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Clear is getting foggier and foggier...
Posted by on
Unlike some that I have read, I was able to wrangle a six month contract from their services representative (at least that's what we agreed to having). I've now had the service for 3 months and each week I'm more and more dissatisfied with the speeds. I do a lot of late night online gaming, downloading and watching shows and talking via IM's to friends. The service started out fine, but month by month the signal speed seems to be dropping. the onscreen bars show full, but no internet signal is actually found and of this date rest assured that my signal cuts out or is dropped on average 10 times the first hour so that I now have to 'warm-up' the signal before I actually do anything to avoid the risk of being dropped during a crucial part of a game. Many non-gamers out there could easily deride my issues with need for a fast signal, but when the items you are 'playing' with have taken you weeks to months to attain and are destroyed or dropped during a few seconds of signal loss yet, well to say it nicely - I'm livid and feeling more than a bit angry that this service has lied about its actual abilities. I bought this service mainly for the sheer intent of gaming, but it's far too unreliable. My roommate also considered purchasing it as well, but now he's not touching it and going with another provider.

I'm writing this now seething as my latest game effort was for the 4th time ruined by a disconnect from CLEAR. I lost a lot of gear and it will take me weeks to restore what was lost as the computer image locked then registered a login screen with a subwindow telling me - 'connection unplugged' yet again. My signal worsens now linearly and I thought it was just me looking at an errant pattern, but I've read of many other cases having the same experience -what gives??!!
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Weedwhacked on 2010-04-26:
Satellite internet providers enforce what they call "Fair Access Policy" which limits the amount of bandwidth you can download each day sincce it is on a shared connection. I'm not sure but maybe Clear has some type of policy like the satellite providers. You should ask them.
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Don't Sign Up with Clearwire Internet Service - It's Highway Robbery
Posted by on
My daughter was in college at the University of Hawaii and in February, 2009 she needed internet service. She called Clearwire over the phone and asked me to call them also to check it out. (I live in Oklahoma) I did call and I talked to them about their service, etc. At that time, they needed my credit card number to start the service. I agreed for them to charge my credit card monthly for this service for my daughter while she finished the semester.

Once my daughter had the service for about three months she got a new roommate that had service with another carrier and she did not need Clearwire anymore. She called Clearwire to inform them she needed to cancel. At that time, they told her it would be a fee of $250 to stop the service because she had a TWO YEAR CONTRACT! That was the first time we had ever heard such a thing from them and WE BOTH TALKED to Clearwire customer service before signing up with them. NEVER did they say anything about a contract and I have NEVER heard of an internet service having contracts, let alone not telling you about it!

