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Wow = Epic Fail
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OK I saw a lot of ads for for unlimited internet mobile and home for $50 a month for life. I currently live in Southern NJ but my wife and I will be moving back to Philadelphia in about 6 weeks. I thought great deal. I currently have Comcast and have plenty of problems with them like everyone of their other customers. I would love to go to FiOS but it's not yet available. So seemed worth looking into.

First off their site was not exactly helpful but its large annoying pop-up continued to ask if I wished to chat with someone so I started a chat session. The person's name was ** and I have a few basic questions. Please keep in mind I am a high-leveled IT pro specializing in app design and ERP integration. Basically I deal with large amounts of data for very large companies. I don't really blame **, I am sure he is not really used to dealing with IT people and he seemed willfully undertrained.

At the end of the day I wasted half an hour of time for no new information. And what I did seemed like low end service. 1mbps is slower then most DSLs that can be purchased for $15-25 a month and it's a wireless service lending itself to a host of performance and configuration issues. In summation, sometimes it might be better the devil know. And that's my 3 cents.

Replies Gone MAD!!!
By -

I used Clear Wireless for a while earlier this year. The service was spotty at best and did not work in my home. I worked with them diligently to get the technology to work, but ultimately it was unreliable. I was told that to terminate all I had to was not pay the bill and everything would automatically cancel. To be polite I called to terminate the service. The customer service system was a mess. It took scores of calls and hours on hold to get through. Then the language barrier and a sort of denseness... Their customer service folks were unable to terminate the service.

After many calls, I managed to get the point across that I do not want the service. Then they stated up again with the daily phone calls; morning, noon and night! Each time answered their call I'd spend the best part of an hour, mostly on hold and of course had to give phone numbers and such over and over. When they finally got that I wanted to cancel the service they seemed to take the information and apparently “lost it”, as they continued the service and continued to call.

After I asked them to cancel the service many times, I stopped paying. They continued the service. Clear Wireless has continued to contact me to “restart the service”. I have responded with many very direct instructions that I do not want the service, it does not work for me and to stop calling. They have persisted. I spoke with them this week several more times and they now claim their harassing calls to "restart the service" are due to a need for an early termination fee. I contacted the folks that set me up with the service initially, who first said that there was no early termination fee and they said again that there was no early termination fee.

I reported this to Clear and they persisted in their claims and demands. I asked for a copy of the contract that stated there was an early termination fee. They denied having any such contract and then demanded the money. I offered that they could take me to small claims court, I could file a complaint for harassment or bring to the attention of their upper management what they are doing. They declined these options, refused to allow me to talk to a supervisor and then mindlessly demanded money. I insisted that they put me on their don't call list and stop calling me.

They have continued to call, looking to sell me their service, restart their service or whatever they claim next. Their ongoing harassment is unacceptable. Please register my complaint and feel free to contact me for more information. I have kept a log of many of the calls.

P.S. I was once their advocate. Researched their technology, wrote complimentary online reviews, worked patiently with their buggy WEBsite and well meaning, but ineffective customer service and even looked at and posted about re-engineering the technology to work better. Update: I asked that they put me on their DO NOT CALL list again and they agreed... Since then they have called repeatedly; pushing for me to reinstate the service. LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

Poor Experience with Clear
By -

Clear opened a store at our local shopping center where you could pick up your wireless modem, take it home and hook it up. The Website said that I was not in the coverage area, but the salesman in the store said that I was. So I signed up for the 6Mb down/1Mb up package. Of course it says "up to" next to the speeds.... I hooked it up and it worked right away, no problem. To test it, before converting my whole network, I connected it to the laptop in the kitchen with a wire and I ran the Internet Speed Test several times. Speeds? Download at 2 to 3Mb, uploads as slow at 1Mb. But even worse was the ping time, which was never less than 100 msec.

Of course, I IM'd tech support. At COMCAST when you call tech support, you connect with a tech who works with you through the whole problem. Not the case with Clear! The first person I got was clearly working through a script. So I jumped through a lot of hoops, rebooted my machine, restarted the modem, all of that. She wanted me to run the Internet Speed Test three times and give her results - I did it once, told her it was consistent with many executions. After brainlessly insisting on three for a while she gave up and accepted my result.

When she told me to delete my browser history I quit playing - that loses all of your cookies and a lot of information that helps you. So we skipped that step. Finally, she told me she had done everything that she could do and I needed to be in touch with tech support! So what was she? My IM went on hold (!!!) for a while and then it was picked up. I was asked what the problem is, asked the support guy to please read the chat so that I wouldn't have to go over it again. So he did.

