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They lie
Posted by Donkies54 on 03/26/2010
They change due dates at will. I was 2 days late on one payment due the the change. then instead of a 29% interest rate for defaulting(ha), I accepted a 12 month, no interest plan. I was also told that when I completed the plan and all of my payments went through that my account would be reopened. I just talked to the customer service dept and was told not only had they closed my account, but that my remaining balance would be calculated at the default rate!! if it wouldn't ruin my credit, I would just tell them to take a hike. beware, everything you have read from other customers is true. try Amex instead, they are truly customer centric!
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Posted by skelly39 on 2010-03-26:
Citi is awful. I have no advice other than to pay it off as soon as you possibly can and run the other way.
Posted by saj80 on 2010-03-26:
I have had a Citi Mastercard for many years, and have never had a problem. Of course, I look at my statement as soon as I receive it to check the due date and have never asked for any interest assistance or forbearance. As a creditor, if a customer was having financial difficulty, I would be very cautious about keeping an account open, no matter what a CSR said.
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Citicards Desperate to Collect
Posted by FireCop8 on 02/23/2010
My wife and I both had Citibank master cards where we got cash advances and the interest was only 1.99% with no transaction fee. We paid every month the minimum requested, which was part principle and the interest due on the remaining balance. We decided in October 2009 that it was an administrative hassle to keep remembering to access the accounts electronically and pay the minimum, even though 1.99% is a great deal. I went to the local Citibank branch and asked to pay off the balances in full. In January 2010 we started getting recorded calls asking us to call Citicard and "it is not a sales call" the recording stated. I called said I owed back interest. I relayed the story about the branch payment and not receiving any communication either by mail or Internet or phone. Again all payments and look at statements were electronic. Long story short, the call continue into February and we have now complained to the FTC (2X) since Citicards stated the dunning recordings would continue.

BTW the amounts they say are owed are respectively $8.50 and $1.50. They also stated the branch of Citibank did not have access to a payoff amount. No wonder they are losing money; then again the CEO needs that big paycheck.
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Posted by Fufu487 on 2010-02-23:
why dont you just pay the $10 you owe, seems like a stupid amount to go to collections over, which is eventually what will happen. Even though you paid the balance, there was most likely interest due that hadnt been paid out yet.
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-02-23:
very true fufu
sometimes making a point, can come at a very bad cost
(collections, bad credit scores, higher bills)
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-23:
I'm the guy who put the screws to the Crest manager over a $1.25 lost in a vending machine but even I wouldn't let something go to collections for 10 bucks. It's just not worth the seven years that collection action remain on your credit report. If it were me I'd pay it then let it go.
Posted by goduke on 2010-02-23:
I wonder why a branch wouldn't have access to the payoff amount? That seems odd. I'd probably pay it off then go to war with them.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-23:
GD, the banking arm and the credit card arm are pretty distant. I suspect a branch only has access to the last statement balance. The tellers shoudl be trained to tell them, when paying the balance, that there will be one more statement with the remaining interest.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-23:
So a mammoth bank like Citi lacks the technical proficiency to allow their banking branches to obtain the current pay off balance for citi credit cards? That might have made sense back in let's say 1993 but not today where the entire planet is networked. That's just silly. Typical.
Posted by goduke on 2010-02-23:
While I hear what you're saying, Ken (that it's the way it actually works), it's just amazing that they don't have reciprocity of information. From a brand standpoint, when I have a Citi card that has the exact same logo as the Citi branch, I, joe consumer, have some right to believe that they talk to each other. Just seems a bit goofy.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-23:
In an organization like Citibank, they are separate companies, and are not even on the same computer systems. The branch probably has a number to call and get a balance, possibly a web page, but they really have very little access to the actual account information.
Posted by goduke on 2010-02-23:
There may be some legalities involved of some sort. Who knows why they do what they do, right?
Posted by Fufu487 on 2010-02-25:
The banks cant always see your up-to-date credit card information, and interest to be paid out. Its not that simple. It's not a matter of the size of the bank.
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2010-02-25:
Don't forget the philosophy behind it all: Citi is concerned only with itself not its customers.

If they can produce more revenue by deceiving and/or withholding information then so much the better for them.