Even after she returned the modem and moved back to Oklahoma (Clearwire is not in Okla) they kept billing my credit card. I was paying for service we did not even have and it was a nightmare because you are at their mercy once they get your credit card number! I talked to customer service time and time again and they finally said they would not charge my credit card anymore. Then I got my last bill last week and they had charged my account with a $185 cancellation fee even though they said they did not charge anything more! So it cost me $488.45 for three months of internet service for my daughter. This company takes advantage of young college students and parents by not revealing all of their policies at the time you sign up. They are crooks and their name should be called "HIGHWAY ROBBERY CLEARWIRE INTERNET SERVICE". Consumers please beware of this internet provider and I would never sign up with them........I am just praying that next month they won't have more charges on my account. I have also contacted the Better Business Bureau and have a complaint filed with them on this scam-er business.
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Anonymous on 2009-10-15:
Why go through all the hassle of messing with Clearwater? Why not just contact your card service and dispute the charge?
Anonymous on 2009-10-15:
You never heard of any internet service having a contract? You're in the dark buddy. Once they have you they don't want to let go. All internet services have contracts just like cell phone contracts. You just need to pay more attention when you start any kind of service.
Anonymous on 2009-10-15:
Just, I have had Charter internet, not contract. I currently have DSL, no contract....
Anonymous on 2009-10-15:
DSL with no contract? From whom? I really hope Clearwire isn't that bad, I just applied for a job with them.
Anonymous on 2009-10-15:
I use At&T (Bellsouth) for my DSL. No contract. Just month to month. When I had cable internet with Charter, I also had no contract. Just month to month.
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Don't Get Clearwire! Its a Lie!
Posted by on
I saw the commercial many times saying 'fast High Speed internet" and I thought to check them out and go to the mall where that have a little stand and inquire about It. From how the lady described It It was as tho This was the #1 Internet In the world So I signed up. As soon as I got home I plugged It In and I had the Crappiest connection possible I had 5,276 lat ms and I had five bars. Called up the Hotline and Its as tho they know nothing all they say Is " move the modem" and that doesn't do anything. There online support Is just as bad If not worse. So far I've had Clearwire For almost 6 months and Its the biggest Lie in the World. I play a Online Role Playing Game and Half the time I can't logg on. I get Disconnected Or My connection is so badly it takes Twice the time for me to cast a spell or do a certain ability. And With It being a Online game Its not fun getting killed because your connection is so bad you can't do anything back. With regular Surfing of the web Its the same to watch a 20second vid on youtube It needs to buffer a ton of times and it takes more than a minute Just to watch a short thing like that. Clearwire says that they never have "down" times and that's all I get. Most of the time its off-line for 2-3 hours at a time. And the connection speed is always changing, even If you have the modem in the same area It will change from good to bad. And Talk on the phone with there support Is #1 I need to wait for ever, and #2 when I finally get a hold of someone they give me an attitude like its not working because of me and I did something to it. They will say in a sarcastic tone "oh well did you touch it to make it that way?" or "Don't raise your voice, while talking to me sir" when I'm talking normally. Plus they have hung up on my numerous times for no reason. They'll say "well sir that's your problem you did something to it and we can't help you" and they'll hang up. Overall Do not get this service I don't want anyone to go through what this service puts me and many other people to. What I say is where paying for it it should be a good connection all the time not only when the modem or what ever feels like it. were paying for the internet to be up only 5% of the time and all the rest is a crappy connection. So please don't get this service they are a lie. And they should be sued for ripping of everyone what there false statements on There "fast and Reliable" internet. -nathan
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Anonymous on 2009-09-24:
Is it cable, ISDN, DSL, what?
Hugh_Jorgen on 2009-09-24:
LadyScot - it's "wi-max", the newest version of wi-fi with a range of miles instead of feet. They are new in my town and are advertising 6MB speeds at home and mobile for $55/mo.

It sounds good, but I have seen many reports like this one that the actual service falls short and they absolutely will not let you out of their contract.

They have been blanketing me with junk mail for months now to get me to switch. I called and asked if they would offer a no-obligation trial to see if it worked in my part of town - they declined. So I will stick with DSL for now.
Anonymous on 2009-09-24:
Clearwire uses a newer technology called WiMAX. It has a wireless range of about 35 miles. I know of it because I'm almost done with a master's in networks and communications management (concentration on wireless technologies). This is just too new a technology for me to consider subscribing to it.
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Clearwire's cancellation policy should change!
Posted by on
Unlike other people, I have been able to get a "decent" signal (2/5), but, like others, I have never been able to surf the internet anywhere near the advertised speed.

Because of Clearwire WiMax not being reliable (disconnects, particular about the placement of the modem, which renders a spot in my living room an eyesore) I am now considering the switch to traditional internet providers.

I forked over the activation fee in favor of signing a contract, wanting to test out the new service without committing myself. I am glad I did not sign a contract, as, having in theory "paid" for the privilege, I can now cancel whenever I want.

I found out what canceling would entail, and the road is almost deceptive.

In order to cancel, your "rented" modem must be shipped and received by Clearwire's warehouse. Now, there's no problem with a company wanting to reclaim their equipment. However, I consider it a mean policy towards customers when Clearwire charges customers for services paid for, but rendered unavailable. What do I mean by this? Let me attempt an explanation.

In the first place, when you ship the equipment, you can no longer make use of the internet service that were promptly charged you a month prior for this simple reason: no modem, no service. So, during the modem’s journey to Clearwire’s warehouse, you, the customer, are without the service for which you paid.

If, for some unfortunate reason, you did not allow enough time to ship the modem and your billing date comes around without the equipment being received by the warehouse, you will indeed be automatically billed again. As long as the equipment is not received by the warehouse once you initiated a cancellation request, your account is not considered cancelled.

What does this entail?

It will be an interesting road ahead for a customer who wants only to go through a simple cancellation process. If you choose the first situation and mail back the equipment, setting aside such a time as would ensure its arrival before the billing date you would have been cheated out of the service for which you have paid during that time. A recommendation given by a Clearwire representative is 7 to 14 days prior to the billing date: Given the fact that there are at most 31 days in a month of billable service, this certainly makes up a significant portion of that period!

