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Citibank Disrespects Perfectly Good Customer
By -

We American tax payers bailed out the banks to only be slapped in the face. I am spreading the word out about how Citibank has no respect for their customers nor the Americans who helped bail them out. I'm like a lot of you out there. I work very hard to keep a good FICO score. I pay all of my bills and I pay them on time. To make it consistent and easy, my accounts are paid automatically through my bank every month the same time and the same amount. So when I overlooked that my minimum had been increased by $1.63 on my ExxonMobil account owned by Citibank, I had one payment short $1.63. I am not kidding it was less than $2.

When I contacted Citibank I was told that CitiBank "assumed" I was having financial problems and that they cut my credit with Exxon in half and made my balance look as if I was close to my limit. This takes a hit to your FICO score because I did not have the 50% ratio to credit anymore. If CitiBank is going to "Assume" and not look at the facts like I have never been late, short or anything less than a good customer then I plan to pay off all my CitiBank accounts and not use them.

As it turns out, Conoco Phillips and Home Depot are also under Citibank. If a $1.63 means that much to Citibank to make assumptions instead of looking at the facts of the account, then I am going to "assume" Citibank doesn't care whether I remain a customer or not.

Assume this... Citibank's insult has been "handled" and I paid off the entire balance to the cards and I refuse to listen to anymore of their insinuations or excuses. In addition I am spreading the word about the disrespect Citibank has for their customer who WAS a very good customer who not only used to carry a balance on all three cards and paid the interest but was never paying late or missed a payment or was ever short until they accidentally underpaid an account ONCE for a just $1.63.

Just Another Expendable Customer
By -

I discovered all of these stories AFTER my mom informed me that we had become an unexplained canceled card victim of CitiBank this morning. I knew of their card sharp like practices through situations my mom had encountered since she had a Visa through CitiBank and I had never had more than the oil cards with them. Sadly, I cannot say that over the last six years my family hasn't been a victim of medical hardships that lead to financial chaos both with me and my dad.

With that said, Mom gave me her Conoco/Phillips and Shell Cards all that time ago to make certain that I always had availability to a means to put gas into my car since I live about 400 miles away from where I still consider home. I have diligently made the payments to the related CitiBank gas cards on time (I was one day late in February and I paid the late fee with that payment then, too), online where THEY knew in advance that I had scheduled the payment and in excess of the minimum payment during the last six years.

My mom received a letter in the mail this week stating that CitiBank had closed the Conoco Card - after they had received the payment on time yet again this month, by the way - with the explanation of not meeting their credit criteria. Funny how that just happened this year, isn't it?

Fortunately, I wasn't in need of fuel and discovered the fact when the card was declined like some, but to say that we are incensed is the understatement of the year! How much bailout money has CitiBank gotten from the taxpayers? Enough that I favored letting them go under or being taken over by the government since we all know how reckless and cavalier they had been during the same time period with their decision making that I was diligently making my payments to them!

I am starting to get my feet back under me from the medical issues that I have faced physically and financially, but there is one thing vividly clear. I WILL NEVER be a customer to CitiBank again and they better start watching their pennies as closely as all of us have had to for so long. My smaller bank has been there for me over the years and green is still accepted everywhere I go. I don't believe there are enough Cadillac customers out there in America to help Citi's bottom line soar again anytime soon.

Since there wasn't any government bailout for us, I hope these greedy pieces of garbage don't come with their hands held out again to the American taxpayer anytime soon. No bank is too big to fail, regardless of what these banker types choose to believe in their rarefied air. The ill will they have generated isn't exactly going to make the public at large cry if/when they fall flat on their faces.

Extraordinary Customer Service
By -

P. O. BOX 6500, SOUTH DAKOTA -- I had dual problems with Citibank that compounded themselves over many months to create something of an issue. It began when I redeployed from Iraq, and then had trouble getting statements in the shuffle that followed. When everything caught up, there was clearly a problem. Worse, the normal systems had basically been shut off for resolution. Not exactly blameless, there definitely appeared to be a extreme case in the records I finally got my hands on.

To put it mildly, I was not pleased with the situation and not looking forward to dealing with another credit card company over an issue. In contrast, during a previous deployment, I had a credit card stolen (issued from major telecommunications corporation) in what was both an easy case and bound by very firm federal regulations. Nevertheless, the firm in question refused to follow the regulations, routinely lost information sent to them, at one point was literally threatening me, and only followed the regulations after they were threatened by a government backed lawsuit.

I called Citibank expected just to address the administrative portion of the problem, and deal with the substance of the issue later. However, when the operator asked about the issue and I explained the situation, I was shocked to hear her say that she see could where I was coming from and would help me submit a case into the bank's system for resolution. She then walked me through each portion of the issue helping set each and every aspect of the issue straight, taking pains to ensure that the details were handled correctly. She was polite and professional throughout the interaction.

