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Deal Pulled Right Near The End
By -

DALLAS, TEXAS -- I was sent a settlement statement for my Citibank account, because I had fallen behind on payment. I called and made the agreement on 10/08/08. My outstanding balance was 1961.88. They reduced it to 843.61 as a settlement offer. It was agreed I pay $100 on that day, the next payment was 67.61, and 67.60 thereafter. I even made payments for more than the amount I needed to. February 100, March 70, April 70.

The last time I called was in May to pay my next payment. I asked the girl what the current amount was, she told me that after making my May payment that my amount would be $300.81. I told her I was going to make the regular payment and that I would pay off the rest the balance next month.

I had always used my debit card to make my payments with no problems. The girl said that she couldn't do it because her system wouldn't let her. She said she could take a check over the phone. So that is what we did. Then at the end of May I get a letter in the mail from a collection agency for the Citibank account. I had only owed 300.81 more on the account for Citibank. But collections wants 1500.

I called Citibank and they told me they no longer have any information on my account, because it had been sent to collections. I checked my bank statement when I got it on June 05 and the check #** that I gave them the numbers for, was not there. Somebody screwed up and didn't put it through. Now I owe even more than when this all began, because somebody didn't follow through.

I can provide proof that I paid Citibank faithfully every month and a lot of them more than the agreement of the 67.60. I can also show that my bank statements skip over the check number I gave them, but.. because their system voids all accounts that are sent to collection they couldn't check to see when my account was last accessed.. which could prove that I did call.

Banks Are Exploiting a Loophole to Scam Customers With "Foreign Transaction Fees"
By -

When a customer makes a purchase based in the country, usually with a foreign currency, the customer is charged a Foreign Transaction Fee, usually around 2% of the value of the transaction. This is a normal, expected fee.

However, a loophole in the Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act of 2009 inadvertently lacks the regulation of these Foreign Transaction Fees. While the bill mentions strict regulation against Currency Exchange Fees, companies are now categorizing them as Foreign Transaction Fees, making them immune to the Act. This is now being exploited by companies such as Bank of America, CitiBank, and Discover Card, as well as some others that charge these fees.

Companies are now starting to charge these fees to customer's credit cards at inappropriate times for inexistent reasons when there is no reason that these fees should be posted. The purpose of the Currency Exchange Fee is to cover the bank's cost of converting foreign currency into the native currency, such as a transaction in Euros into Dollars.

However, banks are taking advantage of this new categorization by charging fees on out-of-country purchases charged in the native currency, citing that they are "foreign purchases." Despite that the bank had no role in converting the currency nor suffered financial penalty, the fee still applied as it was a foreign purchase.

Furthermore, banks are now charging customers Foreign Transaction Fees on US-based purchases. From the blog of Christopher **, a CitiBank customer purchased Qatar Airways tickets through Expedia, a US-based company. The tickets were processed through Qatar's US-based office. Yet, CitiBank still charged the customer a $44 Foreign Transaction Fee, simply on the premise that Qatar Airways is based in a foreign country.

This is the scam that has the potential to impact all of us, customers that use these cards. Even if the purchase was made in the US with US-based divisions and processed in the US, if the parent company is foreign, they will still charge Foreign Transaction Fees, which they will absolutely refuse to remove. And they can legally get away with this now, through this loophole in the Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act of 2009.

How Long Does It Take to Get Your Over Payment Back?
By -

SAN CARLOS, CALIFORNIA -- Please allow me to voice a concern with the Citi Premier Card. I had over paid this account online by approximately 1500 dollars as I owed it to another Citi card. After realizing my mistake I asked for my money to be refunded. I was told that it takes 30 days to get a refund. At the completion of the second billing cycle I still had not received my cash. I got defensive attitudes from Reps once I began my inquiry.

After discussing with my wife we decided to spend it off the card and when I did I spent more than I had by 196 dollars. I sent the payment in to not be late and have my card at zero balance. Citi was at that time (90 days later) approved my credit for the original 1500 but noticed that I used some so then put a credit on my account, but never gave me back the money. Today 90 days plus I still have no funds back and I owe the amount that they credited back.

When I called again the Citi representative told me that she didn'€™t appreciate that I didn'€™t think her service was a quality one where I immediately explained that I thought she was grand and I wasn'€™t killing the messenger but I was disappointed with the process of taking more than 90 days to refund my money back. Be careful as each representative gives you what I believe they think is good data but it never turns out and then Citi reps start to get uncomfortable and just try to get you off the phone.

I now take on this mission to let people know what type of practices are being used at Citi, the company that took funds from the US gov to stay afloat. Is this right? Is anyone else had this type of experience and maybe found a resolution? Please help me get my money back!

Humiliated by Citi Auto
By -

We have a car loan with CitiAuto at 18% interest with payments of 476.00 per month. My husband and I are now both on disability and finding it hard to make that payment. Last April 08, I made arrangements with "Chris" at Citi to redo our loan. I was under the impression that it was all set up so dutifully made my decreased payments of 350 each and every month. On 2/19/09 while we were out of state attending the funeral of my husband's father, we came out of the church and our car was gone! We called the police and they said it had been repossessed. We live in MT and were in MN for only 2 days when this happened.

