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Skip a payment: Letter and subsequent problems
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ABILENE, TEXAS -- Here is a copy of a letter (email) that I have sent to their "executive response" email about a problem that I have with Citifinancial Auto and copied to their customer service email:

1. You need to do something with your procedures when someone calls in. To be totally ignored and treated as a liar and a thief is unacceptable. On January 27th a man by the name of Frank from telephone number 1-817-835-3291 called me. He asked me if I was going to make my car payment for January (2008). I told him that I had received a letter in the mail back in December (don't remember the exact day that the letter was received) offering “skip a payment” and had taken Citifinancial up on the offer. I received it after I had made the December payment so when I called on December 15th, the “skip a payment” went into effect for January. The person I spoke with on December 15th (whose name I did not get) said that it was processed and that the next payment would now be due in February. He was very congenial and nice. I wish now that I had gotten his name. It never occurred to me that a company could so mess up a simple concept as this or that one department wouldn’t have a clue as to what another department was doing in the same company! I told this gentleman who handled the ‘skip a payment’ that this was great and well-timed because I could use that payment to put tires on the car, which I did at Wal-mart:

Transaction Details
Description: WAL Wal-Mart S 12/15,ABILENE TX \
Posting Date: 12/17/2007
Amount: $340.78
Type: Check Card

On January 27th, Frank was rude to me, treated me like a liar, insinuating that no such letter existed and again wanted to know when I would be making my payment. His tone of voice was insulting as well as his words. He asked with a sarcastic tone, “Well, what was it? Did you have medical expenses that caused you to ask for the skip a pay?” I told him NO, that the offer was made to me with no strings attached and that I had not initiated it at all. He acted as if I had just lied to him. He gave me a number to call, (customer service?) 1-866-917-7842. I tried immediately to call but evidently that office is closed on Sundays. I called on Monday, the 28th and spoke with Janet who transferred me to Natasha who transferred me to Christie. Each time I had to explain why I was calling. While on the line with Christie, we lost the connection so I called back and spoke with Brittany. I again explained the situation. Brittany was very polite and said that she would send an email to “skip a pay” to Charlie. Brittany told me that Charlie would research this and get back to me within 2 business days. I waited but never received a call. On February 1st I called 1-866-917-7842 and spoke with Dixie who immediately asked for my account number or ssn.

I gave her my ssn and she immediately transferred me to the department that started this whole mess – who of course we know now would only transfer me back to the customer service department. I hung up and immediately called back. I again got Dixie who said that it is company policy to transfer the call and she again transferred without any discussion. I hung up and I called back again. I tried asking for Brittany but Dixie said that she couldn’t transfer me to Brittany without a last name. Well, of course, we all know that your people don’t give out last names so once again, the customer is screwed. I refused to give my number and asked for a supervisor. Dixie argued with me but I insisted and was transferred to the “supervisor.” Naturally, you know what happened. Uh-huh, I get the managers station and NO ONE answers but I get the voice mail. I leave a detailed message for someone to get back with me and left my cell phone number.

NO ONE has returned my call; however, your collection department sure can find time to call and harass me. I am at the point now that I am seriously considering buying a tape recorder and recording all conversations between myself and your company. If this is not resolved by the 8th, I will file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and I will turn all data and tapes over to the state for Deceptive Trade violations. I might even put a small ad in our local paper asking if anyone else has had this problem with your company. If one person can't get action maybe a group of people can.

2. This whole mess started because of a letter I received from your company to “skip a payment.” I called on December 15th and first got the automated response system. I decided to get the balance left on the loan at that time too so your system should show that I obtained that information from the automated system. Right after that is when I spoke to one of your representatives about the “skip a payment” letter and told that it was processed and that the next payment would be due in February.

3. I regret the day that I refinanced with your company and left HSBC. Getting a lower interest rate was not worth this hassle.