I called ready to leave the company, but was so impressed with the customer service that I would risk paying greater fees to retain the solid support I got during a potentially difficult situation. I wish that I had recorded the operator's name for praise here, as the service she gave may quite literally have been the best I have encountered. Hopefully, the company can figure out who it was and pass along the appropriate praise. Again, very, very impressed with how this was handled. Regardless of outcome on initial issue, the stark contrast between the two companies cannot have been greater and I very much appreciate it.

Tier One Customer Has Citi Shell Card Cancelled
By -

CINCINNATI, OHIO -- So the word is out, Citibank, with Billions of taxpayer's money from the TARP, has decided that long term customer's relationships are not worthwhile and that those with outstanding credit who do the right thing and pay their balances on time and in full are not the customers they want. How ridiculous is that? Most financial institutions want the best customers they can find who pose the least credit risk.

I was so outraged to our MasterCard Shell gas card issued by Citigroup had been canceled that I had to dig further. I signed up for credit report monitoring through Equifax, the company Citi noted they had referenced when deciding to close my account... costing some $120 annually. I learned, as I suspected, that my credit score is EXCELLENT at 751.

Notably, we have been customers for some 15 plus years dating to when the Shell MasterCard was administered by Chase. My credit report shows we started the card in 1994. We have always paid the balance in full and one time. My credit score is 751 as of the date CITI canceled our card... WITHOUT ADVANCE NOTICE OF ANY KIND.

Our Income approaches $400,000 a year this year and has been over $300,000 for the last 10 years... we pay an extra $1500 a month on our house which will be paid off in about 5 years after we refinanced it to a 10 year fixed term earlier this year. We own our 2008 Audi S5 purchased in June of 2008 for $63,000 car outright... we owe just over $24,000 on a new Chevy Tahoe SLT, purchased this summer. In short, we don't carry balances on credit cards and we don't owe much to anyone.

So what is the problem? Congress, where are you? We, as taxpayers, give credit to large financial institutions only to have them pull credit from their best customers. If I am not worthy of credit from Citigroup then no one would be. It's time for your Congressmen to be involved to get the Consumer Fair Credit Act updated.

If you have been a victim of Citi's ridiculous credit decisions, I urge you to cancel all Citi relationships where possible and contact the Congressional representative in your district. Shell is not without blame either. They have enjoyed our business for 15 years. Like others, we chose to buy gas from Shell for the 5% rebates they offered roughly 70-80% of the time. Now Shell and Citi will get ZERO percent of our business. Consumers unite... BOYCOTT SHELL... BOYCOTT CITIGROUP.

Deal Pulled Right Near The End
By -

DALLAS, TEXAS -- I was sent a settlement statement for my Citibank account, because I had fallen behind on payment. I called and made the agreement on 10/08/08. My outstanding balance was 1961.88. They reduced it to 843.61 as a settlement offer. It was agreed I pay $100 on that day, the next payment was 67.61, and 67.60 thereafter. I even made payments for more than the amount I needed to. February 100, March 70, April 70.

The last time I called was in May to pay my next payment. I asked the girl what the current amount was, she told me that after making my May payment that my amount would be $300.81. I told her I was going to make the regular payment and that I would pay off the rest the balance next month.

I had always used my debit card to make my payments with no problems. The girl said that she couldn't do it because her system wouldn't let her. She said she could take a check over the phone. So that is what we did. Then at the end of May I get a letter in the mail from a collection agency for the Citibank account. I had only owed 300.81 more on the account for Citibank. But collections wants 1500.

I called Citibank and they told me they no longer have any information on my account, because it had been sent to collections. I checked my bank statement when I got it on June 05 and the check #** that I gave them the numbers for, was not there. Somebody screwed up and didn't put it through. Now I owe even more than when this all began, because somebody didn't follow through.

I can provide proof that I paid Citibank faithfully every month and a lot of them more than the agreement of the 67.60. I can also show that my bank statements skip over the check number I gave them, but.. because their system voids all accounts that are sent to collection they couldn't check to see when my account was last accessed.. which could prove that I did call.

Banks Are Exploiting A Loophole To Scam Customers With "Foreign Transaction Fees"
By -

When a customer makes a purchase based in the country, usually with a foreign currency, the customer is charged a Foreign Transaction Fee, usually around 2% of the value of the transaction. This is a normal, expected fee.

However, a loophole in the Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act of 2009 inadvertently lacks the regulation of these Foreign Transaction Fees. While the bill mentions strict regulation against Currency Exchange Fees, companies are now categorizing them as Foreign Transaction Fees, making them immune to the Act. This is now being exploited by companies such as Bank of America, CitiBank, and Discover Card, as well as some others that charge these fees.

