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Humiliated by Citi Auto
By -

We have a car loan with CitiAuto at 18% interest with payments of 476.00 per month. My husband and I are now both on disability and finding it hard to make that payment. Last April 08, I made arrangements with "Chris" at Citi to redo our loan. I was under the impression that it was all set up so dutifully made my decreased payments of 350 each and every month. On 2/19/09 while we were out of state attending the funeral of my husband's father, we came out of the church and our car was gone! We called the police and they said it had been repossessed. We live in MT and were in MN for only 2 days when this happened.

We were so humiliated, not to mention the fact that we had no verbal or written notice of this action. This is lower than a snake in a rut to do this at this time. How can anyone take your car from a funeral? The repo people even took the magnetic funeral flag that was on the car. I spent over 3 hours trying to find out what happened and was repeatedly put on hold or ignored. My cell was in use the whole time with 5 different people. My husband's medical supplies were in the car when they took it also. He is a diabetic and took his insulin!!! Then, they broke into the car and removed all of our possessions and threw them on the floor.

We did get access to them but only for the medical, nothing else. We had to pay a 20.00 fee to get our possessions back. The next day, I started at 8 in the morning and at 2:00 received our car back. It was a nightmare from hell. Nobody wanted to claim their fault in this. I had to borrow over 2000 from my mother to get our car back, plus a 370 repo charge (this included towing/personal property). When we were looking at the paper given to us to sign (by Citi) they had the wrong address on it. That address was over 2 years old and I know they have our right address as we get statements every month. Is what they did legal? Don't they have to inform us of their actions?

This put undue stress on my husband with his medical problems (high blood pressure; dialysis patient, cardiomyopathy) and could have very well caused a stroke (especially since he was attending his father's funeral). Does anyone know if we have any legal avenues to pursue??

Disregard for Opt Out Law
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Rating: 1/51

SIOUX, SOUTH DAKOTA -- I have chosen to use the opt out program that was created by Congress to allow citizens to opt out of receiving credit card offers and advertising. Citibank has totally disregarded my wishes. I have called them to complain and still continued to receive their credit card offers. I have also written them twice asking them to recognize the law in place and quit sending me mail, but I still, as of today even, continue to get their offers. I have reported them to the Federal program that oversees opt out, but they still send me mail.

No other bank or Insurance company that I opted out of has done this, they respected my wishes and the law and immediately quit sending me mail offers, except of course for Citibank. Citibank is arrogant and disrespectful and must think the law doesn't apply to them. I would never use their services in the future and I hope others won't either.

Citimortgage Loan Modification Screwed Me Big Time
By -

9 months ago I decided to call Citibank to try to get a modification on my loan to help lower my payments, even though I wasn't past due they told me I was preapproved. My mortgage went from 2700 to 1200 on a 3 month trial basis, they kept saying the same document was missing or not right. I re sent it 5 times. They got me so frustrated but I kept on with it, I paid the lower amount on time and never late. I called every week and was told we have the necessary papers and are in review.

It is now 9 months later. They said it went to underwriting which is a great sign. Then today I get a call that I am denied to modification, because I DON'T HAVE ENOUGH INCOME. YA THAT MAKES A LOT OF SENSE. Anyway I have to start paying the old amount of 2700, and they said I have to pay the past Amount that they reduced $16000.00 which I don't have. The best they will do is spread it over a year, which would mean I have to pay $4800 a month which is ridiculous.

So not only have they royally screwed me they also messed up my credit. It was 780 when this started now it's 600 cause of what they posted so I can't even refinance, they suggest I short sell or foreclose, they are a big help. If anyone has a suggestion please email me at **.

Customer "NO" Service
By -

Having been a customer with Citibank for a few years now, carrying a credit card of theirs, I am finding myself in a situation where I fall on deaf ears with their so-called customer service.We tax payers have bailed this company out. In these economic times, many of us "little people" are hit with financial disasters. So, here I am, having had surgery and other medical issues, bad health insurance which did not pay all of the procedures. This situation forced me to fore go payments to on my monthly balance.

Now I am in collections. Explaining to those people that I will not have any money until the first quarter of 2011 is just being ignored. This financial "institution" would rather have me send them what I can and go hungry just to satisfy them. I am not one who does not honor his obligations, but when you need a break and can't get one, it gives you second thoughts. To add to dilemma: their website will not allow you to send them a message to explain your situation. Customer Service? I think NOT! However, I did obtain a list of exec's email addresses with this company. We shall see.

Once I've honored my debt with them, they are history as they do not care about us people in the least. They will lose yet another customer. I do hope that they will eventually go belly up without being bailed out with our tax monies once more.

