and also purchased a 2 year extended warranty for $179.99. Now since the City Assure Company has taken over the warranties for Circuit City now they are saying that my warranty expired in February of 2010. Last time I check 1 + 2 was 3 so my warranty does not expire until February 2011. Now since something is wrong with my television they don't want to fix it states that they have done away with these warranties back in 2009. Well that's fine but I want my money back for false advertisement and miscommunication.

They are ripping people off. I had bought a warranty for a surround sound system that I bought on a different day for $29.99 and they got them mixed up they said, how do you get something mixed up that was $179.99 for a television I paid $869.99 for and something that was $29.99 that I paid $119.99 for, these people are idiots. I am very upset because they are not fixing the problems on these warranties now. I was transferred like 10 different times and was told 10 different things.

The one person states that the extended warranty was set up on day one for 2 years, who sets up and extended warranty on day one and extended warranty starts after manufacturer warranty runs out. I mean this is awful. I don't think it's right and if anyone has gone through the same situation let me know. I used to buy a lot of things from Circuit City but I am not recommending them or City Assure to anyone I know. Very upset customer...

Be Alert of This Website. Their Business Practices Are Not Honest.
By -

I placed an order for a computer and I even paid for next day shipping. However, Circuit City shipped a wrong item (some type of headphones). When I called the next day to find out the status of my computer, I was told by Customer Service (Veronica) that Circuit City was not going to ship my computer until I return the items that were shipped to me, in error. A good business practice, and since the error was at their end, would have been to ship me my computer, and I just give the wrong items to the UPS Driver.

When I said that I was going to cancel my order, Veronica told me that the money would not be reimbursed to me until they receive the wrong items. I am being punished by their mistake. I suggest to anybody doing business with Circuit City to be very careful as their business practices are not healthy. I guess this is why they had to close all of their stores in New Jersey.

Gift Card Scam
By -

VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA -- These jokers forced me into a gift card by not giving me my money back after I returned a purchase within the time frame they've posted in the store. This I disagreed with from the beginning. I paid cash, I want cash back was my argument. The management would not bent on their position. This was months before the announcement of the closure. Periodically I would check the balance at a store I may happen to be near once the announcement had been made to ensure my money was still available on this gift card. The money was still there until the day I decided to make a purchase at my local store.

96% of my balance had been used at a store in Virginia Beach on South Independence Blvd. and when I called to verify these purchases guess what, management told me they could do nothing for me because the store is closing. I filed a police report and still I get nothing from these people even after I showed them that I could not have made a purchase at their Virginia Beach store when I was at work in Augusta, Georgia.

The bottom line is, I have no recourse or resources to fight these people anymore. I feel sorry for anyone who has been ripped off by these people. I hope nothing good happens to them for the remainder of their lives until they make it right for these and others.

Scammed at Circuit City
By -

I purchased what was supposed to be a new Model 890 Harmony remote, but after going through the computer set-up program, I got a message that the remote had been reported as defective and replaced by Harmony. I returned the bogus remote to Circuit City was told that ALL sales were final! Some smug little twerp of an acting manager even acted like I was trying to pull something over on the crooks.

I called the number he gave me as their complaint department and was treated to the most complete runaround possible and ended up never getting to talk to anyone. My advice...don't trust anything at that rip-off, justifiably defunct dirt bag of a store. Sooner they are history, the better.

Rip Off!
By -

BEL AIR, MARYLAND -- Last weekend, my family thought we would hit the Circuit City liquidation sale. My youngest son found a video game and used his allowance to buy it. We get outside, almost to the car, and son opens the box to find no video game inside. We go inside, tell the manager who basically says... "OH WELL". Tells us that we left the store without checking to see if game was in the box (hello, who does this?) and tells us too bad, he was not replacing it or giving my son his money back. He was a rude, condescending **! No wonder Circuit City is going out of business with their deceptive practices. My son spent his allowance and left the store with an empty video game box!!!

"Alleged Going Out of Business Sale Pricing"
By -

As you all may know Circuit City is going out of business. They have been sending out emails stating 20-40% off all items. To the buyer, beware. I went to the local Circuit City in Valley Stream NY and their prices were no different than every other day. As a matter of fact, I was able to find the same product for a lower cost at another retailer very close by, as a matter of fact, in the same shopping center 100 feet away!

I compared several items and found that Circuit City prices were almost 20% higher!! What's the deal? I even asked if that was the bottom line price and explained it was cheaper next door and they did nothing. Don't waste your time going to this dead beat company. Let them fall with no hope for recovery by selling their inventory. I can even go to PC Richard and negotiate the price on everyday items and do better!!

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