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Coach, Inc.
516 W. 34th Street
New York, NY 10001
800-444-3611 (ph)
800-553-1422 (fax)
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Poor communication and service
By -

I have recently had a bad experience with Coach leather. I am a frequent purchaser of Coach products, in my house we probably have upwards of 10 pocketbooks, wallets, accessories, etc. They are pricey and I would expect a luxury goods company to stand by its products.

My parents wanted to buy me a Coach bag for my birthday, so I went to the Coach store in Christiana, DE to buy one. I picked out a hobo style bag, which I currently carry and like. I took the bag home and started to use it. What I didn't realize in the store, and wouldn't until I had used it, was that the handbag could not be laid down flat on a floor or in a car. The bag falls over on it's side due to the super large handle and no bottom.

The bag is made of fabric that has a white background. After a day or two of use it was already getting dirty because it wouldn't stand up. It also had only one pocket on the outside which doesn't close, so anything put in there slides out when the bag falls over.

I stopped using the bag when I realized that no real woman could function with this handbag. I tried to return it to the Coach store, with my receipt and everything that came with it, but they wouldn't take it back because it was used. Well, there was no way to realize this problem existed without using it. The store workers did give me the customer service number for Coach, and I called them. I explained my situation, and the woman from the service line said I could send the bag back to Coach with my explanation of the problem.

I was just looking for a credit so I could buy a Coach bag that was usable (I actually would have bought a more expensive bag and a wallet and keycase). She gave me the address and told me to send it registered, which I did.

I received a box from Coach yesterday. They sent me my bag back and wrote that since it was used they couldn't take it back. I would not have wasted my time (and money) mailing it if I thought I was going to get the same response.

Coach should stand by their products. I only used the bag for two days. If you buy a dress and the buttons start popping off, you are not going to know that until you wear it. I think the argument that it is used is faulty, as I didn't know this was going to happen looking at a bag stuffed with tissue paper in a store. I am not looking for a free ride, I was going to spend a few hundred dollars more on a new bag. I am extremely disappointed that the company didn't care that I was unhappy with their product. For $258 this bag should have been tested on a real person!

Coach Sells Junk
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PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND -- I bought a scarf at the coach store and only used it a few times and it is already falling apart. I went to the coach store and bought 2 hand bags with store credit and then changed my mind and returned it and they got the 2 hand bags but I got no money back on my gift card. The manager is very rude and so are the sales people. There are plenty or other better made handbags out there and better customer service.

Coach Pocketbooks... Shop At The Outlet Store And Save Big Bucks
By -

Just before Christmas my wife and I were shopping at Macy's. She spotted a Coach Pocketbook that she really liked costing $278.00. We asked the sales person if the 20% off coupon could be used for this purchase. Absolutely Not!! This is a designer label and we do Not discount it. My wife looked at me with those puppy eyes that said "Please get it for me." Grrrr. Told her I'll keep it in mind.

Did an internet search when I got home. The price was the same everywhere including the outlets. Because it's a designer label nobody discounts it and they can't advertise it cheaper. Fast forward. Found a Coach Outlet store near me in Lahaska, Pa. Went to the store and WOW was I impressed. Keep in mind that this is a real Coach store not selling junk knockoffs. Their inventory was better than Macy's. They had everything heavily discounted. The store was packed with shoppers knowing they're getting a good deal.

I found the exact same Pocketbook that Macy's had for $278.00. Outlet price was $130.00. Wait it gets better. They gave every customer an additional 30% off for Christmas. I got it for $91.00!!! Sweet. With the money I saved I was able to get the matching change purse, scarf & hat. Total cost was just under $200.00. What a deal. Happy wife, happy life. She loved it for Christmas. Shop the outlet for huge savings.

Coach Customer Service
By -

On 8/27/011 I made several purchases (to give as gifts) at the Leesburg, VA Coach Outlet Store. One of the things I purchased was a Coach Poppy wristlet. Once outside the store I noticed my cashier had not put tissue paper in my bag so I went back into the store and got the paper. I didn't pay any attention to the size box they gave me for the wristlet but today I discovered it is too small.. the wristlet will not fit into the box. When giving Coach as a gift.. the box is a must in my opinion. This is the second time this has happened to me.. the first time I emailed Coach and they sent me the appropriate size box without question.

