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CLIP Ticketing
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PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- I wanted to add a note concerning the validity of the Philadelphia CLIP/SWEEP representatives that issue tickets to Philadelphia residents. In hopes that other folks are just a fed up with the willy nilly way these people choose to ticket for 'alleged' violations.

I constantly receive tickets from one particular CLIP/SWEEP representative for 'alleged' violations that I KNOW I did not do.

One ticket I received was for placing the trash bags at the curb on a Saturday when the pickup is not until Monday. I have NEVER ever done this. Another ticket was for placing the trash bags and recycling bin at the base of my porch which is way away from the curb, at the foot of my porch.

Why is it that folks in the Lawncrest section of the city can have their grill on their porches with wooden ceilings (a major fire issue) while the smoke chokes me if I choose to sit on my porch? Isn't that more of a danger then placing anything in front of my porch? If the CLIP/SWEEP folks and the City believe that part of MY property belongs to them and they can DICTATE what I do with my property shouldn't they take care of mowing my lawn?

What do the CLIP/SWEEP folks do to the restaurants that leave DAILY menus on our properties? They are more of an eyesore and trash issue then my trash bags on my property! Also, the neighborhood newspapers that are left weekly on peoples lawns, I do not read them and I do not ask for them to be left on my lawn but they are every week! Again, what does CLIP/SWEEP do about that? NOTHING!

I understand the City is trying to clean up the city but at what point does it become gestapo-like? The CLIP/SWEEP representative does not even use a City vehicle he uses a car with no indication that he is a CLIP/SWEEP representative. I am going to court to fight the tickets, I am also videotaping all of the alleged violations in the neighborhood to take to court with me. I just wanted to see if anyone else in the City of Philadelphia has an issue the way CLIP/SWEEP functions.

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Concerned for the Seniors on 12/22/2008:
I agree. CLIP uses very underhanded tactics. They harass Senior Citizens and turn previously friendly neighbors against each other. They snoop around on your property and do not even identify themselves when you ask who they are. They knock on your neighbors doors and ask them to join in the "complaint".

And it does not matter if you are a sickly Senior Citizen who does not have the money to pay someone to do the "clean-up" and are doing it on your own, little-by-little as your health allows. If you do not "clean-up" as fast as they want, they push the City to fine you(they will even show up at the court hearing). CLIP is supposed to be volunteers with rakes and shovels helping the community...they are more like wolves preying on the weak !
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