Get this customer for $1.25 and that one for $4.50. They'll pay to avoid credit problems. Multiply that by 10,000 accounts per month and you have a nice chunk of change. Free and clear. All it takes is for customers to just take it up the butt and shut up about it.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-25:
Chuck, don't forget that when you wrap the foil around your head, that if you don't put the shiny side out, those black helicopters from BoA will still be able to read your thoughts.
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2010-02-25:
Thank you, Ken, I forgot to include BofA. I did not intentionally slight them. Probability is the are worse than Citi.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-25:
Marginalization. The lowest form of debate. Typical.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-25:
True Chuck, God forbid those evil SOBs should collect the interest owed to them. They should be jailed!
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2010-02-25:
Ken, I don't know why I am wasting my time on you, you usually don't seem to understand. But here it is anyway:

I am not denying them legitimate interest. But my point is the additional interest and fees that they accumulate as a result of mis-information provided by the bank.

You seem to be a fairly intelligent individual. Most of your comments are well articulated. But your constant denial of banking atrocities is puzzling.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-25:
Chuck, equally puzzling is your irrational and uninformed hatred of anything finance related. The irony is that it clouds the legitimate problems because no matter how irresponsible the depositor is, it is always the bank's fault. I'm sure that whatever your life's career was you were outstanding, but clearly finance is just not your forte. I am trying not to be insulting, you you constantly rant about topics that you are not fully knowlegeable on. You go on and on about BoA, but admit you have never worked or banked there. When someone points out that they are happy with their relationship with BoA, and that over half the households in the U.S have relationships of some sort with BoA, you insult them.

I clearly respect your right to not bank with them, and to disagree with the way they operate their business, but since they are a private for-profit business, and everything they offer is available elsewhere, I can't agree with your rants about the people who use and abuse their accounts. I have no special allegiance to BoA (or any bank) beyond having my household accounts there, it just chafes that you encourage the personal irresponsibility by telling these people that they are not wrong for not managing their accounts, it's all the bank's fault.

Lastly, you keep telling them to go to a credit union. If you tryuly are a CU supporter, don't do this. Credit Unions don't want them and their problems, and I can tell you that with absolute certainty.

Let me just add concering your above example, these people didn't pay any fees, and the total amount they paid was exactly the same as they would have if the $8 had been disclosed when they asked the balance. It was a non-issue, yet you can't seem to let go of it because it gives you a platform to rant against the big banks. Just *my* 3 cents.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-25:
So if you are against banks being able to make short term loans that end up with an APR of over 30,000% then you're uninformed. If you advocate consumer rights on a consumer gripe site billing itself as the 'Consumer Revolution' then it's hatred. Oh puh-lease.

Outside of my3cent's land the public has already spoken on these issues hence the new regulations either enacted or coming down the pike. These national banks control most of the market because they were allowed to go on a buying frenzy. Then when their own mismanagement of growth threatened to render them insolvent then the American people are told they are too big to fail and here is some money and let's put the American people on the hook for your toxic assets. Yes, many of the banks repaid the money but like all good slight of hand our attention was focused on the wrong thing. The American people are still on the hook for their trillions of dollars of toxic assets. The funny thing is after the American people were told the Banks are too big to fail well then the regulators/government let them get even bigger. Heck I just saw on CNBC this morning that Chase was able to maintain their credit rating based upon the fact the Government declared them too big to fail. Just sickening.

So please spare the lectures about Citi or BoA being private business. Such a statement truly shows a naive lack of understanding of the financial sector.
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Online banking payment problems
Posted by Catheite on 02/16/2010
I use online banking for almost everything including making my monthly payments on my two credit cards and have on two occasions over the past 4 months had problems with Citicard. I have scheduled payments that are visible and then disappear after they are scheduled but before the selected post-date. I am then slammed with a late fee on top of my payment. I have never had this happen anywhere else and have started printing out my confirmation receipt. Don't assume the just because you scheduled your online payment, it will be there on the due date.
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Posted by grandma005 on 2010-02-16:
Use BillPay from your checking account.
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The Truth About Citibank Credit Cards
Posted by The Truth Maker on 04/02/2009
I worked for Citibank at The Lakes Nevada for over 10 years. In viewing the complaints on this website, almost all issues are a result of the card member violating the terms of their contract.

