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Wow Clear.com = Epic Fail
Posted by ITGuy81 on 11/11/2009
Ok I saw a lot of ads for clear.com for unlimited internet mobile and home for $50 a month for life. I currently live in southern nj but my wife and I will be moving back to philadelphia in about 6 weeks. I thought great deal. I currently have Comcast and have plenty of problems with them like everyone of there other customers. I would love to go to FiOS but it's not yet availble. So clear.com seemed worth looking into.

First off there site was not exactly helpful but tis large annoying pop-up continued to ask if I wished to chat with someone so I started a chat session. The person's name was adam and I have a few basic questions. Please keep in mind I am a high leveled IT pro specialiazing in app design and erp intergrastion. Basically I deal with large amounts of data for very large companies.

Here is the chat session:
Please wait while we find a CLEAR specialist to help you...
You have been connected to Adam Porhola.
Adam Porhola: Thank you for contacting CLEAR. What product can I activate for you today?
Customer: Just a couple of questions.
Customer: I am moving to Philly in about 6 weeks and currently have Comcast and would like to switch if the services are similar
Customer: Is your home product wireless based?
Adam Porhola: yes it is
Customer: Ok so do provide a wireless router that would have actualy cat 5 ports to run a desktop off of?
Adam Porhola: we can provide that yes
Customer: Ok what kind of speeds do you provide, since it wireless how many waps does the company provide city wide and what kindof backbone are you running off of?
Adam Porhola: we are our own service, commcast actually uses our 4g network, and our basic service starts at 1mbps and the fastest with 6mbps with spikes from 15-25
Customer: ok how do you hand speed issues on shared wirless equipment I suppose might be a better question
Customer: If I'm in an area with only 1 or 2 access points and here are 100 people on the service that could present issue
Adam Porhola: its wireless so every signal is its own signal being sent
Adam Porhola: and received
Customer: Right, but a access point device can only handle so many signals at once. That and distance from your hardware will greatly effect my performance
Customer: So I'm trying to find out what clear has installed city wide at the moment. I had an extremely bad experiece with earthlink's wireless service when I live in west Philly
Customer: Also come to think of it does your company provide a free trial to ensure good performance in my particular area?
Adam Porhola: we are on 2.5 - 2.6 frequency level, which no other company has. we own the rights to it
Customer: Right but still that does really answer the question of load on current devices in play. Frequency range is an issue of "noise" and really has been an issue since 900mhz range was popular
Customer: So long story short.
Customer: What backbone speeds does clear have (not what I may get)
Customer: How many devices are in play or how many customers in a particular area would work I suppose
Customer: Is there a free trial to make sure this will work where I am at
Adam Porhola: our true speed is 6mbps
Adam Porhola: there isn't a free trial rather 7 day return policy
Customer: Ok Adam. I am not sure I am explaining what I need to know well enough.
Customer: Your backbone is clear's total bandwidth capacity. So if you were 6 mbps and had 12 customers each person would on average get about. 5 mbps. So I am mor curios to see if you are a oc3 line or something.
Customer: The next question is see how many people are sharing that piece of pie as it were
Customer: As for the 7 day return policy. Does this mean I can send the item back and no cost to me if it doesn't work well?
Adam Porhola: yes it does
Customer: Ok what about the other questions. I may truly hate comcast, but at least I know what I am getting and there capacity level. I would like to switch to FiOS which won't be avaiable for some time. So I am considering using your company instead. But as of now I have spent about 20 minutes on this chat and outside of a 7 day return policy I haven't had any questions answered.
Adam Porhola: commcast and Sprint
Customer: Do you have access to the information that I need to make an informed descision?
Customer: Are you still there Adam?
Adam Porhola: yes
Adam Porhola: yes
Adam Porhola: just missed some of your questions sorry
Customer: That's ok Adam. In your absence I did a little research on your company. And found a fair amount of complaints and a class action law suit on your service filed. That being known and the unsatisfactory result of this chat. I will be opting not to use your service. And as I high level IT professional I will be sure to recommend against your service as well. thank you good night

I don't reall blame Adam, I am sure he is no really used to dealing with IT people and he seemed willfully under trained.

At the end of the day I wasted half an hour of time for no new information. And what I did see seemed like low end service. 1mbps is slower then most DSLs that can be purchased for $15-25 a month and it's a wireless service lending itself to a host of performance and configuration issues.

In summation, sometimes it might be better the devil know. And that's my 3 cents.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-11-12:
Clear is wireless based using a technology called WiMAX. It uses transmission towers that can radiate a signal for about 35 miles. They do not use "access points" as most people understand them. I'm doing a master's degree in network and communications management with a concentration on wireless technologies. I would not use WiMAX yet, it seems to have many issues that are not yet resolved.
Posted by Ann on 2011-07-26:
Internet at home, at work, at lunch and at the park???!! Too good to be true.

Clear's maps say they have wide coverage. I do not find coverage in my map approved locations.

Clear says they have no cancellation fee, but beware, they have a restocking fee which canceling customers will all have to pay.

