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Citizens Bank Overdraft fee scam
Posted by Anthonyms on 06/23/2010
Again, another complaint about fee scams by big banks and Citizens in particular! I don't mind paying an overdraft fee when my account is overdrawn but the way that Citizens Bank gouges whenever they have a chance ought to be illegal. They wait for an opportunity to dig into your account as deep as they can when you overdraw and then take you for everything they can. This is outrageous, anyone thinking of opening an account with them better look at the fine print first. If you ever wonder where they get the money to sponsor sporting events and post giant billboards all over the place professing what great neighbors they are, you need to look no further than the working guy that they steal from and get away with it. It's illegal to rob a bank but it's OK when the bank robs you!!! Something is wrong here.

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Posted by Obsfucation on 2010-06-23:
So, why don't you spite them by balancing your account and not giving them anymore overdraft fees? Believe it or not, the majority of americans never pay these fees.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-06-23:
Does anybody know what percent of Citizen Bank customers have paid at least one overdraft fee to Citizen's bank? I bet it's higher than some might assume.
Posted by Backlash2 on 2010-06-23:
I agree with you 100% banks make big bucks from overdraft fees and they do pick and choose which charges to let go through first in order to charge the most for overdrafts. I also agree one should try to balance their accounts and with online banking it is much easier to control your bank account. also, if you go into the bank and talk to them,a lot of times they will reverse the charges.
Posted by yoke on 2010-06-23:
In order for a bank not to charge for any NSF you need to have enough money for all transactions to clear. It does not matter in which order they clear if the funds are there. The ones that complain about all the fee's do not have enough funds to cover all transactions.
If you had $100 in the bank and you made the following transactions it would not matter which order they went in

$ 5.00
$ 10.00
$ 25.00
$ 55.00
$ 1.00
$ 3.00
$ 1.00

Now add a transaction for $2.00 (the others hadn't shown up online so I still had the money to spend) in there and it would matter in which order they cleared

The banks can only screw you over if you allow them.
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Unable To Close Account
Posted by Juan Valdez on 03/25/2009
PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- I will never get a Citizens Bank or RBS Citizens bank account again. I moved from one state to another and have been trying to close the account for nearly a year remotely--easy process with other banks.

1. First, they gave me the run around--no one at the bank knows how to do this.
2. Finally, get a supervisor who can close the account.
3. Even after following the instruction to a letter, some charge appears several months later--nickel and dime stuff that forces me to get a certified check.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-03-25:
When you say 'some charge appears' do you mean a service charge, or a debit that you previously authorized?
Posted by ejack053824 on 2009-03-25:
Please elaborate as Ken here suggests.
Posted by CrazyRedHead on 2009-03-26:
If you close your account and you have any preauthorized transactions come in, it will reopen you account. I'm going through the same thing with what used to be Amsouth, only I didn't find out until 8 years later.
Posted by Juan Valdez on 2009-03-27:
some junk fee--$1.25, $.50 to keep the account open. And then charge you $10 monthly service fee--and then interest $.02 to start the game all over again.
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-03-27:
I suggest contacting the Federal Trade Commission and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency.

A one year run around to close an account is unacceptable, especially since they are fraudulently nickel-and-diming you each month this is going on by placing their own miniscule unauthorized charges to keep it open.
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Unconscionable Thieves - Do not Bank with them.
Posted by Narflyrem on 07/13/2012
CONNECTICUT -- I have had a checking account with Citizens bank for about 16 years but as of lately have used it only for limited use because the closest branch is too far. When I originally opened it I lived in another state and the branch was five minutes from home. I have my SS Disability checks deposited into the account which I then use to pay my health insurance premiums and other bills. I receive SS disability because I have stage 4 breast cancer.

On July 13 I find a letter in my mail box dated July 9 from Citizens bank telling me that all accounts associated with my name would be closed effective immediately and that any balances in the account would be sent back to me after August 20. I had called their 800 number on July 9 to check my balance and was told that I had an available balance in excess of 1200. I then wrote a check on the account and deposited into another account that I have with another bank. When I received the letter on the 13, I called the bank and was told that yes the account was- depending on who I talked to- under review, closed, being closed etc and that they had reversed the check that I had written even though there was sufficient money to cover it (and charged me a fee).

