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Bad customer experience
Posted by MrUnhappy on 07/06/2006
NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- Here's a copy of an email I'm sending to Circuit City today:

"Dear Customer Service,

I need to let you know that I am VERY dissatisfied with the customer service I received from your store in Madison, TN this morning. I'll start by saying that the store manager, Sam Richardson, stuck with the company policies to the letter. But he totally violated the spirit of your claims of total customer satisfaction at the risk of losing a loyal customer forever.

Specifically, I returned an LG LGDVT418 home theater system to the Madison store this morning, July 6, '06. Initially, I was told to pick another system for exchange and I could in and out in 5 minutes with a new system, thanks to my purchase of the Advantage Protection Plan. Great! This is how customer service is supposed to work. Shortly the customer service agent found me and let me know that my system would need to be sent off for service. I could upgrade to a more expensive system ($50 out of my pocket), but Circuit City would not allow me to exchange my system for one which would have cost them $5.
I found that to be a ridiculous proposition. I explained to the customer service agents that I would be a really satisfied customer if I could simply take home the system which was $5 less expensive. Mr. Richardson, the store manager, was summoned, and though I know he could have authorized an exchange (one of the CS agents said, "Do you think Sam will go for it?" to another when I proposed the best solution), he refused to do so.
PLEASE UNDERSTAND: To save a mere $5, Circuit City is forcing me to return home with no home theater, 3 useless tower speakers (the amplifier, subwoofer, center speaker, and one broken speaker tower), and a large, ugly, bulky box which will take up a lot of real estate in my living room for at least 10 days or more. This is ultimately futile, for I have absolute faith that when the defective system is evaluated, it will be determined that a new system should be exchanged. And what if it is repaired? I'll have to go pick it up, unpack it, install and wire it, and (let's assume that it works OK at first) hope it doesn't go haywire again. If (and when) it does, I'll have to pack it up, load it into the car, return to the store for some of that great customer service that I had the last time.
In my 7 years in customer service at [previous employer's name, a leading musical instrument manufacturer] and other businesses, I came to KNOW that great customer service meant providing an extra measure of service and appreciation to the customer after the sale. Doing so ensures the customer will return and spend even more money in the future. Mr. Richardson demonstrated that his notion of customer service is "my way or the highway, and take your large, ugly boxes with you,' unless I was willing to pay $50 more. But as I said, he was sticking to the company line.
IT IS TO BE DETERMINED WHAT YOUR TRUE ATTITUDE TOWARDS CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ACTUALLY IS. I expect a successful resolution within 5 days. You have my email, claim number, and telephone number. I've posted an exact copy of this email on www.my3cents.com where perhaps thousands of others will be interested to hear of the service I received. I would sincerely love to report that I am once again a happy consumer. The ball is in your court."

I don't complain much, really, but this is ridiculous. I'll let you know what they do.

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Posted by Doc J on 2006-07-06:
I get a sense you really don't complain much. That management stuck to the absolute letter of policy has become standard practice when doing business with strangers. "Compromise" is lost and needing to be "right" is the all-consuming goal for today's "winners". A real salesman would have pulled $5 out of his/her pocket and exchanged the system for the one $5 more...even up. In return, you probably would have named you first child "Circuit" and the next one "City". In reality you would have stopped at CC whenever you needed electronics.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-07-06:
I'm afraid I disagree, Doc.
Posted by Sparticus on 2006-07-06:
So they wouldn't exchange it for a system that was $5 LESS bit they would let you pay more to exchange for a more expensive system? That is insane. Common sense thrown out the window over $5. I have a feeling this situation would probably work out favorably in 9 out of 10 stores, but you have unfortunately run into the one store with a manager having a bad week. Keep us posted on the outcome. I'm curious to know if corporate does anything to help.
Posted by LuckyDave on 2006-07-06:
This seems to be the prevailing policy at most Circuit City locations. I stopped shopping there several years ago because of similar problems. Now it is Best Buy only for me.
Posted by misstina on 2006-07-07:
Doc J-"A real salesman would have pulled $5 out of his/her pocket and exchanged the system for the one $5 more"?

