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Warning, FRAUD alert, AVOID clear Kiosk at all cost!!!
Posted by Smiley4kay on 12/03/2012
PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA -- I went to a Clear Kiosk at the Monroeville Mall on Thursday 11/29/12 and paid $150.00 for the Clear router, activation fee and first month of service. After waiting while the representative said he needed ten minutes to handle some "baby momma drama"(took 20mins) we asked about 1,000 questions and were finally ready to purchase. We gave the representative our address(to insure there was service in our area) and all necessary information. We were then informed they wanted to directly debit the money from a checking account. I informed them I had cash only. After making several calls to management the representative said I was approved for the cash transaction BUT I could NOT take the equipment with me. He stated, "our system is not able to process the payment as quickly with the cash so we will have to send you the equipment via mail". The representative guaranteed arrival by 12/1/12 BEFORE 10am. By 11am on 12/1/12 we were calling and getting no answer. Finally around noon we were informed that they could not verify our address so the equipment was mailed to the office and the representative said he would bring it to us. 2:30pm still no router. I call the representative who is very short with me and says "I am on my way to work now. I will get the box and leave immediately to bring it to you". 4p, no equipment, no call, no visit. 5p representative continues to ignore all calls, no equipment, no call. We call his supervisor who says he will alert the representative 7p NO ONE is answering calls now. Needless to say we never received the equipment. 12/2/12 after church we go BACK to the kiosk(around 12:30p...mall opens at 10a) the kiosk is empty except for someones coat. After waiting about 15mins the representative returns and says "I'm so sorry, management informed me that were are not allowed to deliver equipment directly to someones house". We educate him on good customer service and let him know we understand but would have a least appreciated the call. He again says how sorry he is and gives us the equipment he states was delivered to the kiosk instead of our home. We get the router home and for the next few hours try to install it. We make multiple calls to the representative who says I'm busy but will call you back. By 5p when the mall is closed the representative nor his supervisor has called us back and the equipment cannot be registered. WE call the CLEAR toll free number and are informed by them that "your kiosk representative was probably a scam artist. I am so sorry but we get at least one call a day from upset customers." They then inform me that I paid "way to much" for my equipment and they have NO WAY to help me with the set up because the representative failed to put our information or WAN ID number in the system. We were bounced from dept to dept with everyone saying how sorry they were but we needed to take our router BACK to the kiosk and see if the representative will put all of our information in the system OR PAY THEM (the toll free dept) $49.99 to do the activation over the phone and "see if the representative will give you a refund of that activation fee". We plan on trying again today and if they don't comply we will have to take legal action. This is ridiculous!!!!
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Cut-Rate Internet Provider With Serious Reliability Problems
Posted by Throwaway on 08/12/2013
WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA -- Clear Wireless service, while relatively cheap, suffers from periodic outages that last from 24 hours to up to one week. Worse, the outages appear to be part of the Clear business plan. When it works, Clear service is generally OK. It never reaches advertised speeds, has routine slow-downs and brief outages, but not too much to complain about.

What really drives a knife into the customer's back, however, are the outages. When they come, there is zero notice, zero internet, and entirely misleading responses from Clear customer support. The outages happen once every couple or few months, and can last for days. As I write this, my service has just come back after three days.

Clear is unusual among service providers in that they appear to have made the calculation that it is cheaper to rebate those few persistent complaining customers or even lose one or two in the wake of an outage rather than pay a service technician overtime to fix something. Hence, service gaps that would doom any other company are taken by Clear as a viable cost management strategy.

The bottom line is that if you cannot afford random, unannounced, and prolonged blackouts with your internet service, avoid Clear like the customer service plague that it truly is.
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They Take Money Out of Your Bank Account Without Authorization
Posted by Cl95891 on 06/05/2013
ILLINOIS -- I signed up with Clear about 10 months ago, as they came HIGHLY recommended by a friend. It was at the Southwest Center Mall in Dallas, TX, where my NIGHTMARE began. The representative at that location told me that my service would be on by the time that I made it home (GREAT), and I authorized and provided a ONE time payment using my debit card.

Needless to say, something told me to check my bank account last week, and I noticed an UNAUTHORIZED transaction and quickly made the decision to connect with a live representative at my bank to discuss this and I was informed that the transaction was from CLEAR and I was given the number 888-253-2794 to contact them.

