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Coach Factory Online Scam, They Are a Ripoff!!
Posted by Ok4now on 05/01/2012
My wife received a beautiful advertisement from the Coach Factory in the mail. She has previously purchased from them in their Outlet Store and is on the mailing list. The advertisement included a very classy looking product brochure illustrating their new line of pocketbooks. "Introducing Coach Factory Online! Enjoy Savings Up To 70% Off." Register at Coachfactory.com/shop

Did a Google search to bring up their website. It is an exact copy of the legitimate Coach website. Norton identified it as "not authentic and not Norton secured." This rogue website had every product that Coach sells with deep discounts including product numbers. Most of the designer pocketbooks that sell in the $500 dollar range from the real Coach website were on sale for $59 dollars. What they are selling is a total piece of junk, mass produced in China. The zipper doesn't work, the lining inside the purse isn't even glued or tacked down. It smells funny and there is no invoice included so no information about how to return it.

Buyer beware, this is a scam. Don't get ripped off!
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Posted by Alain on 2012-05-01:
You're right, Ok4now! The fake site is barely different from the real Coach site! Excellent review.
Posted by madconsumer on 2012-05-01:
very helpful review!
Posted by jktshff1 on 2012-05-01:
Thanks for the heads up.
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-05-01:
My friend sent me the link to this site last week. I thought it looked legit so I signed up to order a purse. But, on the credit card page, I noticed that it didn't say "https" on the top and the little paddlelock symbol wasn't there. That raised a red flag that the site wasn't a secure site. I am glad I didn't buy the purse. Thanks for the review.
Posted by lexophiliac on 2012-05-01:
"Most of the designer pocketbooks that sell in the $500 dollar range from the real Coach website were on sale for $59 dollars."

Signs, signs, everywhere are signs.
Posted by clutzycook on 2012-05-01:
Nice catch, LS. I don't think many people would be that observant.
Posted by Nohandle on 2012-05-01:
Anyone ever have an individual drive up to his business offering *designer purses* out of the trunk of the vehicle? Or someone driving a semi stating it was a COD order and the furniture store couldn't provide payment so he was instructed to sell the furniture the best way he could?

Those days are all but gone. Crooks have found it much easier to play their games on the internet. Good warning and excellent responses.
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-05-01:
Clutzy, I've learned the hard way to check if a site is secure BEFORE entering credit card info.
Posted by MRM on 2012-05-01:
Whenever I buy anything online, I use a pseudo credit card number so that the number can be used one time.
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-05-01:
I only purchase stuff of the internet if the site uses paypal. Because you don't need to give out your credit card info and paypal has its own secure transaction system.

So if something happens those crooks won't have your credit card number and you can just dispute it with paypal and if they get enough complaints paypal gets rid of their account pretty fast.
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-05-01:
I always use my actual credit card number online. Call me stupid, call me a daredevil, just don't call me late to dinner.

If it looks too good to be true, it probably is. That is the thinking I would apply to getting a $500 purse for $59.

Good warning for others.
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2012-05-01:
Just the fact that eBay and PayPal are connected would be enough for me to avoid PayPal. I have seen too many complaints about PayPal.

Like trmn8r I use my actual credit card but only after researching the company/site to convince myself they are trustworthy.
Posted by BigAl on 2012-05-01:
Many designer products are mass produced in China. Just saying.
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-05-01:
In case anyone is interested, Coach does have an outlet website, it's www.coachfactory.com. Prices are as low as $29 for wallets, bags are $60-$200). You have to sign up first and wait for them to send you an invite. There is a sale starting tomorrow.
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-05-01:
Sorry, forgot to add, the website I mentioned is the official Coach outlet. 100% authentic.
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-05-01:
Thanks samanthasmom. I just signed up. And I noticed the "https" in the browser so I know it's a secure site. I look forward to their invite.
Posted by Kris on 2012-08-23:
Ordered a coach bag - gave as a gift, how embarassing, zipper wouldn't work. contacted vendor - wanted to give me $2 - are you kidding me!!!
Posted by Bargain babe on 2012-08-27:
I don't trust these sites now! I'm gonna just make the drive to the actual outlet Stores now. Thx for the info!!
Posted by Becky on 2012-09-01:
Thank you so much. I also received mailing and was attempting to go on the site when I saw your post.
Posted by Sue on 2012-09-19:
I had this experience as well. I found the site online and there is only a space difference, the website is slick and when you have entered the credit card number you realize from their grammatical errors and message to wait on checking it was a scam. I mailed the terrible product back and it came back again. It was not even a good copy.
Posted by Crystal on 2013-01-10:
I've ordered items from coachfactory.com and they are legit. If you go to Coach's official website they are listed as a reputable online seller. My sister in law sent me an invite and I have ordered 5 bags from them for less than $600. They are quality bags and include an invoice from Coach that allows you to return them to a store or through the mail if you're not satisfied.
Posted by Annie on 2013-02-13:
Actually, www.coachfactory.com is a legitimate website...if you go to the Coach website, it says:


•The only websites owned and operated by Coach to sell Coach products online are www.coach.com and www.coachfactory.com.

This appears under their "Counterfeit Education" tab on their official website. While the Factory bags are made to be sold at a lesser price due to slightly lesser quality than a full Coach store, they are still a legitimate site with legitimate products...
Posted by Andrea on 2013-03-24:
I called Coach (800/444-3611) and simply asked if www.coachfactory.com is for real. Answer? Yes! I've made many purchases from the site, given the. As gifts, and they handbag comes with a style number, authentic retail price tag, and a money back guarantee. They are, however, not the current styles, so if you're looking for the up-to-the-minute styles, don't look at the website. Very lovely, class handbags, though.
Posted by Carol on 2013-05-29:
I have purchased several bags from coachfactory.com. While they look nice, they are not as high quality as those I have purchased previously. More importantly, I returned one on 05/03 and as of right now - 26 days later - they say they have not received it. $143.50 out the window. Lost me as a customer FOR GOOD!
Posted by cheryl on 2013-06-17:
I just ordered my second Coach bag from this site and they are authentic 100% I called the coach store in New York and they said they where authenic . I'm very very satisfied with three site
Posted by Buyit on 2013-07-15:
I have experience from this website in different way! I brought several items, it is good quality. I didn't find issue as you descripe. The shipment came with the invoice and return infomation which is address tag for return the product.
So, overall I love the site and their product is in good quality.
Posted by Coach lover on 2013-07-22:
I have bought from this online website before, and yes it is authentic and real, the quality as stated on the post above is slightly less durable than the others that are bought from macys, but i have returned one of the bags to an outlet before and they gave me full credit back and was able to add towards another in store purchase, all in all coachfactory.com is REAL!!!!!
Posted by Bagman on 2013-08-03:
So, in summary, it appears that it is a legit site. (but may have old merchandise). Check the following at coach.com: http://www.coach.com/online/handbags/genWCM-10551-10051-en-/Coach_US/CompanyInformation/InvestorRelations/ReportingCoachCounterfeits?LOC=BN
Posted by Jan on 2013-08-25:
I had a feeling about coachcanadaonline. Googled "are the legit?" and landed here. Great comments! Just like the saying "If it seems too good to be true it probably is."
Posted by Julie on 2013-11-02:
This Coach site sells real merchandise. HOWEVER, their customer service SUCKS! I have purchased a lot from them since the beginning of the year. I was so excited to find an online store instead of having to drive about 2 hours to the nearest outlet brick and mortar. But about 2 months ago I couldn't get into the sales they were having. So, I emailed customer service and they said they would look into it. About a month later, I tried again. Same thing! I couldn't get into the sale. Again, I emailed the company and they apologized and said they were looking into it. So, a month later (3 months now) I tried to enter another invited sale. No such luck. This time I emailed them AGAIN and said that this is my 3rd attempt at getting someone to fix this issue. The response was this: " your purchase history with Coach Factory.com suggests that you may be purchasing Coach products at a rate which does not align with our marketing strategy." So... I picked up the phone and made a call to the customer service department. They sent me to a supervisor and she simply quoted the same thing. When I asked what exactly does that mean? I've spent a LOT of money on your site since the beginning of 2013 happy to finally be able to shop online at an outlet store. She simply said "This decision cannot be reversed. I will mention it to the heads of the company. But, you are no longer welcome to shop on our site. I can give you directions to the discount shop in your area.". Thanks~ I already know where it is. But I will NEVER be shopping coach outlet ever again! BUYER BEWARE!! Your money will be taken without gratitude or assistance with an issue!
Posted by Lauren on 2013-11-29:
I work for coach outlets and to get into the real website you give your email address at the register.it takes a few weeks to kick in but you will be sent a pass code to get in. Also if you ever have questions about an authenticity of a bag call or come in we can usually figure it out. There are some real interesting fake ones.a lot of $ spent on fakes. That is weird that they won't let you shop on their site. Never heard such a thing. Talk to the manager of a local coach store. That can't be right.
Posted by Debbie on 2013-12-21:
I have purchased many items from coachfactory.com, and have never had an issue.. My purses has arrived in Great condition, and on top of that they are legit. I have been in many outlet stores and received the same quality. No issues so far and I have purchased many gifts for the low, low.. So you can say I am very pleased...
Posted by Perry on 2013-12-27:
Used the so called official website www.coachfactory.com. But somehow my order never appeared and someone else got the payment. Tried the contact message board the site has and they never responded. BEWARE THEIR ORDERS ARE BEING INTERCEPTED and they DON'T care
Posted by Stephanie on 2014-01-01:
coachfactory.com is a legit Coach outlet site.
Posted by pam on 2014-04-16:
I too fell for the China product..did not realize this until I emailed as not recd. when I received the email was from China..I also called Coach and they did nothing for me at all. You are just screwed and out all the money and noone here in the states cares/////
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Coach Manufactures Poor Quality Products
Posted by Thespy on 03/13/2010
ONE COACH WAY JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- Over the years I have purchased many Coach products. After a few years my leather strap began tearing on both ends. I sent it to their repair center. They sent my bag back saying they could not repair it, and offering me a discount towards buying a new bag. First of all you have got to be kidding. I spent close to $500 dollars on a bag that only lasts 2 years? I didn't realize that this was a throw away item...So I took it to my shoe repair where they are going to fix it. In fact they seem to be fixing many defective Coach bags!

