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Stacey's Camper Rental Dangerous
By -

ROCHESTER, NY, NEW YORK -- Motor home rental had dangerous propane leak, no lights, no water, and stuck hold tank valve… Then owner overcharged me and tried to intimidate me. Based on my experience, I would suggest that you never rent from this business ever. Summary of problems: a) Motor home was unsafe due to leaking propane gas. b) 3 Day Motor home rental did not have electricity, lights and water. c) I was overcharged for emptying of holding tank. d) The owner was loud and intimidating in his interactions with me.

Details. Dangerous Propane leak. We rented a motor home for 3 days from July 10-12, 2009. We arrived at the campsite in Stoney Brook State Park on a late afternoon without incident. The following day the odor of propane gas permeated the area. All five members of our family and at least two others from nearby campsites noticed the smell of propane coming from the rented camper. We determined that the odor came from the hot water heater. We could not find the valve to turn off the propane so we turned off the main valve and waited for the concentration of gas to dissipate.

After an hour, we turned on the gas and then lighted a match near to the exhaust of the heater. A minor explosion occurred as the propane lit with a rush. From that point on, the hot water heater system worked and we did not smell the gas again. However, if we had not taken these measures, a dangerous propane leak would have continued.

No Electricity. Somewhat later it was noticed that the battery supplying for the motor home was substantially discharged. The lights in the motor home would remain on for about 20 seconds and then go dim. The low battery affected the air pump used to pressurize our water supply. For the rest of our weekend we were essentially without lights and water. We tried to start the motor/generator to recharge the battery, but we were not able to get it started – another system not working. We paid over $500 for this weekend rental and yet what should have been a pleasant weekend became frustrating and potentially dangerous.

Stuck bathroom holding tank valve - when we left the park, we tried to dump the bathroom holding tank, however we were unable to open the tank valve. We were able to open the valve for the kitchen waste water but not the bathroom valve was stuck. Rather than risk breaking the valve control, we decide not to empty the tank. Later, the owner charged us an additional $100 fee for dumping this tank – a gross overcharge.

Owner bullied tried to intimidate me. In good faith, we tried to discuss our difficulties with the owner when we returned the motor home. We had rented from this owner before and been satisfied and we realized that mechanical and electrical apparatus can fail without notice.

We expected him to listen to the problems with genuine concern and perhaps try to reason through the cause and effect of the various issues. Instead he immediately attacked us for not emptying the holding tank. He became angry, loud, and belligerent. He was not willing to listen to the our description of the problems, especially that of the propane leak. Instead he declared our experience "impossible" and walked away from us. Others appear to have similar troubles with this business. In addition, Stacy's Camper Rental has an "F" or failure rating with the Better Business Bureau of Rochester, NY.

Our hope is that this review will inform other potential customers of the risks of doing business with Stacy's Camper Rental or Clover's Clunkers. Clovers Clunkers LLC A.K.A. Stacy's Camper Rental A.K.A. Stacey's R. V.
1415 Scottsville Road Rochester, NY 14624 585 328 8730 This business uses multiple names.

Really Bad, Rental Car Service!
By -

ROCHESTER, NEW YORK -- My intuition told me I should stay away. I called Clovers Clunkers in Rochester, New York and was assured the older cars were running and in mechanically good condition. Within a mile we had a flat tire. I wanted to return it, but they fixed it, I took it for a spin, and it seemed OK. Within 5 miles the engine started seizing and shaking. We returned it with a full refund, no questions asked. Not only was it not road worthy, but probably a death trap.

The owner was rude, super unfriendly, and should be shut down for what I am sure is a myriad of violations. I promptly rented a car from a reliable national chain. I can believe business like this can stay in business. Don't go here, you will regret it.

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