I am then told that if I go to the bank branch to get my money I am not guaranteed that they will give it to me and I will have to wait until August 20 to get it out. I explain that I am very sick and need my money and that since they have already decided that the account is closed and are not honoring any checks they need to give me back my money. I then spend forever on the phone and finally get someone who gives me a code to give to the teller (it is already after banking hours) that they can look up to see that I need my money for medical reasons and to let me have my money.

I then call Social Security to ask them to change my direct deposit and they tell me that I am too late for this month and that the present months payment has already been sent to the bank (but is not yet showing as part of the balance) so the SS telephone agent and I call Citizens bank and are told that the auto deposit of the SS disability check will not be rejected (in which case SS could have reissued a check), but will instead reopen my account with Citizens and that there is no guarantee that Citizens will allow me to withdraw my money.

I explained that I depend on my SS disability for many things mainly my health insurance payment since I have end stage breast cancer and cannot lose my insurance. No go. Apparently Citizens must freeze my account while they take forever to close it while denying me access to my money. Even money that was not in the account when they closed it. How can this be legal. I am so sickened beyond belief.
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Posted by madconsumer on 2012-07-13:
what was the reason they closed your account?
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-07-13:
What you describe about an auto deposit "reopening" a closed account is standard procedure. I have experienced it myself at another bank.

Also, not being able to cancel direct deposits without several days notice. These things are inconvenient, but part of the banking system.

The thing that isn't explained is why they closed the account, but you apparently aren't challenging or complaining about that. I think you need to wait for your money unless you are able to get the process expedited by continuing to pressure them.

It isn't clear why you refer to the bank as "thieves".
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They Have a Lien on My Car I Paid Off Two Years Ago and Want Me to Pay for Their Error
Posted by Jdkdkids on 03/22/2012
NEW JERSEY -- About 2 years ago I paid off my 2003 Chevy Venture (early) After paying it off my wife called and said we never got the title in the mail they informed us that it takes some time and I was not concerned as it was paid off and I was planning on keeping it for some time. Last week I go to trade it in my car and told that I need the title. Instead of waiting for the bank I go to NJ MVC to get a duplicate one at a cost of sixty dollars to speed up the process. MVC tells me that Citizen bank still holds a lien against me from two years ago. I find this very disturbing and go to the local branch in Haddon Hts NJ and they tell me it's paid off; but that they have had similar complaints from customers in the past. They put me on the phone with a subcontractor who handles the auto finance who says yes your car is paid off but you need to pay MVC/dmv their fee but only after you provide us with a credit card so we can charge you another fee for giving you a letter saying you paid off your loan -------WTF. I say no way. Eventually customer service at the local bank helps and says I will have a faxed letter showing the lien is paid off with in two day. Two days goes by and they tell me it was entered wrong and give them a few more days a few more days go by and they tell me they can't help and I have to call this third party company they use and speak with Rita [snip], who then tells me it's my fault they never dropped the lien because I never answered a questionnaire they say they sent out two years ago and she will need a credit card to bill me for her services before she can help me- and then tells me she'll call me later-----help someone ---they mess up and want to charge me--- and I would actually pay the fee at this point but they tell me after I pay this fee to get a copy of a letter- that they will mail it out in 7-10 days------what awful service -