Policy is policy. Suggesting that a sales associate should go as far as taking money out of their own paycheck to keep a customer is rediculous. Or did you not mean that literally..??
Posted by MrUnhappy on 2006-07-07:
Thanks for the feedback. It's important to keep in mind that I didn't ask CC to give up anything at all except for a stupid policy. I was willing to lose money on the deal in order to remain a satisfied customer, but wasn't about to be bent over to give them $50. That's the rub for me. I didn't ask them to trade up, but to trade down. They wouldn't go for it. No response from CC Corporate yet, as of 9:00 the next day.
Posted by Doc J on 2006-07-07:
misstina-"Policy is policy"? In the extreme, it was once "policy" to exterminate Jews. I meant my suggestion literally. I once argued with a supplier over 1000 B-D syringes. His price was $2 more. When I balked. He pulled out two bucks and laid them on my desk. He became my favorite supplier, at any price...and I always got GREAT customer service. He made thousands off of his $2. Good luck MrUnhappy...you made a reasonable request. misstina-The risk-takers on behalf of others are usually winners. Nobody remembers the martinets.
Posted by MrUnhappy on 2006-07-07:
I got a response from CC! I've left out the usual lip service one gets in a form email and gotten to the root:

"We seek to ensure all customer concerns are reviewed appropriately. I apologize for any inconvenience you may have encountered while seeking assistance.

As one of the nation's leading specialty electronics retailers, we
attribute our success to a superior service commitment. Regrettably, like any enterprise, we fall short of our intentions on occasion, and customer feedback helps us know of shortcomings. Your message will be reviewed with the store management team to ensure that any associate shortcomings are appropriately addressed. We have requested that the
store management team contacts you regarding your issue. If you do not receive a response from the store management team within 48 hours, please contact us again."

My response to them after thanking them for quickly recognizing the problem and offering to correct it (edited to keep from repeating previously addressed points:

1: I do not have an issue with your store associates. The first associate who informed me that I could pick another unit for replacement was simply mistaken. No big issue there, other than the creation of an expectation of truly exceptional customer satisfaction. The customer service manager who corrected him and let me know that Circuit City would not allow me to exchange the system was only telling me of your policy. I suspect that she did not have the authority to allow me to achieve the satisfactory resolution I desired, so the manager, Mr. Richardson, was summoned. I let him know that if he was unwilling to see that I was satisfied, I would let his corporate officers know of his lack of customer service. He was unswayed. I let him know that Best Buy would probably like to know of my experience as well. He did not care. His lack of concern for his customers was appalling.
You state, "we attribute our success to a superior service commitment. Regrettably, like any enterprise, we fall short of our intentions on occasion, and customer feedback helps us know of shortcomings." In this, you have admitted your success depends on superior customer service, and that you have come up short in doing so in this instance. It couldn't be more clear.

There is a simple solution, the same as which I sought from Mr. Richardson: Allow me to exchange the defective unit which I bought for $289 a mere 4 months ago for a new one which costs $284. I am LOSING money in this proposition. Does that seem unreasonable? Of course not! I've rewired the speakers on the defective LG unit several times, and have taken the time to repackage the unit with its accessories in its original packaging. I hauled it to the nearest store, only to be sent home with 4/7 of the system being sent who-knows-where for evaluation and the remaining third taking up space in my living room. If it's repaired (I know it won't be, only replaced since it's a system which is no longer made), haul it home, I'll have to hook it all back up again, I'll have to wait and see if it malfunctions again, and WHEN it does, I'll be expected to repeat the whole process again.

Not acceptable. Please do the logical thing and allow me to get a new, less expensive system now. In light of my trouble, and really create a great outcome to a horribly begun situation, I believe a $50 gift card is in order. I'm not holding my breath for that, though I think it's in your best interest to do so. But I do expect to be allowed to exchange.

I look forward to your response."