We were so humiliated, not to mention the fact that we had no verbal or written notice of this action. This is lower than a snake in a rut to do this at this time. How can anyone take your car from a funeral? The repo people even took the magnetic funeral flag that was on the car. I spent over 3 hours trying to find out what happened and was repeatedly put on hold or ignored. My cell was in use the whole time with 5 different people. My husband's medical supplies were in the car when they took it also. He is a diabetic and took his insulin!!! Then, they broke into the car and removed all of our possessions and threw them on the floor.

We did get access to them but only for the medical, nothing else. We had to pay a 20.00 fee to get our possessions back. The next day, I started at 8 in the morning and at 2:00 received our car back. It was a nightmare from hell. Nobody wanted to claim their fault in this. I had to borrow over 2000 from my mother to get our car back, plus a 370 repo charge (this included towing/personal property). When we were looking at the paper given to us to sign (by Citi) they had the wrong address on it. That address was over 2 years old and I know they have our right address as we get statements every month. Is what they did legal? Don't they have to inform us of their actions?

This put undue stress on my husband with his medical problems (high blood pressure; dialysis patient, cardiomyopathy) and could have very well caused a stroke (especially since he was attending his father's funeral). Does anyone know if we have any legal avenues to pursue??

Children's Place Credit Card Citibank -- Avoid Getting It!!!
By -

I had a Children's place Credit card for about 5 years. I was posting automated payments on my Credit card just in case not to miss any payments. I've checked my credit/balances sometimes. (Not often as I wish now). I had around 7 month break in using these card when I've noticed that the money I am paying in advance just keep disappearing from the account. I've expected that the money I've paid in advance would stay there. NO. They just GONE.

We are talking about few hundred $$$. I've called the customer service and the explanation was that the policy is -- In case of credit on the account posted, they usually cut the checks for the refunds and as soon as check is cut, the credit removed from the account. BUT, I did not cashed any refund checks!!! More to that, sound as nobody cashed them! Where all that money I've paid GO? The next question in my mind was: How much money really disappeared for all these years, knowing my bad habit time to time pay in advance? The phone representatives are sitting in India, so you can get nothing from there, spending long hours on a phone.

All of them actually acting as a manager as soon as you request one. LOOP. I feel that the money was stolen from me. They are STOLEN by the credit card policy, which allowed it to happen or probably just designed these way on a purpose. Were the checks ever sent? I am not sure about it. The "Manager" of the Credit Card explained that, the only way to complain is by letter and there is no Phone# available for complaints or investigations like that.

So, for me to get my money back from them is the long way to go. I have to calculate what was stolen from me. I have slight idea where to start beside the latest few month bills I have on hands. By the way, to request a previous months statements you would have to sent a letter and it cannot be done over the phone as well. If somebody would tell me it is happening here in US legally, I would not believe in it. But it is the reality! Really disappointed with the Credit card services. Bad, bad and sad experience.

I used to love these store, actually it was my #1 store for children's closing, but because of the situation -- my mind about shopping there, unfortunately, cannot be ever the same. OH... Do not get these Credit Card! If you already have it -- just monitor each move on your account and close it ASAP. I JUST HATE BUSINESSES LIKE that! The best advice would be-- Do not get these Credit Card on a first place!

Citibank Does Not Care About Its Mastercard Customers
By -

This is not the first time they do something like this, but this time they didn't help at all. Once in a while, for no apparent reason Citibank refuses a legitimate transaction and acts as if it has no repercussions on their customer. Earlier today I shopped for about one hour with two kids in tow, accumulating over $400 of materials. When I went to pay with my Citibank Mastercard, the transaction was refused. I asked to use the cashier's phone and she sent me to the store's customer service phone. After some begging and insisting, the customer service person let me make the call.

I called Citibank. They asked security information (good) and I asked why my transaction was refused. They said my card was reported stolen. Confused, I assured them that I never did such report, I am the only owner of the card, I have the only said card in my possession and it has my picture on it (another good feature which helped me stay with Citibank). At this point I get transferred to a 'security specialist'. The security specialist informs me that the card was not reported stolen but was compromised and someone called me yesterday to tell me so.

Indeed, I got a call yesterday from someone at Citibank saying that a receipt with my credit card number has been stolen and therefore they would be sending me a new card in 7 to 10 days. Well, as I do not have a new card and clearly 7 days have not passed, I ask them to authorize the transaction. I'm told it can't be done because the account has been closed. So I ask if they can use the replacement account. No they can't do it over the phone. If I knew the number I could make a transaction online but they won't give me the number although I passed all the security questions.

So there I am, 1 hour before store closing (after spending at least 20 minutes on the phone and on hold with Citibank), with $400 worth of materials and no other credit cards or sufficient cash. The store was kind enough to put my items aside so that I can go to the bank (luckily there was one close to make it in time), kids in tow and come back to pay them cash. So much for having a credit card for emergency needs. Needless to say, this is the last time I go anywhere with only one credit card and I informed them that I'll be closing my account with them and that they lost a customer.