I called and spoke with 3 representatives before being transferred to an ACCOUNT Resolution Specialist and explained my situation and was told by a James who gave me his representative ID# number and case number and assured ME they would have my money back into my account within 3-5 business days, also that he WAS very sorry that I was NOT told that when you sign up with CLEAR and you use a debit card, CLEAR keeps this on file and deduct payments without your APPROVAL/CONSENT.

Needless to say CLEAR agreed to refund 52.05, instead of the 468.05 they illegally debited and this would take up to 60 days AND they WILL send ME a prepaid VISA. It's against law to use someone's debit card without having a written authorization on file from the CUSTOMER. OH, and To add insult to injury I spoke with a supervisor by the name of Angelica and asked for their address because I was going to seek legal advice and if he/she needed to write to them, if I could have their address and she refused to provide it.

After pressuring her she eventually gave 181 E 9 Mile Rd Pensacola, FL 32534 (corporate office) and I'm certainly considering LEGAL.
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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2013-06-05:
I suggest contacting your bank and report the transaction as fraudulent so it can be reversed.
Posted by cl95891 on 2013-06-05:
Thank you for that!!
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Junk Postal Mailings Impossible to Unsubscribe! - False Claims, Promises, Bad Link, Totally Incompetent Customer Service
Posted by Codfish on 05/18/2013
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- It is difficult to know where to begin, so I will just post the actual correspondence on chat (totally legal to reproduce, since they ask if you want to save it) to express my frustration with their broken and ineffective administrative system:
CHAT #1 with CLEAR WIRELESSS, May 17th, 2013

"Hello C. Please wait while we find a CLEAR specialist to help you.
You are customer.
Your question is:
You have been connected to Benito.
Benito:  Hi C Gillette! Thanks for contacting CLEAR Sales. I see your questions and will be more than happy to get you that info. Before I can give you accurate info, can I have the address you are looking to use the Clear service?
C:  The address is #### G Ave. The issue is:
C:  Have had endless frustration trying to get removed from your annoying and wasteful junk mailings (snail mail). There is no "clear" or easy way to unsubscribe once someone is on your list, neither via the internet nor via your phone contact, and their is no contact info for unsubscribing from your mailers on the mailers themselves! And yet your company says you care about the environment ? (LOL!). For two years now, I have gotten the run-around from employees, putting me on hold, promising a solution, trying to figure out how "who handles this department" never once taking responsibility...and then sometimes I get another department, that "promises" to omit my name and address from the mailing list. And then the mailers just continue to pour in, sometimes at the rate of two or three per week, fat, wasteful, overblown ads. If anyone in your company has a verifiable solution, please let me know before I report this to the Postmaster General.
Benito:  I understand that you want to stop your email address from receiving any advertisement from Clear Company. Is that correct?
C:  Yes, that is what I have been attempting to do for two years now, with promises, but never real action.
Benito:  I apologize for any inconvenience.
C:  Not my email address -- if you read the message I sent, I said "Mailings" "junk mail" "snail mail".
Benito:  One moment please while I check this for you.
C:  postal service mail, which is why I said I will have no further recourse than to report this to the Postmaster General.
C:  Meanwhile, I have never encountered such ridiculously incompetent and ineffective corporate bureaucracy for something that should be so simple and basic. I have never had such issues with any other company for such a sustained period of time. I would never, ever recommend your company, needless to say, but at least please take care of this once and for all, before more negative publicity goes viral.
Benito:  I understand your concern, and please note that you have reach Clear Sales Chat Support which we support only for signing up new account.
Benito:  However, I will check this for you.
C:  That is the same response I get when I call the contact number. Noone seems to know what is going on. I understand it is not your fault, you just work there, but someone has to speak up if there are positive changes to be made, yes? I own a company, and we listen and respond to our customers.
Benito:  Thank you for waiting.
Benito:  To request your concern, you will need to do the process via online or through the web site. Please go to http://www. clear. com/legal/optout
C:  Thank you for making an attempt to speak to whomever may be responsible, and get changes made in the way things are done. It could only be good for Clear publicity, etc, if something can actually be done. There are already quite a few posts on the internet regarding Clear's lack of any way to unsubscribe, it is totally hypocritical of a company that purports to save paper.
Benito:  Follow the intrusctions on the web site in order to remove your name or mailing address.
Benito:  Please go to http://www. clear. com/legal/optout and then follow the information or instructions on the web page.
C:  Please wait and hold while I do so -- this has been two years now, and it should never come down to having to track down the "legal/optout" please hold...thanks