4. I refuse to make any further payments until this is resolved. I was ready to set the February payment on January 27th to be paid on time through my bank’s Bill Pay system until FRANK from number 1-817-835-3291 called me. At that time, I decided that this had to be straightened out before any more money transfers from me to you.


I want a WRITTEN response to this email. You can respond via email but if this problem persists I will INSIST that all communications take place by certified mail or, if verbal, only in the presence of a witness on my end or a taped conversation. Once I receive WRITTEN correspondence that this has been resolved, I will initiate the February payment through my bank's Bill Pay system.

As a note to anyone reading this complaint I have filed here on this website:
I have never been late on this loan. In fact, this loan before now was helping my credit rating which is what I wanted it to do because I had been through some rough times for about 8 years. This loan had bumped my credit score up quite a bit. My recommendation is to avoid Citifinancial like the plague. If already in an agreement with them, do everything with documentation in mind. Get all names, keep everything in journal, and everything in a file all by itself!
Beware Worst Loan Company!!!!!!
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I have a car loan with CitiFinancial Auto and let me start out by saying they are the WORST loan company bay FAR!!!!!! Not only are they the worst to deal with the employees are dishonest, and unhelpful. I lost my job so as a reduce in income I called Citi about a loan modification. They kept saying they could help. Finally they said they would fax me the paperwork for a amendment. I waited 1 week and still NO fax from them. So I called them to see where the paperwork was, and again they said oh we will fax it over. Needless to say it took them 3 weeks to fax me the paperwork. By this time they said that the 30 days had run out(this is how long they give you to apply for a amendment.) So they made me make another payment before they would even look at the paper work again. This was the 2nd time they had made me make a payment while trying to do this amendment paperwork. The day that they finally sent over my fax I signed it and faxed it right back. A week later I get a email from them saying my payments I call them again.