Finally he had me check the signal strength and it was weak. Then he checked my address and told me I was outside the coverage area. Then he told me he couldn't help me but I should call a phone number he gave me and those people had a lot that they could do, even send someone to my house. Of course once I called we'd be starting all over again. So at this point I decided that this wasn't the way I wanted to go - in particular I didn't want to deal with this support hierarchy every time I had a problem. I decided to take the device back to the store. Guess what? At the store they told me they can't take it back! Their stores only sell, they don't take back returns!

So now I have to wait until Monday and talk to their return department, who will furnish me a return label... I really look forward to that experience. I had looked at FIOS, but the installers wanted to run a cable around the outside of my house, so I passed on that. I have a new appreciation for COMCAST's speeds and how they do customer service. So I'll stick with COMCAST until Verizon comes out with their own wireless 4G, which I understand is in the works. It is an improved protocol over WiMax, that Clear has taken forever to bring out.

Also, both WiMax and the new protocol can carry television, although Clear has decided to not take that step - limiting the value of their offering, IMHO. I do plan to purchase OOMA at Costco, where I can easily return it if reality doesn't measure up to the promise, and use it to eliminate my $55 a month phone bill from Verizon. I expect that'll transition to 4G just fine when it arrives.

Replacement Window Hardware Issue
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Rating: 1/51

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- I purchased a window from a Clear Choice USA partner in August of 2012. July 2014 the partner business had closed; I emailed Clear Choice Corp looking for resolution, the lifetime warranty and original receipt attached. Clear Choice USA responds typically after ten by email; stating they can't open or read I repeated this two more times then Clear Choice USA stated there was not a partner company in the area; not true. Their own website has one about ten miles from my house. Then Clear Choice USA asked for the serial number off the window.
. At this point about 45-days later, I gave up and filed a report with the BBB (Better Business Bureau). They were unable to locate where Clear Choice USA was. They located a local company "Clear Choice Windows" a locally-owned small business. The owner came out and repaired the window next day. Clear Choice USA is only interested in selling windows; they did not honor the lifetime warranty that came with the window.

Clear Billing Is Anything but Clear
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Rating: 1/51

DFW, TEXAS -- I am a customer as of 2012. I will not dwell on speed or connection issues as they are well documented. I want to inform the prospective Clear customer what to expect with Clear account billing. Clear does not provide a paper bill, you will rely on an online invoice.

Once your payment is received by Clear it will not appear on your invoice until 31 days after you have paid. Even the phone reps will tell you to view your account at but they are unaware that payments are not posted until a month later. Your account will show $0.00 for the month you have paid until the following payment is made for the next month, and then, only the previous month's payment is posted. The phone reps agree this is very confusing but are at a loss to explain it. I mention this because it indicates yet another suspicious and serious business flaw within the model. It does not meet the standards of U.S. regulations.

Another thing you should know is if you cancel, or have a pause in payment you will not be able to log in to view your account. I am currently disputing a rebate-reward card issuance based on my payment history which I can no longer access.. If you insist on dealing with this be very careful. Treat it as an offshore company. Use a credit card rather than your bank account number, at least you have some protection that way... Buyer beware.

From good to bad and beyond
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Rating: 2/51

HIGH POINT, NORTH CAROLINA -- When I first heard about Clearwire I thought to myself, "wow, just plug in the modem at home and you're good to go" So I tried it. Having been on dial up for many years this was a vast improvement. Surfing the web and checking email was much faster and everything went fairly smooth for about a year. Then it all went horribly wrong. The service became so erratic that I never knew when my internet would cut out on me and when it would come back. They sent me a new modem and for a while all was well. Then it was back to erratic service. I was told the towers were being upgraded.

Sometimes the recorded message on phone told me that my modem had been successfully "pinged" (whatever that means), which was funny because I did not have the modem on. Every call became the same. They would test my modem, tell me to unplug it and plug it back in and suggest I move the modem around to find a good spot.

Long story short, Nothing gets solved. Lately I can usually get my email but I can forget about reliable video streaming. Sometimes it works, mostly not. Today I was on the phone again and somehow they managed to speed up my download speed a little and only for a while. Back to the same problems. Now I have decided to look for a new carrier.