We'll see what they say. Thanks again for the comments.
Posted by Doc J on 2006-07-07:
MrUnhappy-Thanks for the follow-up, although I momentarily blacked out and found myself "choking" my monitor after reading "...I apologize for any inconvenience." The meaningless, stock-phrase invariably sends my BP to 210/176.
Posted by MrUnhappy on 2006-07-08:
I can't fault some lackey on the other end for including that kind of pablum. I know from my customer service experience that one has to say stuff like that in order to keep supervisors from going into fits. What DID bother me was "...to ensure that any associate shortcomings are appropriately addressed." The associates didn't do anything wrong, only followed the stupid company policy. My beef is with the policy iteslf and the store manager who could have ended it right there but refused to. I never take it out on the guys at the bottom. I got another response from CC which said, "I understand that you would like to get your defective system exchanged" (duh!) and, "I apologize for the added inconvenience and thank you for your continued patience," sandwiching some usual baloney. Still haven't heard from anyone at the store, though.
Posted by Doc J on 2006-07-08:
MrUnhappy-Yes, I understand. The key here will be finding someone other than a mindless corporate robot citing "policy". They are a precious few who act like humans and can step into the customer's shoes. Keep us posted.
Posted by MrUnhappy on 2006-07-10:
Well, it's been 3 days since I let CC's corporate customer service know of my trouble. I'm still waiting for the contact from the store management team which was promised in 48 hours. Hmm...strike two.
Posted by MrUnhappy on 2006-07-12:
7 days and nothing of substance. I got another response from CC saying:
"I understand that you have not received a call from our store management
team concerning your issue. I apologize for any inconvenience that this
situation may have caused.
I have forwarded your issue to our Corporate Customer Support
Department. Your issue is currently being reviewed by the escalation
team of our Customer Support Department. The agent responsible for your
concern will be contacting you shortly. We appreciate your patience as
your issue is being researched."
What? I thought I WAS talking to CC Corporate Customer Support! Sheesh! I'll spare you the totality of my response (it was direct and to the point, but civil) except to say, "I've ALWAYS made Circuit City my first choice for home electronics and entertainment, for at least the last 10 years or more. I am NOT in the habit of complaining. For example, I didn't complain when a sales associate didn't say "thank you" for buying a $350 camera, since I declined to buy the extended warranty.
ARE YOU PREPARED TO LOSE ANOTHER CUSTOMER? I have always enjoyed Circuit City, but I don't need to point out that in many locations there's a Best Buy or a Tweeter nearby. Best Buy has been beating you guys senseless since 2000. Are you ready to add another former Circuit City loyalist to them? You're well on your way if you do not take care of my situation very shortly. In my first email, I told you I wanted this taken care of in 5 days. It's been 7, and I have yet to hear ANYTHING of substance from Circuit City. This is miserable customer service. The information and support I've gotten at www.my3cents.com/showReview.cgi?id=14660 has been much more helpful. I suggest you take a look to see what others think.
Thank you. I look forward to a substantive response and solution."

Do you think I'll get one? I'll let you know.
Posted by silenty on 2006-07-18:
the problem we may have is that we're looking at this as a matter of $5. How long ago did you actually purcahse the system?
If you bought it a while ago (I can't seem to find it on Circuit City's website), then its possible that the store is looking at a $500 hit rather than a $5 hit. The protection plan entitles you to a repair, which you will get. It isn't like they are just sending you home with a defective system, they are fixing it
Posted by MrUnhappy on 2006-07-20:
How much they stand to lose on this particular transaction isn't really the point. What matters is whether or not they get the $1,500 I'm likely to spend on home electronics in the next couple of years. I bought this system 4 months ago for $289. It probably cost them about half that, but let's give them the benefit and say it cost $200. If they took it back and gave me what I wanted, they might have indeed lost $89 in profits. But the deaf ear they turned to my wishes could well cost them much, much more. And really, I can't feel sorry for any company the size of CC for losing money on a deal like this. If we were talking in the thousands, it would be different. But I'm willing to bet that this $289 wouldn't buy lunch for their corporate officers.
That said, I finally got word from their customer support center in India (judging by the first names and only initials for last) that the system had been repaired and was on its way to the store. THEN the calls from corporate and regional managers started. It took 2 WEEKS and the return of the defective system to get action. Hmm...anyway, I did speak with a genuinely concerned regional manager. I told him that since the system was already at the store, and because I'm not unreasonable, I'd take it home, check it out and let him know how it's going. I'll do the same here.
Posted by MrUnhappy on 2006-07-22:
I spent about an hour getting the system reconnected and reassembled, AND...it still doesn't work. Subwoofer still shorts out, making movies very distracting and it's impossible to listen to music without being driven crazy. I've called the district manager to tell him and let him know that I expect a sizable upgrade for my trouble. Stand by...
Posted by MrUnhappy on 2006-07-27:
Case closed. I met with the Regional Manager, Joe McClean, who corrected the situation. I was upgraded $20 to a new LG system, and am pleased to report a satisfactory solution. While I can't say that I'll never be free of hesitation when shopping there, I feel pretty sure that they will, eventually, make sure that the customer's taken care of. I only wish that could have been taken care of logically at the start.
Posted by misterd on 2006-08-13:
Wow, and all they had to do was exchange the system at the very start for lesser system. Shame on them. That Store Manager should no longer be employed by CC.
Posted by MrUnhappy on 2006-08-14:
Yeah, it's kind of stupid. I like the new system a lot more, and everything eventually worked out, but was pretty lousy that it followed the EXACT path that I predicted. It was a lot of hassle to go through, but my frustration is tempered by the knowledge that I was right all along. So far, I haven't been back to that particular store.
Posted by Are you serious on 2006-09-21:
MrUnhappy are you realy that much of a JERK? Let me get this strait, You bought a home theater system from circuit city, you come back FOUR months later and want to TRADE for a NEW system, " I'm losing money on this compromise" BS pal your home theater system four months after you bought it MIGHT be worth $50.00 to someone used. So they follow company procedure and offer to send it in to service. ( UUUMMM that is why you bought a circuit city protection plan right? ) C'mon re-evaluate your situation before you publicly slander a company.
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No Service From Circuit City
Posted by Rayd on 01/28/2006
SHREVEPORT -- On Oct. 16th I bought a model TX-P3264W Serial Number 39ZXC51555D Samsung High Definition TV from Circuit City in Shreveport, LA. On Jan. 13th it blew up, I mean literally made a noise like a gunshot and then went dead. I called Circuit City in Shreveport, they gave me their toll free service number. I set up an appointment for a service call. The soonest they could get a technician to my home was Friday morning January 27th. (2 weeks!).