I am very disappointed in Coach and I WILL NOT buy another Coach product again. I suggest that Coach keep on making their products in China ( they used to be made in USA) and charging even more. It's only a matter of time before the word gets around, They put such on a grand facade of style and luxury.

But they haven't got the style or class to stand behind their brand. They are loosing customers every day! I plan on spreading the word!
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Posted by Ponie on 2010-03-13:
'After a few years my leather strap began tearing on both ends.' Just how many years is a handbag supposed to last? Don't styles change? Don't women usually give their purses a beating? I think I'd have taken the discount on a new item--depending on how much it was.
Posted by GenuineNerd on 2010-03-13:
Hopefully this complaint is about a genuine Coach bag rather than a cheap counterfeit. Coach is one of the most counterfeited brands. The counterfeits (which are commonly sold at flea markets or inner city boutiques) don't hold up as well as the genuine articles, although both the genuine and counterfeit products come from China. Was this bag purchased from an authorized Coach retailer? If not, your bag may be a counterfeit.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-13:
Coach used to mean something, when only certain women could afford it. Now, it has become something common. I love Coach, but I hate that the market is now so saturated with it.

Leather straps don't last forever, whether you pay $5.00 or $500. A %500 bag is not meant to be used like a $10 bag. I will still buy my Coach and baby them.
Posted by thespy on 2010-03-15:
Yes, this is a genuine Coach bag, that's why I'm so surprised. And no I don't beat up my bags and throw them away after a few years. A good well made bag will last a long time. This Legacy bag is built like a saddle bag.... Coach cut the quality and design on the straps. I still have a classic style coach bag that is over 20 years old and I have to say they are not the same quality since they were bought out, and moved all their production to China.
Posted by Leta on 2012-04-12:
looks like coach is mfg. bags to sell specifically at outlet stores. the outlet stores used to carry what hadn't sold at their retail prices. not anymore
Posted by John on 2013-06-21:
I completely disagree. My sister still owns and regularly uses 2 bags from the 90's! I personally own a coach wallet and planner for over 10 years, both show wear, but still operate perfectly. I do not baby either one of them and my wallet has been completely submerged in saltwater 5 times in its life. I cannot say enough about the durability and quality of the Coach leather and name.
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Awful Customer Service
Posted by Smile9639 on 01/03/2014
JACKSONVILLE, TEXAS -- I want to start off by I always buy Coach - in store or online and while I noticed minor things here or there the Customer Service has just dissipated over the last year. I purchased an order online before Christmas this year with guaranteed delivery prior to Christmas. I'd understand if it was the day before and because UPS had several excuses for not delivering mail I wouldn't get the package however that was not the case at all. So setting UPS aside because someone will surely say this is a Coach review and not UPS - although a Coach representative stated they knew UPS packages were not going to be delivered on time even though they still offered such a service - I'll just address the Customer Service issue. I contact Coach letting them know my package isn't going to arrive, which by the way they keep the tracking numbers and could have easily contacted me to be proactive, and I'd like to cancel my order that would not arrive as guaranteed. First I was given the standard script of their