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Don't Use Clearwire
Posted by Willia on 06/07/2012
I was a Clearwire customer for about a year. We had their 4g internet service and home telephone service. When it worked it was OK but many times the service was down. When I contacted Clear they always said the same thing - adjust your modem, turn your modem a little, find a different spot for your modem. I think the truth is they turn down their transmit power or turn it off to save money. It was normally down on weekends or weekend mornings. It also slowed down if I was downloading a large file (we were to have unlimited data service).

Their technical department was useless and when I called to cancel they were rude. When I cancelled they said I should have called and when I explained that I called many times and just called last week he basically said I was lying. It took about a half hour to get him to finally cancel the service.

Bottom line - use someone else.
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Internet Speed, Tower Congestion and Customer Service
Posted by Tropicalsafari918 on 05/30/2012
JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- Clearwire must be the WORST internet provider I have ever used! I spent $100's to get a better internet speed, but NOPE - they decide to oversell their services to the their towers! BUILD MORE TOWERS IF YOU WANT TO KEEP YOUR CUSTOMERS!!! And for your customer service....train your supervisors better as they have no clue how to deal with customers! I even had a comment from another internet supplier NOT to use Clearwire if you want to watch movies without interruption! And people READ the small print...they are out to catch you! Worst company I have dealt with EVER!!! STAY AWAY FROM CLEAR! THERE IS NOTHING CLEAR ABOUT THEM!!!!!!!!
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Posted by Alain on 2012-06-01:
Your complaint is similar to others both here and on other sites about Clearwire's equipment problems. You can file an official complaint at http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/index.shtml and http://www.fcc.gov/complaints Thanks for your review warning other consumers about this problem!
Posted by PS JOHNSON on 2013-07-23:
I've had problems with my service because I used a debit card, which I asked not be used ongoing
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Clearwire Sucks!!
Posted by Kimrey70 on 04/17/2012
I have had service with Clearwire for over 4 years with very few problems. At the beginning of March I lost service completely for 4 days. Made numerous calls into tech support. All they could tell me was that they were having issues with a tower and that my account would be credited for my time loss. I work from home so for 4 days I was unable to work. On April 1st when they debited the payment out of my account they took they whole amount, no credit had been issued for the 4 days in March that I was without service. In the first part of April I lost service for 5 days after numerous calls into tech support with no help. At that time they told me my account would be credited for my time lost and my time lost in March. A whole $10 credit for 9 days of lost service!! I decided it was time for me to look for another internet provider. After going with another company I called to cancel my service on the 16th of April only to be informed that they couldn't cancel my service until the end of the month because it was a prepaid and all the money that was supposed to be credited to me and my partial month of service wouldn't be refunded to me because I was canceling my service with them. I am on the phone now with account services going back and forth with a lady that won’t disclose her name to me about refunding my money. After telling her 5 times that I want to speak to a supervisor she has me on hold once again. So far the calls been 45 min long and I'm no better off than what I was before I called. Take my advice YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. IF PAYING A LITTLE MORE MEANS BETTER SERVICE DO SO!! Don’t waste your time with this company!!
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Clearwire Has the Worst Customer Service, Save Yourself the Headaches and Choose Another Wireless Company
Posted by Sweetlife on 04/06/2012
Clear has the worst customer service that I have ever experienced. I have even gone into a Clear store who told me they had never seen such horrible customer service than from Clear. I have spent countless hours on the phone to only be disconnected or spend hours doing the same trouble shooting that I did the last time I called. They are horrible. Save yourself a lot of grief and choose another company!
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Posted by Sharla Mane on 2012-04-07:
What seems to be the problem here. . . ?
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CLEARWIRE - CLEAR - Clearly not the Friday Night Special
Posted by Cindy11 on 03/16/2012
MOSCOW, IDAHO -- We purchased Clearwire service as a backup wireless internet service and have used it for 7 years.

Occasionally we have had problems with Clearwire, but for the most part -- happy with it.

Several months ago, our service went out. After plugging, unplugging and checking everything; Clearwire sent us a new modem.

Again, on a Friday night, last Friday night to be specific...4 lights are on the modem, but "you can't connect to the internet." After exhaustive calls to the tech center; one of them decided it was our modem again and sent us a new one.

It worked.

One week later it's Friday night again and we have 5 lights on our new refurbished modem and "you can't connect to the internet."

After contacting tech support via live chat -- I politely and firmly disconnected.

Apparently Clearwire wireless can't fix their problems and I need to find a reliable service that I can use for a backup internet service.

