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Be Careful Of This Dealership
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BURLINGTON, NEW JERSEY -- We went to City Auto Park on Friday 1/2/2009 to purchase a new vehicle. We selected the 2009 Chrysler Town and Country. We entered into negotiations with the salesman and he clearly asked us if we could put 1,000.00 down extra along with our trade. We told him explicitly no we could not afford this. He then asked us if we could put the money down for taxes and tags. Again we said we could not afford this at the time. He went to the sales manager who came over to speak with us. I said I wanted his best numbers to comparison shop. He said he would not go through the hassles of calling in favors at the banks to get us the best rate if I was not willing to buy. We worked up the numbers for a percentage rate of 5.99% and agreed that we could pay the 536.00 for the vehicle.

They then asked us for the bill of sale on our trade in. We did not have the car or the paperwork with us so we said we would come back the next day. [snip] asked if we could please take the vehicle that night, because the bank was coming in to do inventory and they would have to pay interest on the vehicle. We thought we would do them a favor and take the vehicle. We set up an appointment the next day to finalize the paperwork. [snip] told us all we needed was the vehicle and the Bill of Sale for the trade in. He said nothing about a cash deposit.

On Saturday 1/3/2009, we went back at 12:30pm and met with Pete the Finance Manager. He had us sign all paperwork, explained some to us and we looked over the main contract. We signed the paperwork. At the end of the meeting, Pete also handed us a "Complimentary Customer Service Card for discount servicing at their facility. We later found out that we paid 99.50 for that card. It was never discussed with us whether we wanted it or not. After we were done, no one ever asked us for the 1,000.00 deposit or even mentioned it to us during the financial transaction.

On Monday, we transferred our insurance to the new vehicle and my wife went to have the tags put on the vehicle. Again, no one asked about the 1,000.00. the tags were put on and the salesperson went out to put the temporary dealer tag on the vehicle. After he put the tag on, he asked my wife for 1,000.00. She questioned for what and he told her for the deposit. She re-informed [snip] that we could not afford this and he said we agreed to it when we signed the paperwork.

My wife argued with him and then called me to come over. I went home and picked up the vehicle, all the paperwork and the keys and told him we were returning the new vehicle and wanted our old vehicle in return. [snip] refused to speak with me and sent over the sales manager, Bob. Bob the sales manager came over and told me because I took the vehicle off the lot, I had no rights to return the vehicle. I told him I was going to call my attorney and he and [snip] left the area. I phoned my attorney and informed him of the situation. He asked to speak with Bob and I handed my phone to him. Bob accused us of trying to get out of paying the money and even suggesting that we thought we could get away with ripping them off of 1,000.00. My attorney asked for their legal counsel information and they said they did not know who that was. He they asked for their regional office and was given a phone number of 1-888-555-4934 which is the number of national 4-1-1. My attorney did manage to call Chrysler's National Office and file a complaint with them. He also suggested at this time to file a complaint with NJ and Burlington County and with Wachovia Bank, the lending institution.

My final words with [snip] were if they did not return my original vehicle and I was forced to take the new vehicle home, I am taking that as a final agreement to the original deal as discussed with no money down. [snip] nodded and apologized for the situation.
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User Replies:
bargod on 01/07/2009:
So everything worked out okay in the end I guess. Good info.
Anonymous on 01/07/2009:
'...because the bank was coming in to do inventory...' Really? They must be kidding or lying. I'll go with the lying part. Since when do banks actually have the time and funds to send someone over to check inventory?
Anonymous on 01/07/2009:
Passingby: It is called a floorplan and YES the bank actually does send people out on a regular basis to do inventory.
Anonymous on 01/07/2009:
In the movie "Fargo" William Macy (Jerry Lundegaard) was trying to hide the fact that had a few cars missing from the inventory. Remember the guy that kept calling wanting the serial numbers. But I think in the movie the sales manager (jerry) did the inventory. That was a good flick.
spiderman2 on 01/07/2009:
There are a few things that don't add up here. How did you strike a deal on a car with a trade when you didn't have the car with you when you were at the dealership? You have an attorney that you can get on the phone immediately yet you can't afford to put any money down? Most attorneys bill in the $100+ per hour category. This is odd to me. And lastly, why in the world would anyone want to do a car dealer a favor. YOu have to be suspicious that that wouldn't work out. I think favor is code for "lets sucker this person."
Anonymous on 01/07/2009:
I recently went in to buy 2 cars and was forced in to getting an oil change instead!
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Misleading warranty promises
Posted by on
BURLINGTON, NEW JERSEY -- I purchased a 1996 Conversion van from City auto park, in Burlington NJ. The van was promised by the salesman, to have a warranty which covered Ball Jionts, ABS brake system and electronics of brakes with the Penn Warranty Company based in PA.

Because the paper work was not filed properly by the dealership at the time of the sale penn rejected all repairs and paid nothing!! Penn also stated that it might be a pre-existing condition which also is not covered. So basically nothing in the warranty was covered, this should have disclosed at the time of the sale.

City Auto Park also is not willing to pay anyhing and presently not returning my calls. The repairs to the vehicle totaled $2900. which I paid for out of my pocket. Have gone to the Better Business Bureau, no reply yet. Do not buy used CARS from City Auto Park because of false sales promises and bad warrantys. Arch Fire Dept of NYC...
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User Replies:
mydogbozo on 01/31/2008:
my goodness..I feel for you. But those are the risks you take when you buy a uaed 12 year old vehicle, especially a conversion van. These aftermarket extended warranty companies never like to pay out for anything.
Arch FDNY on 02/01/2008:
Yes I understand that, but the dealer stated the abs was covered, among other things!!!! City auto park in burlington, NJ should not promise repairs are covered when they are not!!!! Do you work for them???? Arch FDNY
vastell on 02/10/2009:
Hello Folks,
Hopefully this might help some of you that have been scammed by Penn Warranty. I call Penn the "Lie, Cheat & Steal company". In April of 2008 Penn was purchased by a man from Philadelphia that has very deep pockets. The former owner Anthony Luisha has now gone on to enjoy the millions this fool paid for the company. Anyway, Mr. Jude Tuma is now the owner. Joanne is the Claims manager and Kirk is the VP. Where n=most of your complaints are passed along to, most get ignored. While there are some very good aftermarket warranty companies, Penn Warranty is one of the worst out there. Being a former employee I can fully understand the frustration many of you are going through. I had over 600 dealerships that I worked with and out of the 600 only less than 100 sold Penn's warrranties. Penn has a reputation of not paying claims or even outright lying saying that they never got the contract from the dealer. Let me explain. As many know there are undesirable vehicles out there that most warranty companies do not want to cover. Penn will very conviently say that have not gotten a contract to get themselves out of a claim problem. Should any of you need copies of terms & conditions please feel free to email me. I have everything you need to go straight to your Attorney General. The first owner of the company got rich stealing a lot of peoples money and now the 2nd owner is going after the very same thing.
** to mydogbozo: I assume that the warranty you had gotten was the monthly $34.95 that is deducted out of your checking account or credit card. That is the only warranty that must be faxed into Penn the day of the sale of the pre-owned vehicle. all the others can be sent in up to 30 days without the vehicle being required to go through a inspection. But yes, ABS brakes are a covered component and should have not be declined. Anyone that needs help please feel free to contact me.
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