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Rating: 1/51

CHESTERSON, GEORGIA -- I signed up and paid for Clean Internet for the year 2017. The filter worked until June of that year and then just went away in spite of the fact that I had paid for a full year. Trying to get in touch with Clean Internet's customer service (I use the term loosely), or get any satisfaction from them, is an exercise in frustration. I signed into my account and disabled the automatic renewal.

In January 2018, the clowns had enough gall to e-mail me that it was time to renew my subscription. Mind you, they wanted me to begin to pay again for a service I had already paid for, but had not received for the past six months. When I pointed this out, according to some guy named Joe from customer service, (I use the term loosely) the solution was that I should sign up for another year and get six months free.

According to the website, Clean Internet has a 90 day unconditional guarantee of satisfaction or a full refund. To me, a full refund means a credit to my Visa for the portion of the service that I never received, not another "deal." At the very least they should just give me the six months of service for which I have already paid without tying it to another year's subscription. Signing up for another year to get the six months already paid for may be okay for some people, but I don't like being taken advantage of the first time.

These people are Johnny-on-the-spot when it comes to taking your money, but, after that, you're pretty much on your own. It makes me sick when people or companies use Bible verses to lure customers in just to take their money. I gave them 1 star because giving "0" is not allowed.

Great Service
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Rating: 5/51

CHESTERTON, INDIANA -- I have used for nearly 20 years. It is by far the strongest internet filter I have ever used. It is very difficult to uninstall or bypass. I have tried openDNS free, which does block a few things that Clean Internet does not occasionally, but it lacks some things Clean Internet has, such as blocking key words in searches. For example, if you search bikini, your search will not be allowed.

I have tried Disney Circle, and, in fact, am using Disney Circle in conjunction with Clean Internet. Disney Circle can set time limits and be easily bypassed by the administrator. Clean Internet requires you to email tech support. They might unblock something in ten minutes or ten hours or never, if the site is inappropriate. If you need an immediate unblock you can call them during business hours.

I have also tried Clean Router. That is not nearly as strong as Clean Internet, but I am using it in conjunction with Clean Internet as it can block other devices, such as Roku (force YouTube Safe Search - Disney Circle force YouTube Safe Search, causes the YouTube channel not to work). It can also be easily bypassed by the administrator, which can be a real problem if the administrator is struggling with pornography.

If you are serious about dealing with temptation for all members of your household, this is a great tool. It has to be installed on each individual computer or Android, and is only compatible with Windows and Android (nothing for MacOS or Linux yet, although they may come out with their own router). This makes it more costly as it is per device. I am eagerly awaiting their own router to be released.

Terrible Customer Service
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Rating: 2/51

CHESTERTON, INDIANA -- I've been a customer of Clean Internet for a while. I've found their filter to be clunky and too closed. The filter blocks partial access to some websites and it is difficult to get the "tech experts" at Clean Internet to open the sites completely. For example, I have trouble opening a certain business directory and the customer service personnel seem unable or unwilling to help me.

At first they answered my request with a condescending email insinuating that I had to be mistaken and that the filter had nothing to do with my problem. I asked them to please review the problem since before installing the filter I had complete access to the site, but they once again countered with a rude reply and refused to even look into it! After another round of emails I got them to at least check the problem out and they discovered that the filter was indeed restricting access to this site.

I realize that I could have been mistaken as to the problem, but these "tech experts" exhibited none of the professionalism I would expect from a company. Instead of politely looking into the problem they rudely refused! I had to apply firm pressure to get them to help me with my problem. In the end they were mistaken, and yet I received no apology. Instead they simply sent me a terse email with stated: "Try it now. It will work." Yet they hadn't fixed the problem. But I was so weary with dealing with them that I didn't press the issue any further.

This is just one example of my dealings with Clean Internet, not an isolated incident. I have constantly been repulsed by Clean Internet's rude customer service department and I will not be renewing my license when it expires this year.

My advice to you if you want a good reliable filter is to bypass Clean Internet and go with someone you can work with. The fact is, all filters must be tweaked a bit for personal preferences and you need a customer service department you can work with.

Bad Customer Service
By -

This past weekend, I decided to install an internet filter on my computer since I was encountering unwanted material on the internet through Google and other sources. I decided to go with Clean Internet's monthly plan for $4.95 a month. The problem, however, is that the moment I installed the filter, it began to block websites that were not a problem like YouTube and Facebook. There is no way to do an administrative override, either, because they do not provide this capability. You have to send in an unblock website request by email which takes some time according to the email form.

The website states that they provide a 90 day UNCONDITIONAL guarantee on the product and they will provide a full refund. I sent in an email requesting a refund and explained the reason for the request. Today, I got a response that was rather rude stating that I had not used the product for very long (they could see that I had little activity on my account) and that they had not billed me yet. They also asked if I required an uninstall code for my computer. I was not threatening or rigid on my email, but they were acting as though I was trying to get something for free.

I sent a follow-up email explaining that I did a system restore to remove the software from my computer because I didn't have time to talk to them over the phone to get information on how to uninstall. I also requested a second time that they not charge my credit card for the billing fee since I was no longer using the product.

I think companies who claim a 90 day UNCONDITIONAL guarantee should not ask questions for the reason behind the request from the customer to receive a refund if they are not happy. Unconditional means not imposing or not depending on or containing a condition. So their request for me to use the product longer than I desire to is unwarranted and ridiculous.

EDITED TO ADD: I received a response from the customer service department arguing with me stating that I did not request the unblock on both YouTube and Facebook. I opened the emails I received from the unblock form both times and put in my password after clicking the enclosed links. ETA (2nd time): I received 2 other emails arguing that I had not opened the subsequent emails. I just sent a "stop email" request. The customer service representative seems intent on harassing me about this situation.

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