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Garbage Furniture and Mislead You With This Extended Warranty
Posted by Rhastafarian55 on 01/21/2013
FLORIDA -- I don't know what the previous review was talking about. This place is buyer beware and AS IS. I purchased an off white table set and six chairs with the "EXTENDED WARRANTY" for 1500. Well, within two months my kid spilled chocolate milk on the table and no sooner did I grab the paper towel did the milk actually seep into the table. I called customer service because I was led to believe that any defect would be remedied or given a new piece. I had to send a picture of the table first and then wait two weeks for a lady to call and send some guy from a completely different company to come out.

He was a miserable severely obese guy who hated his life let alone the company he worked for. He flat out said they wouldn't cover this because they KNEW there is no protective coating on the wood table, only the stain so anything will stain it. I called customer service managers, sales managers, wrote letters and nothing. I looked up the owner and he seemed so charitable, PLEASE he they wouldn't even allow me to talk to him and he wouldn't respond to my certified letters.

I along with hundreds if not thousands of customers were misled to believe that this warranty would provide coverage for defects and it was false.

I filed complaints with BBB. I have subsequently stopped paying on the piece of crap City Furniture card and returned the shotty merchandise to their front door.

Unless you like throwing your money away, don't go here or at least know that everything is AS IS. If thats the case, go to Big Lots for the same junk or pay a little more and get a nice set with a decent warranty from a reputable furniture store. City furniture should be China furniture (smell their "so real leather" or their junky microfiber).

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Posted by ticia232 on 2013-01-21:
"He was a miserable severely obese guy who hated his life let alone the company he worked for" may I ask what that has do with this complaint? The rest of the complaint proves he told you the truth, so why insult the guy.
Saying, A guy who obviously doesn't like his employer's actions would be good enough.
He probably is tired of the contract that sends him out to calls like this when they (HIS EMPLOYER'S) know that there is nothing they can do because of the City furniture NOT doing what they require.
Posted by At Your Service on 2013-01-21:
I can appreciate what seems like a great deal of frustration but I have to tell you that I think you're going about your issue the wrong way.

It's agreed that the merchandise was not defective in any way. Your disagreement is with the extended warranty that you feel should cover the problem caused by your child's spilled milk. Okay, I can appreciate that. I would suggest getting a copy of this warranty as it would absolutely be offered in writing. The extended warranty will either cover accidental damage beyond normal use or it won't. What you ABSOLUTELY DO NOT WANT TO DO IS STOP PAYING FOR THE TRANSACTION, nor would have I dropped it off by their store. With respect, what you've done is considered, legally, abandonment. City Furniture has not accepted the merchandise back or agreed to stop billing. Because of this, in most states that I'm aware, City Furniture is not responsible for the merchandise. It is not their responsibility to store it or handle it in any way. They can actually donate it to anyone they wish and still hold you accountable for the price paid.

So then the question might be, how can a business force me to pay for a transaction on a charge card which I refuse to pay? Well, of course they could take the argument into a court. Because they're not some small company, they likely have a legal department which they can then file in an upper court from that of small claims. Unfortunately, this just about forces you to obtain and pay for an attorney to fight your side of the case and can just about guarantee you he/she would advise you in much the same way as this. If City receives a judgement in their favor, they can hold you responsible for all their legal costs in addition to the cost of the furniture. In addition, they will likely be able to add applicable interest.

They might also have the ability to obtain legal and binding arbitration. This is less expensive and something you may have signed an agreement to when you opened the charge account. I'd refer to your agreement for the details.

The final and rather common approach is the simplicity of using the credit rating system and the three main credit bureaus. They will likely report the debt. Very few people within this country will go any lengthy period without having to reference their credit rating and reports in some way. It's become more common than ever. It is used, of course, when buying or refinancing a home, buying a car or just wanting to open an everyday line of credit as you've done with them. It's also used with all of your major credit cards and is even used, in many cases, when one may apply for a job.

In all seriousness, your credit report is of great importance and should not be taken lightly. It is a direct reflection of you. With a worse credit rating, you will absolutely receive notice that any credit cards you currently hold will be going up in interest, being charged extra fees or might simply be dropped. This is because you now show extra risk to the lenders and they require greater income from that risk, if they're willing to accept it at all.