I am paying for something I can't use!
Posted by Cindy on 2012-05-04:
Make sure you fully understand what is to take place prior to agreeing to have service provided. Somewhere from the middle of last year to present, the service provider has duped a number of consumers into believing they have a month to month service which turns out to be a two year contract without the consumers knowledge. While the consumer believes they are in agreement to have monthly services provided, DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND CHECK TO MAKE SURE YOU AREN'T IN A CONTRACT or a disonnection fee will be applied.
Posted by Nancyanne on 2012-05-04:
I pray they take a look at their business practices and change they way they function. May God bless them to run a respectable business.
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Do not sign up for Clear.com
Posted by Larose on 11/30/2009
KIRKLAND, WA 98033 -- I switched to Clear.com from a major southeastern telephone services provider in order to save money on my telephone and Internet bill. However, I quickly learned that cheaper certainly isn’t better and can actually cost you more. Clear.com has a number of issues with their product/services and unfortunately, once you sign up with them, you are locked into a 2-year agreement.

There are numerous issues with Clear.com:
1) In order to have multiple telephone lines using one phone number, you will have to purchase additional modems and telephone adapters, which are roughly $50 per set.
2) While the router has two telephone ports, you cannot access it. (Quoting a Clear Rep: "Clear does not and absolutely cannot activate the 2nd port").
3) God forbid you have a security alarm system...you will either have to purchase another $50 set (modem and router) or contact your local telephone service provider for a basis line.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-11-30:
WiMAX is just too new a technology for me to subscribe to it. It sounds like the security system you have works on the same frequency as the router and is interfering with the transmissions. You should always know if multiple devices will be operating on the same frequency.
Posted by dan gordon on 2009-11-30:
I had the same concern after joining. If you buy cordless phones you can have 5 or 6 phones working off one jack. That would save you some hassle. The security alarm is another issue. There is a way to run this thru your existing wiring system and use existing jacks. Call and only talk to a wireless specialist. When you go thru all the prompts you still won't get a dedicated phone person unless you ask. Its a hassle but I'm happy with the service but customer service is a major hassle.
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Excellent Service
Posted by Egreenz.rp1 on 01/29/2013
I've had this six months with no problem - I live in an area that was
indicated to receive very good reception.

Yesterday after an ice storm I couldn't connect to internet. Called
tech support and got an EXTREMELY patient and kind representative (I'm a tech-phobic illiterate) who walked me through the steps to fix it, and was soon back on line. I am very impressed and well satisfied.
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Stay Clear of Clear
Posted by Edmonk666 on 12/19/2012
Had to cancel by credit card to stop unauthorized fees-end of contract in Feb-Thank God
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Clear Billing Is Anything but Clear
Posted by Taxx on 09/03/2012
DFW, TEXAS -- I am a clear.com customer as of 2012. I will not dwell on speed or connection issues as they are well documented. I want to inform the prospective clear customer what to expect with clear account billing. Clear does not provide a paper bill, you will rely on an online invoice. Once your payment is received by Clear it will not appear on your invoice until 31 days after you have paid. Even the phone reps will tell you to view your account at clear.com but they are unaware that payments are not posted until a month later.

Your account will show $0.00 for the month you have paid until the following payment is made for the next month, and then, only the previous month's payment is posted. The phone reps agree this is very confusing but are at a loss to explain it. I mention this because it indicates yet another suspicious and serious business flaw within the clear.com model. It does not meet the standards of U.S. regulations.

Another thing you should know is if you cancel, or have a pause in payment you will not be able to log in to view your account. I am currently disputing a rebate-reward card issuance based on my payment history which I can no longer access..If you insist on dealing with this clear.com be very careful. Treat it as an offshore company. use a credit card rather than your bank account number, at least you have some protection that way... buyer beware ...
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From good to bad and beyond
Posted by Ratari on 05/08/2012
HIGH POINT, NORTH CAROLINA -- When I first heard about Clearwire I thought to myself, "wow, just plug in the modem at home and you're good to go" So I tried it. Having been on dial up for many years this was a vast improvement. Surfing the the web and checking email was much faster and everything went fairly smooth for about a year. Then it all went horribly wrong. The service became so erratic that I never knew when my internet would cut out on me and when it would come back. They sent me a new modem and for a while all was well. Then it was back to erratic service. I was told the towers were being upgraded. Sometimes the recorded message on phone told me that my modem had been successfully "pinged"(whatever that means), which was funny because I did not have the modem on. Every call became the same. They would test my modem, tell me to unplug it and plug it back in and suggest I move the modem around to find a good spot. Long story short, Nothing gets solved. Lately I can usually get my email but I can forget about reliable video streaming. Sometimes it works, mostly not. Today I was on the phone again and somehow they managed to speed up my download speed a little and only for a while. Back to the same problems. Now I have decided to look for a new carrier.
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Returned Equipment
Posted by Clynnm2925 on 02/10/2012
HYATTSVILLE, MARYLAND -- I signed up for Clear services on Jan 11th 2012, I wasn't able too get service so I canceled the service the very next day and returned the equipment. Once I returned the equipment I expected a full refund since that was stated on the receipt.. I paid cash for the equipment and expected a cash refund back.. After getting the run around I was told that the retail store couldn't credit cash refunds and I would be mailed a check. I received the check a couple days ago and it was only half the amount that I was owed. So I called Clear and they told me that the have yet too receive the equipment. It has been a month and I am still trying too get my full refund..

