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Watch out
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SYRACUSE, NEW YORK -- I purchased a vehicle from Class A Auto in Cicero, NY and I've had nothing but problems since I brought it home I've not even driven it for a whole week first. the first problem was a gas line leak I had to pay someone to fix, next a gas tank leak. the next week my tire rods were messed up I found out because I had to replace my tires in the front even though they said they all needed replacing at Kost tires. But the boss and his employeeeee! had nothing but excuses every time I brought it to them or they favorite line I'll call you back in 15 min. or those car repairs are just trying to get your money, but I've taken it to 3 repair shops and they've all told me the same thing so I called DMV and I hope they can resolve the issue because they want me to pay for it even though I have a 90 day warranty and they've fixed the gas tank and put on a used one and the first time they put it on wrong. They won't call DMV back, and I work to hard for my money to be treated like some dumb female, instead of a valuable customer,and to think I was going to recommend my friends and co-worker to them huh!. There customer service and there game sucks. May god give justice to me. I checked the Bettet Business Bureau review on them and see they also had another complaint but resolved or something, I'd only wish I'd did that ahead of time. Some days I could cry because of the inconvenience, but I'll stand strong and hope no one else goes threw this with Don and Craig. So I've fixed the tie rods and hopefully they'll repay me my money. I've been nothing but nice to them but maybe that's the problem, all I wanted was my car fixed, now I want my money for the tires,tie rods and the service charge for my car being looked at, that's all is that too much to ask for, knowing that should have been done beforehand.Not to mention the headache with my registration for 4 weeks with them I was transferring plates and my car was never registered I had to keep calling them and DMV to resolve the matter, he claims there was a problem with the forms, that was the first clue they were going to be a headache.
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