I received a service confirmation number G 711 7854. On Jan. 27th at 9:30 AM I called once again to confirm that someone would be out to service my TV that morning. I was told yes by a circuit city operator. She said she had spoken to the service rep and then gave me a service number 4559023. Later in the day I was called and the appointment was cancelled due to the service rep being off sick. I was told that the quickest time frame for a service rep was going to be Feb. 3rd (next Friday). Now we are into 3 weeks to have someone service my TV. I asked the service operator if there was someone else I could speak with, since I was already home today and didn’t want to miss another day of work. She said no. 3-weeks to get a warranty covered TV serviced is ridiculous!

I called the store where I bought the TV and spoke to the Circuit City TV Manager. He told me that there was nothing he could do since I failed to purchase the Circuit City Extended Warranty.

So I called Samsung’s Service Department. Samsung's service representative attempted to set up an appointment for service and told me that I should received a call back to confirm the appointment within 4 to 5 hours. I waited until the next day and called Samsung again. This time I was told it would take 24 to 48 hours before I get a call back to confirm the appointment, so I shouldn't expect a call back before Tuesday morning. I called on Friday afternoon .... Tuesday morning is way over 72 hours, just to get a call back.

I have now missed a day of work and no telling how many other days I will have to take off and this issue is still unresolved. I mean I still don't even have a service date!

If I ran my business this way .... well there just wouldn't be any business.

Have you seen the bank commercial on TV where the banker tells the young lady .... "All we can do is take your money".

Well .... that’s pretty much all Circuit City can do.

March 4th, 2006

Well, I have yet to receive the first call back from Sam Sung or Circuit City and the New TV is still not working. I have given up on trying to get someone at Circuit City to honor the warranty and have called SamSung over a dozen times. Each time I call, I am told someone will get back to me within 72 hours. That is yet to happen.

If anyone has any suggestions where I go from here I would love to hear about 'em, because I am completely out of ideas!
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Posted by Phe on 2006-01-30:
Usually the smashing of one's tv on a sidewalk tends to totally void the warranty. I'll grant you that 3 weeks waiting for a service call is excessive, but, it's not like this is an iron lung here, it's just a tv. Discover books, music, the outside...something.
Posted by silenty on 2006-02-26:
this seems to be more of an issue with Samsung than circuit city... if it was within your return period or even slightly after I can see the store being able to do something for you, but it was 3 months + later... the warranty is run by samsung... if you bought circuit city's extended warranty, I doubt you'd be running into this service issue at all
Posted by charley on 2006-05-12:
I purchased the extra warranty when I bought the Magnavox 32"lcd tv. I have had the TV just shy of 6months and the sound went out.(April 21,2006). After several calls on trying to get service and was told nearest repair person was 45miles away they would come pick up TV and would be 3 to 4 weeks before it could be returned. Suppose to show of next week (May 17????) Every Call made to Circuit City is a waste of time, you get the run around and promised that someone will return your call..warranty or not they still are very poor on customer service. Will think twice before making any more purchases from Circuit City.
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Circuit City has gone downhill
Posted by Kempokid on 07/28/2005
When I bought a HP computer from them several years ago, it never did work, and I took it back and got a Compaq. They handled the exchange fairly well. I had an extended warranty on the Compaq, and when I had a couple tech problems, I called Circuit City tech support and had no problems getting things resolved.

