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Poor Quality and Horrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

BETHLEHEM, PENNSYLVANIA -- I am very disappointed with the lack of customer service I received at the Coach Outlet store located at the Sands Outlets in Bethlehem, 77 Sands Boulevard, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania on Friday, June 10th at approximately 9:30 PM. I know this was awhile ago. I was just going to let it go, but two months later I am still upset, so I decided to write this post.

Anyway, June 10th I went into the store because the zipper on my Coach bag broke. I asked the sales associate what they could do about it. The woman I spoke to said she was a manager and my only option was to pay $55 and have the bag sent out for 4-6 weeks in order for it to get fixed. The manager I spoke to was not helpful and she made a snide remark about the bag being a year and a half old as if that was ancient. Yes, the bag is a year and a half old. I hate to break it to Coach employees, but that's not that old. A well-made purse shouldn't break after 1.5 years.

All the employees I spoke with had the same condescending attitude like I was ** because I wanted Coach to reap some of the cost of repairing a bag that was over a year old. I spoke to another manager who said the same thing. Although I was very angry at this point, I kept my composure, was nothing but polite, and explained that I only buy Coach bags because of their quality, and because in the past the company has backed their product.

All of the Coach employees acted as if they didn't care at all what I had to say. They didn't validate my feelings and they made me feel like garbage. I find this unacceptable. I should have not been treated this way. The employees should have at least tried to keep me happy as a customer and should have at least attempted come to a solution. There was no attempt at a solution and they showed no care whatsoever that I was upset. Again, I was polite, but communicated the issues I had. Their customer service was plain horrible.

I absolutely love my bag and I am devastated that it is broken. I don't feel after a year and a half later that I should have to pay $55 and wait over a month to have my bag fixed. Whether it is policy or not, I feel that Coach employees could have made more of an effort to fix the issue and make an exception being that it isn't that far out of the year warranty. They could have at least tried to help me, especially since I thought that the policy stated that the bags were guaranteed for life.

I understand if the bag would have been 5 years old and I wanted the company to reap the cost of the repair that they would say it is my fault and I would have to pay, but this was only a year and a half. I started buying Coach handbags about 15 years ago because I liked the style and the quality. Also, I was misinformed, but I buy the bags because I thought they were guaranteed for life.

In the past I have had top-notch customer service from Coach and Coach Outlet employees. I became a loyal Coach fan when 6 years ago I had an issue with one of my bags, which was approximately 2-3 years old. I don't remember what, but something on the bag broke. I went into a different Coach Outlet store to find out what they could do.

At this time the sales associate was incredibly helpful and understanding. They credited me for the amount of the bag and I was able to pick out a brand new handbag, which I didn't expect whatsoever, but greatly appreciated. After this I was hooked on Coach and from this time on the only brand handbags I bought was Coach. I told everybody I knew about my amazing experience (even years later) because it really showed that the company was dedicated to selling quality products and the customer service was out of this world!

When I went into the Sands Outlets Coach I didn't expect or want a new handbag. In fact if they would have offered that I would have turned them down because I want to keep my bag. It's just the point that they didn't even try to help me or make me happy. Coach employees showed me that they didn't care at all. The handbag was approximately $220.00. It seems pretty ridiculous that Coach bags over $200 only last a year and a half. This is really a hassle and upsetting.

I love my handbag and I want it fixed, but I don't want to put more money into the bag because I am afraid it is going to break again. I don't want to have to pay $55 every year and a half to have this handbag. At this point I haven't gotten it fixed on principle, which stinks because I want to use the bag!!!

Over the years I have spent thousands on Coach products buying purses, perfume, shoes, jewelry, wallets, a headband, wristlets, makeup bags, a passport cover, umbrellas, scarves, key chains, gloves, hats, etc. I have spent so much money at Coach, and they can't wave a $55 fee for my handbag to be repaired??? That says A LOT about Coach as a company.

I have reached out to Coach and the only response I received from them was one that was generic and told me to go into a store to have them evaluate my bag, which I told them I did in my original email. So basically they didn't even read my questions and/or complaints. I am really disappointed and will never buy Coach products again. Coach lost a customer for life, but I am sure they don't care.

Sweet Repair however, what happened to the customer service...
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Rating: 4/51

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- I have a bag I love bought back in the 80's. I keep it in extremely great shape but, one day a lady at a restaurant tripped, knocked my bag off and tore the strap away from the bag. I went to a retail shop to get it sent off for repairs. $35 later I am amazed at the repair job! Looks like it never happened. HOWEVER, why wouldn't they give it a polish? Spruce it up and say, "Here this is why you love our product, isn't it lovely!"