A great one is that they didn't get a statement so they forgot to make a payment & got a late fee. Do you forget to make your house or car payments if you don't get a statement? You know you have a payment due every month, so quit whining and blaming Citi for your lack of responsibility.

No one has forced you to charge on your card. Responsible people charge what they can afford then pay it off every month. These people that cry because they can't make their payments put themselves in that position.

I've had credit cards for 30 years. I never got a late fee, over the credit limit fee, and I NEVER paid one cent of interest.

It's those irresponsible whining sniffling people who complain, but it's never their fault. Oh no, it always somebody else's fault.

Get a life and own up to your mistakes.
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Posted by Slimjim on 2009-04-02:
90% of the time, this recital of the obvious is true. There are extenuating circumstance people do encounter though. There also are some pretty unforgiving and aggressive policies of credit card issuers too. The new laws should keep in check some questionable procedures, which in essence, would give the debtor less to gripe about with any real validity.
Posted by RestaurantGuy on 2009-04-02:
While some of what you say is true, you failed to mention the fact that citi is cutting people's credit limits to the point that it makes them looked maxed out on credit reports. Not to mention hiking the rates and I quote from you people "due to the economic turmoil" of your credit card holders to try to bleed more out of them. You know I think I've changed my mind about your post. I find nothing good can come from a parasite company such as citibank
Posted by memoryx57 on 2009-04-02:
Uuumm, who got several billion dollars from the taxpayers? It appears that maybe Citi is the one who doesn't know how to manage their money. Why don't you go tell your CEO to quit whining to the American people and own up to HIS mistakes...he and the rest of the CEO's from these banks need to learn how to pay THEIR bills!!
Posted by Schmoopie on 2009-04-17:
I think most of the people are NOT at fault for their credit limits being reduced or their interest rates being raised ( I'm sure some are ). I would have admitted if it were my fault for paying late or going over my limit. I am a very responsible person and while I sometimes carried a small balance; I was never late or came close to my limit.
These credit card companies are just predatory.
Posted by globalsearch on 2010-01-17:
Its comforting that Citi is taking care of its employees. But, speaking as a simple cardholder who also is never late, never over limit always pays more than the minimum, yet still receives the increased interest rates - one time due to lack of sufficient activity of all things, another due to increased business costs. Both times I had to practically scream at the supervisor - who was about as American as a cashmere scarf (just who are they kidding giving Pakistanis or Indians in those call centers English sounding names like Josh or Evan) to have it reversed.

Credit card companies are like snakes, you can play with them but eventually you will get bit. Don't ever think they are on your side.

No sympathy for your position.
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Charging Twice A Month
Posted by Irvin on 10/01/2008
I was trying to get my balance below the maxed out amount and come to find out that they charged my account twice. Once it was $40 dollars then it went up another $72 dollars. Now you tell me if I should pay an extra $72 dollars.

They are crappy and should be sued for fraud charges...
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Posted by msnanny on 2008-10-01:
Sorry but who charged your account twice?
Posted by spiderman2 on 2008-10-01:
This post doesn't make much sense does it?
Posted by Ponie on 2008-10-01:
If you were 'trying to get my balance below the maxed out amount' you have no business using a credit card. Now--just who is committing fraud?
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Unbelievable Incompetence At Citibank Citicards Credit Card Division
Posted by MikeyDick on 08/27/2008
SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- Okay, how's this...

My wallet was stolen 15 days ago. I called Citibank (Citicards) and reported the theft. They promised to send out a new card by overnight mail. (They charged me a $25 fee for sending it overnight.)

Two days later the "overnighted" card had not arrived. The customer service representative I talked to promised it was on its way and gave me a UPS tracking number. The number turned out to be bogus.... UPS said it was a number that had been used two years before for a package delivered elsewhere in the country. I called Citicards and they said they were having a "problem" with their tracking numbers but promised the card would arrive "today or tomorrow." Ha ha ha ha ha.