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Posted by CowboyFan on 2012-03-22:
Go to an attorney,have him contact citizen bank.
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Citizens scam overdraft fees!
Posted by Jkestrell on 08/24/2010
I had been a loyal Citizens bank customer for approximately 15 years, since they took over my local bank. That is until I got caught in Citizen Banks Overdraft charges scam. Whenever possible they would process checks in such a way that they could collect the most in overdraft fees. If I had 3 checks come in they would process the largest first regardless of when they came in in order to charge me 3 times instead of once. And as others have said, their on line banking statements and ATM account balances were often incorrect--leaving people with the idea that they had more money in account--again works out great for them--they get more outrageous overdraft fees. I expect to pay if I overdraw my account by mistake but I did not expect to be scammed. I recently read a newspaper article where and individual was able to get money back from a bank for doing this. Has anyone else heard of this?
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Posted by yoke on 2010-08-24:
If you had 3 checks you need to make sure you have the funds to cover them all then it does not matter which order they came in. If 3 checks cleared the same time it means they all came in the same time, doesn't matter in what order they were written.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-08-24:
jkestrell, That's pretty much the way a judge saw it in the recent Wells Fargo case. You should read the ruling it's a real eye opener to the illegal OD practices of WF and I'd say national banks in general.


Isn't it odd that if you or I got caught stealing a forty dollar MP3 player from walmart we would get prosecuted but Wells Fargo executives instituted illegal policies stealing millions from their customers and the only consequences are directed at the poor stockholders.
Posted by Obsfucation on 2010-08-25:
Since checks all arrive at the bank at the same time each day, which check came first?

Posting order isn't illegal, but writing checks against insufficient funds is.
Posted by skelly39 on 2010-08-25:
Why do people insist on sympathizing with banks and their shameless tactics? My credit union will post from the second they open to the second they close all items that come in that day IN THE ORDER RECEIVED. Now, mind you, I have not had a single NSF transaction since switching from a national bank to the credit union, but even if I made a mistake, which humans are apparently not allowed to do, they would not root around in my pockets looking for all my spare change.
To the OP, get away from the bank and get to a credit union.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-08-25:
skelly, I agree. My credit union operates in exactly the same way.
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2010-08-25:
skelly, it sure is nice to read a comment from someone who understands the inequity of the big banks.

Customer makes a mistake: PENALTY FEE! As many as can be contrived.

Bank makes a mistake: NO PENALTY FEE, NO APOLOGY. No compensation for any "ripple effect" expense. MAYBE the error will be corrected. More likely an excuse on why it was the customers fault.
Posted by skelly39 on 2010-08-25:
Exactly, tnchuck. When my big, giant bank made a big, giant error on my account that caused checks to bounce like superballs and caused me grief for over a week, I didn't get an apology. I had to beg them to pay the fees I was charged by all the companies that were the recipients of those bad checks, and they never paid me back all the fees, even though I faxed them proof more than once. I try to see both sides of the coin, but with banks, I just can't find it in myself to see it from their point of view, at the top of a huge skyscraper that looks down on the "little people". Ok, I'm done. I need a drink of water.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-08-25:
skelly, once you've had a bad experience with a big bank, you just don't forget. People who haven't (yet), just don't understand that it's not always the customers fault. I have never overdrafted, but BOA did screw up some accounts of ours because someone posted incorrectly. It took months to straighten out and explain over and over that it was their mistake. Very frustrating and time consuming.
Posted by yoke on 2010-08-26:
The OP's complaint is if she had 3 checks come in the same time the bank would clear the largest first. It should not matter in which order the checks cleared there should be funds to cover them all. The bank has no idea in which order the checks were written.
People should know not to rely on the online balance, which many seem to do. When you look at your balance do you deduct any checks you have written out or any bill pays that may be coming in. My CU does real time, but if I were to look at my balance right now I would have $500 more showing then what I really have since I have written out a check. For some reason some don't understand that the online balance does not reflect outstanding checks.
Posted by Obsfucation on 2010-08-26:
Skelly, credit unions operate in a realtime environment, while commercial banks operate in a batch mode. This means that a transaction that happens at the teller line posts immediately, as opposed to a bank transaction which memo posts at the teller window, and hard posts at night. It's not a very big difference, but it allows banks to process large numbers of checks in a single deposit, which would be a problem in a real time environment. Both places post debit authorizations as they come in during the day, and BOTH hard post the debits themselves when they arrive, once a day, in a large batch. The exact same thing holds true for checkings clearing through the Fed. Both institutions utilize the same delivery channels.