Why is this a complaint? Because that's no longer the case. While it was still under warranty, the mouse stopped working right. I called tech support, but was told that they wouldn't exchange it because it wasn't their problem. My software (!) was at fault, according to them. I called the Circuit City store two miles from my house to talk to a computer person there. They routed my call to INDIA! And the person there simply told me to call the 800 number and "they'd fix me right up." I explained the problem again, told him I'd already called the 800 number, and they didn't "fix me right up," which is why I called the store. He told me to call the 800 number for help. I once again explained that I already had and they were of no help. He offered to give me the 800 number to call. I told him I had the 800 number because I had already called them. They couldn't help me. He read off the 800 number. I hung up.

When are these companies going to get the idea into their heads that outsourcing doesn't save them money if it loses them thousands of customers? Customers are the basis of any business. When I call, I expect tech support to be knowledgable about the product. I certainly expect them to be able to understand and speak English! I'm never buying from Circuit City again.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2005-07-29:
So finally we learn that globalization is not the answer to everyone's problem.
Posted by WMUstudent on 2006-06-10:
-Contact Circuit City Directly

Circuit City
9950 Mayland Dr.
Richmond, VA 23233
Customer Service: 800-251-2665
Fax: 804-527-4164

John Milliron, Executive Response Supervisor
Phone: 800-251-2665
Fax: 804-934-3865

Mikele Ervin
Executive Response Specialist
Office of the Chairman, President, and CEO
Circuit City Stores
(804) 527-4000, ext. 3221

Mary Louise Roberts
Circuit City Legal Department

Anna Marie Henderson
Circuit City Legal Counsel
Fax: (804) 418-8248

-File a complaint with the Better Business Bureau

-File a complaint with your credit card company

-File a complaint with Virginia's Attorney General's office. This is where Circuit City's corporate office is located.

-File a complaint with your credit card company.

-If Circuit City still does nothing, file charges in Small Claims Court.

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Circuit City False Advertising and Bad Selling Practices
Posted by DenVecSr on 01/31/2007
RICHMOND, VIRGINIA -- On Tuesday, January 30th, 2007 in my home delivered newspaper was a Circuit City advertising 8-page flyer from Circuit City. Looking at the front as bold as can be (there are only 2 items listed) was a laptop computer with the features I have been looking for to buy, one for my wife and another one for my son Anthony who will be starting college in September. I went to my local Circuit City store at 7001 Sunrise Highway, Holbrook, NY 11741 to purchase two of these laptops at $649.99, price quoted in advertising flyer. I walked to the Computer dept.; ask for assistants in locating two of these laptops in the flyer. The salesman looked for about 5 minutes, then was gone for another 15 minutes. When he came back he told me that was a misprint. The price is $849.99. I told him I want the laptops for $649.99 the price quoted in the flyer. He refused. I asked for the store manager (Najee). I was told he was in a meeting there in the store and couldn't come see me and that they are not responsible for advertising misprints. I again asked for the store manager and was told he was home now. I then asked for whoever was acting manager presently. After another 15 minutes Andrew came to see me. He told me the same thing about misprints. He said he would give me $50.00 off another computer. I told him I want to buy two of the ones in the flyer for the price quoted at $649.99. He refused to sell it to me. I have contacted CEO Philip J. Schoonover who doesn't return my calls but has his supposedly Executive Assistant Mr. Dagenhart called me to tell me that Circuit City is only standing behind the $50.00 off offer given to me at the store. I feel I should be given the offer stated in the advertising flyer. Also speaking to Circuit City's consumer service people I was given case number 547209. Are large corporations allowed to lure consumers into their store with false advertising and should consumers have to deal with these horrible selling practices?

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Posted by heaven17 on 2007-01-31:
More than likely on the back of this flyer you will find a blurb that goes something like: NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ERRORS OR TYPOS. I've never seen a sales ad that DIDN'T say this. It sucks, but it'll be hard to prove that this was bait & switch and not just what they said...an error.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-01-31:
I agree with heaven17.