Look, all the difficulty from a bad credit report doesn't surface right away -- and they, frankly, don't have to. As time continues, you'll run into many of the issues that I've listed and finally have to deal with. As the results of a negative report continues to plague you and, in turn, your family, you're almost forced to deal with the debt. AND THEN THEY REALLY HAVE YOU! Because this $1500 debt is no longer a $1500 debt; it's grown -- massively. Lenders know what they're doing and in-store financing is not cheap. You've likely agreed to an interest rate of over 20%. Oh, the purchase was suppose to be interest free for a period of time, BUT ONLY IF YOU'VE MADE EACH PAYMENT IN FULL AND ON TIME. Now you owe the interest, along with the principal AND ANY LATE FEES THEY CAN TACK ON. And if you don't pay it then, it'll continue to grow and haunt you until you do.

This really is not intended to be negative, but I deal with this sort of issue in a round about way with my job. This is intended to be honest and very straight forward -- PAY THE DEBT!

If you're able to retrieve the furniture still, I'd do it as you'll at least have something to show for your money. Have a professional fix the stain and seal the wood this time. If you really do believe this warranty should cover the repair, you can take the step to file in court -- much better you then them.

Truthfully, all my best and please let us know how things progress.
Posted by Alain on 2013-01-21:
If a store has furniture that needs an extended warranty, I go to different store. I regard furniture warranties as an indication that the manufacturer and/or store expects defects in their product. Thanks for the review. It doesn't sound like City Furniture is a place I'd want to shop at.
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Horrible Quality
Posted by Gigtdd on 11/14/2012
MIAMI, FLORIDA -- After 4 months of having the sectional it fell apart in two different areas. The spring broke in one of the seats and the chase split into two. I have no children and a 7 pound dog, its not like there is any one jumping on my furniture!! This couch was supposed to last me for years. Customer Service does not care!!! I have spoke to them several times and they just sent a service man to fix the spring. While the sectional was taken apart I got a chance to see the quality of the furniture from underneath, NO WONDER!!! They put the wood together with the cheapest wood they could find and stapled the wood together!! HORRIBLE QUALITY!!! DO NOT BUY THIS FURNITURE!! IT WILL FALL APART!!
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Poor quality furniture
Posted by Eclipsers037 on 10/12/2012
PEMBROKE PINES, FLORIDA -- We purchased a bedroom set for $2500 and within 1 month it broke.
The lip or siderail of the bed and one of the legs is broken. They sent
A tech that we paid $45 and he wanted the money upfront without doing any work.
The tech determined that the bed broke because it was not set up correctly by the
Delivery guys and that he needed new pieces to fix the bed. They charge an extra fee
Of $60 to fix it even though its not our fault it wasn't set up correct. This is the truth.
Dave yourself the trouble. These people don't care about their customers, customer
Service is awful!
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Liars and Bad Customer Service
Posted by Fdarvish5 on 08/19/2012
SAWGRASS MILLS, FLORIDA -- We spent $7750.00 which included a dining table, 8 chairs, coffee table, 2 console tables, server, couch and 2 leather chairs for our formal living and dining room. Not all products were available right away.

They delivered the server damaged. The couch, I was not happy with in the store, the sales person whom was also the general manager, encouraged us to take it home and see. "If you do not like it, you can always exchange it, he said". He failed to mention that we only had 48 hours after delivery to make a decision, he never mentioned that the exchange would be only for something available in the showroom and he failed to mention that returning the couch involved a charge. He wrapped my receipt inside a cover that contained the store policy and failed to mention what that cover was for.

3 days after we received the couch, I told my husband, I wanna throw up every time I see this couch, lets return it. He said may be it will look nicer when the other pieces arrive. Thinking that we had a 30 day window to returnd we held off on the Sofa. I could no longer wait after 3 weeks. I called City Furniture to discover that we were not allowed to exchange the couch. It has been more than a month and we still do not have a response regarding the broken server they delivered to us. They keep giving us the run around.

I would never, ever shop at City Furniture again. In fact I am posting this on my Face Book so that my Facebook friends know what a crook the employees of City Furniture are. There are so many Furniture stores out there, why should anyone buy from a company where customer service is not their first proiority. We cancelled the remainder of our order which was supposed to be delivered. For a $600 couch City Furniture risked $7000 customer whom will never trust them.

