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Purchased sick kitten from ClassyRags Ragdolls
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RICHLANDS, NORTH CAROLINA -- Please beware do not buy a kitten from ClassyRags Ragdolls, I purchased a Ragdoll kitten from Classyrags from the first hour my kitten came home she was constantly sneezing, several day later her eyes had a little water in them, several days after that she was hacking & swallowing funny by the next day she had a temperature of 105 her eyes were swollen red & full of mucus, we took her to the vets where she had full blown Herpes Upper Respiratory Virus with ulcers in her eyes, she was so congested she couldn't breathe, she refused to eat for several days so I had to syringe feed her I was so afraid she was going to die, since then she has been to the vets 4 times already because of her poor condition.

She also tested positive for the Corona Virus which could turn into FIP where she will die at a very early age since there is no treatment for it, she also had fleas... [name removed] from Classyrags does not test her kittens for FIV/FeLv before they leave her home so I don't know why she says she guarantees they are free of these viruses if they were never tested by a veterinarian, beware of what her guarantee means & what she will do about it if your kitten turns up positive, she will most likely blame the buyer...

My dream of owning a Beautiful Ragdoll kitten has turned into a nightmare, my kitten may be a Chronic carrier for life with the Herpes virus and her beautiful blue eyes will always be red and drip, I want to warn others that this could happen to you.....I have contacted [name removed] from Classyrags many time about my kitten & she will not reimburse me for any medical bills & doesn't want to take any blame, she also told me to stop emailing her, she is in denial that she has any viruses in her do you really want to deal with a Breeder like that.....

Resolution Update 05/19/2008:
Kathryn Arce breeder of Classyrags Ragdolls and myself have resolved our issues...
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tnchuck100 on 11/18/2007:
First, I'm sorry your pet is sick.

Speaking in general terms, your state my have differences. Your vet should be able to help you with particulars.

Some states allow for you to have an animal checked by a vet within 14 days of purchase. If it can be determined the animal was, in fact, unfit for sale you can get you money back for the purchase. In most cases the pet dealer is only liable to the extent of the purchase price.

You may have to file a small claims case to get recovery. In all probability you will not get the vet bills. But, it has happened. Go ahead and ask for it anyway. Good luck.
runaway on 11/18/2007:
If you're going to purchase an animal from a breeder, require the ability to have to checked by YOUR vetrinarian first. If they refuse, that should tell you something about their confidence in the health of their animals. Better yet, adopt an animal! There are plenty of purebreds out there waiting to be adopted, it's cheaper, and you'll save a life! And, to top it off that great feeling you'll get knowing you've saved a life, all the rescues and humane societies I've worked with will allow you to have the animal checked by a vet before finalizing the adoption!
Duckmom on 11/19/2007:
Hello thanks for your advice, my state of NJ does have a Pet Lemon Law but where I purchased her doesn't, it's where you purchased the animal not where it ends up that counts where the Lemon law will apply...Had that breeder been honest with me I wouldn't have purchased this kitten but she told me several lies just to get the kitten was sneezing when she first came home I wasn't too concern at first, I had no idea that it will soon turn into a bad case of Herpes upper respiratory infection along with other problems.....My other 2 cats I adopted them I was looking all over to adopt another Ragdoll but some of them were so far away shelters wouldn't adopt to me....DM
annquests on 12/29/2007:
When an animal arrives sick it is the breeders responsibility to reimburse for vet bills and in fact sometimes refund the whole price. I believe the contract is written that there is a guarantee against fleas and health and therefore she is obligated to make good or at least be fair. You can complain to TICA ,RFCI, & RFW and any cat membership where the breeder is a member. They have guidelines on how the breeder is to treat clients and pets. I hope for the best for you and your cats.
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