C:  Please wait and hold while I do so -- this has been two years now, and it should never come down to having to track down the "legal/optout" please hold...thanks
Benito:  You're welcome.
Benito:  If you have any concern, please call us at 1-888-888-3113.
Benito:  Have a great day, and thank you for contacting Clear.
Thank you for visiting clear. com. You may now close this window.
Thank you for chatting with Clearwire. We value your feedback. Please click here to answer a few questions about your chat experience.

Then I went to the website he pointed me to. It said:
"Requesting removal of your name from the Clearwire mailing list does not mean that you will stop receiving commercial mailings from other business interests. If you are a consumer and you would like to reduce the number of mailings you are receiving from other companies or you would like to update your information, it is suggested that you contact each of the agencies/resources listed on this page as well as the DMA (Direct Marketing Association). Clearwire cannot do this on your behalf. Requesting removal or updating your personal data would need to be done with all of the five agencies listed on this page since in some cases your name will be retained by more than one of the resources listed.
DMA – this is the most comprehensive “do not mail” list that most large list owners, compilers and mailers will bump their lists against.
• Register for the Mail Preference Service by mail. Send a letter plus a $1 check or money order to:
◦ Mail Preference Service
Direct Marketing Association
PO Box 643
Carmel, NY 10512"
• • Register online. You also may sign up online at the DMA’s website. There is no fee for online registration.
Visit: https://www. dmachoice. org/dma/member/regist. action DMA says this option is quicker than by postal mail.

So I tried going to the above website from the CLEAR legal opt-out page, and received this: (captured screen image):

So then (going on two years of attempts to get successful action that matched the promises) I went back on CHAT line:

CHAT #2:

"Hello . Please wait while we find a CLEAR specialist to help you.
You are customer.
Your question is:
You have been connected to Jomar N.
Jomar N:  Thank you for contacting CLEAR Chat Sales. My name is Jomar, may I have your first and last name please?
Customer:  C Gillette.
Jomar N:  Hi C, nice to meet you.
Jomar N:  What product or service can I start for you today?
C:  Was given incorrect website info by Benito regarding how to opt out of Clear junk postal mailings. Can you please help?
Jomar N:  Do you already have a Clear account?
C:  No.
Jomar N:  Do you want to create a new line of internet service?
Jomar N:  I do apologize for the inconvenience.
C:  I was given the website: https://www. dmachoice. org/dma/member/regist. action
C:  please do try that website address given on the opt-out website, tell me what it gives you, thanks.
Jomar N:  Just to confirm are you trying to order online?
C:  Order online?
C:  Why would I be ordering online if I'm trying to opt out of constant junk mailings?
C:  Hello?
Jomar N:  Just for clarification you want to remove your email address from the Clear mailing list?
C:  Did you try the website given to me at the Clear legal optout website?
Jomar N:  Yes I did unfortunately I cannot access the website you have provided.
C:  just for clarification, did you read what I already wrote? "Was given incorrect website info by Benito regarding how to opt out of Clear junk postal mailings. Can you please help?" It would save us both time, thank you.
C:  So, you did try the website provided by the Clear legal optout site?
Jomar N:  I see, to assist you better to opt out of constant junk mailings please contact our Account service at 888-888-3113
Jomar N:  I do apologize but I can only assist you create and add up a new line of service
C:  You must be kidding me. I have tried contacting customer service for two years now, they make promises that I will be unsubscribed, but that never happens. There must be someone who cares enough to change the system, it would help your customers and attract business.
Jomar N:  I do apologize but we have a separate department that handles this type of issues.
C:  Surely, you can refer this immediately to a supervisor? I have been attempting to opt out for two years now, and as you can see, the DMA link given on the legal opt out website by Clear is incorrect.
C:  So I am going in circles again, and you cannot do anything?
Jomar N:  Okay, here's what I can do to opt you out to the email
Jomar N:  To be opt out I need a few information.
Jomar N:  Please provide me your email address?
C:  Of course, my name and address -- I've given it numerous times, obviously. You NEED MY MAILING ADDRESS, not my EMAIL ADDRESS, yes?
Jomar N:  I only need your Email address.
Jomar N:  Email Opt Outs will be updated/ remove within 10 business days.
C:  This would be a miracle...but someone has to speak out, or nothing gets changed, yes? for the workers as well as the customers?
C:  my email is:
Jomar N:  I do understand C.
C:  codigi1@mac. com
C:  my mailing address (which your supervisor will tell you you need) is: #### Glyndon Ave, Venice, CA ####1 and PLEASE tell them the link provided in the optout website DOES NOT WORK
Jomar N:  Email will do.
Jomar N:  Please note it may take up to 10 business days to be opt out.
C:  I will believe it when I see it. I need confirmation once and for all on this issue, please. CLEAR promotes environmentally friendly practices, and yet it is IMPOSSIBLE to opt out of junk mail, I'd like to see you try it!
Jomar N:  Is there anything else I can assist you with today?
C:  I will expect you to honor your word, please. I have spent countless hours trying to opt out, and no other company has such ridiculous policies...there is no info on the mailings as to how to opt out.
Jomar N:  I have successfully submitted your request. Again I do apologize for the inconvenience C.
Jomar N:  Have a great day, and thank you for contacting Clear.
Thank you for visiting clear. com. You may now close this window.
Thank you for chatting with Clearwire. We value your feedback. Please click here to answer a few questions about your chat experience.