OP specifically mentions checks clearing, so it isn't a question of debit authorizations. So the question remains, when that batch of several thousand checks arrives at the bank (or credit union), which goes first.

If you inquire at your credit union, you will find that they do indeed have a posting order of some sort. You can often find it in account agreements, but a staff member should be able to detail it for you.
Posted by skelly39 on 2010-08-27:
Obs-thanks for the info. Honestly, I can't figure out how the credit union posts things, but if I go by what I've seen, it's smallest to largest.
yoke-I agree about people not understanding that your balance doesn't show what checks are outstanding, but my point is that some people make little math errors sometimes. Why on earth should it be a free-for-all for the bank? The bank designed the system to benefit themselves, not the customer.
Posted by Glen on 2013-03-16:
I worked for three years at Citizens Bank and we had a branch budget for refunds. Create a scene and see how fast you get your money back
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Unethical treatment to citizens employees
Posted by Kay-Kay on 08/18/2010
Citizens Bank is giving unethical treatment to their employees. I know an Employee that works for Citizens Bank as a banker/teller. this employee has come home from work(citizens Bank) in tears more then just one time. This employee stats that they are being pushed to harass the general public to open accounts with Citizens Bank. the bank branch that this employee works at is located in a Stop & Shop grocery store. well this employee is being told to go around to the customers in the store and try and get them to open accounts with the bank.(Citizens Bank) as well as anyone that walks into the bank. they tell their employees that if the don't get new accounts open they could and would lose their jobs. Citizens Bank gives their employees a quota and if the quota is not met they get written up and after the 3rd write up they can say good bye to their job. I know this for a fact as this employee has approached me as well as other family members asking us to open accounts up under our personal information for both a personal checking and a business account because if they ( the Employee) did not meet the Quota they would lose their job. and this employee is even willing to put up the money out of their own pocket just to open the accounts. there is no reason this employee or any other employee should be threatened or harassed in order to keep their job nor should the general public be harassed while out doing food shopping or out doing errands
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Posted by FlShopper on 2010-08-18:
Quotas exist in a lot of jobs. If your friend isn't happy there, he/she should look for another job.
I worked at Victoria's Secret for a few years in the 90's but I left just around the time the quotas began. Opening a minimum number of charge accounts, selling a minimum number of add-on items (hosiery, for example), etc became a part of the job and had a direct impact on our evaluations and raises. I hated that. So I found another job.
Posted by rockfishing on 2010-08-18:
I tend not to believe secondhand information about how unethical one or another company is. Having someone tell you something does not constitute a fact.
Posted by leet60 on 2010-08-18:
I find that "in store" banks make it a common practice to solicit customers that are in the store, whether it be Walmart, a grocery store or otherwise. It is not in the least unreasonable to require an employee to try to get customers to open accounts, for a bank I would expect exactly this. I have done transactions at banks at which I was an account holder and would venture to say 8 times out of 10 I am asked if i would like to open an account.