Two days later the card had still not arrived. I called Citicard back and asked to speak to a supervisor. The supervisor admitted this time that the card had been accidentally sent to the wrong address. She said the card that had been sent by regular mail to a P.O. Box and would take a week or two to arrive. But, she said, she could send me a duplicate card by overnight mail. She promised this one would go to the right address, that she would see to it personally.

The "new card" she was supposedly sending out, predictably, never arrived. I called back day after day, and they said it would definitely arrive "today." I asked for a tracking number to prove it had been sent. They hemmed and hawed and then said they had no tracking numbers because of "the hurricane" which was supposedly interfering with UPS. I called UPS and they said that was nonsense, that there had been a little storm in Florida but it had not affected their deliveries or tracking numbers, and that Citicard was passing the buck by using it as an excuse.

I called Citicards again and again they promised the card was on the way. (Though they had no tracking number, still, to prove it.)

Two more days, still no card. So again I called and talked to a supervisor. She said I should cancel the card that had been sent out, because it had probably been lost, and she would send another one immediately by overnight mail. I did what she recommended, cancelled the card. God must have a sense of humor, because the card that had been delayed for almost two weeks, that I had just cancelled on her advice, arrived later that day by regular postal mail. (The one(s) supposedly sent by UPS never did arrive.) So again I was without a credit card.

It is now more than two weeks later. I've called at least twelve times talked to at least ten supervisors. Some of them were polite in a kind of tedious machinelike way. Others were nasty and argumentative. They didn't like having their time "wasted" with customer complaints. The "nice" ones sounded like they were on drugs, they are utterly out of it and keep repeating how "sorry" they are that I "feel this way" in a tired voice. They keep promising to "take care of it" but it's more than two weeks now, and no replacement card. Either the employees are incompetent, or the system is so poorly set up that there is literally no way to fix problems like this when they occur. I'm now waiting for a card which (I am told) should arrive by mail within two more weeks. This after paying twice for overnight cards that never arrived.

I guess working for a company in which there is such deep institutional incompetence, must take a lot out of the employees. Are all credit card companies this abusive, nasty and incompetent? Or are these problems specific to Citicard and Citibank?

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Posted by Barbie King on 2013-11-05:
Citicards won't let me see my current card and charges so I can pay it. Won't take my ID and password.

Tried to CHANGE Password = Your request cannot be completed..only for citi customers. (HUH?? I AM a citi customer!!)

I am deaf, no phone, so only way I can contact anyone there is by their supposedly "secure msg" thing. I have typed dozens of messages but nothing happens, nothing is sent. Or else it says error.

Citi sent me 2 Promo ds to get 3X miles - only for my old card 0281 none for current card.

How do I dispute a charge? Citi says there's 2 places to find the form. Locate the charge you wish to dispute in your transaction list on Account Activity and select Dispute this Charge. (Alas, it doesn’t say WHERE these 2 places are! )

Find cheaper price? Yes I did. Clicked on Download Form, it says ERROR. (PERFECT!)

To actually reach a human, I had to contact Citibank CEO. A woman answered, sent me the usual generic answers, then went on holiday for 5 days.

Never got a bill this month. How do I PAY the bill when I never GOT it? Can't sign in.
It says my email is wrong (it's not) or that my card number is wrong (it's not). Now the site says they have no record of me.

Is everything outsourced to India or what????
I never should have left AmEx!!!
Posted by Unimpressed on 2014-01-08:
I applied and was approved for a Thank You Citicard in November 2013. I received a letter dated Nov 24, 2013 explaining the terms and limit. I called customer service on December 9 because I never received my card. It was supposedly mailed on Nov 26. The lady thought that because of the Thanksgiving holiday that the mail was delayed, but should only take 7-10 days. She told me it should probably be there that week. By December 16 I still hadn't received my card so I decided to call back. This time they offered to cancel my card and create a new credit card number and issue a new card and mail it to a PO Box versus my street address. I was told it would be received within 5 to 7 days. But I never got that card either. Today is January 7, 2014 and I still haven't received either card.

