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Look out DFW
Posted by Wolf1 on 01/09/2010
Look out DFW. Clear is advertising this wonderful service. I purchased 2 mobile cards on 12/20 and was looking forward to it as only $55.00 per month.

My office showed the best coverage on there map (tollway & Frankford area)
I could barely get a signal outside let alone in my office. I canceled the service the next day.

That is where the fiasco begins. I purchased at Best Buy but you cannot take it back to them. All of the items have to be sent via UPS to Clear which I did and they signed for on 12/29/09
Clear did give me a full credit on my AMEX. Since then I have been receiving calls everyday saying my bill is due even though they issued credit and signed for the merchandise.
They say the account is closed but not cancelled and make every excuse in the book. They really suck. They will not even let you read there contract until you agree to it, however you do not even know what you are agreeing to.

Bottom line, the price may be great however the service is so bad it is comical.
i will be contacting the state of Texas attorney general on Monday

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Clearwire Wireless ISP
Posted by Infotainment on 03/24/2007
To us, Clearwire ISP is a duplicitous company.

Last year, Clearwire assured us of excellent high-speed Internet service and lured us into a 2-year contract by promising a free companion airline ticket within the U.S.A (a Clearwire promotion running out in June 2006).

Initially, Internet connections were fairly good, but began to degrade notably soon after. Performance went continually downhill; there are frequent interrruptions; several days a month, the Internet does not work at all. Meanwhile, the connection speed has degraded down to mere dial-up modem speed. We cannot do phone calls over the Internet anymore nor upload pictures to websites and the like. Whenever we call the Clearwire hotline, IF we manage to get hold of a person -, we are told the same old stories: The weather is bad – something is wrong with your PC – check your network cable, and the like. No assistance is given. Written complaints to their web support form are NEVER answered at all. For months now, they promise for someone to come by for troubleshooting – nobody ever comes. And yet, we pay $44 every month, for something we absolutely do not have: High-speed Internet. We simply feel cheated. By doing research in the Internet, we found out that we are not the only ones; others report similar problems and that Clearwire systematically turns down the throttle for existing customers (for example on http://www.techdirt.com/articles/20050325/1128226_F.shtml) in order to accommodate new ones.

Meanwhile, we discovered on Clearwire's own coverage maps, that we actually live outside their coverage areas. However, we were not told this. We were assured everything would work fine. This now proves to be false. When telling Clearwire about this and that we were given wrong information and, on the basis of this, feel justified to get out of the contract, they immediately threatened us by saying we would be "penalized" by having to pay a $300 "modem fee" and another $180 quitting fee. That it is them who lured us into the contract by giving us false promises and wrong information does not bother them at all.

Adding insult to injury, our attempts to claim our promised airline ticket proved unsuccessful: Clearwire referred us to an external company where evidently no one seems to know about this deal. We have tried unsuccessfully, over several months and many times, to obtain this promised ticket (for which we signed the 2-year contract with Clearwire). The whole thing turns out to be bogus. When asking Clearwire about it, they told us in a very arrogant way: "We are an ISP, we do not owe you an airline ticket".

We cannot but warn everybody against Clearwire. We are looking forward to when the contract expires, although here too, they seem to use some nasty tricks with a 60day/30day notice period rule (one for the modem, another for the service) which nobody knows about.
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Posted by MRM on 2007-03-24:
Thank you "Infotainment" for the informative review on Clearwire ISP. And thanks for the warning about this company.
Posted by Phread1 on 2008-08-19:
Well, I just learned that internet terrorism truly begins at home, with Clearwire. The fact that a company that provides such a poor quality of service can be so arrogant as to selectively slow down my connection even more, to punish my family for using the internet, and then threaten to disconnect us if we continue to violate their TOS is beyond belief.
After receiving a threatening email from them telling me I needed to call them IMMEDIATELY, I ended up being on hold for an hour and 45 minutes. Then, they can't tell me specifically what web site(s) or what actions occurred to cause the so called infraction, but if it continues, they can disconnect me and charge an early termination fee. How am I supposed to control what they can’t define? I have 4 teenagers in the house. They are using the internet for all the same sites that every other teenager in America is using it for. Now I have to deal with threats from people acting like the Clearwire internet Nazis, for using a lousy service, that I’m paying for?
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Since Being Taken Over by Sprint Monthly Cost Increasing and Throttling Beginning!
Posted by Jamesolathe on 12/28/2013
OLATHE, KS. 66062 -- Since the Sprint takeover my monthly unlimited 4G Wimax plan is increasing from $45 to $50. Two days ago they started throttling my speed. My download speed has gone from 3.5 to 4.5mb/sec down to 1.5 to 2.5. Not exactly "HIGH SPEED INTERNET SERVICE". Closer to slow "DSL" or even the dreaded "DIAL-UP". More cost less service, what else would you expect from Sprint - not exactly the corporate model for telecommunications success!
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No Upgrades for Mac Mountain Lion
Posted by RGB1800 on 08/30/2013
Well I just got screwed. Upgraded the Mac to mountain lion and was just informed by Clearwire they don't have the the software to support an internet connection for that OS and here's the best, they don't plan on upgrading their technology to support it in the future. And you wonder why they are going under.