They say they never got the fax!!!! The day I faxed this I sent it twice to make sure they got it. So I re-faxed it to another number given to my by yet another nasty representative, then they said call back in 2 days and see if they received it. SO this morning I call again the first time I got one NASTY women and after telling me they ONCE again didn't receive my fax I was pissed!! I mean who wouldn't be? So now I have sent it over three times. So I tell her this is ridiculous and I want to talk to a manager, she yells at me and hangs up!! Are you serious? I called back and talked to someone else and they told me to fax it AGAIN!!!!!! I'm really so sick of this "well we didn't receive it" Crap! So seems to me like they are dragging this out just so the 30 day amendment application period is up, so once again they will make me pay another payment before starting this process over. This time I was given yet another fax number to send this too, and told well if they do get it, nothing will be updated for 32 hours. Now play the waiting game.....wait yet another 2 days to call them and see if they received it a third time. I can't wait until my car is paid off and I never have to deal with this company again. BEWARE when calling and talking to the representatives they are untruthful, and NEVER do what they say they are going to. And if you too are in a rough financial situation like a lot of us are right now....and you apply for a amendment be ready for all of this Bullsh**!
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Bad company to do business with!
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Rating: 1/51
My ex-husband had procured a second mortgage with Citi Financial several years ago and I had to sign on it because my name was on the original mortgage. He passed away recently and it took some time to get the insurance money so in the meantime the loan got a couple payments behind. Since our minor daughter is the heir and wants to keep the property (along with the rest of his family)I tried to get the account up to date because they are threatening to foreclose but the idiots will not let me make a payment. They actually have been sending the bill to me, addressed TO ME but they now say they cannot discuss the account with me. Fine, so I asked if I could just send a payment to keep it out of foreclosure and they said I could send a payment but did not know if it would post to the account or if it would have any bearing on keeping it from foreclosure. No one would help me do something to keep the loan from completely defaulting and going into foreclosure. Even the supervisor of the guy I was trying to talk to was rude and unhelpful. When I repeated back some info she gave me to make sure I got it right she got snippy, and even when asking a general question she snottily said she cannot give out any information. The first mortgage company (which had the loan in his name, not mine anymore) was friendly and helpful and I was able to get the payment caught up. I would not do business with Citi Financial again if my life depended on it. I can remember back when I went to sign for him on this loan and thought how uncomfortable I was dealing with these shysters. I wish I could have talked him out of going with them.
Citifinancial Auto needs to be audited
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COLUMBUS, OHIO -- I have had Citifinancial Auto loan for over 2 yrs.
I have never been late on one payment. I was laid off in August of this year. I was 8 days late making payment.
I have contacted CitiFinancial on daily bases.
They are the rudest people and not helpful at all!!!
They have put me on hold so many times I gave up counting and trying to keep a log of my transactions with them.
Most of the representatives do not speak good English. I had no idea what one guy was saying and asked him to spell the word he was was attempting to pronounce. That made him really mad. It was the word "Bills" He had to be of Africian decent. He had a very strong accent. It did not even come close to what I was hearing. He got so frustrated with me he put me on hold and never came back to pick up the phone. So I went into the phone call pool. This went on for over an hour. I asked 4 times to speak with a supervisor. Got no where with that. Finally I did get a woman that was an American and I could understand the lady. She understood me perfectly.
She was very helpful and I hope we got this mess straightened out. I am supposed to call back tomorrow for more of the nightmare at Citifinancial Auto.
I do not know how to get rid of the financial loan with Citifinancial. I am going to check into trading this car in and going with another loan carrier. This company is horrible. Ask ask ask, before you get involved with this company. I had no idea what I was getting into. But as long as I was ontime with my payments I never had any problems to speak of.
I like the others pay my bills through my bank. NEVER NEVER let anyone draft from your bank account. That is the worse thing anyone can set themselves up for.
I just hope I can get out of business with Citifinancial Auto ASAP. NOT RECOMMENDED TO ANYONE ON THE PLANET.
Customer Service from hell.
Posted on
Hello my name is XXXXXXXXXXXX,
Recently I had some very bad experiences with your Customer Service
Departments. I say departments because I was trying to get information on
my account to be able to track my last car payment and no one from your
department was very helpful. When the responses I was receiving did not
seem right to me I asked one of your customer service reps about 10 times to
speak with a manager. I also had to explain to her that I do not think that
she was giving me wrong information but just that I wanted to talk to a
manager because they might have more access to my information then she has,
and even after that she would not let me speak to a manager. When I finally
got her to transfer me to a manager she hung up on me. I called back 3
times, and I think I got the same representative and she hung up on me again, and one
other representative hung up on me also. I was very polite and did not get
confrontational at any point. I finally spoke to a manager and he made me
feel like it was my problem. When I was asking simple questions like "Has
my allotment payment reached the bank?" and "What can your company do to
trace the payment?". He stated it's all up to me to track payments which I
sent to your company. I am in the US military stationed in Korea and tried
to resolve the situation by staying up till 1200am to fix the problem with
no help whatsoever from your company. I will never do business with your
company again and will make sure that I advise anyone in the military or
civilian associates to do the same. I am trying to solve the problem
through my own channels since it is obvious that your company does not care
anything for its customers welfare. I say this with full clarity because I
have had and am currently do business with other financial companies and I
have never been treated like I was with CITIFINANCIAL. Your company could
learn a lot from Wells Fargo for instance. My experience that I am talking
about was on 05 Aug, 2009 my account number is XXXXXXXXXXXX and I am emailing
this to you in hopes that someone can help me with getting online support
because I truly do not want to experience your customer service ever again.
I have tried to set up an online account using my account information and
the system keeps coming up with a system error as stated below.

(System Error)

(The system has generated an error. Please call us at 1-800-486-1750 or
email auto. if this error persists.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that the security of information transmitted by
e-mail cannot be assured and may be intercepted by unknown third parties. We
recommend that you do not send any sensitive customer information, such as
your account numbers or Social Security number by e-mail.)