As for quotas - a simple fact of life in business.
Posted by goduke on 2010-08-19:
Even if every word is true, it's not unethical. If your friend can't or doesn't want to fulfill the requirements of the job, then your friend really only has one choice -- find another job that has no such requirements. It's not harassasment to tell an employee what the job requirements are, and it's not threatening to tell an employee what happens if you don't meet the job requirements.
Posted by John Williams on 2012-04-04:
Quotas are fine and part of sales. However, when unreasonable quotas are set and when you do make a sale they go out of their way to find a reason to take a commission away, it is unethical. Micromanaging and constant berating should not happen to any employee. It is a form of harassment in that it creates a hostile work environment. Check the law.
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Stealing money!
Posted by AMANDAACKER on 10/29/2009
DERBY, NEW YORK -- I have been a banker with Citizens Bank for over 5 years, Today I have been robbed of over $300 from this pathetic excuse of an institution! I balance my checkbook daily and have done so in order of when purchases and charges and checks are made. Today I went to check on my account online and found that I was over drawn over $150. I had a balance of $4.35 this past Monday. I had also made 2 deposits on that day in the amount of $350 total. I check my account daily and have done so all week waiting for the deposits to clear. Today when I saw the over draft charges I called them to see what had happened. I was informed that a check was cashed that day at the end of business for $50. I was aware of this payment and knew I would have an overdraft fee. They took that payment and put it ahead of every other thing that had already gone through that day causing me 4 over draft charges! And that made my account completely off from what it should have been. The checks I deposited cleared and I covered the charges but the new charges on my account caused my account to overdraft again. I am divorced mother of 3 and have very limited resources and they have stolen my money! I will be writing reviews on every available website and newspaper until everyone knows not to bank with them... they informed me that it is there policy and they are not willing to work with me even though I have been a customer for over 5 years... I have direct deposit so I will be losing my pay for this week and will then empty the account and open a new one at another bank or credit union because after my research today I have found that credit unions are the least likely to steal money from you.
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Posted by skelly39 on 2009-10-29:
Look, everyone by now has to know that the biggest item clears first. That's how they get money out of you. You knew you didn't have the money and chose to overdraw your account anyway. Now you have to pay the consequences. The banks want your money and will use any legal means to get it. You agreed to that when you opened your account. If you don't want to pay your bank, don't overdraw your account. Otherwise, know how your account works and accept the fees.
Posted by Skye on 2009-10-29:
I think overdrafts should be done away with. Banks get rich off them, people don't know how to use them.

Stop spending money you don't have, and relying on overdraft protection. It can be done.
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-10-29:
i'm assuming the "no overdraft" idea means they can't spend money if they don't ahve it then

tho bounced checks might still incur fees
cos some companies charge you extra if your check bounces
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-29:
They're not stealing your money, they're just taking what you are giving them. Learn how to better manage your money and you won't be falsely complaining that you are being stolen from.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-29:
Banks have been doing this for awhile now. If you've been a customer with them for 5 years; it's not something new.
Posted by yoke on 2009-10-29:
The bank did not reorder your checks or debits. The bank cashed the check for whoever you wrote it out for, that came out right away. They could have embarassed you and said there was not enough to cover the check and the person you wrote it for would be upset with you. What you did was spent money you did not have in your account hoping the check would not get cashed until the deposits cleared. You lost the float game.
Posted by JR in Orlando on 2009-10-29:
You had $4.35 on Monday. You should not have used that account at all until those checks cleared. If you had 4 overdrafts and the $50.00 was the highest, this means you are using a debit card or checks for small items. The closer you are to zero, the less able you are to use the convenience of a debit card.

Get only cash out, and pay cash for things in the future so you do not have this problem again.

Repeat: balance - deposit - checks clear - then spend
Posted by AMANDAACKER on 2009-10-30:
Ok first, I knew I had to overdraw because my kids came down with the swine flu and needed the meds, second I have been with them for years and never overdrawn my account! I know how to manage my money things happen and it's nice to know that the company I have been with for so long that I have 3 accounts with can't work with me once! The smaller amounts had cleared and then they put in the 50 the following day. and put it in as if it went first... Ask any accountant and they will tell you clearly that when you balance any ledger you do so in order of transactions not biggest to smallest... I have found several other posts on this same problem... I have also changed banks today and found that while yes most do do things in order of largest to smallest... they all have a one or two time forgiveness policy.... After over 5 years of having my money with them they could have and should have been understanding... had I been a a customer that overdrew often or even one time before I would understand them not wanting to work with me... this is about morals and keeping long term good customers happy... now my kids college fund is with a credit union as well as my savings and business checking.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-10-30:
Methinks you answered your own question.
Posted by JR in Orlando on 2009-10-30:
And its "moral" to intentionally take more money from your bank account than you have, regardless of the reason. The fact you think this version makes you look better, shows you should spend some time thinking this through. Negligence is one thing. Deliberately doing something is much worse. Then you have the gall to complain about the bank's actions. Its like the murderer complaining the police put the handcuffs on too tight.
Posted by sarsly on 2009-12-16:
Come on now, how much do your employers pay you to come here and defend those poor, helpless little banks?