return policy - keeping in mind I haven't received a package, being proactive to not receive the package, and oh not costing me all the return fees for their error in not following through with a guarantee. I respond back to the email that I understand it's scripted however they didn't offer any alternative such as UPS will gladly return a package to the sender if the sender requests. WOW I mention that and all of the sudden my package that I'm not going to get any time soon is being sent back to Coach. However I have to wait for a refund of products that would never grace my doorstep. Coach can't explain that other than they have to scan the bar code in order to issue a refund BUT I never received the product and they are the ones who know I was never going to receive the product. Then they graciously inform me that the entire process could take two weeks. So for an entire month my card was charged for a product I never received, wasn't going to receive and wouldn't be refunded until shipping was received and processed. For some silly reason my credit card company doesn't understand that and I've been charged interest for a purchase I have never seen. Just FYI it took 14 days for UPS to not send me a package with next day delivery and to return it back to Coach, Inc with 3 day delivery. So it took an extra 10 days to return a package with a 4 day delivery time, but I'm not speaking about UPS since this is a Coach review. I also haven't received my refund from Coach - guessing it was 14 days AFTER the package was received back at their facility because you know it takes time to scan products a customer never received to return their funds! So hopefully by six weeks out I'll have a refund for products I never received.

In store hasn't been much better just to shop. I have only returned one bag in the past and had one sent for repairs - actually they just replaced it because the whole PVC piping thing was a bad idea - and I'm thankful I never experienced this before. It's been a total nightmare and thankful that other companies who's products didn't make it to my house on time have been so much easier to work with and were proactive! Thank goodness their are thousands of handbag designers and we aren't all left with this one as our only choice. Look on eBay for my old/new handbags I have a lot!
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Posted by yoke on 2014-01-03:
This is the issue that so many people had this holiday season. Even though UPS got the blame it was the retailers that lied to their customers and told then that it would be delivered by Christmas. I commend UPS for the amazing job they did and hopefully retailers will stop lying to the consumer promising delivery when they know it is impossible. Retailers don't care, they got to blame UPS.
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2014-01-04:
I suggest contacting your credit card company and disputing the charge. They should reverse the charge and the interest on it.
Posted by Paul on 2014-01-04:
I used to have CC bills of $26K a year. I'm down to $12K. I've not paid one penny of interest in 25 years since I pay the full balance each month. I'd highly recommend this as a defense against what happened to you - in this mode, not receiving a refund for a month is a non-issue. I never "see" charges for items that are cancelled/sent back.

Most companies I have dealt with will not issue a refund until merchandise is returned, regardless of circumstance. One exception to this is Amazon.

While you stated this isn't about UPS, it sounds like UPS was the principal cause of the issues. I always use the tracking from the start, so I know if it is the sender or UPS who is at fault.
Posted by madconsumer on 2014-01-05:
sounds like the shipper is at fault here. did the order leave their warehouse timely, for a timely delivery date?