(We shall see if there is any progress, will report back to this blog!)
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Worst Service
Posted by Kaswny on 02/15/2013
I had clear wireless for over 1 yr. I always had slow or no service. When I signed up they said I would not have any problem with my service in my NJ area even though I said I lived in a basement apt. After several calls and no better service I cancelled. Since my service was so bad I figured they just zero balanced my account since my service never worked properly from day one. I did not receive any bills from them or emails other than to retry my service for a discounted rate of 20. After eight months I just received a bill from a collection agency for $95.00. When I asked Clear why I did not receive a final bill they explained they sent a calls to my phone which I explained I never received. When I asked if they could reduce the fees they told, me no since the bill was 90 days old. This is one of the shadiest companies I have ever dealt with. I will just pay this since I do not want it to affect my credit. I will make a formal compaint with the Better Business Bureau. Clear is very bad service and billing practices.
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Clear Internet Service trying to access my bank account!
Posted by Countrynewsman on 10/05/2012
Today I received two emails from Clear Internet Service stating they have tried to access my account to pay my bill. I have NEVER had Clear internet service. Their website does not work and their phone number is busy.

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Posted by msnye on 2012-10-06:
Call your bank's fraud alert line IMMEDIATELY. If someone is attempting to access your account without consent the bank needs to know NOW.
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Worst Internet Service Ever
Posted by Selfbuiltman on 07/08/2012
BENSENVILLE, ILLINOIS -- I have been a Clear customer for about 5 months. I loved the service. Three days ago, I began experiencing EXTREMELY slow speeds. I'm talkin about 4 hours to watch a 1 1/2 hour movie. That is ridiculous. But when my payment is due, I get it to them in 5 minutes. No delay. So I waited a few days to see if it would clear up. Well, it's been a week with no improvement. So I decided to call customer service. I spent 15 minutes holding for someone, then another five while they struggled to find my account, which they found stored under my first name and xxx for my last name. And the wrong phone number.

No wonder it took so long to find my account. Then they transfer me to level two. I hold for another fifteen minutes, only to find out they couldn't help me. So I asked for a supervisor and they told me a supervisor wasn't available. I asked when one would be available so I could call back, and they said they weren't sure. But they assured me they would have one contact me. I'm still waiting. No call back yet. I will DEFINATELY be canceling my service before the next bill cycle. I also recommend you do not get this service from Clear.