That's my Clearwire story. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?
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Posted by LindaT on 2012-03-21:
Also have clearwire in moscow. My experiience over the last two weeks have been identical. Quit connecting two Fridays ago. Started working at end of weekend. Friday comes around it quits again. Call the customer service after a long time on the phone -- boot -reboot -ipconcig -etc then I am told there is a problem with my computer and I need to cal Microsoft. The next day it connects no calls to ms. But on Tuesday the service is out again. And still out on Wednesday. Pretty aggravating
Posted by SteveS on 2012-03-23:
MOSCOW, IDAHO -- Here's a quick summary of my Clearwire service in Moscow:

* Customer since January 2006.
* Service went down at 8:30 pm March 16, 2012, and returned Saturday at 9:30 pm.
* Service went down again on Tuesday at 4:30 pm and still do not have any service as of today (Friday).
* Spent more than 2.5 hrs on telephone on Wednesday and Thursday with Clearwire techs. None of whom solved the issue.
* I believe that Clearwire upgraded the software in the modem and that's why the modem may not be working now. This is what it specifically says in my account history: "Mar 17, 2012 at 5:42 am - Updated modem model from RSU-2510-BV to RSU-2510-BV (900-0082-1903) for account number 238809 serial number 0029X176SCBX00424226."

I was informed by three separate tech support representatives, as well and one of their supervisors (called an OIC, Officer in Charge), that 3G replacement modems are no longer available from Clearwire and there was nothing they could do to provide me a replacement modem. Well, Moscow is a 3G market and the 4G modems are not backward compatible with 3G. So how, exactly, am I supposed to get service that I've paid for through January 2013?

I pulled up the modem lease contract (https://www.clear.com/legal/lease-replace) and it clearly states: "Clearwire will ship a replacement device (of the same type and model as the original leased device) to the street/mailing address that you have designated." I quoted this lease contract language to the OIC, who replied that he was "sorry for my inconvenience," and repeated that Clearwire no longer has any 3G modems available as replacements. I informed the OIC that Clearwire is legally obligated by the lease contract to provide me a replacement modem and that sorry won't work with me. He put me on hold, and lo and behold, he came back on the line telling me he could replace my 3G modem with another 3G modem. The modem is supposed to arrive today (Friday, March 23), or possibly next Monday.

Something doesn't smell right here and I will be reporting this situation to the Attorneys General in Idaho and Washington State, as well as to the Better Business Bureau. I am also calling Clearwire's corporate headquarters to talk to their customer care department (1-425-216-7600, hit option 8 to connect to operator and ask for customer care department).
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Service Sucks
Posted by Lam123 on 03/03/2012
Don't ever pay for this kind of internet service because the speed is very suck. I had called them to complaint about the speed but it's still dropped below my service plan in a certain hours during the day.

Last month was the end of my contract. I am very happy that I canceled it and don't ever see its modem any longer. Good bye...
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Clear 4G is awesome!
Posted by Centurion127 on 02/29/2012
DENVER, COLORADO -- I love it! I seen an add this last Saturday afternoon for Clear.com 4G internet. I went online and looked at blog reviews and they were mixed. Some thought it was great others not. The main issue seemed to be reception you either get it or you don't(obvious I know). I decided that for $150.00($99 for unit and $49 for 1st month) it was worth a shot to see which side of this coin I landed on. I ordered it that Saturday, they shipped it that Monday and I received it Tuesday afternoon. It took me 10 minutes to set up and I was running my computer, laptop and PS3 online! I wanted to put it to the test and try to jam it up, so I played Pandora on one, YouTube videos on the other and was online gaming with my PS3 at the same time! It didn't skip a beat and this was with only 3 out of the 5 dots of reception. No, I do not live near a tower although they are around me none are really close by. I am thankful I landed on the happy side of the debate over Clear's internet service. I had to be cautious because I have been with Comcast over a decade and if I prematurely jump the gun and dump them I would lose any customer loyalty discount that I may have(which is almost non existent). I am happy to say I will be dumping Comcast and there go f*** you attitude towards their long time customers. I am recommending Clear to all of my friends and family.
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Posted by Jim Anderson on 2012-03-03:
Clearwire service is very suck. I said it is very suck!
The company is about to file the chapter 11 bankruptcy. Its investment is falling below its budget three years ago because it lost more than 50% of the customers after it switched from 3g into the 4g Chinese WiMax. Therefore, you have not been knowing the truth about its tragedy. What you could hear is its advertisement. However, WiMax is the Chinese technology, and it has never been as fast as AT and T LTR. Clearwire 4g is still share with its old junk 3g equipment (bandwidth problem with more traffic on the old piece of equipment such as routers and microwaves). That means if it has more subscribers as yourself on that tower, your speed is going to be crapped.
I hope you understand it.
By the way, there is not many customers are really like Clearwire service, period!