Returned Equipment
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Rating: 1/51

HYATTSVILLE, MARYLAND -- I signed up for Clear services on Jan 11th 2012. I wasn't able to get service so I canceled the service the very next day and returned the equipment. Once I returned the equipment I expected a full refund since that was stated on the receipt.. I paid cash for the equipment and expected a cash refund back.. After getting the run around I was told that the retail store couldn't credit cash refunds and I would be mailed a check. I received the check a couple days ago and it was only half the amount that I was owed. So I called Clear and they told me that that have yet to receive the equipment. It has been a month and I am still trying to get my full refund.

Sales People Lie To Sell Service In Areas They Don't Have Coverage
By -

KIRKLAND,, WASHINGTON -- I am looking for an alternative to cable based Internet Service because I work from home and cable service is not always fast. I did a Google search and found I checked their website and after I entered my zip code it indicated that they provide service in my area and gave me a promotion code. I called too and asked if they provide service in my area. The saleslady said she will check and after a few seconds she said yes. I asked her how their service was provided and she advised via towers.

I told her that I lived in a hilly part of Bay area near San Francisco and there are no towers here. I even told her that my wireless carrier had to give me a satellite modem to get signal. She assured me that I have coverage. I told her that if the equipment did not work I will return it the next day. She said that would not be a problem. I signed up for service on May 23rd.

Surprise number 1, that I have to prepay one month plus $25 for handling. I paid $85. Surprise number 2 was soft pedaled during the payment process that I was agreeing to a 2 year contract. I asked what happens if the equipment does not work and she advise that I will not be penalized and my money will be refunded if I returned the equipment in working order within 30 days. Surprise No. 3 was that the equipment may have a refurbished label on it but it will come with the same warranty as new etc.

Received the equipment marked refurbished on May 24. The packing slip had a URL for return policy, that looked different from their website. I connected to that URL to check the return policy which stated that I can return the equipment within 30 days and will have to pay prorated charges for everything for the number of days the equipment was in my possession. There was also a link to check coverage area. When I entered my address in it, the system replied that they did not provide service in my area.

This outfit is a fraud and is cycling used equipment around just to collect money like this. They make you pay for the freight and use FedEx without giving you an option. So you end up paying to get the equipment shipped and returned and the charges for the number or days that the equipment is in transit and in your possession. It is a clever scheme to make money by providing nothing. I don't even know if this is a real modem or a bogus piece of equipment with flashing lights. DO NOT BUY ANY SERVICE FROM THIS OUTFIT.

Don't do business with these guys
By -

I started my experience finding out that their 'coverage map' as advertised is not correct. I spent three weeks (no kidding) talking to their tech support people with no luck, swapped through a total of three devices and then one device + docking station trying to find a way to make their service work at the one location I cared about in NW Austin with no luck. Canceling took a fair amount of time and I eventually had to yell at someone to get the service to cancel. Then I got a follow up call and two 'survey' request. Funny as I had been fairly specific about not being contacted for advertising at either my phone number or e-mail address.

Then today I got what was clearly an advertisement intended to try to get me to sign up again, so decided to call them on it. It took a fair amount of time to find anyone that would or could talk to me at all and the person I found was a secretary at 'corporate'. She was totally unhelpful until I explained to her that I was trying to avoid suing them under the spam laws and did she really want to be speaking for her company at this point? I used the magic word, SUE, and so she did in fact contact someone in their legal department. The message I got back from her was that they would call back 'after lunch'.

2.5 hours later I called back, reminded her who I was and asked what was going on. The new plan was that legal needed 24 hours to 'figure out how to deal with me', and that she had been instructed not to take any more calls from me. She then hung up. I tried to call back and sure enough she is not taking any more calls from me. I also tried blocking my caller ID but it would seem they are not taking calls from blocked numbers right now either. This company is serious bad news. My advice is to never EVER make the mistake of getting involved with them for any service of any kind.

Do not sign up for
By -

KIRKLAND, WA 98033 -- I switched to from a major Southeastern telephone services provider in order to save money on my telephone and Internet bill. However, I quickly learned that cheaper certainly isn't better and can actually cost you more. has a number of issues with their product/services and unfortunately, once you sign up with them, you are locked into a 2-year agreement.

There are numerous issues with 1) In order to have multiple telephone lines using one phone number, you will have to purchase additional modems and telephone adapters, which are roughly $50 per set. 2) While the router has two telephone ports, you cannot access it. (Quoting a Clear Rep: "Clear does not and absolutely cannot activate the 2nd port"). 3) God forbid you have a security alarm system... You will either have to purchase another $50 set (modem and router) or contact your local telephone service provider for a basis line. I STRONGLY DISCOURAGE ANYONE FROM PURCHASING THIS PRODUCT/SERVICE!

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