I read bad reviews before getting it and said well, maybe those people didn't know what they were talkin about. Now I'm the person writing the review. Clear is laughing all the way to the bank with my hard earned money. Pay the few extra bucks and get real Internet service. It's worth it. With Clear, you get what you pay for....garbage.
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Posted by BigAl on 2012-07-08:
The problem may not be in your internet service but in your computer. Have you done a speed test on your service? Have you cleaned out your internet cache? What type of virus protection do you have on your computer? The internet service is only one facet of where your problem may be.
Posted by SMO79 on 2012-07-12:
Though it could be the computer... it was most likely the service. Clear wireless is a "Customer No-service" company. They are slow to deliver and slow upon delivery. Had them for over a year because it is the only market in town, but have had more success running off of my 3G internet phone for internet service. Its sad that I have even continued to pay them for a service that I don't even use. I have called their 'service team' time and time again, running diagnostics on my computer, relocating my modem, etc. The only thing that works is for them to manually reset my signal, and that only lasts a few hours at best. They promise between 6 and 12 MBPS download, but my average has more likely, without exageration, been 1-2 MBPS (rounding up).
Posted by Ed M on 2012-10-14:
Worse company in the history of the world. I had to cancel my credid card to keep them from charging me for services I did not want or need. Every there is a extra fee for this and that when I pay cash. Contract ends soon Thank God. Call customer service (lol) ten times and you will get ten different anwers all pat and copy and past. Would not extend my contract if it was free.
Posted by Kristi on 2013-03-01:
I live in Texas, Dallas area. I have had Clear for 3 years with occasional problems including very slow speeds.

A week ago, the lights on my modem just kept chasing and I could not log on at all. I performed the usual troubleshooting activities, but no luck.
I called and spoke with a tech, Julius, who said it was probably my modem and recommended I purchase a new one. I decided to give it more time. I called another tech 3 days later...still having no internet or phone service...and ordered a new modem. It came yesterday and guess what...yep, you guessed it...chasing lights on the brand new modem!!!!! So I have been without internet for more than a week, no home phone for more than a full week, and have been charged $64.05 for a new modem with shipping!
When I spoke to a supervisor, whom I could barely understand, he said he would check the towers in my area and I should call back in 2-24 hours!!! Are you kidding me?

Do I recommend CLEAR to anyone? No way! If you see a Kiosk, run the other way. If you get a flyer in the mail, toss it immediately. Save yourselves from this crazyness.
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Posted by Busdriver288 on 04/28/2012
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- Don't use clear they suck! The customer service is a joke and it sounds like they're in a bar on a phone. They can't cancel the service on weekends and they will do anything to keep you from cancelling your service.

This company needs to be shut down. You get a different answer for every person you talk to at that company. Please don't use them a CB radio would be better or maybe a can on a string but not Clear.
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Posted by sabletaz on 2012-04-28:
I like the way you wrote this review Busdriver288, the choice of words. Made me chuckle.....
Posted by dembis on 2013-06-20:
Clear is a RIPOFF. Looking for internet service: Beware. Stay away from Clear
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Horrible service and a rip off
Posted by Rukidding666 on 01/17/2012
Clear cancelled by account without my authorization then when I called they reactivated and started the contract date new at a higher fee. Calling them is like talking to a brick wall and just as productive.
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Clear Did Not Pay My Money Back !
Posted by Nonclassical94 on 11/29/2011
PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- CLEAR is a joke !! They tell you the service is really fast, internet speed is great and it is a lie, a big lie. It is 0.2 Mb/ sec download speed and 0.6mb/sec upload. You can even watch youtube videos without interruption.

Plus, I cancelled the service after 10 days and send the instruments back within 300 days and they did not pay $171 back. I called them 20 times. and finally they paid me only $105 back. It is not money back guarantee.

They are telling lies and ripping people off. That pissed me off so badly that I am telling everyone how bad CLEAR service is. So stay far far away from it.
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Posted by Skye on 2011-11-29:
What reason did they give you, for only refunding you $105.00????

Thanks for warning others!
Posted by MRM on 2011-11-29:
0.2 Mb/ sec download speed and 0.6mb/sec upload is still fast internet.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-11-29:
"0.2 Mb/ sec download speed and 0.6mb/sec upload" is backwards.

What is key here is the explanation for why the total amount was not refunded. Could be one of a few things. Maybe the OP will come back and inform us.
Posted by MRM on 2011-11-29:
Trmn8r, I thought the same thing as well, but Ive seen other figures that shows uploads higher than downloads.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-11-29:
Interesting! That is great for someone doing business or sending photos and vids to their friends, but not for watching youtubes or downloading music.
Posted by dan gordon on 2011-11-29:
I've used Clear for many yrs and find them ok. The bigger warning is news that they have defaulted on payments and not sure they are long for the business world.
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