I have tried three times, and now once again I have to ask for help from
your company in reference to your online customer service department and
telephone help desk. I will also be forwarding this email to any higher
official in the company in hopes that you do something to rectify this
Citifinancial Auto = Nightmare
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RIVERSIDE, CALIFORNIA -- If you have the option to finance or refinance your car loan, PLEASE think twice about going with Citifinancial Auto. They've been nothing but a nightmare to me. Here's the email I wrote to them on Thursday March 13th 2008:


My name is Tim Soto and I'm a (fairly) new Citi Financial Auto customer. I have a complex situation and I'm in desperate need of assistance because I've spent too much personal time and energy trying to fix it. There's a lot that's gone on but I'll try to break it down to make it less confusing...

1. Early February my E-Loan car payment account was transferred over to a Citi account without me knowing.

2. I never received a packet in the mail letting me know that I'm a new Citi customer so I had no idea what my account number was (a coworker of mine also had an E-Loan account switched over and he received a packet in the mail a few days after the transfer).

3. I called and spoke with a woman who told me I had a payment due right away for $269.60. I explained that I was upset because I didn't receive anything letting me know my account information and she apologized but that I'd have to pay the $15 fee for over-the-phone payment. She assured me that I would be credited back the $15 on my next bill (which would mean I'd owe $254.60)

4. I called and spoke with another rep and explained that I still had not received a packet in the mail and they assured me that one was on it's way. I also asked for my account number and he gave it to me.

5. I tried to set up an online account but kept getting an error message after filling out my personal information. I emailed about the situation and received a reply from Tanisha [snip]. She explained that the username/password has to be set up with specific characters (which is not stated ANYWHERE on your site for some reason). Once I followed the strict guidelines I was finally able to create an account.

6. It showed a payment on 3/3/08 so I figured everything was fine. I checked back the next day and then it said it was "reversed" and had a payment due date of 3/2/08 for the total of $254.70. I did not receive an email or phone call about it being reversed so I was very confused. I waited a few days for an answer and then ended up emailing Tanisha [snip] because I didn't want to have a late fee, or worse (I didn't want to make a payment and then have it kick the direct debit back in and ultimately make me pay double). I emailed her on 3/6/08 and did not receive a reply so I emailed her again on 3/11/08 - still no reply.

7. It's extremely hard for me to call Citi Financial because I'm PST time and when I get off work you guys are closed. I do Technical Support and am on the phones throughout the day so I'm unable to call during my work hours. Email is the best option for me but I've received very little help through it.

8. Someone named "Mrs. Thomas" called and left a message for me today and I called back within 10 minutes. I spoke with "Samson" in Customer Support and she was extremely rude and not helpful at all. I tried to explain the situation to her but she didn't want to listen and told me that I could make the payment over the phone but would be charged $15 (again) - this obviously isn't acceptable to me, especially seeing as I already set up direct debit through the website. She did mention that I shouldn't have been charged the $15 the first time because "E-Loan customers don't have to pay any fee's over the phone". Seems like she just contradicted herself there.

9. I called back and spoke with another Customer Support rep (who was MUCH nicer) but told me that there's a late fee on my account and that I'd have to pay $10 for the late fee and another $15 for paying over the phone. So the payment is going to be $25 MORE now?! I thanked her for her time and asked if I could speak with a supervisor. I was on hold for about 10-15 minutes and then the phone started to ring. I expected to talk with a supervisor but instead got a voicemail for someone named Alicia.

10. I tried my best to explain everything in the voicemail to Alicia and then had to hang up (the recording said I only had 15 more seconds to leave the rest of my message). I'm waiting for Alicia to call me back but I'm worried she won't (just my luck). If anyone could PLEASE reply back to this email and/or call my cell phone 951.907.8087.

I just want to pay the $254.70 that I owe and then let the direct debit $269 payments go through every month thereafter. I really don't think this is too much to ask and I'd really appreciate some help.

Please don't reply back telling me to call in about this situation because I've already called and explained it to about 5 different people. If you could forward this to a supervisor (or if you could forward this to "Alicia" in Customer Support - unlikely, I know) I'd greatly appreciate it.

