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Classmates sold my information. I signed up for a free trial with and cancelled my free trial within the 7 day period. I did provide my CC # for the free trial, believing it to be a legitimate company. Apparently they sold my CC# to a company called Privacy Matters, and I was charged $19.95. After finding this, I called Privacy Matters. They did take responsibility, and offered to give me my money back- however when I called to complain about it, they took absolutely no responsibility.

The extremely rude Customer Service person I spoke with explained that you have to enter your email address twice before they will give this company your CC #. I explained that I gave them my CC# and trusted them with it, not this other company, and if they are going to advertise, then the customer should have to enter all their information on the SITE of this other company, so that they know they are signing up with this other company, and not make it part of your purchase with She then rudely said again that we have to enter our email address twice, not once but twice before they will give them your information.

I got very mad and told her I would not be using again. She said she was sorry I felt that way. I am so upset with, I'm not even mad at the company that took my money, because they at least are taking responsibility and refunding my money, but for giving my information to other companies without taking any responsibility for violating customer's privacy.. Apparently privacy does not matter.

What makes me even more upset is the Customer Service Rep's attitude like it's OK because you enter your email address twice, which I don't remember doing, however with a name like Privacy Matters, it sounds like a program they used to ensure your Privacy while you are giving your information online, as well as a lot of companies use your email address as a digital signature, so it's not far fetched to think that someone is entering their email address into a program called Privacy Matters as a digital signature of an authorized transaction. It amazes me at their ability to think it is OK.

Automatic Renewal in Fine Print
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CALIFORNIA -- Watch out when signing up, you're agreeing to an automatic renewal and they will NOT refund (or apologize for misleading you) if you catch it! I noticed a fee on my bank statement from this company. Not recalling this authorization or desiring to renew membership, I contacted the company and explained that they had incorrectly charged me for a membership I didn't want to renew. This was their reply:

While purchasing a Gold membership, information just above the “Submit Payment” button explains that all Gold memberships are opted into our automatic renewal program. This automated billing process prevents any interruption in your Gold membership benefits. In other words, "hello're an idiot. And we have another $15 fee to put in our account until another sucker comes along."

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