Citicard Has Horrible Customer Service - Call 1800-772-0743 and You'll Find Out!
By -

KANSAS, MISSOURI -- I called Citicard to request a copy of my Form 1099-C for tax purposes. When I finally got ahold of the right department, I was treated very, very badly by the customer service agent who took my initial call. I requested a copy of the Form 1099-C; I was informed that it had been sent out last 01/31/08. I asked if she could send another copy because I had moved to another state and I had not been getting any of my mails from my old address for the last few months. She then said, "well, if you don't get it, call the IRS and get a copy from them."

I asked why can't Citicard just send me another copy. She said she won't do it because they had sent out the form 5 days ago. Supposedly, they do not send out duplicate notices. When I commented that their policy is not very customer-friendly, she goes ballistic!!! She then says over and over again, "Haven't you been listening to what I am saying, haven't you been listening to what I'm saying - don't put words in my mouth, do not put words in my mouth, call the IRS, call the IRS." Then she adds "If you don't get your mail, that's not my problem - call the IRS!"

To tell you the truth, I don't even know what triggered her unbalanced rantings. All I requested was a paperwork that is generated by Citicard - why she is having me call the IRS Office is beyond me! It seems like she hates performing her job functions such as help Citicard customers with issues they have with regards to their credit card accounts. This gal is in need of some serious help. She needs to go see a psychiatrist or a psychologist and get some help for her bipolar tendencies. Finally, when I asked to talk to a manager, she says, "THERE'S NO MANAGER HERE!" - she then hung up the phone!

Here's my question for CITICARD: What kind of customer service training do you provide your employees? Your employee's actions were highly offensive. You should provide customer service training for all of your employees on a regular basis or stop hiring employees with severe mental problems.

By the way, this is the Citicard Dept's phone # that I had called: 1800-772-0743. Just an FYI: I did call back that same phone # and got another Citicard employee who was happy to help a Citicard customer with her request to get a copy of her Form 1099-C.

Disregard for Opt Out Law
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Rating: 1/51

SIOUX, SOUTH DAKOTA -- I have chosen to use the opt out program that was created by Congress to allow citizens to opt out of receiving credit card offers and advertising. Citibank has totally disregarded my wishes. I have called them to complain and still continued to receive their credit card offers. I have also written them twice asking them to recognize the law in place and quit sending me mail, but I still, as of today even, continue to get their offers. I have reported them to the Federal program that oversees opt out, but they still send me mail.

No other bank or Insurance company that I opted out of has done this, they respected my wishes and the law and immediately quit sending me mail offers, except of course for Citibank. Citibank is arrogant and disrespectful and must think the law doesn't apply to them. I would never use their services in the future and I hope others won't either.

Citimortgage Loan Modification Screwed Me Big Time
By -

9 months ago I decided to call Citibank to try to get a modification on my loan to help lower my payments, even though I wasn't past due they told me I was preapproved. My mortgage went from 2700 to 1200 on a 3 month trial basis, they kept saying the same document was missing or not right. I re sent it 5 times. They got me so frustrated but I kept on with it, I paid the lower amount on time and never late. I called every week and was told we have the necessary papers and are in review.

It is now 9 months later. They said it went to underwriting which is a great sign. Then today I get a call that I am denied to modification, because I DON'T HAVE ENOUGH INCOME. YA THAT MAKES A LOT OF SENSE. Anyway I have to start paying the old amount of 2700, and they said I have to pay the past Amount that they reduced $16000.00 which I don't have. The best they will do is spread it over a year, which would mean I have to pay $4800 a month which is ridiculous.

So not only have they royally screwed me they also messed up my credit. It was 780 when this started now it's 600 cause of what they posted so I can't even refinance, they suggest I short sell or foreclose, they are a big help. If anyone has a suggestion please email me at **.

Online Account Hacked
By -

VIRGINIA -- We have been Citibank customers for over 10 years. Citibank offers online bill payments for credit cards, utilities, etc. through their online banking system. Yesterday while checking our account, we realized someone had actually logged into our account (considering it a secure site), set up their own credit card and paid $6K through our account!!! We were aghast that such frauds happen. We contacted Citibank immediately and notifies about our account being compromised. All we heard from them is that will open and investigation and will try to get our money back.

We had provided all the information required - we even gave them the credit card number that was used, how hard is it to find out whose number that was? Not only did we have to go through the process of closing our account and opening a new one, we had to replace all our credit cards since that information was easily available to hacker once he logged in.

Since we have no balance left, we will be late on all our payments as well. Citibank refused to prioritize our investigation and every time we called for an update on the investigation status, an associate would say they cannot see any complaints on the account and open a new report. This happened 3 times.

What kind of system do they have? The associates sitting in some third world country were not even able to understand how the account was compromised. We are extremely unhappy and are only waiting for the result of the investigation and for our money to returned. We will start looking at other options.

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