the credit card company should not have to take the hit for the charges and interest, since this has nothing to do with them.
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Do Not Order on-Line From Coach (Hand Bags)
Posted by Kim.daniel31 on 06/22/2013
PLANO, TEXAS -- I found a baby bag on www. coach. com. I had some questions about it and want to speak with someone before purchasing the $389 bag. The representative I spoke with was completely apathetic, yet I still wanted the bag for my best friend who is expecting. I purchased the bag...was not given any options on shipping and it didn't occur to me to ask. Coach shipped via UPS Ground and it delivered within the time frame I was told. However, I didn't receive the shipment. UPS coded it as delivered to my front door, yet it was not. I was told by UPS to contact Coach for help. The best they could offer was a replacement, but it would be a final sale. It would not be eligible for a refund, return, or exchange whereas the initial purchase would be. I felt that was a horrible way for Coach to handle the situation. But, they wouldn't budge and said the only other way to resolve the issue is to file a complaint with my credit card company. **WARNING** If you buy on-line or over the phone, make sure you request signature upon delivery or have it shipped to the store nearest you. My sincerest suggestion is stay away from Coach.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-06-22:
Your "warning" applies to people using UPS, or several other shipping companies. If a signature is not required, and the shipping company says it was delivered, then an obvious issue arises if the box isn't there. Shippers I have dealt with do generally replace the item - I suppose it is covered by insurance or otherwise written off.

Be aware that if you successfully get a company to require a signature, they will likely charge you extra since it costs them more.
Posted by BigAl on 2013-06-23:
I would rather buy a $10 handbag and put $379 in it.
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Broken Zipper
Posted by Rromanhero3 on 05/28/2013
JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- I can't begin to describe the frustration with this company as I returned a handbag for repair as the zipper tore away from the seam after less than 20 months of use. They tried to give me the current value of the item via a gift card after I forked out $20+ for shipping. I respectfully declined after I was informed that they could not fix the problem with the zipper.

After a follow-up e-mail regarding why they could not fix the zipper, I was given the lame excuse of how this particular handbag was made overseas and would require extensive repairs that exceeded the value of the returned item. In other words, the labor costs to fix the item in the US far exceeded the slave labor costs abroad and therefore it was not economically profitable to remedy the problem.

A company that proclaims a "Rolls Royce" type of product and quality sure does not back up that assurance once the product fails. Never again will I purchase a product from this company or its parent company Sara Lee.
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Coach Sells Junk
Posted by Baby.pebbles on 03/26/2013
PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND -- I bought a scarf at the coach store and only used it a few times and it is already falling apart.

I went to the coach store and bought 2 hand bags with store credit and then changed my mind and returned it and the got the 2 hand bags but I got no money back on my gift card. The manager is very rude and so are the sales people. There are plenty or other better made handbags out there and better customer service.
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Posted by onlooker on 2013-03-27:
You bought a scarf. It started to fail - you returned it. You got a store credit?? And then bought 2 bags. You purchased those bags with the store credit and some partial charge to a gift card?? Then you returned the bags and did not get refunded on your gift card purchase??

Coach has various levels of quality for different types of sales outlets. If bags were returned promptly and in good shape I'm surprised you did not get your full price....but if the bags were on sale or discounted - at return you might lose value on the return.

But your story is unclear, and it is hard to what happened. Were you given a reason or explanation on why you did not get full repayment/credit?
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Will not stand behind product
Posted by Fmgard on 10/15/2012
NATIONWIDE, GEORGIA -- Coach to supposedly being a high end handbag has poor customers service and will not stand behind their product. I purchased a Coach leather handbag for my wife. Less than a one into owning this purse the zipper started to come tear out. Carried it to a store and was charged $20 to ship it off to be fixed or replaced. Received a card from Coach with less than one-half what was paid for the bag. DO NOT BUY COACH. Go to a designer that will stand behind their product. Coach is not worth the money. In addition, terrible customer service. My wife called about the money and was told nothing could be done. There is something that can be done. Never purchase another Coach bag. There are to many other designers out there to have to put up with their poor product.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-10-15:
Did you intend to write "less than a year into..."?

A zipper is a wear item - it is possible that has something to do with the result. The $20 fee is advertised. Which specific part of the warranty do you feel they did not stand behind?
Posted by gabrielle on 2013-03-28:
If you purchase an expensive good quality leather item, it should not show wear or damage with normal use in a month, or even a year. Coach says they sell the best quality leather products. If they feel that this true, they would replace obviously defective items without any problem.
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Coach's Bad Customer Service and Return Policy
Posted by Clickinsight on 09/23/2012
NORTHBEND, WASHINGTON -- Coach apparently trains their customer service and associates to blame everything on customers and not take any responsibilities.