My main confusion/complaint is that I requested to have the bag mailed back to me at my home. Repair time might take up to 6 weeks and at month two I was about to make a trip to the shop to see what was up when I got a call asking if I dropped a bag off for repair. Because they found a bag floating around the back of the shop and the only reason they thought to call me was because I put my business card in the inside zip pocket of the bag!! WTH!!! How long was it floating about, where is the paperwork, why was it shipped to you, not me and thank goodness I put my card in the purse in case.

*Note to all: do what your mum told you to do when packing for a trip and put a tag on the inside with your name and number in case. Thank you mum! How did it get so lost and again where did the paperwork go? What happened to the superior customer service?

Thanks to you repair person for the beautifully repaired tear, a little buff up would have had me singing your praises from the mountaintops and would have probably made me forgive immediately the lack of customer service on the front end of your shops. But, in the end, I got my beloved bag back looking like it was not torn at all.

(And no, the lady who accidentally tore my bag did not offer to pay for the repair. She just looked at me and shrugged then flounced off). I would give repair a 5 star and customer service a reluctant 1 star = my 4-star review. I have a duplicate bag in for repair (Yes, I love that bag!!). Crossing my fingers things go smoother this time around!! (And yes, I sure did put my business card in the zip pocket again ;) )

Purse Repair
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Rating: 1/51

CALIFORNIA -- I bought a Coach leather black purse for around $500 from Nevada outlet Stateline, about 6 or 7 years ago. At that time, the store clerk said the Coach stores repaired or replaced purses for lifetime. In Dec. 2015 I took the purse to Macy store in Torrance, CA for repair. The store clerk said the Coach consider 5 years a lifetime for their purses, and the store refused to send my purse for repair. I also took the Coach purse to Nevada for repairs and they also refused to do so. Watch out. I will never buy another $500.00 Coach purse.

Charging for repairs under warranty!!
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Rating: 1/51

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- My local Coach store closed, so I sent in a bag and wallet to the repair center in Florida, and they approved the repairs, but are going to charge me $90 for it when I already spent way over that on the items, and have a warranty!! I am going to switch over to Michael Kors due to better service. This is ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!! Cost of bags is high enough. I will be sure to tell my friends!

Awful Customer Service
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Rating: 2/51

JACKSONVILLE, TEXAS -- I want to start off by I always buy Coach - in store or online and while I noticed minor things here or there, the Customer Service has just dissipated over the last year. I purchased an order online before Christmas this year with guaranteed delivery prior to Christmas. I'd understand if it was the day before and because UPS had several excuses for not delivering mail I wouldn't get the package, however that was not the case at all.

So setting UPS aside because someone will surely say this is a Coach review and not UPS - although a Coach representative stated they knew UPS packages were not going to be delivered on time even though they still offered such a service - I'll just address the Customer Service issue. I contact Coach letting them know my package isn't going to arrive, which by the way they keep the tracking numbers and could have easily contacted me to be proactive, and I'd like to cancel my order that would not arrive as guaranteed.

First I was given the standard script of their return policy - keeping in mind I haven't received a package, being proactive to not receive the package, and oh not costing me all the return fees for their error in not following through with a guarantee. I respond back to the email that I understand it's scripted however they didn't offer any alternative such as UPS will gladly return a package to the sender if the sender requests. WOW I mention that and all of the sudden my package that I'm not going to get any time soon is being sent back to Coach. However I have to wait for a refund of products that would never grace my doorstep.

Coach can't explain that other than they have to scan the bar code in order to issue a refund BUT I never received the product and they are the ones who know I was never going to receive the product. Then they graciously inform me that the entire process could take two weeks. So for an entire month my card was charged for a product I never received, wasn't going to receive and wouldn't be refunded until shipping was received and processed. For some silly reason my credit card company doesn't understand that and I've been charged interest for a purchase I have never seen.

Just FYI it took 14 days for UPS to not send me a package with next day delivery and to return it back to Coach, Inc with 3 day delivery. So it took an extra 10 days to return a package with a 4 day delivery time, but I'm not speaking about UPS since this is a Coach review. I also haven't received my refund from Coach - guessing it was 14 days AFTER the package was received back at their facility because you know it takes time to scan products a customer never received to return their funds! So hopefully by six weeks out, I'll have a refund for products I never received.

In store hasn't been much better just to shop. I have only returned one bag in the past and had one sent for repairs - actually they just replaced it because the whole PVC piping thing was a bad idea - and I'm thankful I never experienced this before. It's been a total nightmare and thankful that other companies who's products didn't make it to my house on time have been so much easier to work with and were proactive! Thank goodness there are thousands of handbag designers and we aren't all left with this one as our only choice. Look on eBay for my old/new handbags. I have a lot!

