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Food Poisoning At Club Med
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My family and I have been loyal guests at Club Med resorts since almost 20 years. Not any more. Earlier this April (2009) we returned from a terrible stay at the Club Med resort in Chamonix, France. It all began with our disappointment when we realized that the general quality of the food was not at all as it used to be. Among others, we noticed how bland the meat tasted and how watery the soups were. More importantly, there was a distinct and unpleasant odor near the tables where fish and seafood was offered, but given our good experience in the past, we didn’t bother too much. Then, as the days went on, we spoke with friends about the food and heard repeatedly about stomach discomfort. On the following day, my wife complained about severe stomach pains and from that day on she simply avoided all but the most basic food in the dining room. We bought some medications but it took more than 48 hours until her discomfort somewhat subsided, albeit not entirely. It wasn’t pleasant.

I personally pride myself with a very robust stomach and it happens very rarely that I experience any bowel related discomfort. However, this time I too succumbed to the impact caused by the food at the resort: I caught a severe diarrhea and was forced to spend two full days at my room. After taking medications, the diarrhea gradually subsided and gave way to very painful stomach cramps. Needless to say that I was deprived of my long awaited ski experience during these days.

We are generally very healthy people and neither my wife nor I ever experienced food related discomfort of such magnitude. It turned out that it wasn’t just in our imagination because we obtained solid proof that our experience was clearly a result of food poisoning at your resort: When we entered the dining room from the Friday evening “Gala Dinner”, approaching a plate of grapevine leafs, we were stunned to find them thoroughly covered with mold and mildew. It was disgusting and the images we took are self explanatory (available for anyone who want to see them). We immediately requested the attention of the Chef de village, [snip] and he too was utterly shocked. His apologies were too little and far too late.

Suffice it to say, that we are furious and very disappointed in how we were let down by ClubMed. Not only did we spend almost € 5,000 for this very doubtful pleasure, but our entire, long awaited vacation was utterly ruined.

To round it up, we got the final insult from ClubMed when they responded to our complaint by saying that since nobody else had any issues, they don’t see any reason to pursue it any further.

Bottom line: Beware of Club Med. There food is rotten, literally!
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Club Med Employees Sabotage Your Fun
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My friends and I went to Club Med a couple of years ago. To this day, I'm very upset.

I'm not sure how the rest around the world are run, but if the one in Cancun is the norm, then steer clear of this site.

The problem is this. We would talk to some of the women, then suddenly a male employee come over with other male employees to interfere.

What I mean to say is that they would block you. If you speak to an attractive woman, they would swoop in and do anything to take her away.

At first I thought it was my approach. I checked with my other friends, who came with me, and the same thing happened. To further investigate, I checked with other male visitors, and the same thing was happening to them also.

I tried to complain about the employees to management, but you could tell the manager didn't take it seriously.

It wasn't the locals, no it were all American frat guys. The worse was when I confronted one of the women that I spoke to, and she told me that one of the employees was saying negative stuff about me. I was floored. I pay for a vacation and have to put up with a surreal and childish atmosphere.

Avoid Club Med, if you bring your wife or girlfriend, be warned that these guys will do anything to sabotage your good time, anything.

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User Replies:
Ben There on 07/07/2009:
Maybe that is a service they run for attractive woman... Have you checked out all the Hedonism resorts in Jamaica? I bet you could talk to lots of women there.
Anonymous on 07/07/2009:
Maybe those women DIDN'T want to be 'picked up'? Just a thought..
Principissa on 07/07/2009:
I agree with MissMarple. Maybe they complained because they kept getting bothered by other guests and got fed up with it.
bargod on 07/07/2009:
So your upset because you couldn't get laid? (NH)
Anonymous on 07/07/2009:
So the guys were 'V' blocking you gals?

Anonymous on 07/07/2009:
Anonymous on 07/07/2009:
crud,I just realized a dude wrote this up...

'C' blockers are lame,and never get the chicks.Step up your game holmes.
BokiBean on 07/07/2009:
"Step up your game holmes" indeed. This is one of the most weird complaints I've ever read about a resort.

If you can't compete...lower your standards, hahaha.
MundoCaniDog on 07/07/2009:
This happened two years ago and you still can't get laid? Get over it. You didn't sign any agreement with Club Med that said you would get to talk to pretty women.
bargod on 07/07/2009:
Here's some helpful advice for next time. Wear your smallest speedos and then stick a potato down them. Just don't make the mistake I did. Remember the potato goes down the front of the speedos not the back.
Slimjim on 07/07/2009:
LMAO bargod. OK, frankly, I think the poster has a beef. What's up with the staff running interference on the paying customers? I would appreciated this heads up if I was planning a trip there.
Anonymous on 07/07/2009:
Bargod....LM..Freakin'..AO.....walkin' away...the further the potatoes for me....thank you.
BokiBean on 07/07/2009:
Women are onto that spud game.. :P
Eloise on 07/08/2009:
I hadn't realized that not getting laid is now Club Med's fault. Maybe the women had an agreement with the employees to save them from unwanted "suitors"!
Anonymous on 07/08/2009: Good deed for the day now done.
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