Companies are now starting to charge these fees to customer's credit cards at inappropriate times for inexistent reasons when there is no reason that these fees should be posted.

The purpose of the Currency Exchange Fee is to cover the bank's cost of converting foreign currency into the native currency, such as a transaction in Euros into Dollars.

However, banks are taking advantage of this new categorization by charging fees on out-of-country purchases charged in the native currency, citing that they are "foreign purchases." Despite that the bank had no role in converting the currency nor suffered financial penalty, the fee still applied as it was a foreign purchase.

Furthermore, banks are now charging customers Foreign Transaction Fees on US-based purchases. From the blog of Christopher Elliott, a CitiBank customer purchased Qatar Airways tickets through Expedia, a US-based company. The tickets were processed through Qatar's US-based office. Yet, CitiBank still charged the customer a $44 Foreign Transaction Fee, simply on the premise that Qatar Airways is based in a foreign country.

This is the scam that has the potential to impact all of us, customers that use these cards. Even if the purchase was made in the US with US-based divisions and processed in the US, if the parent company is foreign, they will still charge Foreign Transaction Fees, which they will absolutely refuse to remove. And they can legally get away with this now, through this loophole in the Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act of 2009.

How Long Does It Take To Get Your Over Payment Back
By -

SAN CARLOS, CALIFORNIA -- Dear card carries,

Please allow me to voice a concern with the Citi premier card. I had over paid this account on line by approximately 1500 dollars as I owed it to another Citi card. After realizing my mistake I asked for my money to be refunded. I was told that it takes 30 days to get a refund. At the completion of the second billing cycle I still had not received my cash. I got defensive attitudes from Reps once I began my inquiry.

After discussing with my wife we decided to spend it off the card and when I did I spent more than I had by 196 dollars. I sent the payment in to not be late and have my card at zero balance. Citi was at that time (90 days later) approved my credit for the original 1500 but noticed that I used some so then put a credit on my account, but never gave me back the money. Today 90 days plus I still have no funds back and I owe the amount that they credited back. When I called again the Citi representative told me that she didn't appreciate that I didn't think her service was a quality one where I immediately explained that I thought she was grand and I wasn't killing the messenger but I was disappointed with the process of taking more than 90 days to refund my money back. Be careful as each representative givers you what I believe they think is good data but it never turns out and then Citi reps start to get uncomfortable and just try to get you off the phone.

I now take on this mission to let people know what type of practices are being used at Citi, the company that took funds from the US gov to stay afloat. Is this right? Is anyone else had this type of experience and maybe found a resolution? Please help me get my money back!

Humiliated by Citi Auto
By -

We have a car loan with CitiAuto at 18% interest with payments of 476.00 per month. My husband and I are now both on disability and finding it hard to make that payment. Last April 08, I made arrangements with "Chris" at Citi to redo our loan. I was under the impression that it was all set up so dutifully made my decreased payments of 350 each and every month. On 2/19/09, while we were out of state attending the funeral of my husbands father, we came out of the church and our car was gone! We called the police and they said it had been repossessed. We live in MT and were in MN for only 2 days when this happened. We were so humiliated, not to mention the fact that we had no verbal or written notice of this action. This is lower than a snake in a rut to do this at this time. How can anyone take your car from a funeral? The repo people even took the magnetic funeral flag that was on the car. I spent over 3 hours trying to find out what happened and was repeatedly put on hold or ignored. My cell was in use the whole time with 5 different people. My husband's medical supplies were in the car when they took it also. He is a diabetic and took his insulin!!!

Then, they broke into the car and removed all of our possessions and threw them on the floor. We did get access to them, but only for the medical, nothing else. We had to pay a 20.00 fee to get our possessions back. The next day, I started at 8 in the morning and at 2:00 received our car back. It was a nightmare from hell. Nobody wanted to claim their fault in this. I had to borrow over 2000 from my mother to get our car back, plus a 370 repo charge (this included towing/personal property). When we were looking at the paper given to us to sign (by Citi) they had the wrong address on it. That address was over 2 years old and I know they have our right address as we get statements every month. Is what they did legal? Don't they have to inform us of their actions? This put undue stress on my husband with his medical problems (high blood pressure; dialysis patient, cardiomyopathy) and could have very well caused a stroke (especially since he was attending his father's funeral).

Does anyone know if we have any legal avenues to pursue?? Please contact me at if you do.

