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Club Cadet
P.O. Box 368022
Cleveland, OH 44136
877-428-2349 (ph)
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Club Cadet Mowers
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I have been cheated by Club Cadet on what should have been warranty replacements.

I bought a Club Cadet 50" riding mower Model LT1050 from Home Depot on 4/08/08 for $1,999.00 and it came with a two year warranty. The steering bearing ($9.83) wore out in August '09 after only about 90 hours of use. The plastic right fender ($65.66) broke that same month. The spindle assembly ($74.85) and V Belt ($40.11) tore up the next month. The Mower Deck ($416.08) rusted through 9/20/09 after 98.2 hours and tore up another spindle ($74.85). I took it to the warranty dealer who agreed with me and made a warranty claim with Club Cadet.

Club Cadet ( Ken. ) reviewed our photos and refused to honor the warranty saying it was caused by "Sand blasting of the deck." One glance at the photos (Attached) will show the original factory paint. Obviously the deck has not been sandblasted -- It just rusted out from poor paint over thin untreated sheet metal. After extensive correspondence Club Cadet refused to budge from that decision.

I am out $681.38 for items that should be covered by the Club Cadet warranty and they refuse to honor it. I would like to tell anybody that will listen, that Club Cadet makes a piece of junk and refuses to stand behind their product. Don't buy from Club Cadet and don't handle their products.

J. Neil Murphy, P. E.
San Benito, Texas

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