Cheryl Martin
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Posted by CrystalSword on 2012-02-10:
anything I return via mail...
I get delivery confirmation on, well worth the $1
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Posted by Joyotno on 01/17/2012
IRVING, TEXAS -- Do not use this service deceptive business practice. I have this service for over an year with three device but never really used it. I paid 120/ month about 11 month for nothing. when I wanted to canclel they said I have to pay a ETF which is BS the only reason I sing up with them when representative told me there is no termination fee. the internet do not work and their customer service sucks frankly use something else. do not get Clear the worst possible service ever
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Horrible Customer Service
Posted by Roccorodriguez196657 on 11/02/2011
DALLAS, TEXAS -- The reason why I called customer service was because I had cancelled my debit card and was ready to give them my new number for monthly deductions. The representative does not listen, could not comprehend, big language barrier, and the worst part about everything, felt like I was talking to the wall. The representative, after 40 minutes on the line, advises me to call Dell to update network.

The worst customer service ever. I can't wait till March 2012!!!!
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Posted by Alain on 2011-11-04:
Seems like I've been seeing a lot of complaints about Clear lately. Make a quick complaint to http://www.oag.state.tx.us/consumer/index.shtml http://www.fcc.gov/complaints and http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/index.shtml along with taking your business elsewhere.
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Clear.com Gone MAD!!!
Posted by Fbp on 10/01/2011

I used Clear Wireless for a while earlier this year. The service was spotty at best and did not work in my home. I worked with them diligently to get the technology to work, but ultimately it was unreliable.

I was told that to terminate all I had to was not pay the bill and everything would automatically cancel. To be polite I called to terminate the service. The customer service system was a mess. It took scores of calls and hours on hold to get through. Then the language barrier and a sort of denseness... Their customer service folks were unable to terminate the service. After many calls, I managed to get the point across that I do not want the service. Then they stated up again with the daily phone callse; morning, nooon and night! Each time answered their call I'd spend the best part of an hour, mostly on hold and of course had to give phone numbers and such over and over. When they finally got that I wanted to cancel the service they seemed to take the information and apparently “lost it”, as they continued the service and continued to call.

After I asked them to cancel the service many times, I stopped paying. They continued the service. Clear Wireless has continued to contact me to “restart the service”. I have responded with many very direct instructions that I do not want the service, it does not work for me and to stop calling. They have persisted.

I spoke with them this week several more times and they now claim their harassing calls to "restart the service" are due to a need for an early termination fee. I contacted the folks that set me up with the service initially, who first said that there was no early termination fee and they said again that there was no early termination fee. I reported this to Clear and they persisted in their claims and demands. I asked for a copy of the contract that stated there was an early termination fee. They denied having any such contract and then demanded the money.

I offered that they could take me to small claims court, I could file a complaint for harassment or bring to the attention of their upper management what they are doing. They declined these options, refused to allow me to talk to a supervisor and then mindlessly demanded money. I insisted that they put me on their don’t call list and stop calling me.

They have continued to call, looking to sell me their service, restart their service or whatever they claim next. Their ongoing harassment is unacceptable.

Please register my complaint and feel free to contact me for more information. I have kept a log of many of the calls.


- Rick Peralta

P.S. I was once their advocate. Researched their technology, wrote complimentary online reviews, worked patiently with their buggy WEB site and well meaning, but ineffective customer service and even looked at and posted about re-engineering the technology to work better.

Update: I asked that they put me on their DO NOT CALL list again and they agreed... since then they have called repeatedly; pushing for me to reinstate the service.

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Posted by Alain on 2011-10-02:
You may want to get an attorney involved with this since your credit rating could be at risk. I used the keywords "clear.com complaints" (using a Bing search & Goggle) and found a number of complaints about this company on this and other websites. Not a sparkling record.
Posted by At Your Service on 2011-10-02:
You're on the right line of thought fbp. There are two laws which are there to protect you in just a scenario; the Fair Debt Collections Act and the Fair Debt Reporting Act. In a nutshell, you'll want to place what you've stated here, inferring to the lack of contact, in writing. You then tell them again, in writing, that you DISPUTE ANY DEBT AND REQUIRE THEM TO CEASE ALL FURTHER COMMUNICATION WITH YOU. Send the letter to them certified so you then have proof of mailing.

They are then required to cease communication with you unless they wish to file in court for the repayment of the debt. Per the Fair Debt Reporting Act, any debt they report to credit reporting agencies must be stipulated as DISPUTED. You are then able to follow through with these reporting agencies to have such false reports removed from your credit report.

Hope this helps.
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