Thank you,
Posted by Revan on 2012-04-14:
Clears' internet speed is better then crickets' that for sure it take an hour hour to load a 35 second youtube video and that if the video loads at all. I can't believe I wanted Cricket, I have a friend who got Clear after I had Cricket and his speed was much more faster!
Posted by Rottyboots on 2012-09-02:
Where do you work?
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Stay Away from Clearwire/Clear
Posted by Alegria33389 on 12/15/2011
KIRKLAND, WASHINGTON -- I would not recommend Clear (or Clearwire?) to ANYone. Terrible customer service- the employee and manager in the store when we signed up lied to our face several times about the rates and plans available. Looked up rates and plans myself IN the store as they lied to us, then they reluctantly admitted that they did have these other plans and rates available. Oh- and the store manager spent most of the time we were there outside working on his vehicle! Seriously!?
Bandwith was terrible- we had to reset the modem and router just about every night. At one point during our two months of service it randomly shut down, and it was not resolved until we called to inquire on the problem. When the internet DID work, it was not the promised high speed. We could not stream videos, which in most/all urban areas this should not be an issue. It's 2011 for crying out loud.
We called in July to cancel, and moved out of state. They did not send any emails or any sort of confirmation. So guess what- we check our credit card statement at the end of November and discover that they have been charging us every month! So we call to inquire and ask for the money refunded for the services we had not used, and after being passed around and un-helped for almost an hour, we suddenly get an email (!)-- you guessed it, a confirmation email for the next monthly charge we are about to have withdrawn from our credit card (!). You have to be kidding me!
Not only are they refusing to refund our money, but they do not deliver on ANYthing they promised. The manager was supposed to call us within 10 minutes- took him 15 (sure, he can have some grace there, but nevertheless, a promise unmet). Next he said he would pass on our request to Elevated Escalations and that we would receive a phone call from them WITHIN 24 hours. 24 hours came and went- oh and it has now been 15 days and they have still not called back.
We called again today and they still refuse to refund our money- actually, they have very "sweetly" offered to credit us the $200 + that they have taken from us IF we open another account!! (yeah.... right.)

All that to say- I have read countless other reviews from others who have had very similar experiences. This company is full of lies and deceit and undelivered promises. Tread with caution-- take your business elsewhere!!!! (Word is that this company is going under anyway... I hope so)
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Could not get service working but still charged
Posted by Ron.macaskill23 on 12/10/2011
Clear wire is the worst company I have worked with. KEEP AWAY!!! I started my service in October 2011 and was on the phone for hours working to get things up and running. We hit the 30 day mark to drop the service and get my money back. They put me on file to go 30 more days getting help and would not hit me with the cost of the equipment and the cost to stop my service. Will I called to stop service and they did not have anything on file so hit me with $150 for the equipment + $106 to drop the service. SO I paid $45 X 2 months = $90 + $150 + $106 = $346 for 0 service. Great Company!!!! :(
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Posted by drugdoc121 on 2011-12-10:
I'm sorry this happened to you. Perhaps in the future, do as I do. Anytime I find myself in a similar situation, I take note of the date, time, employee name and number and save that information. That way, if they claim the conversation never happened, I have some pretty objective information I can use. Not saying it will always work in your favor, but it hasn't steered me wrong yet.
Posted by isisforever on 2012-05-11:
I, too have had multiple problems with Clearwire. They claim that it is always a tower problem. I get better reception from my aged 3G phone than the internet. I need the internet for my business run from home and classes I take online. I cannot operate with 50% of the internet time-I need reliability. Clearwire clearly cannot provide that. I just got an unauthorized charge for $22.40 on my bank. I pay them IN FULL every month but only get 50% of service. They keep saying they are working on it, but I have had three different responses from three different people in Tech Support. It always amounts to a minimum of a 40 minute phone call and no resolution. In good conscience I cannot recomment Clearwire at all.
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Keep Your Paper Work
Posted by Rvcrhmqs79 on 11/29/2011
In Feb 2010 we canceled our service with Clearwire because we wanted a faster speed, we got cable internet and TV. Fast forward to November 2011 and we get a BILL form a collection company saying we owed clear 74.70 for a restocking fee for a modem from clear, luck would have it I kept all my paperwork from them in a box with the USB drive that we bought, so we called clear and got nowhere the first day (was about 7 pm) called the next day and talked to 6 different people before we got a person with a brain, she said that they were charging us a recharge fee for the USB modem that we did not return!(but they never sent us a bill)we told her that we paid for the USB up front and have a receipt for it and read her the numbers on the receipt, she found it then and said we were right the we owed them nothing! the service is faster than dial up but thats about it, so if you go with clear KEEP ALL your paper work you get from them for at least 3 to 5 years ( like the IRS) or they will screw you.
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Posted by olie on 2011-11-30:
This is great advice! I can prove auto warranties, or proof of payment for utility bills, for years back. Cable or cell contract start dates?? Give me 5 minutes!!

This info comes in handy more times than you might think.
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