If, on the other hand, you have good faith in your shipping agency but the very same entity failed in your expectation, you would be automatically billed again for a service that, in the act of shipping the equipment, you expressed full commitment in canceling.

But what about simply returning it to a Clearwire store?

I inquired the very same. The answer? It matters not. Clearwire Store is not Clearwire Warehouse. Returning to the Store might simply cause a delay, as the Store would then, on its own time and schedule, forward your equipment to the Warehouse. As I have noted, your account is considered active and billable as long as the Warehouse have not received your equipment.


That’s right, and I’ll admit this much in favor of the company. If Clearwire’s Warehouse received the equipment within seven days after having billed you, they will issue you a refund.

Well, if I get a refund, what then is really the issue here?

I don’t know, but I’d rather not place friendly calls to Clearwire to remind them to give me a refund when the charge should not have been made in the first place! I’d rather not be unfairly treated if I should choose to mail in the equipment before the billing date. In fact, I’d rather not be so shocked by this cancellation process that I felt compelled to write this review.

But life sometimes doesn’t float the same boat. That’s my 3 cents on this matter.

(If I have spoken ill and false, I should be embarrassed if I don’t correct myself immediately in some form or other)

Update: 07.08.09
When new customers are signing up for Clear, they have no choice but to buy the modem in whole and pay activation fee if they don't want a contract. On the other hand, signing a contract for 2 years will waive activation fee and allow the customer to rent the modem versus buying the equipment. So, my complaint in part is no longer valid with regards to customers who decided to buy the equipment and pay the activation fee without signing a contract, since the modem is no longer property the of the company.

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Clearwire Internet Service Sucks
Posted by on
CLYDE, TEXAS -- Most people by now have heard of Clearwire and their "simple, affordable, portable alternative
to cable or DSL". As a past AT&T DSL and Suddenlink Cable user, in my personal experience and opinion Clearwire does not constitute as an "alternative".

The Clearwire Internet Service concept is based on the ability to place a modem that receives a wireless signal anywhere in your home and allow you to connect to the internet at High Speeds (up to 1.5mbps).

The first problem that I ever encountered with Clearwire was that the modem realistically couldn't be just "anywhere" in my home. It had to be turned a certain way, tweaked within a window pointing towards their tower. All this has to be done in order to acquire even a mediocre signal if you aren't within extremely close range of their towers (assume a 3 mile radius).

If you can house your modem within a window relatively close-by to your computer, you're alright and won't have any problems with this. However, the "mobility" factor goes right out the window.

The second and EXTREMELY frustrating problem I encountered with Clearwire was the reliability of its service. Clearwire works well-enough at 3:00am so long as it isn't, cloudy, raining, snowing, foggy or anything other than quite clear weather conditions. The service seems to constantly be interrupted, if only for mere seconds... but completely severing your connection to the internet here and there consistently.

I assume this could be due to the "wireless" technology, maybe sometimes packets just get dropped completely and cause the service to timeout during that one trip. Whatever the case may be, it causes infuriating headaches if it doesn't reestablish connection while trying to download something.

The third problem I encountered with Clearwire was that I never touched even CLOSE to 1.5mbps in download speeds. Just now at 7:20pm CST on a Wednesday night I did a speed test (at and my download was 179 kb/s. 5 minutes later at 7:25pm the download was 1108 kb/s. Finally another 5 minutes later at 7:30pm it was 306 kb/s.

Download speed fluctuation is normal with all ISPs but 200kb and 300kb is far short from 1500 (1.5mbps). And its a regular thing to notice such vast differences in speed.

The final and probably most ANNOYING thing about Clearwire service is the unbelievably long and regularly fluctuating Latency. The latency can go from 78ms to 2000ms and higher and timeout completely. Effectively rendering online gaming and video streaming nearly impossible.

For those of you that don't know, latency is the time it takes for data to go from your computer to the next hop. An example would be, my speedtest, FT. Worth, TX is the closest to me at about 135 miles. My first and SLOWEST speedtest had a 56ms ping. Meaning it took a fraction of a second (1/19th roughly) for data to go from my computer to ft worth. The second and highest download speed had a 376ms ping (roughly the same ping time of Dial-Up). And the last time the ping was 94ms.

As you might've guessed, because the data transfers at different speeds at so many differing intervals so many times... something that requires a consistent connection like online gaming or streaming is nearly impossible without serious spikes of lag if not complete temporary disconnections from the server.