I bought 6 coach bags at Coach's Northbend WA outlet for the first time in June 2012. I was buying them for gifts. It turned out that I had one left over and decided to return it. Because I was 200% assured by the sales associate (#952706) that these bags are returnable with a receipt. I didn't think much of it and just took and paid for all 6.

Little do I know that I should have looked very carefully at the bags.

When I returned from my travel in Sept to return the one bag that was not used (I didn't even take it outside the bedroom since I decided right after buying them that I bought one extra), I was shocked that the outlet manager pointed to a marking on the bag (which I noticed for the first time) and said the bag was used and they would not have let that bag out of the store in the first place. And because of that, it's not returnable.

First of all, when I was sold the bag, no one told me to look carefully before I accept it. Secondly, it was obvious to me that the shop manager and associates were trained to have the scripted line that "oh we inspect every bag when they get go out the store and would not have sold it if there is any flaw." I think that's a great policy, but how does anyone know that there is no clerical error or an associate either mistakenly marked "as-if" product as good, or they didn't accidently mark/damage it?

In denying that they could do anything wrong, they were accusing me of lying, which I did not. The interesting thing is that I have just as much reason to accuse the assicate of mishandling and negligent as they have to accuse me of lying.

I have never been this humiliated.

I would like to warn everyone who buys from a coash store (especially an outlet) to inspect your merchandise carefully before walking out of the store.
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Posted by ok4now on 2012-09-24:
Excellent post. When you're purchasing designer label merchandise, outlet store or not, you expect exemplary customer service. This includes returns without giving the customer a hard time. You did everything right. It seems that they were looking for an excuse to deny this return. If this was a recent C.C. purchase you can dispute it. I'm also thinking had you made this purchase at Macy's (same product from the same company) they probably wouldn't even question the return. The difference is not Macy's (full retail) vs Outlet Store (discount) The real difference comes down to the level of customer service. The Outlet Store failed big time. I would complain loudly.
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-09-24:
You approached the store with a bag purchased 3 months earlier and requested to return it. On inspection, the bag was marked in a manner that it appears to be used - a mark that you had not noticed yourself.

Unfortunately, at that point you need to prove that it was marked when you purchased it. But you hadn't seen this mark previously. You assume the mark was there when you bought it, but the store has no way of knowing when it happened. This is a sad situation, but I can see why the employees acted as they did.

I'm not certain from what you wrote that they accused you of lying so much as they didn't feel you proved that the bag was marked when it left the store.
Posted by melissa253 on 2012-09-24:
I can understand why they wouldn't accept a return on a bag bought 3 months earlier. There is no way that you can prove it wasn't used or that it had a flaw when you bought it.
Posted by CowboyFan on 2012-09-24:
The op bought one too many bag, which she knew immediately, but did not return for three months. Waiting always causes problems.

The other thing is that even if it is left in a bedroom, there is still the possibility that in handling, storing, putting something on top of it, that the mark occurred. Was anyone in your house during the 3 months you were away on travel?

When one buys at an outlet mall, by their nature they are selling season ends, etc., so don't expect to be able to return things months later without a problem.
Posted by Shelley on 2013-09-11:
This happened to me in there outlet in alberta. There was a slight mark the size of less than a mm on the inside and I only had the bag two days. Not impressed. I currently sent the bag to Jacksonville FL for further inspection at my cost to determine if a refund is possible. Terrible customer service will no longer buy coach at all.
Posted by Cate on 2014-01-16:
I've purchased several bags on the online store, because the outlet store is over 50 miles away. I did purchase a bag at the outlet store in Columbus, Ohio when I was traveling through that part of the state. I have to say, no one looked at anything other than the price-tag, while I was checking out. I took the bag home and before I removed the tag, I saw a small pen mark. I called coach and they stated the same thing
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My $349.00 (not quite 2 cents worth)
Posted by on 03/04/2012
Deceptive advertising! I purchased a Coach handbag a few years ago, paying over $350. I was told it had a "lifetime warranty" meaning if the leather wore or a snap broke, they would repair the handbag. The store turned me away, saying it was past it's "lifetime". I called Customer service, and was told the definition of "lifetime" was only TWO YEARS!!!!