Home Equity loan
By -

My son and I went through CitiFinacial for a home equity loan. We didn't have much choice because banks wouldn't do older trailers. Had no trouble with them and always made our payments two month ahead of time. But then we had a home fire and couldn't live in it. We notified CitiFinancial and was asked what we thought they could do, you have insurance! But when we told them that Concord Group Insurance wasn't going to pay off, they couldn't help and wanted their payment even if we didn't have a place to live.

After a year trying to get a modified loan payment and missing paperwork, we got a modified loan for $80 less than we were paying. And when we ask if they could help put something back on the land, we were told we had to make full payments for a year before they would give another loan at 11% +. What a waste of time and money trying to do the right thing with our loan. We should just have not made the payments, they would never gotten all their loan repaid. These people don't care about us only their money.

Greed and Nonexistent Customer Service
By -

COPPELL, TEXAS -- I am in receipt of my very first Citifinancial auto invoice. I so very much looked forward to a long relationship with your company. Imagine my horror as I perused your bill, only to find out that you charge a fee of $14.95 when a payment is made online. I immediately called your customer service line and questioned the lady who answered. She gave me an extremely cavalier and lackadaisical response. I am appalled and mortified that in this economic clime, ANY financial institution would impose such a large, grossly unfair burden upon the public.

I am disabled, related to two strokes, and writing checks is for me laborious and painful and I purchased a car because my previous car was so low, and my condition so eroded, that getting in and out of the vehicle was truly a burden. I pay all my bills online and not even once have I encountered such an egregious policy borne out of, I can only surmise, greed. And what is your trouble incurred by accepting a payment online? A few keystrokes?? Getting your money right away? Good Heavens!

If I had known you had this method of extortion as a policy (read penalty for paying online and on time), I certainly would have used another lending institution offered to me. Please know that I am going to actively and aggressively look for another company for the refinancing this loan. So sorry for the years of interest dollars lost that you will NOT be receiving from me. I will notify you at once when I have obtained a new lender.

Drop Card
By -

Citibank did the same thing to me about a card I have had for over 2 yrs. Got a letter and said my account was closed, reason "unknown." So mad, I called and was told my credit score went down. Needless to say it didn't. However, I called and asked why my account was closed. The RUDE lady there said my credit score was lower than what they wanted so therefore my account was closed again.

Had this for over 2 years, never missed a payment, never once late. So I responded to the nag that I would just stop paying my bill. She responded that how can you sleep not paying your bills? My response was "how do you guys cancel people cards when they pay every month? So now tell me how do you sleep?" Click.

Citibank's Been Good to Me.
By -

Citibank was the only one who would give me credit when I was young and had no borrowing record. They charged fees and interest rates comparable to other companies. However, when the other companies who later extended credit to me started sending me notices of change to my terms disguised as glossy ad inserts, Citibank always sent me any notice of change in an easily recognizable formal pamphlet with the changes listed clearly.

When I eventually fired the other companies and tore up most of my plastic, I called Citibank and asked for a reduction in interest rate. They lowered it to 8% and have kept it there until just recently. Although they occasionally have charged me for late payment, they have often rescinded those charges after a phone call.

Citibank is the only credit card company I will do business with. I had another card, until recently. This other card sent me a notice that they were raising my interest rate, not only on future purchases but on any outstanding balances as well. I refused the change, cancelled the card, and cut it in half. Citibank later sent me a notice that they were raising the interest rate on future purchases. That is okay, the raise was not excessive and not retroactive. That is just honest business.

Poor Experience
By -

After dealing with a BK and keeping my mortgage current through the BK and always making payments on time now that that part of my life is passed I am told it will always show "currently in BK" until it is paid off or I pay them to re-finance it?!?!?!?

The worst part is I paid over $1,000 in fees to keep it through the BK and was told then it would be fine when I was finished. 4 years later it was never changed and it took 3 weeks of conversations until they finally told me this wonderful news. I'm told this is not the way it should work - stay away from CitiMortgage.

How to get back at one sleazy Citibank
By -

I have a Citibank card in which I pay off the balance each month. I recently received a notice of an APR change. The reasons given: I do not make the minimum payment when due, go over the credit line or make a payment to us that is not honored. Now the APR change does not affect me because I pay off the balance each month but I was insulted by form letter that was sent out to me. Upon calling, it became clear to me that the company wants to get rid of "deadbeats" like myself. If Citibank insults the customer, they'll then likely tear up their card.

My answer is: don't tear up your card. Each month use the card to buy a stick of gum. Let's tie up Citibank for the billing. Granted, my return postage will cost more than the gum but it's worth it.

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