I want to call Citibank and cancel my account. Not a good experience so far.
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Late Fee Not Waived
Posted by Former CitiCard Customer on 08/14/2008
FAIRHOPE, ALABAMA -- I received a phone call from collections for CitiCards. Turns out I had not received a billing and I was past due $59 on my account, which I have had since 2003. I, of course, paid the total balance immediately. I called CitiCards to ask that the late fee be waived since they failed to send me a billing statement, or for whatever reason I did not receive a statement. They would not waive the $39 late fee so I closed the account. I have a very high credit score and have always paid my bills on time. This is poor service for CitiCards not to waive a one time late fee, particularly based on the fact I have had an excellent payment history for five years.

Poor business practice and I do not expect CitiCards will be around for long with there poor propensity for customer service.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-08-14:
With any billing just because it was not received doesn't mean it's not due. Mail does get 'lost' but that's not a concern to the creditor. To avoid this happening again try this; Using a calendar mark the day payments are usually due. Then keep an eye on the dates. If a bill hasn't arrived then contact them and ask for the amount due or look online.
Posted by CrazyRedHead on 2008-08-16:
With computers nowadays, not receiving your bill is no excuse for not paying your bill. Like PassingBy said, mark it on your calendar and keep an eye on it.
Posted by Former CitiCard Customer on 2009-01-28:
The Citi Cards is a gas card for Shell, and not a monthly bill. I was buying gas at Sam's Club because of the high cost of gas prices; therefore, it was not a monthly bill. I had only one gasoline charge on the bill. I have always been able to depend on monthly billing. It was Citi Card's error on not sending out the billing so they should have at least waived the late fee. They even admitted that their records showed that I did not receive my e-bill.
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Bad Customer Service
Posted by Florida sandy on 02/24/2008
32958, FLORIDA -- I had a merchant steal a $275 item from me and Citibank would not intervene. The item was returned with proof of return sent to Citibank, and Citibank still charged me for the item. I was a long-time customer who never missed a payment. They said they are just a method of payment and nothing further. Do not do business with Citibank credit cards!

There are a lot better cards out there. Their customer service staff could care less about the customer, only the merchants.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-02-24:
If the merchant is local then sue in small claims.
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Not a good deal
Posted by None13 on 02/22/2008
EAGLE POINT, OREGON -- I looked into how many miles I'll need to travel to e.g. Europe. They charge nearly double the miles the other mileage cards charge at Citibank. Not a good deal.

I wrote a review earlier about inability to redeem flight miles unless you've spent that many purchase miles also. Also not a good deal if you are going to acquire more flight miles than you can spend in that month or earlier.

This looks like a great deal when first read, but it really isn't.
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Legal to steal
Posted by Ripedoff on 01/27/2008
MOOREHEAD, MINNESOTA -- I paid off my card in full, in fact overpaid by $135.37 credit due. I called to request a refund, was told it will go out in a few weeks. Never got it. I called again, my credit available was now $121.77 What? They said some other interest was due so they reversed some of it. If it's paid off and there's a credit of $135.37 due how could there be anything owing?

They said they would send me a check for the $121.77 and stated a previous request for a refund is not on their records!
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Posted by tnchuck100 on 2008-01-27:
Always do things of this nature via certified mail/return receipt request. As you have found out, what is discussed on the phone is easily denied.

Why did you overpay? The best way to pay off a card is send the balance as it appears on the statement. The next bill will have the interest from the last statement date to the posting date of your payment. Pay thhis bill and you should truly be at a zero balance at that point.
Posted by *Brenda* on 2008-01-27:
The best way to pay off a credit card is to call for a payoff. With some cards the interest accrues daily, like a car loan would. If you call they should be able to give you that payoff quote.
Posted by Ponie on 2008-01-27:
I'll never understand why a credit card gets charged the minute it's used, but if you're due a refund it takes weeks. I can see a few days because of 'let's get that money in rather than send it out,' but weeks? El dumbo!
Posted by *Brenda* on 2008-01-27:
I had a $10.00 credit on my Macy's card and it took them like 4 MONTHS to send it to me!
Posted by chow on 2008-01-31:
Seem like many credit card holders have many problems with the financial institution that issued them, but it always end up in the industry favor. Now i understand why credit card owners are ask to sign a "super tiny " and "extremely complicated" contract form before they can have a credit card, i am sure not many card holders can really understand fully what is written in those pieces of paper documents bank require them to sign and agree to.
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