Yes, banks most certainly do reorder transactions to maximize fees. Happens all the time. If you can't understand how that is reprehensible and just plain slimy, you lack empathy, ethics.... something.

Extreme profit shouldn't happen on the backs of the poor. I'll even go so far as to say it shouldn't happen on the backs of the financially stupid, either. If a customer screws up and overdraws an account, they should suck it up and take the charge... but the reordering banks do to transactions in order to intentionally charge a CUSTOMER three, four, five overdraft fees in one day is disgusting. PERIOD.
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-12-16:
we work for the banks now?
cool. just 2 days ago someone swore i worked for winn dixie (tho i've never even been inside one!)

apparently we all are holding down at least 5 jobs each.
it's a wonder we even have time to pee with all of those jobs.

as for the banks... there's nothing wrong in planning your finances out carefully
i'm sure as hell not rich. i am just extremely careful in what i spend my money on
and i make a point of depositing money into the account and NOT TOUCHING IT until i see it's present.

too many people spend like crazy without thinking
until they get the overdraft fee and the shocker

and then it's everyone else's fault for it
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-16:
"but the reordering banks do to transactions in order to intentionally charge a CUSTOMER three, four, five overdraft fees in one day"

Which is a bunch of bs.
If people would properly maintain their accounts via check register or Quicken or whatever instead of just relying on what it tells them online because online doesn't show everything... it doesn't matter how they order the transactions... because, in your book, the money is already gone. It's simple math. It's not a hard concept.
Posted by Brian Faber on 2012-03-09:
Almost 3 years later and this is still occurring with alarming frequency. For some reason completely beyond me, my mother still chooses to do her banking with Citizen's Bank. They do this to her several times a month. She has been making deposits with ample time in order to cover her expenses, yet Citizen's Bank routinely moves later withdrawals ahead of earlier deposits in order to cause over draft fees. In the last two months alone this has occurred over 12 times totaling a loss of close to 2,000.00 usd.

How is this legal?
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Citizens Will Drop You Like a Fly if You Learn to Fight Their Fees
Posted by Ejlr2626 on 06/26/2009
NASHUA, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- Summary of Experience:

Branch customer service is good - but corporate office eventually ruins it. Placing your money with Citizens Bank is not a safe bet; e. g., my fiancée and I made a deposit worth thousands of dollars: this deposit was returned by no fault of ours. When the deposit was returned we were assessed a $10 fee, which we paid. We had also spoken extensively with our branch and phone banking service and made sure to correct the problem in less than 24 hours by depositing the returned amount in cash. Despite this, the bank's "fraud" department closed our account - even after all the evidence of our acting in good faith to correct a problem we never caused. Our ChexSystems record is now soiled with an "account abuse" item based on an event which we addressed immediately and was not our fault - the branch gave up on helping us and succumbed to the corporate decision, which was based on partial information. Citizens Bank is as problematic as Bank of America. DO NOT OPEN AN ACCOUNT WITH CITIZENS BANK.


Detailed Account of Experience:

Branch service is initially good - but eventually the corporate office will ruin it - quite unjustifiably too. The branch will make the effort to work with you and most other branches have friendly personnel too, but they struggle as mediators between customers they are trying to keep and a bank corporation eager to assess fees unfairly whenever it can. After many months of working well with us - and in some cases going out of their way to help us as customers - our account was closed by way of a unilateral decision on their part. My fiancée and I deposited a check for thousands of dollars. This check was returned by no fault of ours. When it was returned we were assessed a $10 fee, which we paid despite not being responsible for the returned deposit check. Over the course of the next 24 hours my fiancée and I spoke repeatedly and consistently with branch employees as well as phone banking employees making sure to understand the repercussions of this returned deposit (to find out, for example, how payments coming out of our account would be affected, etc.). We also spoke at length of how we could correct this issue immediately. Within 24 hours we re-deposited the money in CASH. We left the bank relieved that this problem was taken care of only to find out a couple of days later that Citizens Bank had frozen our funds - we could not withdraw a penny - and that the account was scheduled to be CLOSED. Shocked by this, we called the branch, the phone bank service, etc. and received conflicting feedback: everyone but the branch employees ascertained that the branch could correct the problem. The branch insisted that they could not do anything and seemed eager to close the account and stop speaking to us - there was no intent to resolve an obvious misunderstanding. The corporate Citizens Bank office, specifically a "fraud" office in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, had flagged our account as fraudulent simply because a deposit that we made was returned by the bank it came from. There was never any recognition of the effort we made immediately to resolve the matter nor did employees at the local branch acknowledge this effort. At the corporate level no one ever accounted for our effort, in good faith, to fix the problem by depositing the cash amount the account was now missing due to the returned deposit. Citizens Bank has now soiled our ChexSystems record with an "account abuse" label - something that is most definitely not merited in this case. We had NEVER had a check deposit returned and we took care of the problem by replacing the returned deposit with an equal amount in cash within 24 hours. When we spoke with the branch it was like speaking to completely different people - there was no human element whatsoever in their effort or conversation and we left baffled that the bank had made this decision, treated us like delinquents, and moved swiftly to clear us out of their system - all while damaging our ChexSystems record with an inaccurate picture of what happened and a partial account of the story. DO NOT OPEN AN ACCOUNT WITH CITIZENS BANK - they are as problematic as Bank of America and by the admission of at least one employee we spoke to in the course of this event they are getting worse. The online banking system is also very deceiving - you will never really know what your accurate balance is because they take days and days to post items against your account: many of these items are hidden fees and this is most likely by design and meant to catapult you into a nightmare of fees. For your sake and the sake of your hard-earned money, please don't feed this monster of a corporation. I am a pro-business, pro free-market conservative Republican and I can admit that this company has gotten out of hand in abuse – I cannot stand by their business practices. We should not have "account abuse" and fraud all over our ChexSystems: Citizens Bank should have that all over their customer reviews and ratings.

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Posted by tnchuck100 on 2009-06-26:
Your review seems to have merit. But a key piece of information is missing. You claim the deposit was returned and was not your fault. Exactly why WAS the deposit returned?
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-26:
Why was the check returned? Was it written against a closed account? Were there in sufficient funds in the account it was written against? Was it one of those fraudulent cashier checks schemes?
It seems that the account may have been flagged more due to the nature of the check return then the fact that it wasn't honored.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-26:
This could, and will happen most anywhere. It's not your fault, and is unfortunate, but loss by check fraud is huge, and even though it was an innocent error on your part, they won't put themselves at risk of loss.
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2009-06-26:
What I think is most atrocious here is the OP paid the $10 returned check fee. Deposited cash and the bank froze the account. As it stands, the bank did not loose on the check and has now "stolen" the OP's cash. They had already eliminated their risk. Now what entitles them to keep the cash? Something definitely stinks here.
Posted by hopper14 on 2009-08-18:
"...you will never really know what your accurate balance is because they take days and days to post items against your account: many of these items are hidden fees and this is most likely by design and meant to catapult you into a nightmare of fees." I couldn't express myself better. This is exactly how I feel about this bank. But, what can you do? Put your money in a tin can in the fridge? I guess I'll try a credit union.
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Citizens Bank Are Just Paid Thieves
Posted by Sal8231966 on 02/26/2013

On February 1, 2013 I wrote a letter to you stating:
I have a checking account with you (xxxxxxxxxx) and in 1 year alone you've charged me over 1500.00 in overdraft charges and sustained overdraft fees. I demand you refund all my fees within 72 hours, not 2 months like last time. As you know Citizens Bank has a class action suit against you for exorbitant fee charges. Please respond immediately. I can be reached at xxx-xxx-xxxx
end of letter from 2/1/13

You chose to do nothing and leave me to be responsible for the charges which is UNACCEPTABLE. I opted out of overdraft coverage MANY TIMES, the most recent being JULY 2013 and Nick [snip] said he would monitor my account to make sure I didn't opt into overdraft coverage which I NEVER did and Nick did not monitor the account as he said he would. Since July 2012, Citizens has charged me over 1500.00 in overdraft fees, what's the point in opting out if you're going to charge me anyway.