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Posted by cmthru on 2013-08-30:
Actually it's not Clearwire but the vendors of the wireless devices needed to use the service. It's up to those vendors to upgrade the software. I suggest that you contact the manufacturer of your device to see if they have newer software.
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Service Improved but Customer Service Is Still Awful
Posted by Codergrrl on 07/10/2013
BELLEVUE, ILLINOIS -- I have been a Clear customer off and on for the past 4 years and I have had service issues with them in the past which were resolved just by moving closer to a better service area but their customer service is AWFUL.

Every time I call I end up speaking to a rude, obviously Indian representative that barely can be polite and something simple as cancelling an account becomes a long drawn out process.

Here is a synposis of the interaction:

"I'm so sorry that you wish to cancel your service because you are moving. Can I have your new address so I can check to see if you would have coverage and be able to keep your service?"

"No, I do not want to transfer my service to my new address. I already checked and you do not have coverage in that area"

"But your service is like with a cellphone, you can take it with you when you go and it should be able to connect, we can give you a 50% discount if you want to try this..."

"No, it is not I've already gone through this before, JUST CANCEL MY SERVICE"

At the end of it took them about 30 minutes to cancel my service after putting me on hold and transferring me multiple times (which I think was another trick). Unbelievable.
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HORRIBLE! Customer Service
Posted by Jayjaynolan on 07/09/2013
NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- Clearwire is awful! The customer service is like talking to a computer. They all have accents and follow a script so well that if you stop them and ask a question they will pause and just pick right back up were they left off.

I spent 2 1/2 hours on the phone and got no answers. Also don't get the Hot spot it does not work when traveling or outside of a 10 mile radius of our home. We wasted so much money and received practically nothing. The internet is slow and horrible as well. Oh and lets not forget, they like to lie A LOT!

One representative will say no you don't have an extra charge for this and the next will say we must charge you for this then a manager will say we can't then the next manager will say we can etc etc. It's almost as if they say whatever just to get you off the phone then do what they had already planned. I would not recommend Clearwire.
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Poor Service Standards
Posted by Deirdre.brock on 02/11/2013
MATHESON, ILLINOIS -- I just had a really bad experience with Clearwire. They were paid twice this month for a single invoice and will not accept proof of the additional payment from my bank by email so I can get credit. They want it by fax. Really? This is 2013. Your company provides internet services??? There is a real disconnect here...I have no idea when I will get credit for the duplicate payment. With service like that, no wonder there's a class action pending against them!
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Stay Away Bad Policy
Posted by Oldjakd on 01/23/2013
LAKE MARY, FLORIDA -- I ordered clear wire over the phone.. When I got my e-mail confirmation the price was way more than I was led to understand.. I called to cancel less that 2 hours later and got some Indian call center.. I cancelled the service.

A day later the bill came out of my checking account even though I cancelled it.. Back to the call center with the middle east accent and given promises (I think) to refund... Do not deal with these people..

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Posted by Susan on 2013-01-23:
Never, ever give your debit card or checking account number to anyone that might have reason (right or wrong) to withdraw money from your account in the future.
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If You Want a Good Service Go to Att, Sprint Anything Besides Clearwire
Posted by Lmcarter128 on 06/22/2012
FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- Keep your receipts if your using Clearwire - since when do you pay contract fees when you don't sign a contract. This company states that you are not under a contract but charge you contract fees, say if you loose your device or your device was stolen. The company is not worth the money, there is no uniform pricing available they (the stores and the customer service department) charge what they want to and then don't keep a record of it but it comes out of your charge account and you have a record of the charges but the company can't explain why you were charged. On their receipts there is no cancellation policy nor refund policy.
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Posted by Alain on 2012-06-24:
Keeping documentation and records when dealing with any company is an excellent idea. Particularly if that company has a reputation for being dishonest.
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Don't Use Clearwire
Posted by Willia on 06/07/2012
I was a Clearwire customer for about a year. We had their 4g internet service and home telephone service. When it worked it was OK but many times the service was down. When I contacted Clear they always said the same thing - adjust your modem, turn your modem a little, find a different spot for your modem. I think the truth is they turn down their transmit power or turn it off to save money. It was normally down on weekends or weekend mornings. It also slowed down if I was downloading a large file (we were to have unlimited data service).

Their technical department was useless and when I called to cancel they were rude. When I cancelled they said I should have called and when I explained that I called many times and just called last week he basically said I was lying. It took about a half hour to get him to finally cancel the service.

Bottom line - use someone else.
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