Think of it this way, You call in an ad to sell your house but instead $200,000 the ad is mistakenly printed reflecting a price of $20.00. Would you sell your $200,000 house for the advertised price of $20.00? I doubt it. Honest mistakes can and do happen.
Posted by Extended Warranty on 2007-01-31:
That damn CEO, he should have returned your call.
Posted by DenVecSr on 2007-02-01:
As far as adding NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ERRORS OR TYPOS, that's there to have an excuse for their supposelly mistakes. Consumer laws states that a business most honor a advertising price. I can see a small Mom & Pop store where they advertise in a local town newspaper. Here we have Circuit City, one of the largest electronics store with over 300 locations throughout the country. Did you know that only 8% of consumers complain and out of that 8% only 25% follow up and 5% of those actually get justice? So if you are talking 100 consumers who actually wanted to purchase this laptop for the said price of $649.99 only 1 would get it after. Who does this favor? Not you or I unless maybe you work for Circuit City. It favors Big Business. That is why we need to stand up against them and fight that they stop this unjust way of doing business. Now let's talk about these CEO's who don't care about their patrons. I have sent emails and left telephone calls to Circuit City, CEO Philip J. Schoonover only to be handled by some so called assistant. Maybe when Circuit City & CEO Philip J. Schoonover receive my complaints filed with the Virginia Better Business Bureauu and the Virginia Attorney Gerneral's Office and the Viginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Servives, Office of Consumer Affairs will they take complaints seriously. If anyone has a complaint in any one of the Circuit City stores or website you must file with Virginia Government Departments since this is where the headquarters of Circuit City is. 9950 Mayland Drive, Richmond, VA 23233-1464. Reading many complaints on the internet, I can't see why anyone would do business with them.
Posted by silenty on 2007-02-13:
Since when has Circuit City been putting their weekly ad in a newspaper on a TUESDAY? I have only seen/heard of it in either Saturday's or Sunday's newspaper. Is it possible that you had the next weeks ad (starting the following Sunday) in hand?
Posted by Titelbaum on 2007-05-03:
At some point Circuit City needs to be held liable/responsible for their advertising errors as this is NOT a one-time occurrence. Perhaps an advertisement lists an item that was not available at the time of publication, but the company would be wise to not that throughout their locations, and NOT at the point it has been brought to their attention. The State of New Jersey caught Circuit City red-handed with their false-advertising tactics. Where are the other 49 state Attorney Generals on this issue?
Posted by dragun.elite on 2008-03-04:
ok seriously.. all I have ever done is retail(BB, CC, Ofice max, Office Depot) and i saw ad corrections all the time at all of those places, yes I know they suck but be realistic it happens every where.
Posted by donadame on 2008-11-02:
Just because you "feel" you should've gotten the laptops at the advertised price doesn't mean that's going to happen. If you don't like it, don't buy there.
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City Assure-Circuit City Protection Plan Extended Warranties
Posted by Kim2255 on 11/30/2010
I bought a Sony 57” Projection Television in February of 2008, so I received a 1 year manufacturer warranty and also purchased a 2 year extended warranty for $179.99. Now since the City Assure Company has taken over the warranties for Circuit City now they are saying that my warranty expired in February of 2010. Last time I check 1 + 2 was 3 so my warranty does not expire until February 2011. Now since something is wrong with my television they don’t want to fix it states that they have done away with these warranties back in 2009. Well that’s fine but I want my money back for false advertisement and miscommunication they are ripping people off. I had bought a warranty for a surround sound system that I bought on a different day for $29.99 and they got them mixed up they said, how do you get something mixed up that was $179.99 for a television I paid $869.99 for and something that was $29.99 that I paid $119.99 for, these people are idiots. I am very upset because they are not fixing the problems on these warranties now. I was transferred like 10 different times and was told 10 different things. The one person states that the extended warranty was setup on day one for 2 years, who sets up and extended warranty on day one and extended warranty starts after manufacturer warranty runs out. I mean this is awful. I don’t think its right and if anyone has gone through the same situation let me know. I used to buy a lot of things from Circuit City but I am not recommending them or City Assure to anyone I know.