One time, recently, Citizens charged me over 100.00 (overdraft and sustained overdraft) for a 1.29 charge to iTunes which put my account in the red be less than. 75 cents. After my last letter of 2/1/13 I finally got a callback 2/7/13 and was told the only solution is put limits on my account. Why should I be penalized for your mistakes. I'm on disability so one overdraft charge of 37.00 is like 137.00 to me. Just because I'm disabled physically doesn't mean I'm disabled mentally. I'm smarter than most people give me credit for, in fact when I graduated college, it was in nursing with High Honors. Not only am I smart but I'm very persistent, particularly when I'm being messed with, like now.

I have tried to deal with just Citizens but now I'm going to send this to the media, and put it in my blog. I'm also going to seek a lawyer regarding this, just because you are a big company with a lot of money doesn't mean you can screw the little guy without ramifications, as the recent class action suit against you proved. Of which you settled to pay 137.5 millions small potatoes when you stole billions from customers. If you think "stole" is too strong of a word think of it like this, if someone came in your bank demanding money, wielding guns and wearing a ski mask, that would be considered stealing, your bank is essentially doing the same thing minus the guns and ski mask.

If your looking for a bank avoid them like the plague and if you already have an acct. w/ them RUN
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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-02-26:
If the debit that made the account negative did not result from a one-time purchase, but was a recurring transaction (for example), I believe it would be paid and not be subject to the opt-out.

I monitior my own account do it doesn't go negative, and I get no overdrafts.
Posted by clutzycook on 2013-02-26:
Gotta agree with 8r. Keep track of your accounts (use a old-fashioned checkbook register if you mush) and you won't have to worry about overdrafts.
Posted by JR in Orlando on 2013-02-26:
If a person's bank account runs so close to zero that a $1.29 charge makes it overdrawn, then they should not use a debit card--without keeping a meticulous checkbook register listing ever expenditure. It is fine to not keep track, if you have a big cushion in your account, but to not do it when you are near zero is what causes the problem.

The bank is simply doing what they and you agreed to when you opened the account. It is not the bank fault. The question I have is: If the op has the money to pay $1,500 in late fees, why can't the OP put a cushion of $500.00 in his account and not spend it? That would eliminate most of the problem of overdrafts.
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Stay away from Financing/Refinancing with Citizens Bank Nighmare/Fiasco
Posted by Groupxtreem on 02/01/2013
BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- My husband and I are middle aged citizens and we're trying to refinance our home with my husband working full time and me as a part tine worker were offered by Citizens bank a refinancing option to our current home. Since we maintained accounts with Citizens bank, we trusted their offer and began the loan processing in July, 2012. I've to let the world know that, It was nothing but a nightmare process and now after six months, still they didn't close the loan and we lost the deposit $450.00. Citizens bank's loan dept literally taken us for a ride.

We've submitted all the long list of documents within two weeks of the initial processing. Then started following up...2,4,6,8,12 weeks passed by...After 4 months they started asking the same documents we've submitted earlier...We're helpless and the worst part about this was, there was no explanation from the Citizens bank side, why it took so long for responding and queries and what they were doing with our files...For them, the customer satisfaction has no value in it.

We did not understand how such a huge mistake could have happened. Almost six months later they started requesting the same documents and other list of verification again...we kept on requesting them really humbly to stop this processing fiasco and refund our hard earned $450.00. The Citizens bank simply replied NO...We lost our deposit money as well as 4+ months of reduced monthly mortgage payment. The Citizens bank dragged us to this nightmare went with no remorse or apology. It's hard to imagine such bank can do to the long standing customers.

If you are considering Refinancing/Financing loan with Citizen Mortgage, our humble request to run away from them and don't ended up a prey like us. Please stay away from them for loan purposes.
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