I've been doing a lot of research on Citifinancial Auto and it looks like a TON of people are having problems with them too. At this point I'm not really sure what to do. It's Saturday March 15th and I've yet to receive a call or email from anyone at their company. I'm almost ready to give them a call and just pay the extra $25 and get it over with. Any suggestions? Thanks a lot!
Unbelievable Employees
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BEDFORD, TEXAS -- I have had a run-in with Citifinancial Auto. I recently had to file for disability and was told by a credit counselor that we could call Citifinancial and ask for an amendment on our car loan. I did just what they suggested and one the first phone call I got "I don't know what you're talking about." On the second phone call, I was told that there was a program called a Loan Amendment and that we would have to apply for it. She asked for all of my financial information and she forwarded all of it to "the department that handles that." I never heard anything back. So, I called and there was no record of my conversation with the lady and now I need to give them all of my financial information again. They said to give it a few weeks to process and then call back. I called back and then I was told that they had to have written documentation of mine and my husband's income and other financial information and that I should "fax" it to them so they could process it faster. I faxed the information and waited a couple of days and called back. Then I get, "We have to have all of your documentation in before we can process the Amendment." I told them I had sent all of the information by fax and she said, "well, we don't have it. Fax it again." So, I faxed it again. I waited a couple more weeks and called back and then was told that the Amendment was placed on hold because there was a payment due. I paid the payment and she said she would forward it to "that department" again. I still did not receive any call or letter about the Amendment. I then called back and was told that there was documents missing. Our proof of income that I had faxed twice before. I refaxed this again after several phone calls requesting supervisor's and "this department" and got nowhere. Then I called back and they said that the Amendment was approved and that the paperwork would be mailed to me. I asked about the new payment amount and due date and she said she did not have any of that information because it was mailed to me. She said to wait a few days and call back if I did not receive it. I waited a week and called back and they said they would have to resend it. She said to give it a few days and call back if I still did not receive it. I called back a few days later and was told that they had to "redo" all of the paperwork and do the process all over again and that I would need to fax them my income, AGAIN. I asked to speak to "that department" and was told that they did not accept phone calls from customers. I asked for supervisors and was transferred to team leads. I asked for managers and was disconnected, told "they are all in a meeting", and was transferred to voicemails of people I had never heard of. I left a total of 4 messages and received only 1 return call. She called me while I had company at my home and I told her I could not talk about it and she said that if I couldn't talk to her then, I would have to wait 3 days before I could speak to her again and then I would have to leave her a message and she would "try" to call me back. This has been going on since August of 2006 and I have not yet received an Amendment. According to the credit counselor's, all finance companies offer these types of Amendments and they are required by law to let you apply for them. It's so convenient that we have been given the run around. Sounds to me like they don't want to give the Amendment, but are "playing the role" of letting us apply. Is there anyone who can help me in this matter. I have filed a complaint with the BBB and I would like to take it further because I have been verbally attacked, yelled at, hung up on, harassed by phone calls up to 4 times in one day asking for payments, and told I was a complete idiot because they knew more than I did and treated as though I made all of this up in my head. THESE PEOPLE ARE UNBELIEVABLE!!!!
Almost Fraudulent Autoloan
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When I purchased my 2008 Mustang GT, I could only get financing through CitiFinancial Auto as I have no credit history. My interest rate is 16.99% and I am making my payments religiously. In April 2010, I started making payments early and adding funds to my payment to apply to principal balance only. I've made additional payments and noticed that the balance did not go down as anticipated if the principal payments would have been applied as intended. I have called their customer service # on 5 different occasions, and every time I am told that they could not apply anything to additional principal, unless your loan is paid up to two months ahead of schedule. When asking for amortization schedule of the loan, not available. When asking to speak to a supervisor, the customer service representative in Pune, India either hangs up the phone or refuses to transfer the call. I am in the process to get this car loan re-financed with another financial institution, as the lack of US based customer service and improperly applying loan payments are against any proper business practices. Nowhere in the loan paperwork does it state that you can't make payments towards additional principal. Additionally, they are holding back depositing checks mailed in for 3-4 weeks in order to charge their daily interest to the loan to keep the balance high.

