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Bad Customer Service
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32958, FLORIDA -- I had a merchant steal a $275 item from me and Citibank would not intervene. The item was returned with proof of return sent to Citibank, and Citibank still charged me for the item. I was a long-time customer who never missed a payment. They said they are just a method of payment and nothing further. Do not do business with Citibank credit cards! There are a lot better cards out there. Their customer service staff couldn't care less about the customer, only the merchants.

Not a Good Deal
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EAGLE POINT, OREGON -- I looked into how many miles I'll need to travel to e.g. Europe. They charge nearly double the miles the other mileage cards charge at Citibank. Not a good deal. I wrote a review earlier about inability to redeem flight miles unless you've spent that many purchase miles also. Also not a good deal if you are going to acquire more flight miles than you can spend in that month or earlier. This looks like a great deal when first read, but it really isn't.

Legal to Steal
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MOOREHEAD, MINNESOTA -- I paid off my card in full, in fact overpaid by $135.37 credit due. I called to request a refund, was told it will go out in a few weeks. Never got it. I called again, my credit available was now $121.77. What? They said some other interest was due so they reversed some of it. If it's paid off and there's a credit of $135.37 due how could there be anything owing? They said they would send me a check for the $121.77 and stated a previous request for a refund is not on their records!

Absurd and Fraudulent
By -

SIOUX FALLS, SOUTH DAKOTA -- I was so happy when this new Citicard came with an intro promotion of 5% cash back on gas, drugstore merchandise and groceries. I was also excited when they advertised 0% financing for six months on balance transfers with no transfer fee. Well, since my balance transfer of $1500.00 last September, I'€™ve paid a total of $86.00 in finance charges. I'€™ve called many times to ask why? They replied that it is in the small print of the agreement stating that any purchase I made goes against the balance transfer and is subject to 10.99% financing. Needless to say, this has been a nightmare.

I called again when my monthly purchase was less than $100.00 and ask why my finance charge want nearly $10.00? I didn'€™t quite understand their lingo, so I'€™ve ask them if there would be a finance charge if I'€™ve paid the whole amount with a balance of 900.00. Of course they transfer me to a customer representative to let me know how they had this new promotion with an interest rate of 1.99% for the next nine months.

Again came another finance charge of over $7.00. So I'€™ve called and ask why. They replied that the representative that gave me this promotion did not applied it to some of the balance transfer, only to future transactions. This time I'€™ve replied, "this is BS." They then called the office manager and made the correction. They told me they could not correct the previous month. They weren'€™t allowed.

Last month, the whole amount was paid in full. I was finally relieved of this nightmare with Citicard, so I thought. Now I'€™ve just check my latest statement online, and they've charge me $2.86 in finance charge again. My new balance is only $34.00. I'€™m writing this complaint to let anyone know that if they own a Citicard Master with the same intro promotion, not to ever transfer money from another account. You will certainly be taken for a ride. I wish I could contact the attorney general about this. In my view, this is fraud.

Citicards Customer Service Sucks
By -

For my statement closing on February 18, 2005, my balance was $1684.88. I mistakenly wrote the check for $1,681.88, which was a mere $3 difference, or 0.18% of the balance. Plus, it was clearly a human error! Therefore, I was surprised to see a $14.48 finance charge on my March 18th statement. Was I being charged 5x the amount of my mistake!?? Since when did the Fed interest rate rise to 500%??? There is a word for that: USURY

Since I have had pretty good service with Citibank prior to this incident, I thought this was perhaps a computer mistake and should be easily repairable through a phone call. I made my first call to customer service on April 18th. The rep was at first resistant to my argument that $15 of penalty over $3 of difference was absurd, but after a long negotiation, he agreed to manually override it on the computer.

So, you can imagine my surprise when opening my April 18th statement, I found not only no cancellation of the previous finance charge of $14.48, but in addition, an extra $1.44 charge, bringing the total to almost $16 for my $3 clerical error!

I called the Customer Service again on April 28th. A lady named ** answered the phone and explained that the charge was not a mistake. She was not only unsympathetic, but frankly, also stupid. Does Citibank not train their staff that “the customer is always right”?? Where is the service in customer service? I told Ms. ** to cancel my account and she was unmoved. If Citi indeed records its phone lines for training purposes, perhaps my conversation on April 28th would be good reference.

It is ridiculous for Citibank to be so greedy on $16 to lose a long-time loyal customer and stockholder. I am very disappointed, and I have cancelled my Citibank AAdvantage World Mastercard. I am also contemplating canceling all my other Citi-affiliated accounts.

Harassment Phone Calls
By -

FOND DU LAC, WISCONSIN -- These are several numbers (520-662-8998, 520-662-8999, 520-664-9698, 336-522-8998, 336-522-8999) I have received calls from Citicard as a result of a billing dispute. I have downloaded a program from Traysoft called Phone Tray Free which uses my computer modem to automatically hang up on these harassing calls after one ring. If you have a voice modem, you call also have it play one of several messages available. The one I use emulates a disconnected phone. The program also logs date, time, and calling number of all calls. I offer this to allow others to fight back to these harassment practices. I also report each call to the do not call site.

Resolution Update 09/16/2007:

After 18 months of letters, emails, and phone calls, I am over this nightmare. Stick to your consumer rights and keep after them is my advice.

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