Customer Service Nightmare, Plus Harassment
By -

MICHIGAN -- I bought my vehicle approx 3 years ago and Citi financial auto is my lender. At first things started out fine, your typical auto loan.....that was until the six month mark when I changed insurances which also so happens to be the time that I needed to turn in a new insurance binder to Citi. I sent this company copies of my insurance binder SEVERAL times and yet they still did not get the copy, OK we are talking faxes here, not snail mail. I would verify the number and everything but always they would loose it. Even more maddening was dealing with different people every day, some who are not at all nice. The straw that broke the camels back came when I received a notice that my vehicle was going to be repossessed if I didn't pony up the money for my car payment. I hit the roof and immediately called Citi. There response was that because I had no insurance on the vehicle they had put on their own insurance, tacked on thousands of dollars in premiums which only covered the minimums and was significantly more than the full coverage I already had on the car.

As it turns out the payment every month had gone to pay my insurance premium and what ever that was left was applied then to my regular payment. I had late fees as well as a late payments reported to credit reporting agencies. Add to that the constant phone calls every day, all day. I started counting them on my caller ID and many times in excess of 10 per day. I would even tell them that I was in the process of resolving the issue and just like some brain dead twit the operator would come back and say "OK, but until it is we will still have no choice to continue the calls". Is there anything else I can do to help you today?" Yeah how about get me someone on the phone with a brain who I can talk to and get this resolved!!!

It took MONTHS to resolve just this issue, which is one of MANY. It finally was taken care of when I was sitting in the office of my insurance company with one of the agents and had Citi on conference phone. I told the operator to give me the number of the fax machine within their eye site and to not get off the phone with us until she had the binder in her hand and could read exactly what it said. I also requested her name too. I thought that all was said and done and finally I was set, WRONG. Because I was switching my insurance at the time the old binder expired I had to go back to my old insurance carrier and have them pull up a copy of my the binder proving that I did indeed have insurance for 1 day because when I switched the insurance it was in the afternoon and so they entered it the next day.

After that ordeal I have dealt with "customer service reps" (I don't think they know what the customer service part means) calling me and being downright rude saying that I was late on my auto loan that I just paid, on time! After he called me a lier and belittled me I finally asked him what kind of a vehicle I had. He said a Jeep Grand Cherokee......
With the minute amount of restraint that I still had I explained to him that I have a Chevy Blazer. He then became quiet and looked through his records. He had the records of a different person. At least he apologized, but the damage was already done.

I would classify Citi financial auto as being nothing better than legalized loan sharking. The customer service is horrible and the companies loan practices are borderline unethical if not totally illegal. Do not go through this company and if your loan is sold to them, immediately try and refinance.

Citibank ATM Rebates. Fact or Fictions?
By -

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA -- Citibank claims the following when you open a new ez-checking account online under the following conditions:

You may also qualify for:

ATM fee reimbursements4

4 To qualify for reimbursement of the fees other banks may charge you for using their ATMs, you must: (1) be a new client with a mailing address that is outside a county where Citibank operates a Financial Center three months after opening your account online; and (2) have established your banking relationship online. You are not eligible for ATM reimbursements if your banking relationship was originally established at a Citibank Financial Center or through Citi Phone BankingĀ® and you subsequently open additional accounts online.

I live in Minnesota, where there are no financial centers. I also opened the account online 13 months ago. This is my story.

On April 10th 2007, I noticed Citibank did not rebate me a $1.95 ATM fee as promised per their policy listed above. So I called Citibank and spoke to a CSR, who told me I would not be reimbursed for this fee, saying they do not rebate ATM fees charged by other banks. I pointed out their terms and conditions as listed online. The CSR told me that was wrong and to ignore the policy and I would be paying all fees charged by another banks ATM.

I then asked to speak to a Manager. The manager told me I was not eligible for the ATM rebates as well, but for a different reason. When I pointed out to her the terms and conditions, she told me since I was close to a Money Pass ATM, that I would not be eligible for the ATM rebate. I advised her the terms stated it was in the same county as a financial center, not a money pass ATM. She said the online terms were not clear, but that was not their fault and I would just need to believe her. I pointed out there are Money pass ATM's in every county in the US and that would mean no one is eligible for the ATM rebate. She had no comment. I was able to get the ATM fee rebated, but I was told it was a one time courtesy.

I hung up and called Citibank back, pretending to be prospective customer wanting to open an EZ checking account online. I was told all of the benefits with a sales pitch that mentions the ATM rebate policy for being charged fees from another bank. I asked if I was in the same county as a Money Pass ATM, if that would void getting the rebates. I was told no. I told the sales rep I lived in Minnesota. The rep said I would get the rebates for sure since there are no financial centers in this state.

I guess what it comes down to is: Citibank is likely telling their employees to avoid refunding these ATM fees if all possible and to make it so difficult to get rebated that we will give up in frustration.

This is a low down ploy by Citibank to get your business then not deliver what they promise. To say the least I am upset and seriously considering closing my account with Citi.

Has anyone else had this problem? If so, what if anything can be done about this.

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