I wish Congress and the consumer agencies would review their lending practices for hard working, bill paying Americans. They seem to be more concerned about hiring Thousands of Indians and paying their $ 2000.00 per year wages, ang pocket all the profits for their Bahamian resorts.

What happened to the "Truth in Lending" bill just introduced?

If I have to pay these type of fees and APR's, at the very least I would like to see my fellow Americans being offered employment in the US.

I will refrain from giving Citifinancial Auto any additional business, nor will I give them a favorable recommendation if I'd ever be asked about their lending practices.

NEVER again!
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My husband and I got an auto loan through CitiFinancial Auto a couple of years ago. We moved with our company and our payday changed dates. We have been over our due date several times...although not late more than once. CitiFinancial will begin calling us on the day our payment is due even though there is a 10 day grace period. They call CONSTANTLY! I have been getting anywhere from 1-5 calls daily even after I have already talked to a representative about the payment. They are notorious for calling me at 10:00pm even on Sunday night!! I have had representatives hang up on me, call me names, and refuse to let me speak to someone in an American service center. I have called to complain on more than one occasion and had been assured that I will no longer receive calls on Sunday or past 9:00, (which is still too late in my opinion). I am to the point of contacting an attorney about being harassed. I am trying to refinance my loan through someone else but the value of my truck dropped considerably when gas prices shot up and I am beginning to think I am stuck between a rock and a hard place.

I would not only NOT recommend an auto loan through this company I have been quite vocal to people not even considering and auto loan through them about steering clear! I will NEVER finance anything through this company again. I don't care if I have to live in a tent in the park and get to work by bicycle!

And here is the PS for those of you who commented that I clearly stated I was consistently late and so deserved the treatment I have received...

I have missed my payment due date no more than 4 times in three years. On each of these occasion I called the company to keep them apprised of the situation. I have asked them at the time of these conversations NOT to contact me by phone and yet they completely disregard my request. I have received collection calls from them even when they have the check in their possession. Apparently if they haven't processed it I am still liable. SO, rather than tell me being late means they can call me, (and I am very much aware that they can) read the post in its entirety and realized that even if I completely default on my loan they do not have the right to harass me, threaten me, or belittle me as a person. It's called the fair debt collection practices act. Read up on it.
How Come One Employee Tells Me One Thing The Other Tells Me Something Else
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I have been with CitiFinancial Auto for a while now. And never once have I been satisfied with them. They are rude, poor trained people. I have been trying forever now to change my due date because it matches up when I get paid. Well they tell me no problem it has been changed. Well when it comes time that it was supposed to be originally due they call me with late charges. I am like what the heck. You told me my due date was changed. Of course they come up with some type of excuse. Then the worst thing was they signed me up where for 3 months my payment would automatically come out. That was for October, November, and December. Well October payment came out without any problems. So I thought everything was fine. Well come December 16 I receive a phone call telling me I am 2 months late on my payments. Again what the heck. They first claim that they tried to take the money out in November but it came back insufficient funds which is bull. Then they told me that because I signed up using my debit card for the payments coming out that you have to verify it online. No one ever once told me this. First of all I know I should have kept up with making sure my payments were coming out so am somewhat to blame. But where were the late phone calls at come November when my payment didn't come out. Like the ones I always got when I didn't make my payment because I thought my due date was changed. Second of all does anyone there no what the heck they are talking about. I can call on minute talk to someone who tells me to do this then turn around and call right back and someone tells me something totally different and still yet no of those ways are corrected. Plus when I ask to speak to a supervisor they hang up on me every time. EVERY TIME! I am about to scream.

I hate this company and wished more than anything I had never gotten this car. I hate dealing with these people. Please please read everyone elses complaints and do not do not get a loan through them.
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