Very upset customer...
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Posted by unhappy999 on 2010-11-30:
I think most extended warranties start on day 1 not when the manufacture warranty ends. I also think most extended warranties are a waste of money because they always seem to have a reason why the problem isn't covered.
Posted by localgod on 2010-12-01:
Read the fine print before your purchase. Some extended warranties run concurrently with the manufacturer's warranty. This is done as an added bonus so that the consumer isn't required to deal with the manufacturer regarding warranty repairs (a big headache!). I do however recall that all Circuit City extended warranties ran concurrently; except for PC's, Notebooks, and Digital Cameras.
Posted by MDSasquatch on 2010-12-01:
I hate to beat a dead horse, but this is why I prefer COSTCO for my electronics purchases. they ADD 1 year to the manufacturers warranty at no charge.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-12-01:
Also, Circuit City is out of business. I wouldnt expect much help from a bankrupt company thats out of business.
Posted by bcd on 2010-12-01:
If a two-year warranty runs concurrently with the one-year manufacturer’s warranty, then it’s not a two-year extended warranty; it’s a one-year extended warranty. This is a dirty trick they pull at Best Buy too.
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Be Alert Of This Website. Their Business Practices Are Not Honest.
Posted by Jorgecasti on 11/03/2010
I placed an order for a computer and I even paid for next day shipping. However, Circuit City shipped a wrong item (some type of headphones). When I called the next day to find out the status of my computer, I was told by Customer Service (Veronica) that Circuit City was not going to ship my computer until I return the items that were shipped to me, in error. A good business practice, and since the error was at their end, would have been to ship me my computer, and I just give the wrong items to the UPS Driver. When I said that I was going to cancel my order, Veronica told me that the money would not be reimbursed to me until they receive the wrong items. I am being punished by their mistake. I SUGGEST TO ANYBODY DOING BUSINESS WITH CIRCUIT CITY TO BE VERY CAREFUL AS THEIR BUSINESS PRACTICES ARE NOT HEALTHY. I GUESS THIS IS WHY THEY HAD TO CLOSE ALL OF THEIR STORES IN NEW JERSEY.
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Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-11-03:
I thought they were out of business.
Posted by unhappy999 on 2010-11-03:
I can see where they are coming from. If they ship you the computer, how do they know you will send back the headphones? UPS does not handle exchanges. They aren't going to give you a refund until they get the headphones back either. I do not think they are being dishonest. They should reimburse you for the shipping to send the wrong order back since it was their mistake.
Posted by fast327 on 2010-11-03:
I,too, thought CC was closed down and bankrupt.
Posted by leet60 on 2010-11-03:
Circuit City ceased retail store operations in 2009 after going bankrupt. In the same year they launched online only sales at circuitcity.com using the name of the former retail business.
Posted by trmn8r on 2010-11-03:
I would consider it to be exemplary customer service, as well as highly trusting, to correct the transaction as you envisioned.

However, I believe that what they proposed is industry standard. When this was unacceptable to you and you cancelled the order, the refund issue arose but it is along the same lines. Therefore it isn't surprising.
Posted by getoverit on 2010-11-03:
You can google Circuit City - looks like they are still doing Internet sales of consumer electronics (who doesn't?).

I agree with those who say that it's perfectly reasonable for them to get their headphones back before they ship you a computer. But I would think they would do something in recognition of the fact that they screwed up...maybe throw in free shipping, or something.
Posted by Castles on 2010-11-05:
The Circuit City name was bought by the same people who run Tiger Electronics, I believe the company is called Systemax? Or something similar?

They should definitely overnight you the computer you bought for free, since you already paid next day shipping for it once. And pay the return shipping for the headphones. I'm trying to figure out how they mixed it up so badly O_O

Posted by momsey on 2010-11-05:
I might be in the minority here, but I agree with the OP and I think CC should send you the computer and send you a pre-paid sticker to send back the headphones. It's their fault that they sent the wrong item, and if they never get it back, that's their problem.

You shouldn't have to wait until you correct their mistake.
Posted by christy10799 on 2010-12-20:
I agree with Momsey!!! That is outrageous!!! No way no how are they going to make a mistake and I have to suffer the consequence for it! That is VERY bad business and bad customer service which is the number one reason then went out of business!!! Good riddens circuit city! I never liked that store anyways. Never had good sales, always overpriced, and apparently TERRIBLE customer service. I'm a big time shopper. I spend thousands every year. When I make my big purchases such as computers or tvs for example I prefer Best Buy. I can't speak for all but the ones in Miami have always been great in customer service and more. They took back my carpet shampooer no questions asked and gave me a brand new one! Awesome! I always get good deals there too! Now they are giving away a $50 gift card with the new Itouch mp3's!! Sweet deal! Best deal out there! I'm getting my daughter for Christmas a brand new, good quality, strong HP laptop this week at Best Buy for only $350 regularly priced at $900. I love Best Buy!
Posted by getoverit on 2010-12-21:
I'm not especially wild about Best Buy but I do get stuff there when there's a certain chance that I might decide to take it back. That can be easier and cheaper than having to mail things back, etc. and a lot of online retailers have crummy return policies.
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Bad Product Sold At Top Dollar
Posted by Ernette on 03/09/2009
STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased a LCD T. V (1,645.00)on the 27 Feb 09. When I got home discovered the screen had a spider web crack in it and horizontal lines. I was told that I needed to contact Samsung regarding this matter. Samsung sent a repair person out from Precision T. V today 9 March 09. I was informed the warranty does not cover the repair, and it would cost me 1,000.00 more to repair my T.V. I went back to Circuit City on the 28 Feb 09.