That's merely the technical problems I encountered with Clearwire. The incompetence of their Customer and Technical Service staff is beyond comparison. Never, in all my life have I dealt with people that didn't care less or didn't know less than these people.

I composed a log within a months time of the times I experienced elongated downtime and required me to restart my modem and / or wait for service to come back up. In a 30 day period the service was down at least 15 minutes 11 times. When I brought this to the attention of their Customer Service department, after numerous complains and new contacts, I received a $5.00 credit for the month.

The HIGHEST speed Clearwire offers is 1.5mbps at $45.00 per month. Cable Internet at roughly 5mbps is around $35.00 per month (in my area). If ANY other internet service provider is available in your area... I STRONGLY suggest, no I implore you to go with a different provider than Clearwire.

Sadly, I live in a Rural area and other than Dial-up there is only Clearwire. But I will rejoice the day DSL finally inches its way to my house because I'll rip up the contract and cancel my credit card and tell Clearwire to send me a Bill.


For those of you wondering, I have cancelled service with Clearwire 2 different times already because of their incomparbly dismal service. But because I have had no alternative at all, I was forced to sign back up to use the internet. Make note that I am MOST dissatisfied with their service on EVERY level and hope every day that another provider becomes available.
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Andy D on 2010-03-08:
I talked to a Clearwire salesman and he told me for reliable service you have to be within a mile of the tower. I have also experienced the "mobile" problem, yes you do have to put the modem where it gets a good signal. I liken this to rabbit ear antennas on a TV, yes you have to adjust the location to make it work. The mobile card in the computer definitely can be frustrating although they have started selling a hotspot device which should allow you to put the mobile modem where it works and let it transmit to your computer. I use a USB extension cable when I use the mobile modem and move the modem near the window and it works fine then, it's a hassle yes but it does work. I disagree with the price concerns Clearwire for what they offer is my best alternative. I had DSL and the phone companys are masters at cheap leadin pricing for anything reasonably fast the price goes up. The cheapest DSL they advertise all over is so slow it can't stream video even at the lowest quality.
PepperElf on 2010-03-08:
my boyfriend's family tried it for a week
the bandwidth advertised and what they really seemed to have available weren't the same.

so yeah, they got rid of it within a week
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This service is exceptionally poor!
Posted by on
ORMOND BEACH, FLORIDA -- In Jan. 2006, we spoke with a Clearwire representative about installing their service. For slightly less than Brighthouse cable highspeed internet, Clearwire was advertising a wireless internet. It broadcasts a signal from a cell phone tower so your computer can hook up anywhere. Great! We gave our address and received a date for the technician to come out.
When he arrived, we were just moving in. He hooked up the "wireless box" that must connect from the wall to the computer, and a receiver, which also needs to be plugged in. Remember this, it's important later.
Everything seems in order and the technician is pleased. So, he leaves. And the problems start.
Everyday Clearwire drops it's signal. It seems to vary from only a few seconds, to hours. When it's hours, I call Clearwire.
They always say it's me. I need to reboot and drop my current I.P. info and renew it. And this usually fixes it.
Finally, three months into this, the gaps are coming way too often, so I request another technician to come out.
The next guy comes right in the door with, "you don't have a southeastern window in your apartment. No wonder you're not keeping a signal." He fiddles with the devices. Everything has been fine all along, except NOT having an unobstructed path to the tower! The first technician never mentioned the problem, and the only solution the new technician could think of was to put the receiver on the porch facing west.
We tried this too, but there's no plug out there so the door would always be open a crack to allow for the extension cord. As well, it only helped but did not cure the dropped signals.
In conclusion, DO NOT GET CLEARWIRE, unless a. you are within 15 miles of the tower and b. have a direct, unobstructed path to the tower. Needless to say, we now have Brighthouse and are very pleased.
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User Replies:

beanbagbritches on 2006-08-03:
It just goes to show you, cheaper isn't always better!
I_Stuart on 2006-08-29:
Clearwire is poor indeed. I cancelled my service because that I was moving outside of their service area, and boy am I lucky that I decided to do it before September 1st. Until 9/1/06, if you move out of their service and show proof of this, you can avoid the $180 early cancellation fee.

But according to the local Clearwire store, Clearwire will be changing its contract with its customers (apparently whatever their customers originally agreed to is meaningless, as they can change it whenever they want without your consent). The new contract will state that even if you move they will still nail you with that $180 fee.

I happened to be in the store and overheard a complaint from a local guy who might be deployed to Iraq in a few months. Too bad, said Clearwire, they're going to slap him with a going-to-war gift in the form of a $180 fee.

