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Claire's Company Ridiculous Prosecution Charges
Posted on
Rating: 1/51
HENDERSON, NEVADA -- I was at the mall with my friend. Don't get me wrong, I love this Mall. When we went into Claire's (the accessory store for younger girls about 8-12) right away the woman, who looked like the store manager, she was older, didn't look to friendly. As we were leaving she told me and my friend to step back into the store and said security was already on their way. The necklace was found in my FRIEND'S possession and now I have to pay 250 bucks, as well as my friend, to their company. They calmly explained how it wasn't police involved and since we are minors that all we really had to do was pay the money and our record stayed pretty much as clean as before stepping foot in the store. I don't know whether to fight it or not. I would like the charges to be dropped or at least reduced because the item that was about to be stolen was worth $12.50.

Now we both separately have to pay twenty times what the product was worth. Not to mention the employee lecturing us on how when you make dumb decisions you bring your friends down with you and a six month ban from that particular mall.
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A Greedy Exploitation of Our Legal System.
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
NORRIDGE, ILLINOIS -- Claires' policy for shoplifting is very greedy. Now I know that shoplifting is a crime, and not only that, but morally, it is wrong, like any form of stealing. But, Claires plans to send me a threat for civil suit, which I must pay price amount between $250-500, and if I refuse to pay this amount, they will file a civil suit against me and my family. The total value of what I attempted to steal from this store was roughly $23.

I looked up the shoplifting policy online and this IS legal. This is legal because it allows stores to 'recoup' their losses from my shoplifting, at least that is the justification for this extortion. However, they got their products back, in fact, I watched them re-tag and put the products back up for sale. This means that they did not even lose their $23, and this civil suit is nothing more than a loophole in our legal system that allows this company to make a small fortune off of me, for nothing more than a misdemeanor.

Now, I feel completely justified in shoplifting, because I am taking from a company that is obviously arrogant, greedy, and downright evil. I was taken to a police station, photographed, I got a record and all that, so now I'm in the system, and I will be going to court to receive my legal punishment, whether it be a fine, community service, or even a short juvenile hall sentence, so the legal consequences for my actions have been felt. I know what I did was wrong, but isn't it wrong for a company to sue me, to recoup their losses, which they recouped on the spot?

This is, as I have said before, extortion. I've heard Wal-mart does this as well, but I've only ever shoplifted from claires this once. I feel that this needs to be brought to someones attention, I know I can't do much about this, they may be greedy and arrogant, but they're smart, so legally, I don't have much of a case. I'm just hoping someone will read this and discontinue shopping from such a terrible store. I stole, now I have my legal consequences to face, but when Claires steals, it is legal. This is a prime example of our broken justice system.
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