No one would talk to me about this matter.
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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-03-09:
I suggest that you have the credit card company dispute the charge.

I also recommend that you get a written statement about the condition about the TV and take photos of the damage to the TV, and send copies to the credit card company, so that they will be able to better validate your claim.
Posted by Suusan B. on 2009-03-09:
Circuit City announced on 1/16/09 that they were closing all of their stores and they did indeed close their doors on 3/8/09. You state that you made your purchase on 2/27/09 so that means that it was made towards the end of their liquidation. Does your receipt say "No Returns or Exchanges" or anything about the item being sold in "as is" condition? People need to be very careful when purchasing items at liquidation sales as there are usually no returns/exchanges and you are dealing with a liquidation company - - not the original retailer.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-03-09:
When will it end?
Posted by Ponie on 2009-03-10:
Never, jktshff1, never.
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Gift Card Scam
Posted by BluePhi on 03/01/2009
VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA -- These jokers forced me into a gift card by not giving me my money back after I returned a purchase within the time frame they've posted in the store. This I disagreed with from the beginning. I paid cash, I want cash back was my argument. The management would not bent on their position. This was months before the announcement of the closure.

Periodically I would check the balance at a store I may happen to be near once the announcement had been made to ensure my money was still available on this gift card. The money was still there until the day I decided to make a purchase at my local store. 96% of my balance had been used at a store in Virginia Beach on South Independence Blvd. and when I called to verify these purchases, guest what, management told me they could do nothing for me because the store is closing. I filed a police report and still I get nothing from these people even after I showed them that I could not have made a purchase at their Virginia Beach store when I was at work in Augusta Georgia.

The bottom line is, I have no recourse or resources to fight these people anymore. I feel sorry for anyone who has been ripped off by these people. I hope nothing good happens to them for the remainder of their lives until they make it right for these and others.

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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-03-01:
If you paid cash, they are obligated to give you back cash.

It may be too late for recourse though.
Posted by Ben There on 2009-03-01:
Did you lose the original receipt?
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-03-01:
CC and the liquidators stopped accepting gift cards Jan 30. The OP can file a claim in the bankruptcy court but expect to wait until you know what freezes over to collect anything.
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Scammed at Circuit City
Posted by Shortcircuited on 02/28/2009
I purchased what was supposed to be a new Model 890 Harmony remote, but after going through the computer set-up program, I got a message that the remote had been reported as defective and replaced by harmony. I returned the bogus remote to Circuit City was told that ALL sales were final! Some smug little twerp of an acting manager even acted like I was trying to pull something over on the crooks. I called the number he gave me as their complaint department and was treated to the most complete runaround possible and ended up never getting to talk to anyone.

My advice... don't trust anything at that rip-off, justifiably defunct dirt bag of a store. Sooner they are history the better.
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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-02-28:
Did you try contacting the manufacturer to get a replacement?
Posted by woodsk1 on 2009-02-28:
Its not CC, its the liquidators...
Posted by TGT101 on 2009-03-01:
Ditto what the 2 above me said.
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Attention Hardworking Folks
Posted by MR.THOMAS on 02/23/2009
Do not waste your time or money shopping at this establishment. Their bankrupt for a reason. From the top down to the 7 dollar an hour employee. Do not assist them in their finance. I know things. God be them for their actions in selling their garbage to the public.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-24:
Okay..so what happened and why wouldn't they accept your return?
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-02-24:
Stick a fork in them, they're done.
Posted by Ben There on 2009-02-24:
Is anybody really shocked that a company that is going to be closing its doors soon can't find good help? I am sure most of the people in that store are just there getting a paycheck while they check out monster.com for a new job. What are they going to do... fire them?
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