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Gouging a repeat customer!
By -

WINNIPEG, MANITOBA CANADA -- I have stayed at the Clarion Hotel in Winnipeg Manitoba on previous occasions and for the most part enjoyed my stay. Service is slow (check in, calls to front desk unanswered) but you can tell the staff are doing the best with what the owners give them.

I went on-line to book a room as I have done in the past as they always direct you to the website or the 1-800 reservation line as opposed to the hotel. I plug in the dates and it tells me there are rooms available and the room type I want is available as well at the usual price I pay. We like to book their medium size king size suite. I input all my information and it walks me through every screen but it won't confirm the reservation as it says my credit card information is wrong. After punching in my CC information again being very careful to do it accurately it still won't accept it.

So I call the toll free reservation number 1-800-4choice. The person I spoke with was very polite and helpful but the only rooms she had available was a standard room 2 queen beds. The price was higher than what I had seen on the website but booked a reservation anyway as the booking agent said I can always cancel the reservation she was going to make for me. And she put it on a "courtesy hold" so I didn't have to actually give my CC number. I was very impressed.

So I tried the website again and it still showed rooms were available so I decided to call the hotel directly. Person who answered told me that all the rooms had been blocked due to it being the date of the U2 concert and all reservations were being done through the hotel only. So I asked for the price of the King suite. He told me he could give it to me for $279!!!! The price I have always paid for it and the price the website was going to give it to me for an hour before was $161. When I told him that was too much he told me the cheapest room was a standard 2 queen room for $199!! I was getting it for $149.

When I told him I just booked it online for less he told me that was "impossible". So I asked to speak with a manager. I was told he was in a meeting but would call me. The manager did call me which was great. He had received half of the story so I gave him the full picture. He told me he could not do anything for me!?! What???????
So being the type of person I am I really hate it when companies don't even try to solve the problem or even deal with the situation properly.

I wasn't asking for a free room. I wasn't asking for a huge discount. All I wanted was to book my usual room at the price the website had given me two hours earlier (by this time) which was also the price I have always paid for it. Was this unfair? Unrealistic?

The manager also said I could not book any rooms online and it must have been a fluke that I got one. So he then offered to give me the room for $210. What he failed to realize is it was well past the point of making me a happy customer once again. And then to top it off he demanded that I give him a CC # to hold the room I had on hold through the 1-800 reservation line. He said if I didn't give him one he would have to release the room. This is not Co. policy and was a perfect example of someone being petty. So Choice Hotels has lost a loyal repeat customer. And why?? I'm still trying to figure that one out.

Terrible Nights Stay
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Rating: 1/51

COOKEVILLE, TENNESSEE -- On February 14, 2014 my husband and I celebrated our 50th anniversary in Cookeville, TN and had made arrangements to spend the night at the Clarion Inn on Jefferson Street. We were greeted by Brandy at the check in area. She was very professional and friendly. From there on the night went downhill. We wanted to stay there because this Clarion Inn had a heated pool and spa. Our room was number 101 near the pool and looked fine at first glance. About an hour after we checked in a huge amount of yelling and screaming began directly across from the room we were in.

There was sounds of people running up and down the stairs, we looked out of our door to find a huge amount of children unsupervised and what appeared to be a party going on in the conference meeting rooms. The adults never once stepped outside the rooms to check on the children who ranged from ages 3 years to young teens. The noise just kept until we went to the front desk and asked Brandy if something could be done to keep the noise down to an acceptable level. She told us she didn't even know the hotel had the rooms booked for that evening but she said she would go and speak to them as soon as she could get away from the front desk.

She did so and the doors to the rooms were closed which helped the noise level but did not help control the children. Within an hour the doors were open again and the yelling and screaming began again. It was so bad that we could not enjoy any of the amenities and couldn't get near the pool or hot tub. It was after midnight when the people in the conference rooms began to leave but not until they were in lobby between the pool and the restaurant and began playing some sort of games with the children.

To say the night was ruined for us is to put it lightly. We left early in the morning after asking to see the manager who wasn't there and hadn't been there the night before. We never did get to use the pool or hot tub, did not get a refund and would never return to this Choice Hotel. We do feel we should receive our money back and given a room at any location of our choice. We certainly would not recommend this location to any of our friends or family.

The 800 Reservation line is a joke....
By -

I work out of town and wanted to do a weekend meet up with my wife in Williamsburg. So on Thursday night I called the Clarion hotel after checking them out on pet friendly sites. I talked to the Choice hotels 1-800 reservation line to set up the hotel room. I informed them my wife would be traveling with our dog and she would be arriving before me. I gave them my full credit card number to reserve the room so that my wife would just have to show her ID and get the room.

Upon her arrival they could not find the reservation at first, then when they did, I was not put down for needing a pet friendly room. My wife was asked for her credit card. So what happened to my credit card information? Oh yeah, the reservation line only transmits the last 4 digits to the hotel, so why did they need the full credit card number again? Also, we lucked out that there was a pet friendly room left and they were able to accommodate us on that. All of this while I am on the road heading there.

At the end of the weekend, we asked for a late checkout. Upon checking out, they tried charging the weekend on my wife's credit card, which I caught and it was put on mine. Then the next day, the hotel put an extra day on my wife's credit card that they should not have even had on file!!!

I have made repeated calls to the hotel, complained on the Choice Hotels website only to receive a cheesy "I'm sorry" letter from the hotel General Manager explaining they don't receive the correct information from their 1-800 line. I want that extra day refunded off of my wife's credit card, as it is an unauthorized charge and was done after I had already closed out our room. Of course now the General Manager is never in or answers his phone!!!

Worst Experience EVER
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Rating: 1/51

OXON HILL, MARYLAND -- My church checked into this hotel on July 5th at 3:30 am (there were about 30 of us) and we traveled about 7 hours to get to the hotel and find our rooms had mold on the ceilings and walls. It was such a high level of mold it was dangerous for anyone to sleep in the room.

We asked for another room at which were given but very hesitantly. The following day during a Banquet which we were there for, the event went over by 10 minutes and the general manager came in flicking the lights telling us to wrap it up. Many of the participants in attendance were shocked and appalled. The manager then got very vocal telling the guests to hurry and clear the room. During the Banquet we thought the rooms would be clean only to have us return and find the beds unmade and no fresh towels/linen.

When we checked out on July 7th and was asked about our stay we informed management of our dissatisfaction at which she stated "if the stay was so bad why did we stay". There was a large convention in the area and the hotels within a 25 mile radius were all full so we did not have the option to stay elsewhere. The rooms are old, very outdated (they still have tube TV's), push button box phones, the rooms were very unclean.

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