This is deceptive advertising, in my humble opinion, and I will NEVER buy another Coach purse again!!!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2012-03-04:
That's odd. My friend returned her Coach purse to the store 4 years after buying it because the strap broke. They weren't able to fix the purse or give her the exact same style, but she got to pick a replacement purse at the same value.
Posted by Venice09 on 2012-03-04:
Not that it should matter, but what was wrong with the bag?
Posted by Nohandle on 2012-03-04:
I'm curious. Exactly how many years ago did you purchase your handbag? Was your handbag used everyday? Was it abused in any manner? I ask because I've seen some women toss their handbags in every direction and in short time it appears they have had them forever. If I paid $350.00 for a handbag I'd take care of it but honestly I've seen some who don't. I've also known some who would tear up an anvil if given the opportunity.

Perhaps Coach should give a definite time period for their so called lifetime warranty. If they are not going to back it up then quit advertising as such. Nothing lasts forever.
Posted by Venice09 on 2012-03-04:
I was wondering the same thing, Nohandle. But saying lifetime is two years isn't right either. Maybe it's a limited lifetime warranty with certain restrictions, depending on the damage.
Posted by Susan on 2012-03-04:
The Coach website current states under "Coach Guarantee" - "Coach products are made to ensure satisfaction and service for the the natural life of the product". I'm curious exactly how long they consider the "natural life" of a bag to be?
Posted by CowboyFan on 2012-03-05:
I also wondered what was wrong with the bag. Also, where did the op purchase the bag? Perhaps there are differences in sales at high end store, and at outlet malls, even though both are coach stores.
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Coach Pocketbooks....Shop At The Outlet Store And Save Big Bucks
Posted by Ok4now on 12/26/2011
Just before Christmas my wife and I were shopping at Macy's. She spotted a Coach Pocketbook that she really liked costing $278.00. We asked the sales person if the 20% off coupon could be used for this purchase. Absolutely Not!! This is a designer label and we do Not discount it. My wife looked at me with those puppy eyes that said "Please get it for me." Grrrr. Told her I'll keep it in mind.

Did an internet search when I got home. The price was the same everywhere including the outlets. Because it's a designer label nobody discounts it and they can't advertise it cheaper. Fast forward. Found a Coach Outlet store near me in Lahaska, Pa. Went to the store and WOW was I impressed. Keep in mind that this is a real Coach store not selling junk knockoffs. Their inventory was better than Macy's. They had everything heavily discounted. The store was packed with shoppers knowing they're getting a good deal. I found the exact same Pocketbook that Macy's had for $278.00. Outlet price was $130.00. Wait it gets better. They gave ever customer an additional 30% off for Christmas. I got it for $91.00 !!! Sweet. With the money I saved I was able to get the matching change purse, scarf & hat. Total cost was just under $200.00 What a deal. Happy wife, happy life. She loved it for Christmas. Shop the outlet for huge savings.
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Posted by Alain on 2011-12-27:
My wife loves Coach products, too. Next time we're in the vicinty of Bucks County, we'll check this out! Good review, OK4now!
Posted by yoke on 2011-12-27:
We have had the same experience at the Coach outlets in Clinton, CT. The purse my daughter wanted was on the 50% wall and then as you walked in they gave you a 20% coupon. We spent under $100 for her purse, retail it was over $300.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-12-27:
The closest Coach outlet to me is in Vegas. But I did see a Coach purse I really liked at Dillards on sale for $130.
Posted by Old Timer on 2011-12-27:
LS, my Wife likes the Coach Store next to The Green Valley Ranch Resort. Is that the one you're talking about? If there is a better location with better prices, speak up! She got a $600 purse for about $400 at that loaction.
Posted by new car on 2012-05-16:
Coach outlets absolutely cannot be beat. Their prices are phenomenal and as previously stated on weekends there are additional savings of approximately 20% to 30%. The sales help are wonderfull but beware the stores,on the weekends, are completely jammed. Generally, we are waiting on the sidewalk in very long lines before getting in. They let some out then some in. This particular outlet is in Wrentham, MA and believe me when I tell you GO DURING THE WEEK.
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