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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-08-19:
It is vital when making a large purchase, or one involving large, heavy items, to find out what the return policy is. It sounds like the store rep didn't misinform you, but failed to notify you of all the policies - that is not unusual - I can't remember the last time a sales rep at a store spelled out all the returns policies.

I'm sorry this happened to you - furniture purchases are stressful enough as it is. As for the delay in items, yes, it can take weeks and sometimes months for pieces of furniture that aren't in stock. Good luck with whatever company you end up with.l
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Complaint About Product Quality and Terrible Customer Service
Posted by Chiguilipu on 06/23/2012
SAWGRASS MILLS, FLORIDA -- I bought a bed from Ashley/City Furniture and to sell the product they were willing to deliver the next day and convinced me that I should buy a three year warranty in case anything happened my bed would be replaced immediately. Less than 2 week later the mattress fell because the base was not installed properly. Angie the sales lady said I had to deal directly with customer service and was not helpful and it has been 9 days and the problem is still not solved. The customer service representative whose name is Robert (he is not allowed to give his last name) was absolutely rude and almost disrespectful. They write a contract were the product can not be return but they make the whole experience terrible. I would never buy anything from City Furniture again and will tell everybody I know they should go anywhere else. In Florida we have many choices and any other would be better.
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Kevin Charles Sofa
Posted by Rdadc74 on 01/03/2012
TAMARAC, FLORIDA -- We bought a house in DelRay Beach Fl in 2004. We furnished it mostly out of City Furniture. We bought a Kevin Charles Sofa and Love seat as well as an oversized Ottoman. The furniture clean great and has served us well now for coming up on 8 years. No Problems what so ever. I'd buy the same brand again in a heart beat but now live in Austin Tx. where I can't find Kevin Charles anywhere.

Richard Anderson
Austin, TX
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Posted by Alain on 2012-01-04:
It looks like http://www.city-furniture.com/kevincharles_animated.htm has some information about it.
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Cracking Furniture
Posted by Marilynangel on 09/13/2011
Hi. Seven months ago I got a new bedroom set in City Furniture. I noticed that the furniture was cracking three months ago. I called City Furniture Custormer Service and they told me I have to pay $45 for someone to come and fix it. I would like to know why they would be charging me because I paid $4000 for only three pieces and it's not my fault that it is cracking. This is not supposed to happen when they are telling me it's so good furniture.

Thank you.
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I do not recommend city furniture in FL
Posted by Lanlan on 02/10/2011
I purchase several bedrooms only to get damaged furniture. They DID NOT stand by the product whatsoever and refused to return calls. Caveat Emptor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted by FlShopper on 2011-02-10:
Did you not inspect it before signing for it?When did you notice the damage?
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City Furniture-Bad Customer Service
Posted by Palssam on 12/31/2010
TAMARAC, FLORIDA -- I purchased a leather recliner as a Christmas present for my husband at City Furniture in Tamarac, Florida. My brother picked up the chair for me on December 24, 2010. He did not unwrap the chair because he was assured by a representative in the warehouse that if the chair had any problems it could be returned and exchanged for a new one-no questions asked. When we opened the the chair that evening to surprise my husband with it when he arrived home, we found that the chair was broken. It does not sit evenly on the floor which causes it to wobble. We can't use the chair. I have called them 4 times and each time was assured that a repair person would call.

Needless to say I am thoroughly disgusted. I feel that City Furniture should just give me a new chair. What a Christmas gift huh? City Furniture has extremely poor customer service.
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Beware: Don't Count On Customer Service
Posted by Tbrenn68 on 12/02/2010
First & last purchase with this company. Before you make the same mistake make sure you fully understand that ALL SALES ARE FINAL! No sales person will tell you this- they are driven by the all-mighty commission.

I purchased a $2000+ sofa and love seat, added an end table and cocktail table. Delivered the next day at 10pm. After delivery men left figured out tables were too big and not exactly what I wanted. Called the next day to see if I could return them. Once delivered they could not be returned without replacing them with other merchandise and a $100 fee within 48 hours.

This company obviously does not care about building relationships. I will rejoice the day I see them go out of business. Shameful practice, disgraceful service.

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