Coach Would Not Take Back a Bag I Purchased Online
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Rating: 1/51

ONLINE -- I purchase most of my bags online. I am a busy executive, mother, etc. and don't have a lot of time to go to the mall. I purchased a small messenger bag at the beginning of September. I also ordered a larger bag that same day and both arrived at my house on the same day. I decided I did not like the smaller bag. I don't typically use small bags and my wallet would not fit in it. I put it back in the box and asked my husband to mail it back. I suppose my first clue that Coach does not like to take back returns should have been that there was no prepaid label. So we paid the $35 insured shipping to send it back.

Coach did not accept the bag back. They returned it to me with a letter saying that it had been used. I had not used it. I had literally put it back in the box within an hour of opening it. I spoke to a customer service representative named **. I asked her if it couldn't be returned because I had taken the paper out. The tags were still attached - the only thing I had done was take out the paper and try to put my wallet in it. She said there were stains on the inside. She said I could send it back and they would re-evaluate it.

I looked at the bag that evening and was certain that there had been a mix up because I had not used the bag and didn't see any “evidence of stains”. I received a call back today from ** informing me that she has determined that the bag was used and will be sending it back to me. When I tried to call her back, the person that answered the phone (2 hours later) said ** wasn't working today. So now, the company has not only called me a liar, but appears to have a pattern of lying to customers. I left ** a voicemail and asked her to call me back.

I did not use the bag. If the bag was used, (which I could not see evidence of), your company sold it to me used. I don't care about the bag. I don't care about the money. I can sell it on eBay or buy a smaller wallet. I do care about how this company treats its customers. I am so disappointed that you Coach stand behind your product and that your company has no problem calling a customer that spends a lot of money a liar.

Replacement Policy
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Rating: 1/51

NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT -- I am extremely disappointed and taken back by Coach not honoring a policy that is blatantly expressed by their employees. I returned my bag to have the straps replaced, the last thing I expected to see was my bag nicely repackage and returned in the same condition with a 40% off coupon. That is not resolving the issue with my bag nor is that honoring Coach's policy.

You expect your customers to spend their hard earned money on your products and then when your product fails the customers you send a coupon instead of a guaranteed repair or exchanged which was the initial promise, that is bad business and customer service. I do not appreciate being left without a Coach bag or having to spend out of pocket for a replacement bag. Sincerely, Former Customer.

Bad Customer Service, Discriminate the Clothes I Was Wearing
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Rating: 1/51

LONE TREE, COLORADO -- I went into a Coach store at a mall. Someone walked right by me and did not acknowledge that I was there. I walked around the whole store until I got near the register and finally a salesperson said Hi to me. There was one girl helping a customer but, there was 3 people behind the counter. I guess it takes 3 people to wrap up one bag. There was no other customers beside one at the register.

I wanted to get a satchel, wallet and a watch for Mother's Day. They might have discriminate against my race or by the way I was dressed. I was wearing a sweatshirt, leggings and boots. I guess it wasn't good enough. This was by far the worst customer service I have ever received. I saw that Michael Kors was across the way so, I got my Mother's Day presents there. Coach ruined my shopping experience but, Michael Kors put a smile on my face.

Coach Bag With Horrible Odor
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Rating: 1/51

MYRTLE BEACH, SOUTH CAROLINA -- As a long time Coach customer, I purchased 3 bags at the Coach outlet in Myrtle Beach, SC on 6/13. Had no reason to not use my new blue bag... all other Coach purses I have purchased just smelled like good leather. I kept smelling something awful and realized it was this Coach bag. I tried to return it but because I used it, Coach outlet where I purchased it would not even exchange it for a new bag. I called customer service 2 times.. each time they said they are sending me a prepaid return label from ups to return this bag. So far, no email has been received.

I will never buy another Coach product again. Their loss as I purchase many bags several times a year for myself, daughter, daughter-in-law. The Coach guarantee is meaningless. They do not stand by their products. I urge consumers to never buy Coach.

Daily Planner No More / Company Succumbed to Cheapest Paper & No Quality Refills
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Rating: 1/51

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- For all the many yrs I have been a Coach supporter I can't believe you have succumbed to the junk that was sent out to me as a calendar refill. I have bought the leather and fabric daily planners for 14 yrs - buy new covers, and always refills! First, you have gold on the pages - looked cool, then went to cheaper silver you could see. Now there is no color and cheap printed ink.

This year I got my years planner, - it came with the cover of it all crinkled even though said 'superb packaging', it wasn't. The cover material and the pages and the print are so so very cheap. I also order an address (yes I have all the tech stuff but like it for back up). Address book hasn't arrived and I ordered a new Cover that USED TO COME WITH the planner and address book inside of it. I like using fine things and writing on the cheap porous pages just seems junky. No quality control. Wow - I am shocked. And you advertise the jacket as a Tab Jacket now - not a planner - it won't fit an IPad you know.

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