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This card hurts your credit score
Posted by on
After using this card for 7 years (with few problems apart from an over-active anti-fraud system), I just reviewed my credit report and discovered that it shows no credit limit for my AAdvantage card. Looking into this issue further, I discovered that this hurts my credit score, because it makes it look like I am maxing out the card all the time, when in fact I rarely get up to about 20% of the limit. Check out this article:

It turns out that because this is a revolving credit line with no fixed limit (there is a limit but you can spend in excess of it as long as you pay back the excess within the month), Citibank is under no obligation to report the notional limit that you have, or even your highest outstanding balance.

No obligation, but they can certainly do it if they want to. I spoke to Citibank about it, and they (after a LOT of prodding) confirmed that it was their policy not to report the information. They told me the most they could do would be to send me a letter with the information which I could pass on to the credit bureaus. But even if the bureaus accept that once (unlikely IMHO) it's certainly not going to cut it on a month to month basis.

DON'T get this card - it hurts your credit score.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 11/01/2007:
If you have too many credit cards – This hurts you Fico score.

If you have too much/too little dept on you credit cards - This hurts you Fico score.

I never heard of having a revolving credit line with no limit can hurt you Fico score.
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Harassment Phone Calls
Posted by on
FOND DU LAC, WISCONSIN -- These are several numbers (520-662-8998, 520-662-8999, 520-664-9698, 336-522-8998, 336-522-8999) I have received calls from Citicard as a result of a billing dispute. I have downloaded a program from Traysoft called Phone Tray Free which uses my computer modem to automatically hang up on these harassing calls after one ring. If you have a voice modem you call also have it play one of several messages available. The one I use emulates a disconnected phone. The program also logs date, time, and calling number of all calls. I offer this to allow others to fight back to these harassment practices. I also report each call to the do not call site.
Resolution Update 09/16/2007:
After 18 months of letters, emails, and phone calls, I am over this nightmare. Stick to your consumer rights and keep after them is my advice.
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User Replies:
tnchuck100 on 01/13/2007:
Bill collectors are not subject to the "Do Not Call Registry" rules.
Anonymous on 01/14/2007:
Bill collectors are not nice people and they (most) are criminals!
Anonymous on 01/14/2007:
Why are they calling so often? Other than a billing dispute you give no details. Since you now have a program that hangs up on certain numbers I'd say you are avoiding the situation. Eventually you will get a letter from a collection agency that you will probably throw out.
WayneP on 01/14/2007:
The billing dispute is for the installation of new furnace, air conditioner, thermostat, and electronic air cleaner with Sears to have been completed in June 2005. The last visit by a contractor was 12/28/06. There are still contract issues to resolve and Citicard has not bothered to acknowlege this ignoring my information when I answered their first call. As they ignore my billing rights, I will ignore them.
Ponie on 01/14/2007:
Good luck ignoring these calls, Wayne. You're going to need it!
tnchuck100 on 01/15/2007:
Keep all of the documentation you have. Communicate with Citicard only in writing. Certifed mail/Return receipt. When they put it on your credit report dispute it. Again, in writing. At that point you sue them for not handling the dispute per their own contract and reporting false information to the credit bureaus. It's a hassle but it can be done.
angeliquek22 on 08/21/2007:
Sears didn't pour calls into your home begging you to apply for a card. nor did Sears beg you and badger you to make your "important and much needed" purchases. Sears extended you credit when you needed it and you knew that card was good you knew you could count on it, and you signed an agreement a legally binding contract to pay back what they LOANED you. yet. . . Sears is harassing you?
WayneP on 09/15/2007:
The problem was Sears did not complete the contract in either a timely fashion or provide a system assembled with correctly sized or installed parts. The larger problem was with Citibank who refused to acknowledge that this should have been treated as a billing dispute. After many emails, letters, and phone calls this has finally been resolved - Over a year later than it should have been. Citibank unsuccessfully tried to charge me about 1500 in unjustified interest and late fees. I will never do business with Citbank again and suggest others do the same so they will not be subjected to the multitude of phone calls and fake bills.
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