Do yourself a favor and don't sign up with a company that acts like the mob and treats its customers like people who owe them protection money.
fbird82 on 2006-09-11:
I've had Clearwire since about November last year and have been happy with it until two weeks ago. I started getting severe signal degradation and frequent disconnects. I used to be able to maintain 3-5 bars on the signal indicators, but now I'm lucky if I can keep it at 2 bars. I submitted a trouble ticket and received an e-mail to call their Tech Support. I did this and explained my problem and that I tried various things like re-locating the modem, plugging and unplugging the modem and I even tried reinstalling my network card drivers, just in case. Nothing seemed to work. Anyway, they said they would escalate my case and have a local representative come out and troubleshoot it within 48 hours. Well, that's been a week and nobody has shown up to look at it, or even called me to see if it's working or not. And what's worse, I got an e-mail today saying the case was closed. What gives? How can they close a case when they never even made the effort to make it right? Since I've had the service for almost a year, I would probably have to pay the cancellation fee, plus in my area, there are no other alternaives. So, I guess I'm stuck with them until my contract is up. By the way, I only live less than 2 miles from the signal tower! Even with a few trees and buildings in the way I should be able to maintain at least 3 bars. At the moment I am getting 2 bars after I moved the modem over about 4 feet and up about a foot. If I put it back in its original tech-installed location, it completely disconnects. Since this has happened, I would not recommend this service due to poor customer service. It seems like as long as they get their monthly fee, it doesn't matter if you are happy or not.
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Service Improved but Customer Service Is Still Awful
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
BELLEVUE, ILLINOIS -- I have been a Clear customer off and on for the past 4 years and I have had service issues with them in the past which were resolved just by moving closer to a better service area but their customer service is AWFUL.

Every time I call I end up speaking to a rude, obviously Indian representative that barely can be polite and something simple as cancelling an account becomes a long drawn out process.

Here is a synposis of the interaction:

"I'm so sorry that you wish to cancel your service because you are moving. Can I have your new address so I can check to see if you would have coverage and be able to keep your service?"

"No, I do not want to transfer my service to my new address. I already checked and you do not have coverage in that area"

"But your service is like with a cellphone, you can take it with you when you go and it should be able to connect, we can give you a 50% discount if you want to try this..."

"No, it is not I've already gone through this before, JUST CANCEL MY SERVICE"

At the end of it took them about 30 minutes to cancel my service after putting me on hold and transferring me multiple times (which I think was another trick). Unbelievable.
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HORRIBLE! Customer Service
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- Clearwire is awful! The customer service is like talking to a computer. They all have accents and follow a script so well that if you stop them and ask a question they will pause and just pick right back up were they left off.

I spent 2 1/2 hours on the phone and got no answers. Also don't get the Hot spot it does not work when traveling or outside of a 10 mile radius of our home. We wasted so much money and received practically nothing. The internet is slow and horrible as well. Oh and lets not forget, they like to lie A LOT!

One representative will say no you don't have an extra charge for this and the next will say we must charge you for this then a manager will say we can't then the next manager will say we can etc etc. It's almost as if they say whatever just to get you off the phone then do what they had already planned. I would not recommend Clearwire.
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Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
SALEM, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- Clearwire is is awful in every regard. I'm currently on the phone with them trying to cancel and they won't let me because everything "looks good on their end." That's nice except it has "worked" inconsistently on my end for the past 18 months. Most of the time it doesn't work at all. The only reason I haven't called sooner is because of what is happening now: I've been on the phone for almost 2 hours and three different departments and am not close to a resolution. What a waste of time and money. Stay away!
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michael on 2013-01-16:
been THEARE done that and let them keep the tee shirt CLEAR
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If You Want a Good Service Go to Att, Sprint Anything Besides Clearwire
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- Keep your receipts if your using Clearwire - since when do you pay contract fees when you don't sign a contract. This company states that you are not under a contract but charge you contract fees, say if you loose your device or your device was stolen. The company is not worth the money, there is no uniform pricing available they (the stores and the customer service department) charge what they want to and then don't keep a record of it but it comes out of your charge account and you have a record of the charges but the company can't explain why you were charged. On their receipts there is no cancellation policy nor refund policy.
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User Replies:

Alain on 2012-06-24:
Keeping documentation and records when dealing with any company is an excellent idea. Particularly if that company has a reputation for being dishonest.
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