Today you would have thought I was a criminal trying to scam them out of a million dollars. The email response told me to contact the store where I bought the item (7 hrs away). So I called Coach, hoping to be treated with a little more respect.. not so..

I was told I had to fax them a copy of my receipt or send them a copy of it, before they would send me a box (I don't own a fax or copier).. good grief, it is just a small wristlet box.. is that worth losing a customer over? I ended up sending my original receipt. Unfriendly customer service, they couldn't care less about your issues and they need to train their cashiers on box sizes (people do buy these as gifts)....Kate Spade looks better every day.

Not Very Accommodating

I purchased an expensive coin purse from Coach. Unfortunately, within the first week of the purchase, a pen exploded in my purse and completely ruined the new coin purse. I realize that this was not Coach's fault; however, when I called to see if anything at all could be done, I was bluntly told that Coach would do nothing. I think that as expensive as the Coach products are, they should have at least sent me a discount coupon or something. After all, they hand them out like candy at the store anyway. It would have just been nice customer service to show some goodwill and help me out at least a little in this instance.

Disgruntled Person
By -

I purchased a Coachbag online for $142.00 Internationally. I was tracking the purchase. It started in Shanghai for a couple of days, USA on the 20th of August. This is the kicker, on that same day it ended up in Tonawa ** is enjoying my purchase in NY. I am so upset. I have emailed the support customer service line about the problem, have not heard back from them yet, I am so upset I really wanted that coach bag - it was beautiful. What do I do? I am so disappointed. I will never buy anything online again or buy anything online for "someone" else whom I don't know again. is the site!!! Stay clear of it. They are a sham!

Repairs "for life" just a scam
By -

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- I have proudly carried a Coach leather backpack for years. When I noticed tearing of the backpack strap and a general need for restitching, I sent it off (with $20.00) for their promised repairs. Today, the backpack came back with a form letter stating: "COACH endeavors to repair its products whenever possible. After assessing the overall condition of your item, our specialists have determined that your product has lived up to its expectations and that any repair attempts would only cause further damage."

Needless to say, I was not refunded the 20.00. These repairs could easily be done - in fact, my shoe repair specialist will fix them. As far as I am concerned, Coach no longer stands by its products and the alleged repair service is merely a scam.

Poor Quality and Poor Customer Service
By -

I purchased this ring last year from Coach for my teenage daughter. It was not the silver, but rather the brass ring. Within no time practically all the brass had actually rubbed off, both the inside and the outside of the ring..... I did not keep the receipt had I had never anticipated any problems with a ring. I went to the Coach store at Sherway Gardens and spoke to an associate about it, who told me to bring in the ring and they would exchanged. I brought the ring back only to have the Manager inform me that there was nothing they could do for me if I did not have the original receipt. I had the original box, the tissue, the small bag it came in. It was clearly a Coach product. I was not looking for my money back, rather a replacement ring. You can't shop there without them wanting all your info (address, email etc) but what good does it do if they can't track your purchase. I can return anything to Home Depot without a receipt and they can automatically tell me the date I purchased it, along with method of payment.

I will not shop there again..... there was once a time when you could trust the Coach name, but those days are long over.

Bad Customer Service
By -

My wife bought me a new calf skin wallet from a local coach store. Within six months the plastic part that covers your drivers license had begun to shrivel up. I sent the wallet back to the coach store after it had finally shriveled so badly that the wallet was nearly folded in half. The store sent the wallet to the repairs department, and two months later I received the it back with a letter from repairs stating that I must have been placing the wallet too close to the furnace. I then sent the wallet to the store again, and they sent it to coach customer service. Now, after another two months, coach customer service has said that this should not have happened under normal circumstances and that I must have exposed the wallet to harsh conditions. They will be sending the wallet back to me. I don't typically spend $160 on a wallet, so I had taken very good care of this one. I will never do business with coach again.

Good Place To Shop
By -

MINNESOTA -- Coach PursesMy daughter and I used to order our Coach Purses online or buy off Ebay or shop at Macys until we found the Coach Outlet Center. One day we decided to drive to the Albertville Outlet Mall and visit the Coach Store, the ladies that worked there were very helpful and helped us pick out our purses. I know it seems like a lot of money but for $400 we got 2 purses, 2 key chains and a wallet but at a store that's not a discount place, it would of cost us close to $700.

I know, it's a expensive habit but we LOVE Coach!!

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